Being shot nine times and surviving that shit is pretty fucking hardbody. This is why Fisty Scent has had gangsta rap in a dopefiend headlock for the last six or seven years. Nobody out here is trying to get shot that many times to take over the crown. That was until Travis Barker and DJ AM escaped a fiery plane crash this weekend.

These two dudes have officially knocked Fisty Scent from the ranks as the most hardbody Hip-Hop dude in history. How the fuck do you top this shit?!? I suppose if you jumped from the space shuttle and were able to re-enter the Earth's atmosphere without burning up and you were able to land back on Earth without splattering yourself into liquid you might beat these guys, but who is gonna do that?

Maybe if you went swimming in Australia's Barrier Reef and you raped a white shark you could almost be as hardbody as these dudes but I'm not convinced, especially if that white shark was a female because we all know that sometimes females like it rough with borderline consent.

Maybe if you were in the everglades and you beat the shit out of an aligator, ate it and then used its skin to make a pair of Air Jordans you might get my consideration for ramping up your hardbody status, but I prA'li wouldn't place you over TRVSDJAM because these motherfuckers burnt their whole asses for the title.

None of that Hollywood shit where niggas get caught with possessing .40 caliber pistols with no bullets in them. None of that fake rap shit where niggas shoot themselves with they own biscuit. Nahh mayne, these niggas went there and they survived that shit that has killed some of the realest motherfuckers of all time. Sam Cooke, John Denver, Aaliyah. Plane crashes are the real deal Holyfield my niggas and my nicorettes. Nobody limps away from them shits.

Unless your ass is hard fuckin' body.

It cost the U.S. government six million dollars to get Steve Austin's ass right after his plane crash. Respect Travis Barker and DJ AM's gangster because they ain't looking for no government bailout to get back on their feet. That my friends is the meaning of hard fuckin' body.

Now get off your ass and go copp their CD or some merchandise shit.