Mysone Vs. E. Ness WSOHH Battle

The Phillies won, so I could care less about Mysonne and Elliot Ness battling. But, I’m sure some of you actually have some type of interest in the contest. So, here it is in case you’ve yet to see it.

This is just horrible. Aside from Mysonne’s First Round verse, both MC’s dropped mediocre verses throughout. FYI, Ness. “My niggas’ll blow your back” isn’t a thug line, it’s a pretty gay line. Anyway, I think Mysonne won. What do you guys think?

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  • Pierzy

    Ugh. They both lost.

  • SDSCAN314

    Ness whoop his ass the 1st 3 rounds!

  • ncprecise

    Ness got em. Philly stand up!!

  • mr.martin

    If you have no interest then what the fuck are you reporting on it for…

  • TheCo!!inB

    ^YATZEE…..the fuck is up with hip hop sites giving the snob treatment to hip hop events? isn’t this what you signed up to do or are you just waiting for the next Kanye show they send you to?



      niggas (including me!) are always talkin bout how niggas ain’t hip hop and how “industry” shit is. now we have something that’s rooted in underground, real, hip-hop and bloggers try to downplay it!

      dig this, if you promoted this event as something worth seeing, more people would want to watch/compete in this event. the more people involved, the more money they could offer the rappers, which would eventually cause “major” rappers to compete.

      But who am i kidding, this would need to be an xxl sponsored event for xxl to give it props!

  • RUste_juxx

    i’m not watchin an extra 2 rounds of this shit. judging by the 1st 3, ness took em. he didnt even have to rap a 2nd and 3rd because mysonne best rhymes was in his 1st rap. they boo’d his ass in the 3rd rap. i thought ness trumped his 1st rap anyways. by far the only exciting round. give ness the check. i cant watch 2 more rounds of mysonne.

  • Dub

    “Bitch made New York niggas, oooh I HATE YA’LL!!!”

    Haha. Gotta give to Ness overall. Mys had some hot verses though, people was sleeping. They was in Philly right? Yeah he was playing a away game, it’s hard to go into another hood against the Hometown Hero, which Ness was, and get a fair shake.

    • Blizzie Mac

      nah niggas was in the black theatre in harlem.

  • DV8

    Ness won that shit after his 1st 2 versus.

  • iLL G

    lol i only watched 2 rounds and sorry but NESS got em!!! delivery was bout the same, but NESS was talkin sum heavy shit and it was wittier …plus i liked how he told cuban link he can get another scar on his cheek lmaooo


    ya’ll should watch the murda mook vs. young hott battle…MOOK KILLED THAT SHIT!

  • Bang

    Mysonne won dis, Diddy had mad dick riders jumping at weak punchlines for baby towel boy. Wack do it on wax dog

  • 619

    ‘That’s what it says in my contract, What it say in your contract’. HAHAHA! Fuck the contract. I stopped watching it after that, too much politics in rap. Mysonne fell off after the first round. Then Ness hit him with, ‘You did 8 years for stickin’ up a taxi, me I booked for movin’ work check my rap sheet’, wwwwhhhhhooooooooaaaaa!

  • Dal

    E ness killed Mysonne… and the whole Bang Bang Boogie!!!

  • hottnikz

    Mysonne is lame, especially that third verse with all the bitches. He needs to go lay down.

  • Monstadon

    Ness destroyed him. Any fool can see Mysonna ran out of gas after his first verse…and Ness killed that one too.


    I smell NY dickeating bias in the air.



  • FaMe

    I’m from the Bronx and I’m still gonna have to go with E Ness on this joint. Mysonne started off nasty but then bitched up towards the end.

  • ruste_juxx

    this battle was in NY

  • nellz the fuck u think Myssone won…lmao. shit was done after the 1st verses.

  • west philly’s finest

    Catch em online /blow his brain over his laptop

    Ness kept it going the whole battle Mys had some hot lines here and there.

  • capcobra

    mysonne suicidal.

  • KQ

    mysonne lost.

    lady luck >>>> both these lames


    I’m from the Bronx, but I have to give it to Ness. Yes, Mysonne was a disappointment. But that’s giving credit when credit is due. I love to see Ness vs. Murder Mook.

    And ya’ll folks whose talking wreckless about NY, no need for the hate. Not everyone from NY acts the same! 1NE!