Seeing as how I totally crapped on rappers yesterday, and basically blamed them for all hip-hop's problems, I needed to hear a hot record to restore my faith. Thanks Ludacris.

Luda's new joint "What Them Girls Like" is fuckin crazy. It features Chris Brown and Sean Garrett, and yeah, that's a pretty generic set of features, and well, the title is kinda whatever, but do you hear that beat?!?!

"What Them Girls Like"- Ludacris ft. Chris Brown and Sean Garrett

Rodney Jerkins went in on that shit. I don't know if he actually made the track, you know how these big producers do, have one of their staff beatmakers craft the actual beat. But his name is on it, so I'll just give him the benefit of the doubt. Kinda ill how he's playing in that arabic scale, a la Scott Storch. But he's got these drums on it that are just swinging and hitting right. It's also nice to hear something besides an 808 clap for a change.

I expected absolutely 0 from Ludacris this go round, because the guy has really no incentive to even continue rapping at this point. Besides the the fact that he's kinda good at it. Actually he's never mentioned as one of hip-hop's best lyricists because he's gone hollywood and all, but he's really the new school Redman if you think about it. As a lyricist, he's definitely underrated.

Hopefully Theater Of The Mind will be something worth talking about. But yeah, "What Them Girls Like" should be a hit. If it's not, someone at Def Scam, i mean Def Jam, needs to get canned, bottom line.