Did Nas bang Ashley Dupre?

Nas, you dirty dog you.

So just now, I was checking Gawker, where I go in the morning to find out about a lot of shit you fruits probably don’t know about and wouldn’t otherwise give a shit about, and I stumbled upon a story about Ashley Alexandra Dupre, the hoo-er that brought down Eliot Spitzer earlier this year, hence making way for New York’s first blind governor and the pardoning of Slick Rick. (Someone get this ho an award!)

Of course, I was gonna have to give this item more than my standard perusal. Not to let you fruits in on more than you need to know about me, but this morning I rolled off of the couch with a semi, despite the fact that I’m not as virile in my old age as I was, say, 10 years ago. (No ceiling was safe back in those days, if you catch my drift.) And it’s taken all of the effort I can muster not to call this morning a wrap and instead take a look at some Internets pr0n.

The item in Gawker has to do with a story in the New York Post today about this other hoo-er that’s got this Superhead book coming. Back in the day, she used to work with this guy Jason Itzler, who used to run high price hoo-ers, and who I’m sure many of you fruits heard on the Howard Stern Show around the time of the Eliot Spitzer incident. Ashley Alexandra Dupre was another one of his hoo-ers, back before he ended up getting busted.

Now he runs some sort of agency where he matches up guys with a shiteload of money with girls with a personal appearance such that they could get with a guy with a shiteload of money. But for the purposes of marriage, not just playing hide the salami for $4,300 an hour or whatever. Which is kinda like prostitution, if you think about it, but I guess it’s legal. Still, if I had that kind of money, I’m not sure if I’d want a woman like that permanently. As attractive as I’m sure these girls are, the fact that they would be involved with such a program lets you know they’ve got ho tendencies.

But I digress.

So the girl that’s got the Superhead book coming out used to run with Ashley Dupre back when the two of them used to work together, and of course the excerpt from her book that’s running in the Post today has to do with the two of them. Otherwise, I’m at a loss for why anyone would even give a shit about this book, unless she’s been with a lot of famous people, a la the real Superhead.

In fact, the excerpt in the post re: Ashley Dupre involves a famous person – none other than the motherfucking Little Homey. I was shocked to see his name come up, since the headline didn’t mention this as having anything to do with Nas. I guess it just goes to show the audience for this sort of thing.

As the story goes, a young Ashley Dupre had become inspired by the story of Mariah Carey, who’d been “discovered” waitressing in a bar by the legendary music executive Tommy Mottola, and so she set about finding important people in the music industry to service. She’d heard Nas was having a birthday at some club, and so her and this girl that’s got the book coming out decided to go.

At the club, they saw Nas sitting at a table with Kelis, who was his girlfriend at the time. So they went and sat at the table next to it. Then they had a bottle of champagne sent over to Nas table. The Nas, upon receiving the bottle of champagne, motioned for the two of them to come over to his table.

And then…

Well, that’s all they really tell you in the excerpt in the Post. And maybe also in the book, though I’m not sure. But it’s definitely suggested that they did more than just stand at the edge of his table and wish him a happy birthday.

Here’s exactly the way she ends the anecdote:

The waitress delivered our birthday present to Nas’ table with our best wishes. Nas looked up, and then motioned for us to come over to his table.

Ashley put on her game face.

Which I took to mean her and Nas must have done something. You know how these Superhead books are. A lot of times, they’ll mention a celebrity’s name and suggest that they might have been involved with one of these hoes, without actually going there. In a lot of cases, they probably have to, for legal purposes.

If she’d actually come out and said that Nas ran up in that, he could probably sue this woman for defamation. And she’d be pretty much shit out of luck, unless she could produce a piece of fabric that had been tainted with Nas’ demon seed or some shit. But obviously her aim here was to make us think that something happened. Otherwise, why mention the game face?

Furthermore, what kind of ho do you know who would buy a man a (presumably expensive) bottle of champagne, just because it was his birthday? Most of these hoes wouldn’t get a man a free cup of water, after he’d just crossed a desert. They’re coldhearted like that, even more so than regular women. Nah, she was obviously there to give Nas a birthday present that cost way more than a bottle of Moet White Star. Shit, even more than a real bottle of Moet.

What do you fruits think? Did Nas take Ashley Dupre up on what may very well have been the best proposition presented to a man, evar? Or did the Little Homey take an L on this one, as usual? Speak on it!

