How many of you knew Nelly’s Brass Knuckles finally hit stores Tuesday?

I wonder if folks at Universal knew. Times sure have changed for Nelly. I remember writing dude off as a one hit wonder when Country Grammar first Dropped. Then dude released that Speedy Gonzalez record followed by “Ride With Me” and I figured he got lucky. The freakin’ album ended up selling 8 or 9 million copies. By the time "Hot In Here" came out, there was no denying the homie was here to stay…for eight years.

Pimp Juice may have finally be 86, though. Brass Knuckles has been pushed back for well over a year and none of his singles seem to be charting.  “Whatsyaname” (or however it’s spelled), bricked. “Stepped On My J’s featuring Jeezy tanked. “Party People” featuring Fergie flopped. “Long Night” featuring Usher just vanished and “Body On Me” with his baby boo Ashanti and Akon, isn’t likely to do the trick either. He’s still Nelly, though. Who knows?

In any event, XXL staffers placed bets on Nelly’s first week numbers. Here are their predictions.
For the record, the price is right rules, meaning the closest number without going over wins the pot. I initially bet 000,000,099, but I figured Nelly still had enough fans left to do numbers Shop Boyz would die for.

Rob The Music Ed: 86, 000
Red: 103, 000
Travis: 90,000
Vanessa: 98,000
CHope:20, 000
Mike D: 202, 000
Jackpot: 87, 000 (Pause): 110, 000
J-Rod: 79, 000
SuperFunkalicious Andrea: 333, 000
Davina: 85, 000
Gang Starr Girl: 350, 000
Bechamel: 187, 000
ME: 50, 000

What do you guys think? What is Nelly selling first week? -Jackpot