I'm in the minority, but I felt like Tim's lastp LP,Shock Value, was a great album. That said, the man had an incredible period of productivity from 06-07, but lately has been quiet, at least as far as hit records go (does Flo Rida's "Elevator" count?). It could be that that Tim's locked himself in the studio trying to figure out how to redefine pop and urban music yet again, seeing as how every single producer jumped on the hip-POP production bandwagon after he basically turned Justin Timberlake into a rapper. Maybe he's busy trying to get Keri Hilson's career as an artist off the ground. Who knows.

Two new tracks leaked last week, supposedly from Shock Value 2. "Talk" features T-Pain, and if the muffled 2nd verse is any indication, it's definitely a rough draft that slipped onto Zshare before it could be finished. "Back Together" features this singer/songwriter James Fauntleroy, who I don't know much about, but has a cool last name. Overall, the T-Pain track is pretty hot, except for the fact that T-Pain is on it. I mean, I dig Pain, but just think at this point he's overexposed. He needs to fall back a bit, because his presence on some tracks automatically puts the song in jeopardy of being manufactured radio jingle status. The other one is pretty hot, but doesn't really expand on Tim's production style much, or his songwriting. Sounds very typical of him. Good, but not groundbreaking.

"Talk" ft T-Pain

"Back Together" ft James Fauntleroy

What do you think, any good?