NEGRO PLEASE: Diddy Is Bugging The F%&# Out!

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

This here is the shit Barack Obama needn’t be associated with.

How the fuck is an ass-ignorant, oratorically inept shine box nigga like Puff Daddy gonna call himself anything Obama-related? If Barack the Vote does anything well, it’s address the masses. Such monkers as “Ciroc Obama” should be reserved for negroes whose public speaking prowess extends past a shuffle, a jive and an occasional “take that.”

As a matter of fact, just leave the fucking liquor out of it. [Edit]

I’m a little dizzy after watching that shit. Not Diddy Dizzy either. Maybe Puffy thinks he can distract us with his wannabe Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz camera and dolphin teeth?

If he was going to so blatantly break the one rule of non-partisan voter registration solicitation, Diddy should have done something borderline productive instead of mumbling a bunch of slave chatter for four minutes. He should have went in “Long Kiss Goodnight” style. Pretend John McCain is Tupac or some shit!

Yeah, that’s it. Pretend John McCain just dropped “Hit ‘Em Up!”

“We just gonna keep stompin’ your motherfuckin’ head in, you fuckin’ BITCH! …and we ain’t talkin about no other politicians. We talkin’ to you, motherfucker.”

…and for a little extra stank on it:

“Man that Charlie camp fucked you up FOR REAL, though.”

[Blogger's Note: Fuck it. I'm under no contractual obligation to preface my McCain ether with, "He's a good man. We've been friends for many years, and I applaud his ass getting caught up military service."]

Instead we get the best Obama impersonation Puffy’s capable of:

“On November 4th we have to protect our future because John McCain is bugging the fuck out.”

That’s what you Puffy fans need look forward to in his latest theatrical endeavor. He just got cast to play Junebug in “A Watermelon in the Sun.” I guess this was the best he could do considering he has absolutely zero idea what he’s talking about.

For example, I had no idea reality is measured in crackhead density. According to Puff, Eskimos and palefaces hallucinating on Everclear and whale jizz isn’t real enough.

They wasn’t comin’ back for the whale cum! They was comin’ back for the BASE!

While questioning the significance of the northernmost state in Canada our country, homie should consider that Alaska is also of importance because it’s where they’re gonna find that oil to keep Diddy and Starbury’s planes in the air.

What the fawk is Black policy though? Are we talking about the 3/5th rule? Grandfather clauses? Diddy’s gonna be the reason they repeal Negro suffrage if he keeps speaking out of pocket.

Cassie! Quick! Tickle his balls or something!

Ironically enough Diddy Dummy salutes the McCain camp for its expertise in “foreign policy.” Clearly Puffy doesn’t know what that term means either. He can’t possibly if he references his own fear of Sarah Palin being on the other end of the horn with that “dude from South Korea.” Apparently Mr. Combs’ extent of foreign policy knowledge is Asian women that’ll change his linen after he done blazed and hit ‘em.

Negro, please. Get after these RNC whorebags and slutmonkeys like you graduated high school mean it.

John McCain done been in the bush. You gotta have some of that Sneaky Pete creep to ya. That hoopin’ and hollering and swinging candy canes ain’t the way to go about this.

If he’s so repulsed by Sarah Palin, Puffy should Diddy Blog one-liners like:

Sarah Palin’s daughter was fuckin’ that mulletor of hers to “Gasolina.”

Sarah Palin is the dude playin the dude carrying the baby for another dude.

I wouldn’t let Sarah Palin keep my kids or raise my youth. Bitch ain’t finna have my niglets poppin out children for her old Seinfeld-lookin’ ass.

For realsies, Puff. How could you put a video like that out there? You must be bugging the fuck out.

This is what happens when rich niggas get high and go into the backyard with their iPhones.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Buggin the fuck out yourself?

Bonus: [CLICK HERE] for Barack Obama’s response to Diddy Blog #16

For real though. The Democrats ate my baby.

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  • Bobo D

    Ha, ha…
    Funny ass post.
    Diddy must be bored as fuck to be making these dumb ass videos.
    Shit, is this what rich black folk do after taxes.

    Look at Master P, excuse me, P. Miller and his ass backwards BET.
    BET is horable enough, as I’ve heard, I don’t watch shit that makes me loose brain cells
    in the process.
    Ron, can you weigh in on P. Millers BBT

    I mean what’s he gonna do to make Better Black Television,
    have his own version of Sesame Street….

    “And today show is sponsered by the word Uggghhhh”

    • Ron Mexico

      damn. i was kinda hoping they’d make Calliope Park or some shit.

    • Nessia

      “And today show is sponsered by the word Uggghhhh”


  • Pierzy

    What’s good Mex…

    When I heard this, I was wondering what the fluck Puff was talking about. He was mumbling, stuttering and seemed to forget what he was talking about halfway through. I’m sure Obama hears about this and just rolls his eyes…

  • Worley

    “They wasn’t comin’ back for the whale cum! They was comin’ back for the BASE!”

    You a funny dude. But don’t get too cynical with it. It will become trite and predictable.

    • Ron Mexico

      i hear you, but the column is “negro please.”

      that would be like trying to make an incredible hulk with no hennesey or hypnotic.

  • 6MillionDollarMan

    You know when people just do shit so stupid you cant really make a coherent statement?

