Ain’t no future, period

These days, it seems like you can hardly crank up the Internets without hearing about another one of these rappers having an old man-style health issue.

I’m sure you fruits probably already heard about DMX supposedly having a stroke earlier this week. And just now, I was checking Elliott “TC” Wilson’s Facebook, where I get a lot of my news these days, and I see that Buckshot had to be hospitalized after having a series of seizures.

The fuck?

There’s also Nate Dogg, who recently had another stroke, after having had one late last year. It was rumored that he was on life support, but then I heard that he was capable of living without it, it just helps him breathe easier. Hmm…

Similarly, they said MC Breed was in pretty bad shape after he was found collapsed on a basketball court due to kidney failure. I can’t remember if he was actually in a coma or not, but obviously he’s gonna have a hard time living without the use of his kidney.

If he’s got any money left over from that song he did with 2Pac, maybe he can buy one from a chinaman, on the black market.

No but really… this just doesn’t seem quite right, now does it?

I mean, as a student of rock history, I’m aware of any number of examples of dudes who didn’t live to be quite as old as they should have. But I can hardly think of any examples of people who died at a young age from shit like heart attacks, strokes, and kidney failure.

I guess there was Elvis. But even in his case, I think it was the pills just as much as the peanut butter and banana sandwiches that got him.

I can think of more examples in the world of R&B and soul music, which has got me thinking there’s definitely a race element to this.

For example, I remember reading, when I was a kid, that Jackie Wilson just up and dropped dead on stage while he was performing. Then, years later, I read that he didn’t actually die right then and there; he just sat and rotted in a hospital bed for years before he finally keeled over. Which might be even more tragic. If you’ve ever heard that song “Night Shift” by the Commodores, it’s about him, as well as Marvin Gaye.

There’s also Bobby Brown, and Luther Vandross, and probably a number of other people. I’m not really into R&B like that. You catch my drift though.

I’m sure these past few weeks, in which we’ve had a couple of different guys have strokes, another guy’s kidneys give out, and another guy have a buncha seizures, have been an aberration. Still, even if these problems don’t continue to develop at quite this rate, it seems like the hip-hop community might be way more susceptible to old man-style health issues than any other similar group.

For those of us who aren’t that old, it makes you wonder what it’s gonna be like, say, 20 or 30 years from now. Will there be a hip-hop equivalent of one of these groups, like the Rolling Stones, that’s probably gonna tour until they’re 100 years old? Nah, with our luck, probably the only rapper who’s still gonna be alive is motherfucking Soulja Boy.

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  • ashbee

    first bitches!

  • ashbee

    These nuckas need to start taking better care of themselves instead acting like they invincible. Y’all negroes ain’t Claire on Heroes!!

    …pass me a can of Schlitz.

  • Hey

    You forgot to mention the untimely death of your partner, Pimp C. RIP homey.

  • Ayre

    That was clearly drug induced

  • jaymc1988

    pimp c died of drugs not a “old man style health issue” dumass

    • Bol

      Never the less, RIP Pimp C.

    • Hey

      I didn’t read the blog. I just saw it was about dead people and didn’t see Pimp C’s name. So fuck you jaymc1988, don’t judge me!

      • Ghost

        …maybe you should read the blogs…then you wont have to go in attack mode due to ignorance…

  • og matt herbz

    T.I. got herpes like a mutha, too…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

  • Worley

    “Nah, with our luck, probably the only rapper who’s still gonna be alive is motherfucking Soulja Boy.” Let’s not forget Wow Wow.


  • Justice4All

    Great post Bol, I think hip hop artist are prisoners of their own music & culture. Nate Dogg for instance,always seen singing about smoking that chronic, (and we all know California Chronic is not like what one may be used to in let’s say Oregon), M.C. Breed…a known alcoholic and so, I guess he had to “get his” drank on without drinking water. Buckshot…self explanatory, that dude is nuts anyway, so seizures are not that far fetched in his line of work. Hip Hop promotes abusing your body either by naked “Patron” shots are smoking enough bud to get an elephant high. Probably never work out, never walk anywhere (‘cept to the liquor store and the weed trap)so they are just asking to die. DMX you say? well…we all know crack killed applejack, he jumped in and he never jumped back. maybe after the “Rock The Vote” someone should start “Eat a Carrot and put down the Blunt” campaign…less they all die an early death.

  • Hey

    Cool banner, Bol! I’m gonna jack off to it, no homo.

  • zino

    its a government conspiracy man…there’s sumthin in da water…or da fried chicken…

  • Pierzy

    Actually, with the luck of hip-hop, wack groups will be the only ones that live to be 100. Like Philly’s Most Wanted and Tag Team will be doing concerts in 2035.

