DJ Revolution Speaks On DJ Clue, Whoo Kid, Khaled

Semantik over at has a good interview up with DJ Revolution, where the legendary (but still relevant) DJ has some interesting things to say about the current state of DJ culture. There are a couple interesting quotes, in particular, when asked about how the role of the DJ has changed, Rev

“When the MC’s decided to cast off the DJ, the DJ had no other choice, but to make a living so he started hustling and doing other things…. Then it broke off into subcultures… you’ve got your turntablists and you developed superstars in that category like Q-bert, The X-Men, Babu, The Beatjunkies, and myself. Then on the other side you’ve got your Clues, and the Whoo Kids, and the people who aren’t’ really doing shit, but are claiming to do shit. Not that I don’t have any respect for these guys, I can always respect somebody’s hustle, but that’s all they really are is hustlers. However you can make your money is all good, but you’re not what you claim you are, you’re just a hustler.”

I’m loving the fact that a reputable DJ actually came out and addressed the DJ “hustler” ethos in hip-hop. It could be perceived as somewhat high-minded on his part, and it’s not like he’s hating on them, but it is true that a lot of these DJs are just great self-promoters. Nothing more really. In reality, they’re overrated and don’t have much talent beyond sucking some “hot” rapper off for an exclusive. That is why the DJ is dead. Still, people perceive these DJs as something they’re not, which is, ya’know, a guy who can play records and maybe even rock a party.

But then he goes on to talk about how this works with some DJs (*cough* Khaled *cough*) purporting to be producers.

“[Producers] need to make their records. Let’ just take DJ Khaled for an example. The dude doesn’t produce and he doesn’t DJ, but he’s on the radio and TV acting like a producer and a DJ, but he’s not…. he’s just an A&R. He pays people money to make a record and puts his name on it. Now, there’s nothing wrong with that, but you’re just an A&R, you’re just a guy who put a project together. Everyone perceives him as this guy that just puts records together.”

Wow. First off, I think because Khaled is about “unity and love,” and he’s overall just a pretty gregarious fellow, nobody calls him out for the bullshit he tries to pull with his DJ/producer title. I mean, I like Khaled, but c’mon, his albums are really just an extension of his brand. On his new LP, We Global, he only has production credits on 1 song, and even that track, it’s so ridiculously musical that I doubt he was all that involved in the technical side of it. Everything else is more executive production, which is really just glorified A&R work.

I think the moral of this post is, let’s just keep it real and acknowledge that a large portion of the real prominent DJs in hip-hop are overglorified self-promoters who market themselves as something they’re not.

Does DJ Revolution have a point, or is he just a salty hater?

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  • these posts are racist


  • http://www, west philly’s finest

    Fuck First

    If people can call out rappers like Souljah Boy, Wayne, and Jeezy for not being lyrical enough why not call out Djs that dont carry records. Its fucked up cause a Dj now is just a glorified hypeman.

  • Big Gucci

    Well someone finally spoke on this bullshyt. If u notice, u can get one mixtapes now from any anonymous DJ and the same records willbe on fifteen other tapes. DJ Khaled is annoying as fucc,and might be down with Bin laden. DJ Screw, no matter if east coast folks hate him or not, had pure skill at the art of the turntable and made stars out of unknowns, Z-RO Lil Flip, LIl Keke, Devin (he was Devin DJ in the early 90′s). this guy did all this in his hood and was turning a 6 figure profit, everything was independent. None of these DJ’s now adays are original or even smart enough to keep the art alive, promote new artists or make money at one time. Most are bullshyt artists…thanks for this post.

  • Reemycks!

    I met Rev earlier this year. I must say he’s one of the realist dudes i’ve ever met. This niggas skill set is colder than 99% of most DJ’s anywhere so his opinion is more than valid. the shit about Dj Khaled is so true. that niggas does nothing, yet takes all of the credit. More niggas need to speak on this shit. myself included.

  • dj ashy fingerz

    Khalid might be a fake ass producer but as a DJ he can rock a party

  • Re-yo


    Rev just said what EVERY hip-hop producer/dj in the world who actually produce/DJ has been saying about these clowns since the jump.

