Watching this latest video of Ashley Logan posted to the venerable World Star Hip Hop, I've become convinced that she isn't really a white chick, but rather a latino broad trying to front as if she was a white chick - more of a PALG than a PAWG.

Not that there's anything wrong with that. (Hispanic women, keep your self esteem together.) I'm just saying. I don't like to be mislead. If I'm looking at a video of a PAWG, I want to be sure it's a PAWG.

You'll recall that Ashley Logan was the girl that went on the Howard Stern Show with Flo Rida earlier this year and was doing some ridonkulous southern strip club behind shake dances while Howard was throwing money at her and Flo Rida was doing whatever it is that he does - a video so incredible it had me actually considering going to see a Flo Rida concert.

My only concern is that I'd get there and it wouldn't be anything like that video. It'd just be a bunch of gangbangers milling about in extra large white t-shirts and extra clean Nike tennis shoes. The air would be filled with smoke from menthol cigarettes, and the show would take forever to actually begin. Then, once it did, it would suck balls and I'd be out $20 or whatever it cost to get in.

Then later there was an interview with Ashley Logan on some radio show I've never heard of, where she was talking about how she's now a model with DJ Kay Slay, who's apparently fulfilling a dream Russell Simmons once had (he writes about it in his autobiography) to start his own modeling agency so that he could fuck all of the models, and about whether or not she's banged any rappers.

In this latest video, it looks like all someone's done is train a camera on her while she poses for pictures for one of these magazines that consists primarily of pictures of women with grotesque bodies. Kinda like King magazine, which I know is owned by the same TIs as XXL. Though I notice King runs way more articles than its downmarket competitors.

I picked up one of them - it may have been Smooth magazine - in a Borders recently, and it was hardly anything but page after page of pictures of Esther Baxter. I wonder if they really took all of them, or if they just printed them off the Internets, bound them together and stuck a price tag on them. If I was more into that kind of thing, I probably would have bought one.

Anyhoo, in this latest Ashley Logan video, you get a better look at her body than we've gotten to see up until this point (she's got some underwear on, but they aren't actually up around her ass), and I don't even necessarily mean it as a compliment to say that I can't possibly believe that she isn't a downlow hispanic and/or octaroon - though she's certain free to take it that way, if she so pleases.

But basically, her ass is entirely too incredible for me to believe that she's a full-on cracka-ass cracka. I think I've seen enough PAWG pr0n to know what white chicks are capable of (i.e. miracles) and what they aren't capable of. Recently, I came across a site that features nothing but YouTube videos of white chicks with incredible asses. Feel free to check for youself and see if you find anything like Ashley Logan.

Also, I notice she has very dark skin for a supposed white chick. Actually, I'd noticed this all along, but it's only been this summer that I've been aware of her, and you know how a lot of white chicks spend too much time outdoors and hit up tanning booths during the summer. And god bless them for it. (Except in cases where they go a little bit overboard, or get too old for that shit.)

I figured that might have been the case with this girl Ashley Logan. But having seen as much of her as I have now, her skin tone seems a bit too smooth and even to be the work of flourescent lights. Nah, she's probably like that all year long.

What do you fruits think? Is this another one of these situations like those old mini truckin' magazines, where they'd find the whitest-looking hispanic broad at one of these car shows and have her pose for the cover, but then when you looked closely, you'd notice her hair was a bad peroxide job? And if so, do you think these rap videos should find some actual white chicks, or are we better off continuing to pretend?