Surviving A Fiery Plane Crash >>> Being Shot Nine Times…

Being shot nine times and surviving that shit is pretty fucking hardbody. This is why Fisty Scent has had gangsta rap in a dopefiend headlock for the last six or seven years. Nobody out here is trying to get shot that many times to take over the crown. That was until Travis Barker and DJ AM escaped a fiery plane crash this weekend.

These two dudes have officially knocked Fisty Scent from the ranks as the most hardbody Hip-Hop dude in history. How the fuck do you top this shit?!? I suppose if you jumped from the space shuttle and were able to re-enter the Earth’s atmosphere without burning up and you were able to land back on Earth without splattering yourself into liquid you might beat these guys, but who is gonna do that?

Maybe if you went swimming in Australia’s Barrier Reef and you raped a white shark you could almost be as hardbody as these dudes but I’m not convinced, especially if that white shark was a female because we all know that sometimes females like it rough with borderline consent.

Maybe if you were in the everglades and you beat the shit out of an aligator, ate it and then used its skin to make a pair of Air Jordans you might get my consideration for ramping up your hardbody status, but I prA’li wouldn’t place you over TRVSDJAM because these motherfuckers burnt their whole asses for the title.

None of that Hollywood shit where niggas get caught with possessing .40 caliber pistols with no bullets in them. None of that fake rap shit where niggas shoot themselves with they own biscuit. Nahh mayne, these niggas went there and they survived that shit that has killed some of the realest motherfuckers of all time. Sam Cooke, John Denver, Aaliyah. Plane crashes are the real deal Holyfield my niggas and my nicorettes. Nobody limps away from them shits.

Unless your ass is hard fuckin’ body.

It cost the U.S. government six million dollars to get Steve Austin’s ass right after his plane crash. Respect Travis Barker and DJ AM’s gangster because they ain’t looking for no government bailout to get back on their feet. That my friends is the meaning of hard fuckin’ body.

Now get off your ass and go copp their CD or some merchandise shit.

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  • Maddolies

    Didnt Rick Flair Survive A Plane Crash Already? Id Say Flair Is More Hardbody Than All Of These Cats.

  • blackcaesar


  • Billy X. Sunday

    XXL fam,
    I see your comments out there but the new system isn’t letting them through.

    Be patient with the new site.

    • LEO


  • Pierzy

    Word – surviving being on fire is pretty gangsta

  • giantstepp

    Amen BXS…that shit is incredible. Imma have to cop a CD or two for that shit alone. It was short but a good drop Billy boy!

  • EReal


    What the hell to Travis Barker, or Dj AM for that matter have anything to do with hiphop????????????????????

    I didnt see you goin balls out like this when Mobb Deep’s plane crashed in south america duke.

    Lay off tha Sauce, Bawss.

  • The Music Director, WWIB

    Billy, I think you mean Otis Redding, among others. Sam Cooke took a slug from a frightened desk clerk following a disastrous motel drunk fuck where he WANTED that goddamn bitch, etc.

    Given Sam’s popular image as a verrrrrry smooth dude, It was probably THEE most fucked the fuck up way for a black star to go, at least until Marvin (whose demons weren’t secret).

  • chitownplaya

    sam cooke wasn’t killed in a plane crash fucking idiot. he was shot to death in a motel, misinformation spreading ass nigga

  • dez

    50 only got shot three times

    • LEO

      wooooooooord? I guess all them other holes is birthmarks then huh? lol

      THEY SHOT THAT NIGGA IN THE FACE MAN!!! u know how much that shit hurt…that shit hurt so much the nigga wasnt even thinking about the other eight shots…he just said: AAAAAAAAAH THEY SHOT ME IN THE FACE NIGGA!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!!

      • EReal

        50 – “DRIVE NIGGA!!!!”


        • LEO

          cause my motherfuking hat is bulletproof nigga!!! but the doctor said if I get hit I might catch a fuking concussion…but better that than a hole in the head, right nigga hahahahaha!!!…so rugged…then CandyShop hapened :(

        • EReal

          Isnt it funny how fickle fans are?

          The same people doggin 50 for candyshop are bumpin lollipop.


          This generation has it all fucked up,…Dr. Dre! DONT JUST STAND THERE, OPERATE!!!