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  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    UR BUggin’

  • http://myspace.com/lfbasement RegDaGeneral

    he deeed it!

  • Pierzy

    Damn, the truth keeps leaking out (nullus) about my man Nasty. First Kim Osorio and now this. No wonder he took exception to Jay-Z “disrespecting women” – NaS is trying to bang every one of them. Esco let’s go!

  • amar

    i just don’t see it happening, with kelis there and all…

  • giantstepp

    Bullshit! This will gone away within the hour!

  • Worley

    Damn, you got AIDS, broads lying about their age and now the Superhead phenomenon. You gotta wear a condom, have a broad show you ID and sign a confidentiality agreement before you can hit. Sh*t is getting out of hand.

    I doubt Nas hit it though.

  • TheCo!!inB

    (random) I remember Kelis tried to give my older brother the biz at a concert but the security guard was a hater and said Kelis left even though she told another security person to come get him……..being the habitual hater I am though I was happy he couldn’t go knock that nutty poon down (this was in her Wanderland days)

  • http://www.asdf.com Hey

    Good read, but stop talking about having a semi. That’s fucking ghey as hell.

  • wat-wat-watt


    • http://www.asdf.com Hey

      Just because that’s the biggest word in your vocab doesn’t make it comment worthy.

  • geico lizard

    kelis has a hippie personality so i dont think she would have cared if ashley gave nas head but to let him have sex i cant see kelis sitting there and watching that go down unless she also was involved. you are right about women not spending money on a bottle for a guy unless she knows she will get something in return. especially a stripper/escort/ho money is what they love so to spend it on a male who isnt their child or their pimp would be out of character for them.

  • og bobby j

    i have full confidence that my man Nas banged that out…prolly while she ate kelis box….maybe that high priced stank was Kelis present for Nas….and hence he wifed the type of broad that would get him other stank for his birthday….

    • zino

      lol real talk…i hear they get down like dat…on sum real freaky type shit…

  • I believe it

    In Carmen’s book Nas propositioned her with a threesome with Kelis. Carmen could be lying, but why make some shit up like that?? If it’s true, Kelis is a freak, and don’t give a fuck. She’s a model wife if you ask me.

    • iLL G

      co sign!!

      its in our blood, our DNA, to want to plug any hot, sexy mami that walks by. Thats why we get caught cheating cus we love wifey, but we need some new ‘ish every now and then.

      Kelis is a keeper, “here u go babe, sum pussy for ur bday” u cant go wrong with a bitch like that.

  • dat nigga

    he did kelis be fuckin these hoes too

  • DV8

    That bitch is bad. I hope Nas hit that shit.

  • dat koon nigga

    youz knowz myz niggaz naz gotz thatz crackz puzzy

  • squadwildin

    as freaky as kelis is, she probly watched or perhaps joined in.

  • BGZ

    FXXk these all caps, they hurt my eyes.
    Ashley Dupri whatever her name is, bitch ain’t Nathan Special, passin on her wouldn’t make you lose.
    Nas sorta denies to “bone every chick that would throw [him] some play,” even though he “never brag how real [he] keep it, cause it’s the best secret.”

  • blackcaesar

    This is a pretty wack post. A better question is Has Bol ever banged anything? or Who the fuck pays this nigga to write bs? Go get a real job nigga I hear K-Mart has a good re-hire policy pussy! What kinda straight man speculates on another man’s sexcapades? Nigga ur lame step ur game up! Nas ain’t gotta lie on his dick or explain to u why he did or didn’t fuck no bitches. An authentic nigga wouldn’t even be concerned with another grown man’s coochie count. You need some pussy and a fuckin’ hobby!


  • Prince Ceasar

    Lol @ Black, I feel u, who the fuck is this fat, no pussy getting, Cee-Lo look-alike nigga. Straight men do not gossip about what woman another man is fucking. Bol is a homo. P.S. U jocking my name, homie. It’s all good, I’m not famous, yet.

  • blackcaesar

    haha nah “Black Caesar” is a movie from the ’70s starring Fred “The Hammer” Williamson. you should check it out sometime its good shits. lol




    This is truly sad.

    If NAS did, then I refuse to buy another one is albums.

    All day long, NAS talks about Black Men who marry White Women.

    So what is he saying, he too good to marry one, but he sex one that a certified hooker.

    Fuc a Kelis – she’s trash anyway.