NEGRO PLEASE: Tupac More Overrated Than Elvis Presley?! Come on, Blender!

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“He had insane rock-star charisma. He admirably conceived of a gangsta rapper as a principled rebel. His booming baritone gave bass­lines competition for the most-trunk-rattling part of a hip-hop song. Hell, even Juice hasn’t aged nearly as badly as you’d expect. But while Tupac’s musical highs were epic—the pro-feminist ‘Keep Ya Head Up,’ the terrifying ‘Hail Mary,’ the boisterous ‘California Love’—that still leaves 15,837 other songs. He was a good rapper, not a great one: The guy larded records with self-mythologizing, mediocre filler that wouldn’t have made Biggie’s ‘give to Lil’ Cease’ file. Maybe someone in his retinue could’ve stepped in during one of those legendary 96-hour recording binges and said, ‘Pac, instead of laying down this 14-minute rant about how Sun Tzu taught you how to take down the East Coast, how about some Yahtzee?’ The man: awesome. The music: somewhat less than awesome.”Blender Magazine’s “The 33 Most Overrated in Rock”

This is a hilariously gully list filled with hate of the highest quality. (That is a compliment.) Given the list’s tongue-in-cheek nature, I had been reluctant to comment initially despite everyone around me being up in arms. Quite frankly, I agree that as wonderful and legendary as Tupac Amaru Rap Jesus Shakur may be, dude is insanely overrated.

This was, of course, until I finally observed that ‘Pac was deemed the top offender… and apparently of all time.

Tupac deserves to be part of such a list–but he doesn’t deserve to sit atop the motherfucker.

I’m assuming by “rock” they mean “popular music without regard to genre.” That’s what I get from magazines that put everything from Kanye to Coldplay in the same category. If anything popular is fair game, there’s no way Tupac in all of his perpetually resurrected glory is more overrated than say, an Elvis Presley.


Maybe Blender isn’t allowed to say “Elvis Presley’s” name in vain, but Ronnie can say whatever the fuck he wants.

Elvis Presley is the most overrated thing ever to happen to American popular music. More than thirty years have passed since he died fittingly on his shit bowl… as he was a pretty shitty package from what I’ve come to understand. He fucked and married children, then threw down on his child princess for fixing herself a little cockmeat sandwich after he threw his gyrating hips at every piece of trailer trash poon (and Ann Margaret) within pelvis-reach. After finally womping out on drugs and pancake-wrapped sausage, he’s still the most beloved musical figure in American history. To this very day he is referred to as “King” of the cloudy-ass genre in question.

Forgive me if I’m not feeling the royalty. I’d call a nigga like that a “fuckin’ bum.”

Today’s artists get railroaded for perpetrating any single one of “The King’s” well-publicized but universally-accepted transgressions and shortcomings of character.

Only time will tell if QVC will sell commemorative R. Kelly dinner plates that people will tell their grandkids not to eat on. I’m betting against it though. People don’t claim to see Tupac ordering pancake-wrapped sausage with extra bacon at strip mall diners up, down and diagonally across Middle America. Yet, Pac’s celebrity is considered less valid for some strange reason.

The nigga just put out a new mixtape LAST SUMMER! I bought it from Abdul on 125th Street with a pack of tube socks for $10!

It was the realest shit he ever wrote… back in ’94.

While we’re comparing the two, Gridlock’d alone shits on Elvis’ entire film catalogue. I don’t even have to whip out Above The Rim, Bullet, Poetic Justice, Gang Related and *GASP* Juice on that ass. Fuck a Jailhouse Rock. I’d rather watch Johnny Depp in Cry Baby.

Maybe Blender would argue that Elvis is included in “Music Before You Were Born (#25)” for much of their readership, but nostalgia for nostalgia’s sake is a far greater evil in this regard than an MC like Pac who had more to say than most artists of any genre of popular music in his day. That entire category should be ranked higher than Shakur. As overrated as he may be, most arguments for Pac as GOAT of the rapster universe are valid as fuck.

I’ll keep the (R)Ace of Spades in my pocket, but singling out Tupac and Timbaland (#26), placing them ahead of Kiss (#32) and not even mentioning Elvis is an atrocity and stinks to high hell.

Timbaland can’t be considered overrated when 80% of his listeners still don’t understand what he does for a track. You can go to a college bar where anywhere in America that plays his music and find people who think he’s merely Justin Timberlake’s hype man.

“Oh, you mean the big, scary black guy in the wifebeater who sings that one song with Nelly Furtado?”

Snarky hipster Blender writer negroes, please!

Yes, plenty of niggas think 2Pac is a prophet of biblical proportion. Yes, he has an extensive catalogue saturated with pseudo-gangster bravado and shit-popping filler that ultimately made him a target. No, Pac didn’t hold the sun still over the East Coast while Snoop Dogg pulled a drive-by from Boston to Boca Raton.

Still, there’s more greatness and thought-provoking social commentary in Me Against The World than that hip-swishing pedophile’s entire catalogue.

…and Elvis stole his whole swagger from black music.

Fuck. *pats pockets* Did anyone see my race card? I think I just dropped it.