    John Mccain is just bugging the fuck out. I agree with Diddy lately McCain has been bugging the fuck out.


    I love Puff, But I was laughing my ass off when he when started doing his own effects but going in circles like a dolly Spike Lee style. He was buggin the fuck out, But What else do you expect from Diddy?

  • Yayza

    Diddy has always confused the fuck outta me. How does a cat that hung around with Biggie as much as he did not pick up a thing or two? Nigga still had ghostwriters on his latest album if I recall correctly. Even Lil Kim and the like learned some shit. I guess that just goes to show that dude really just doesn’t have talent in the lyrical sense.

    But on topic, I gotta say he’s right in his opinion, but for all the wrong reasons. Sarah Palin’s geographical location has little to do with the fact that she’s simply a joke pick as a VP, there’s no denying that. The sad part is that I’m not sure I have enough faith in Americans to actually realize this shit. I’m sure a lot of people will just see “hmm…it’s either a black dude, or a war veteran and a MILF”. I pray I’m wrong. I really, really want Obama to be president.

  • j.calderon

    I don’t think he was saying “Sir Rock”, I’m pretty he sure he was saying “ciroc”- as in his vodka.

    • Ron Mexico

      thank you for that, j!

      edit forthcoming. didn’t click.

      damn… that’s a negro please unto itself.

  • Bobby D

    U Take Dat Back! Diddys The Fuckin Man And He’d Smack Ur Head Wit A Damn Champaign Bottle.
    And Obama And Mccain Are Both Illuminati Puppets. Theres No Hope.
    What We Need 2 Do Is Rebel And Stand Up To The Illuminati Threat. 2012 people thats the year its goin down.


    According to Puff, Eskimos and palefaces hallucinating on Everclear and whale jizz isn’t real enough.

  • anutha_level

    yea…nigga’s breath prolly smell like toe-jam and soy sawce

  • Shawty J

    “Cassie! Quick! Tickle his balls or something!”


    Diddy should really stop blogging. He sounds like a moron on all of his blogs. I never did like Diddy due to his exploitaion of the artist on his record label, but now he’s just spreading ignorance. Diddy is “bugging the fuck out”.

    Oh yeah, Diddy, thanks for calling yourself Ciroc Obama, now I can stop dissing DJ Drama for calling himself Barack O’Drama.

  • Tony Grand$

    “Man that Charlie camp fucked you up for real, though….”
    Yeah, I caught that. You’s a cold rooster for that one, sir! Puffy’s gettin a little stir crazy and paranoid cuz Shyne comin home soon, and he knows he bout to catch a Kunta Kente whippin! Poor Puff “My name aint Toby” Combs. This has got to be the craziest electorial race in decades, niggas climbin out the woodworks, rappers runnin for vice president, babies havin babies, vietnam vets hiring has-been beauty pageant runner ups, what’s next, Obama edition AirForce1′s (pun intended) and McCain doing debates decked out in camoulflage, flak jacket, chaff grenades and all? And the “negro please” moment of the elections is ya boy TI sportin the “Rock the Vote” gear, knowing damn well he can’t. Talk bout the pot callin the kettle weed! Whew, I’m glad Puffs here to make us laugh all the way to the ballot boxes!

  • jonjon23

    I can’t undrstand how a man who has made so much money could come off so ignorant and clueless. Is he getting paid by the republican party? Another reason why I believe black celebrities have a negative effect on Obamas and he should not have any affiliation with them. Ludacris, Tyra Banks, Puff Daddy. it must be them trying to draw attention to themselves because only a moron would do the things they did for someone they supposedly “support”.

  • Bobby Digital

    Obama Is An Illuminati Tool Just Like McCain. Hes Gonna Go 2 War Wit Iran. It Doesnt Matter Who U Vote For The Result Will Still Be The Same. The Illuminati Has Us Tricked

  • Maddolies

    Ayo Diddy Will Slap Ur Grandma 4 Dis.

  • John Brown

    “That’s what you Puffy fans need look forward to in his latest theatrical endeavor.” – RON

    DIDDY still has fans?

    • Ron Mexico

      i think so. not sure.

      last niiiiiiight….

  • DANJA29

    LMAO @ “wannabe Lord Tariq & Peter Gunz camera”. Soon as I watched the vlog, I knew exactly what you meant.

    • Ron Mexico

      bless your soul!

      i was like… oh, HELL no.

      they got it crackin for reals back in 96. puffy can’t put that thing on a string or a tee in damn near 2009?

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Diddy tried to get his point across the wrong way, knowing the notoriety of his name/pockets he should’ve expected republicans to jump on this I mean the fuckers aint got shit else to do, how u gonna come at obama about experience then get this bitch(who could get it if i fucked with white women..tina fey ass..)who in charge of 5,000 people including her family which she cant control(husband a drunk daughter a Maury alumni)to be the vice president she dont know what a v.p. does(me either by the way,just to show how qualified we both are)and dont get it fucked up homie the lil oil that is there under all the ice will take years to get 2 and last way shorter than that good black desert gold.

  • Kane Corleone

    not gonna front tho the Sara Palin chick can get it ,her and the knockedup daughter.and also didnt diddy get punked by Pac matterfact ethered by that nigga ?

  • smashirony

    “Ho Chi Minh, how my ass taste?
    Ho Chi Minh, how my ass taste?”