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  • Doobie42

    jay you are too fuckin dope..

    • yo

      My nigga you can ask Bevis I get nothing but head.

    • iLL G

      jay you are talented man!!!

  • Yayza

    Shit son, when’s the album coming out? For real, Jay, you’ve got skills.

  • Shawty Reg
  • chad bro chill

    hahah good work jay kick that little haters ass

  • Slick Tha Kid

    that is so DOPE!!! JAY CAN MAKE ANY BEAT RAW!!

  • B. Blizzy

    Preach preacher! I know exactly what you mean!

  • Worley



    I lyk dis guy, but Fuck! dat was sum corny shit!

    • Yoda

      How was it corny? If anything it was creative.


    ha ha ha

  • iLL

    Yea man!!

  • gnicks

    Jay Smooth you the best dog!

  • J.G.

    pretty cold Jay smooth

  • jimmyjoints

    that jawn coud’ve used some auto-tuner. decent effort nonetheless.

  • that chick

    Jay you are so cool and so adorable!!! That song was such an intelligent way to respond to these assholes!!! Love ya, keep doin what you do baby

  • Meech

    yo you are pretty dope. from listening to your “Dipset Rap” and this, you seriously got skills man.

  • Jerod

    I was just thinking that this morning. Sick song. God Bless.

  • tensensi

    that shit was sick! you have a smooth voice jay um…. smooth ;)

    while we’re talking about little haters, trip on this.

    you have about 98% positive comments for this post, 2% little haters.

    however, after reading the comments the little haters will stick in your head, no doubt.

    the trick is to focus on the positive, and keep doing what yer doing because folks like me appreciate it.

    “life is like a bubble, and there’s always a player-hater trying to prick it. just let it float to it’s highest level.”
    - one of daz’s songs off of r.a.w.

  • Ron Mexico

    i need this mp3.

    that is all.

  • John Galt

    Great follow-up to the last “little hater” entry.

  • fredMS

    hahaha your like jack johnson but gayer.

    not hating though.

  • Ghost

    Mad ill son…keep killin’ it!

  • DevoG

    that shit was dope. Still you’re no terrence horward. Ha, ha, lol. Did you see that bullish on 106 and park. J > t.h. Ha

  • Jenisis

    yo J that shit was hot man, i’m lovin it. you got a nice voice homie, mad skills all round. i’d like to see you do somethin with it. shit, i’d put money down for that CD

  • thugler

    your the only blogger the consistently makes posts and doesn’t make me feel like i’ve wasted my time after i’ve checked their shit