Anyway… As I was saying–When 2Pac gets down from his cross he’s gonna pop a cap in all of your Blended asses.

Thug Life!

Questions? Commentes? Requests? All Eyez On Who?

P.S.: Yes, Biggie was a far more skilled rapper… but talent alone does not greatness make.

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    • Hey


  • these posts are racist

    Tupac is underrated. He is the greates rapper of all time…and was about to be the greates actor.

    • squadwildin

      No lie…one of my favorite actors. he played all the roles…each one memorable…

  • these posts are racist

    Tupac is underrated. He is the greatest rapper of all time…and was about to be the greatest actor.

    • Ron Mexico

      who knows what pac could have been had he not lost the battle with his inner nigga?

      the man could act. i was more disappointed in what we lost on screen to be honest. rappers eventually put the mics down. pac could have been on some will smith shit.

      • these posts are racist


        I too miss what he was already on screen. His performances were stunning. His acting inGridlock: wow.

        I think Pac could’ve been on some Al Pacino ish…

  • Bang

    Eminem too

  • Bang

    As in – overrated. his music gets annoying to listen to, while Pac has songs you can play for any mood

  • geico lizard

    i cosign you big time on this whole blog ron. justin timberlake or elvis should have been number one on that list. timberfake is a skinny guy with a high singing voice if he was black his name would be tevin campbell and people would clown him not beg him to get on a track. elvis is the usual example of some whites wanting to like something black people are good at but they would rather see a white person doing it. its like when someone says “is” tiger the best golfer in the world or is jordan the best nba player or is larry bird. barry bonds did dirt but babe ruth was fat and he played in the dead ball era so it was easy for him to swat out homers while he was still hungover from the party last night.

  • 239allday

    Fuck all yall, Pac runs shit 12 years posthumously…maybe!

  • Omar

    Wow, I did a blog myself saying Elvis was the most overrated artist in history with Madonna a close 2nd. Madonna’s ugly, tacky-dressing ass was a sex symbol and a style icon. Madonna has done more with less than anyone in history except for Jesus Christ who fed the multitudes with a couple of loaves of bread and some fish. And Elvis was the King of Rock and Roll. Nigga please!!!!

    • Ron Mexico

      i’d love to see that entry.

      i mean… you’d think elvis would be the first person to come to mind.

      say word on the madonna nod!

  • west philly’s finest

    That was the first person I thought of when they came out with this nut ass list. Its no way Elvis couldn’t be first he didn’t have one thing orginal about him. He didn’t write his own songs or make the music then u add he took his whole swag from black people that equals overrated.

    But honestly I think they just put Pac first to get people to pay attention to their magazine cause I never heard of em.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Viva Mexico!

    Man, Mexico, the drop was cool, but I was a part of the creative process since I’m one of the first to mention it!

    I appreciated what Pac contributed to my culture. I mean that whole-heartedly, but he was on some other shit sometimes. Ya he did put out some wack shit, but not the number 1 spot tho. Elvis bit hard off of Mr. Penniman, and Mr. Diddley. Not to mention, I think the Memphis Mafia was greasing up the TV Network that showed that special he did from Hawaii. Dude looks like Daniel Baldwin.

    Viva el Revolucion!

  • Yaw

    II completely disagreed with 2pac being on that list. As far as him being overrated, I’m kinda of here-and-there with the label. AS far as his skills go, he may not lyrically be on the same level as B.I.G, and he did have quite a few filler tracks on some of his earlier releases especially (it’ll be kinda unfair to include his post-humous albums). However, as you said he did say a lot more than most other artists. His acting is arguably the best of a rapper-actor, and his good tracks on his albums more than overcompensated for his ‘mythologizing, mediocre filler’, let alone bested most other artists entire catalogues.

    Still, my biggest issue with the term overrated comes when considering the impact he, and Elvis had on their fans, and music alike. Though I can really speak for 2pac, as fans the significance of his music, there’s exaggeration of the effect he’s had from marketing to peoples lives.

    Of course we can discuss artists ‘objectively’ when we’re talking about them musically. But I feel that it’s unfair to limit them to such, especially when calling all of these artists overrated, as they’ve expanded beyond just the music.

    • Yaw

      I meant ‘only really speak about 2pac, as I do’nt listen to Elvis or rock for that matter…’ Forgive my mistakes, lol

  • TheCo!!inB

    you niggas can’t be serious about Tupac’s acting chops…..son was bosacks on the screen…..that’s really what the fuck is wrong, everyone is certified on what good rapping is about but when it comes to acting you know nathan. pac had no promise on the screen outside his usual psuedo thug bravado…..which was actually adolescent fantasy just coming into fruition cause he had enough celeb status as to where he couldn’t really be questioned. he was an ok rapper with a mind that couldve been great for political change but that about it…..Blender wasn’t too far off, other than the fact that no, he was not the number one offender. i’m surprised at you Mex, you don’t cosign wack shit but you need to look into killing yourself for that acting comment.