  • LEO

    I thought DMX was the most hardbody rapper out there for getting arrested while taking a nap on the plane? lol SDN! CHAMP!!! I digress…but dat shit is crazy…wonder if anybody got a video of that shit…then that would really be hardbody

    • styles11

      hardbody yes them cats done toped the charts its still sad that it wasnt a movie man some kids got no mo daddys no more and i cant even begin to think about how all these rich cats limp off and forget the people who died because of them leaving the only shit that they remain on earth by (their famillies niggas)
      still 50 has to get rapped by 20 gay dudes before he can top this shit then he can make a come back back singin “many fags wish death upon me”
      (wait i just heard he already did it with tony yayo, birdman, lil wayne and dmx and some other fags in the rap game) still he cant top this shit

  • zino

    its by God’s grace that they survived…give props where they are due…

    • 619

      Co-sign. Life can be taken away fast, and no human can stop it. It’s only by the grace of God that anybody can survive an accident that took four peoples life. Nobody can say they just decided they want to live to be 100, if God has that in store than so be it. God just had something more in store for their future. All of us should be thankful for everyday we wake up.

      • 6659

        Thank God somebody on here have enough sense to give the props for all life where it belongs and that is to The Master God Almighty…

  • chad bro chill

    i cant help but think its a little too soon for this considering how four other people died but who am i to judge i was laughing at this good work

    i would say surviving a fiery plan crash<<<<<surviving Are We There Yet

    aka the worst movie ever i dont know how cube pulled through it

  • master cheef

    managing to keep your job at xxl after being the worst blogger evar > surviving plane crash

    • EReal

      No Diggity!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • geico lizard

    they are expected to make a full recovery and i saw the video on tmz and heard the 911 call and i have respect for these guys they jumped while the plane was still skidding. they deserve to go triple platinum now. it is sad four people died of blunt force trauma and these guys just walked away. mandy moore already showed up and im sure nicole ritchie is thinking about leave her baby daddy in LA to fly and check on her ex dj am. travis barkers ex wife will be there soon too so these guys are on another level right now. prayers go out to the families of the dead.

  • these posts are racist

    Billy –

    You’re a coward. You blocked my substantive response to your previous blog re: Wayne.

    You’re a wankster/fake intellectual who cannot handle a challenge. Have fun swearing at Bobby J and calling people the “b” word over the internet.

    When you want to have an intellectual discussion – stop blocking my comments.

  • TheCo!!inB

    hol’up hol’up hol’up……NIGGAS JUMPED OFF A MOTHER. FUCKING. PLANE. ? ! ? ? ? ? ! I was wondering how they were the only ones to survive, real (figurative) niggas do real things cotdayumn.


    Jesus… what’s up with this all caps shite?

    I told cats that Fix Your Face was hard a few posts ago. People don’t listen to me until folks start dying.

    Viva la Vida.


    “Maybe if you were in the everglades and you beat the shit out of an aligator, ate it and then used its skin to make a pair of Air Jordans you might get my consideration for ramping up your hardbody status” i kept laughing at this joint maybe you can get the stauts if you go kill a polar bear and make some jordans out his ass.

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Funny ass post pimpin!plus the
    ‘we all know that sometimes females like it rough with borderline consent’ line had me cracking up u must be on my type of shit with the females no homo(sorry jada). The fact that these 2 whiteboys jumped out the plane proves that crackers is learning from niggas when they hang around like travis and ole boy who else but niggas woulda jumped out the dam plane while motherfuckers is strapped to the dam chair praying they make it which didnt work btw.

  • ss

    Sam Cooke wasn’t killed in a plane accident. He was shot at a motel. Here are some more artists that died in planes that you didn’t mention: Richie Valens, Buddy Holly, Patsy Cline, Otis Redding and members of the Bar Kays.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    You think I give a fuck about some shit you wrote? Newsflash: The t.I’s at the X spot don’t pay me to moderate this thread. If your comment doesn’t appear that means your retarded ass fucked up when you left it.

    Seriously speaking TPAR, I don’t believe you have the depth to go toe to toe with me on any subject. If you were that deep and that profound you would be leaving your thoughts somewhere they could be disseminated by the general public. Thinking motherfuckers write down their thoughts just like the best rappers keep a rhymebook. It really is that simple.

    Leaving a sentence in question form isn’t substantive, no matter what your momma tells you.

    This goes for all commenters here that want to have a dialogue with the god. Step your game up. Be like niggas like the UnderWriter, Incilin and Thoreauly77(sp, I’m drunk bitch) who have created their own sites and they talk real shit that you can give real feedback on.

    I hate stupid AND lazy niggers like OG Bobby J and TPAR who think their little blog thread comments are worth the HTML that they are printed in.


    • EReal

      You’re so bitchmade.


      BUTT HURT!!!!!!!!!

      Go check your diaper homie.

  • Kane Corleone

    somebody got chopped,and for the record Hoe-G is a cracker homie.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Kane Corleone,
    the people you called crackers were the first niggers and for your info there were planty of Black crackers.

    The cracker was the dude that the plantation owner put in power with a whip. If you didn’t know that there were slaves who were given the custody of the whip then you don’t know history.

    Slaves would whip a motherfucker harder than the white.