  • giantstepp

    Dudes gotta start being a little more health conscience. Especially as they age. Diet and exercise is everything. Years and years of drinking, smoking and eating terrible will always catch up with you. I don’t know the cause of Nate, X, BS and Breed getting sick, but in general we gotta be more health conscience.


    “I didn’t read the blog. I just saw it was about dead people and didn’t see Pimp C’s name. So fuck you jaymc1988, don’t judge me!”

    reading = seeing words


  • TheCo!!inB

    you bite your tongue! PMW pretty much ushered in punch line rap…and their first (cough*and only*cough) cd was a banger. i’ve always wondered the appeal of smoking absubed amounts or weed….like who really needs 8 blunts to get high….well, blunt weed is trash anyway. I wish one of these rappers would rap about going to the doctors or getting annual physicals.

  • og bobby j

    people need to stay of those pills and powders….nevermind rocks.

    Stay eating tuna, in the gym….and burnin that good….and you should be aight.

  • anutha_level

    i think 2007 & 2008 have been the years of death, period…more famous muhfukkaz have died these past couple years than i can ever remember happening in the past…

  • amar

    i don’t think it’s at all a cultural thing, in terms of black people. It’s a generational thing, in terms of American society right now and the obesity issues going on.

    Traditional rock stars like Ozzy Osbourne or the Rollin Stones had no time for unhealthy eating, because all they were ocnsuming were drugs and liquor. Now, with fast food culture mixing with rockstar culture, it’s no surprise motherfuckers are dropping dead.

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  • mr.martin

    i always thought about that. like after every redman/method man show, a hundred white boys crowd around their bus with weed to smoke with them. Like damn, how about offering a gatorade. I just ran a marathon onstage motherfucker!!!! still it would be sobering if you get news that (god forbid) Snoop has Lung cancer, Luke has aids or The Alkaholiks have cirrhosis of the liver. Gotta stop hypin d’evils.

  • Meech

    Bobby Brown is still alive Bol, he’s just a crack zombie

  • boi-dan

    DJ Screw & Big Moe.

    I think they both had heart attacks.

  • Kane Corleone

    drink fucking water,eat veggies,stop smoking blunts or so many of em,use a bong or glass bowel,and dont forget wear a rubber

    • dark kent


  • Rosco

    Man dis nigga bol is a bitch. I mean he write sum interesting shit that I wanna read but damn> He’s a fukkin hater who seems like he’s mad at the world? WHy would u refer to niggaz who try to support ur blogs “Fruits” U a fat a dikk.

  • Trickdd

    if these artist didn’t do drugs there wouldn’t be all this good music lets be real most people that don’t do drugs got a job and are boring your clocks always ticking weather you do drugs are not theirs to much shit that can kill you look at Travis Barker in the plain crash your life’s to short to be not having fun. Pimp C didn’t just die of drugs he was diagnosed with some sleep disorder that’s why he wasn’t brought up

  • JG4duece0

    Is it ever gunna stop tho? i mean these rappers with all this fame and money most of these guys’s lifestyles are similar. poppin sippin snortin smokin i bet maybe just 1 outta 10 good rappers dont party like a rockstar. i just dont ever see an average rap artist like lil boosie or even juelz santana ever stop partyin or not doin drugs. and maybe if it wasnt for the drugs we wouldnt have great rappers like eminem or lil WeeZay or songs like phone home or Under the influence (by eminem), so maybe we need it a little bit just not to the degree of o.d. ing or havin your health get completly fucked up

  • ashbee

    …you look at Travis Barker in the PLAIN crash…

    lol y’all rascals need to step your spelling games up!


  • Bill

    I’m hoping some of the rappers conditons will prove. I read about DMX…damn! I actually like his rhymes, especially “Up In Here”. I wish they would would’ve said how his health actually was, but I guess it may be another fucking rumor. One of my late relatives had at least three, and they killed him.

  • 619

    DMX, really…again…the second bad news report this week, probably the fifth this month, so on and so on, the DMX saga continues. I don’t give a fuck again, but all I got to say again is CCCCCHHHHHHAAAARRRRRRGGGGEEERRSS! Flashback Faders finally thought they would brake the 10 game winning streak against us. HAHAHA! I love it when the Chargers spot them some points and give them and their brainless coaching staff some hope. I’m got a B-note on the Chargers. Dolphins next week, cakewalk again.

  • geico lizard

    also with rappers using steroids and hgh now they will end up dying young from enlarged hearts and failing kidneys. sleep abnea is what pimp c was diagnosed with so that does count as a health issue because it can be linked to being overweight.