    • Ron Mexico

      hahaha… you mean, usually you agree with me?

      i don’t think gridlock’d was typical thug bravado. i saw promise in his acting potential. he’s a far better trained actor than a rapper… dare i say tupac the rapper was his best role.

      but yeen’t always gonna agree with me.

  • ProDunkgirl

    MUTHAFUCK ELVIS AND JOHN WAYNE…….PAc is not overrated, he’s just not better then Biggie!!!!!!!!

    Raise Your Hand If you Think HOV is better then Em?

  • Pierzy

    What’s good Mex…

    That list was funny on a ton of levels, both intentionally and not. The thing that ‘Pac had that a lot of rappers don’t is emotion. Rather than having the same tone and delivery regardless of subject content, you knew when he was feeling ‘some type of way.’ Sometimes a monotone way works (Rakim, Guru), sometimes not… ‘Pac used the recording booth as a therapist’s couch every chance he got.

  • Sheri

    who knows what pac could have been had he not lost the battle with his inner nigga?

    the man could act. i was more disappointed in what we lost on screen to be honest. rappers eventually put the mics down. pac could have been on some will smith shit.

    co-sign ronny…pac was incredible, he is a legend, and i miss him :(

  • Shawty J

    Whenever Bender says anything about Hip-Hop disregard it. I learned that a long time ago.

  • jojo

    After reviewing the list, I really have to commend Blender for the intelligence of their marketing department. By putting 2pac at the top spot on an absurd list, they have drawn the attention of perhaps thousands of angry fans that disagree with their stance. Something tell’s me they are going to be selling copies of this month’s mag the same way the source was able to sell back in the day when they had that issue dedicated to the “EMINEM IS A RACIST” topic.

    The list and have to say that its completely childish, immature and COMPLETELY IRRELEVANT!!!! People really shouldn’t be all that up in arms, its blender for christ’s sake!!!

    Also, for all the people at XXL headquarters, if you want to sell mags, do a similar bullshit editorial and place Kurt Cobain at the top spot. I’m almost confident that your regular readership could really care less about the man BUT I’m also sure that all the crazy Cobain heads will pick up the issue and be up in arms (a la Sept Issue of Blender)…Just a completely random, ridiculous and dumb thought, but gimme royalties anyways

    • Ron Mexico

      i’m putting that one in my heart-shaped box.

      see what i did–


  • producer James Moore

    I was obviously not around to experience Elvis-mania, but this is pretty much my perspective on the situation

  • Ryan

    Years ago when I was like 10, I was listening to my “Me Against the World” cassette in my mom’s pathfinder as she was driving me home from school. She said “wow, I don’t get what he’s so angry at, but he certainly is”. I put “Dear Mama” on and she dug it, felt it was genuine. She’s said on numerous occasions that ‘Pac was a “great actor, it’s so sad what happened”. She’s also never had a kind word for Elvis. What is the point of this? Even a middle aged white woman who knows nothing about hip hop or it’s culture can tell that 2 Pac was real and Elvis was a fucking joke. Chuck Berry called from the grave, he wants his steez back…………

  • giantstepp

    “…my ambition is to be more than just a rap musician, the elevation of todays generation if i can make’em lissen..” from unconditional love.

    IMO, what set Pac apart from most MC’s is verses like the one above. Most of us who fucks with Pac to the fullest is because of the genuine social conscience that he had. Sure, he did the typical gangsta, hitting hoes, partying thing and im sure he made a few coins for doing so. But he was much, much more than the Pac who was at war in his last days. Pac brought balance and never led youngstas blindly. Are there better Mc’s than Pac? Absoluetly. But I personally cant name one who inspired, or had the passion and emotion that the late great Tupac Shakur had! Pac overated? I just dont get it, and probably never will. Good drop Ron Mex!



  • BigNat

    when i saw the title of this post one of the things you brought up was the first thing i thought. people still think elvis is still alive i mean (white people) think he is still alive. come on no one really thinks 2 pac is still alive. once it hit 2000 come on everyone finally was like yeah he dead. elvis is the king alright the king of binge drinking coke sniffing and pill popping. shit pac left out a young guy who could have done more. elvis left out looking washed up like larry holmes flabby and sick still putting on them lyrca suits and died on the toilet.

  • Lowedwn

    Ron….Look man, they can listen to Pac but they can’t hear him. There’s a difference man. Just because they’re listening to him doesn’t mean they’re hearing him. LMAO

  • Maurice L Dees

    Sale must be down at blender so let make up 2pac story to get r sell up.

  • Khan

    Pac the Walter payton of rap.
    Barry Sanders maybe a better pure runner with more talent, but Payton is just great all around.

    Same goes for Pac, fuck you blender Mag

  • lee mangena

    biggie better than pac here we go again.biggie is no different wit fiddy shi don’t last pac is forever.what type of barometer do u use to back the fact that biggie was better idiots

  • White Pride

    Shut up about race. We are getting tired of hearing it. 2Pac was better than Elvis no doubt, maybe the list didn’t think of him because he’s been dead for so long. I’m so sick of black people going on about race that it’s making me what to go on about my race. White and proud fuckers. WHITE PRIDE.

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