  • Marko-V

    We had this same problem in St.Louis when a “hustler” passin himself off as a D.J. played some of Chingy’s disses towards Nelly and then later on tried to start some more ish with the whole New St.Louis movement. In short, he currently resides in ATL. Its real D.J.s mixin, blendin, and rockin parties wit 2 turntables like Needles, Chan, and Trackstar who go the extra step to make sure that the fully develop their skills and rep Hip-Hop then you have oppurtunists who just wanna get their name out their (notice how I never acknowledged dude by name). I say that to say this, people are gonna do whatever for money but we really need to value the improtance of the true D.J. in Hip-Hop again and let the others call themselves somethin else.
    get at

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Revolution is dead on with this one. He couldn’t be more right about Khaled. We’re talking about a man who got his start on pirate radio stations. His beats on Fat Joe’s albums, make me have a shot at producing. I’m not a producer, folks.

    Clue, on the other hand is thoro. Queens artists need to hold this dude down, cause that Professional 1 is a classic.

    This kind of post gives me hope that I can still have healthy aspirations of the music business. If these are the people that hold the crown now…

    *does his best Clay Davis*


  • Valdez

    This is a great post and it’s definitely true. Me being a DJ/producer/artist myself, I feel like I can speak on this.

    There is definitely a BIG difference between what ppl like clue do and what real DJs do.

    Props to DL revolution for puttin them cats out there where they belong. No hate at all involved.

  • yoprince

    not hatin.. he just right.. i’m 23 and i don’t know shit about DJing or any of that shit, cause it aint prominent no more and hasn’t been for a while.

    shit was hilarious to me when niggas got mad off that fuck dj comment by wayne.. i was like so what..

  • Moi

    he’s on point but self-promotion IS part of being a great DJ . . . it’s gotta be coupled with skills but “out for fame” is a sacred hip-hop ethos from what i can tell. grandmaster flash had his name on the back of his sweatshirt for a reason.

    but real DJs are indeed the inventors and backbone of hip-hop, and people shouldn’t front if they don’t have those skills.

    i think.

  • Bang

    yeah the truth is killing em now

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Reporter: Dj Khaled how are you?

    Dj Khaled: We the best, who?, weeeee global, ni99aaaaaa!

    Reporter: How you start as a “DJ”?

    Dj Khaled: I don’t know how I start this shit, man, i’m just do it for the money, man, cash flooooooowwwwwwww! I need it, I need iiiiiiiiiiittttt!!!

    Reporter: How much money you gain in a production?

    Dj Khaled: A lot of money, man, my stack of money is more big that my dick!!! WEEEEEE Ni99aaaaaaaa, who???? We Goblal, you wanna see it?

    Reporter: Hell no,

    Dj Khaled: Well, Lil Wayne, T-Pain, Rick Ross, Birdman are envy about my stack of money. They said like “I wanna have that thing, Dj Khaled” You know, WE the BESSSSTTT!

  • SImple like ABC, 123

    Dj Khaled doesn’t know how to play a “vinyl record”

  • ProDunkgirl

    Dj Khaled is annoying as hell……Good point Dj.Revolution. Stop taking credit when it’s not due. Another problem I have wit Khaled is that he’s too damn happy. Nobody’s that damn happy……….Or maybe i’m too damn mad!

  • ty from linden blvd

    why is he mentioning clue??

    unlike a khaled or whoo kid clue has his artist,his own imprint(or joint venture whatever)not to mention that he pretty much created the mixtape game.wasn’t the 1st to make and sell mixtapes but he damn sure was the most successful.matter of fact onsmash does the mixtape thursday thing and clue tapes been on damn near every week.

    still ernesto sucks on the 1′s and 2′s everbody from round the way knows that,

  • Mean Greene

    I’ll take Salty Hater for $300 Alex.

    Naw but I’ve been following Khaled for like 10-12 years and I’ve seen dude evolve. He started as a DJ on an underground radio station down here in Miami and worked his way into clubs and then as a DJ/personality on the major station here. That man has put in hella grind.

    Anyway I dont understand how he can be stealing tracks from ghost producers and at the same time only give himself 1 production credit on his album. That’s hustling backwards for someone who supposedly steals beats.