Whores all around us

If there’s an upside to all of these Superhead books being released, it’s that it gives the lie to this idea that rappers unfairly portray the women in our communities as a bunch of bitches and hoes. If that isn’t the case, then how to explain so many of them trying to make a career out of sucking these rappers’ dicks?

Meanwhile, I don’t see anything like that going on in, say, rock music, or pop music, or country music. Hmm…

And keep in mind, those are just the ones that got a book deal out of that shit. Which, you’d have to think, is the extreme minority. You can hardly go on the Internets these days without reading about shit like Young Joc’s baby’s mother lying about him being late on child support payments, probably so she can extract some more money out of him; and Lisa Raye trying to make it seem as if Michael Misick is some insane, wife-beating rapist, so she can stick him for a hefty divorce settlement.

If anything, I’d say it’s a testament to the love us black men have for black women (and note that I’m including myself in that) that hip-hop isn’t even more misogynistic than it is.

The most recent couple of instances of women in our community trying to make a career out of sucking a rapper’s dick have been particularly bothersome to me, personally, even though I didn’t really have much to do with either of them. I just find them that disgusting.

First of all, branching off from yesterday’s story about how the overhaul of the Source is probably gonna end up about as well as the overhaul of BET, it’s been revealed this week that Kim Osorio, the former editor in chief of the Source, really did go down on 50 Cent, just like Fiddy said she did way back when.

In fact, I kinda figured this was true all along. I believe I wrote here, back when a settlement was reached in her sexual harassment suit with Dave Mays and Ray Benzino, that the fact that they were only found guilty of firing her in retaliation for filing a complaint, and not of any actual sexual harassment, probably meant it was true what Ray Benzino had been saying about her in interviews.

Still, who knew she’d actually cop to it? My guess is that the publishers of her new Superhead book must have insisted. And, as I mentioned in my post on this mess the other day on my own site, she probably needed the money, since I doubt Dave Mays and Ray Benzino actually have $8 million dollers to pay her, and since I know her job now is blogging for one of these hip-hop sites.

Which is no way to make a living. Believe me.

Would I take any amount of money to have it be widely known that, while I was the editor in chief of a rap magazine, I was sucking the dicks of the same rappers I was writing about? No, but you guys know I’m firm in my principles like that. Nhjic.

The sad thing is, you know, thanks to the pervasiveness of political correctness in hip-hop (don’t let anyone convince you to the contrary), no one would have actually believed that she licked 50 Cent’s balls, if she didn’t say so herself.

You guys probably already saw where, yesterday, whoever it was that did the post on the XXL staff blog confirmed that Osorio does reveal in the book that she had relations with Fiddy Cent and also Nas.

In addition to that, Fiddy Cent himself has weighed in on the issue. Bonus! In a post over on ThisIsFiddy, he claims that, not only did Kim Osorio lick his balls, but that it set her on the road to the riches.

And I quote:

“I messed with Kim a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal…when they weren’t worth much. She licked my balls once and now shes a star. I got some advice for all aspiring women journalists, it may not make the best sellers list, but lick my balls and you are on the road to the riches!!”


Serves her right.

Perhaps even worse is the revelation, in a new book by Biggie’s widow, Faith Evans, that she was the town bicycle, even while she was married to him, though she’s pretty adamant about the fact that she never fucked 2Pac.

In an excerpt published on Miss Info’s blog yesterday, we learn that 2Pac tried to fuck her by letting her sing on one of his songs and then telling her to come to his hotel room to pick up the check. Then, when she got there, he tried to coerce her into having sex with him.

Which, personally, I don’t have a hard time believing – though I guess we’ll never know whether or not she’s telling the truth about how she refused, what with 2Pac being dead and all. But it does seem to fit my general view of 2Pac.

I think a lot of women, because ‘Pac had rock-solid abs and a charismatic personality (if only he could rap better!), have conveniently failed to realize that 2Pac spent time in prison for participating in a gang rape. That’s the kind of guy he was. Snoop Dogg, meanwhile, I think is much more detested amongst feminist types.

My main concern, though, is the part where she talks about all of the other guys she was banging while she was married to Biggie – the idea being, she may have let a lot of niggas run up in it, but she knew better than to get with 2Pac. (Which just goes to show the type of logic employed by these hoo-ers.)

Beyond just the inevitable sting you feel when you find out a fellow man has been cuckolded like that, I was faced with the realization that Faith Evans probably only got with Biggie in the first place because she knew there might be some money in it, when, all along, I just figured she was a connoisseur of fine MCing.

I suppose this should have been obvious to me all along. But there used to be a part of me that thought that I could succeed with a woman based on who I am, not what I have to offer a woman materially. Clearly, I was mistaken. I mean, if it happened to Biggie, what hope do I have, really?

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  • tobasko

    no fuckin hope at all

  • The Spaniard

    “I messed with Kim a while ago, she licked on my balls before the deal…when they weren’t worth much. She licked my balls once and now shes a star. I got some advice for all aspiring women journalists, it may not make the best sellers list, but lick my balls and you are on the road to the riches!!”


    50 Cent the comedian > 50 Cent the rapper.

  • The Spaniard

    “(if only he [Tupac] could rap better!)”


    • OurTime2fuckTheSpaniards!!

      “(if only he [Tupac] could rap better!)”

      you guys must be on biggies dick for saying that cause pac does know how to rap wtf ya’ll talkin bout!!! and i aint dick ryding neither!!!!

  • Michael

    I love how hip-hop fans gloss over the fact that Tupac was convivted of rape. Yop, the same guy making songs like keep your head up and Brenda’s got a baby was a rapist. And they say Nas contradicts himself. I guess that can only mean one thing Hip Hop supports gang rape.

    • iLL G

      cmon dawg… u act like the “justice” system isn’t flawed. how bout the other side of that story? maybe he had one of them hoo’ers in the telly wit all his niggas..she was down, they all tapped, and afterwards she felt stupid, so to get back, said he raped her… it happens

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    “See I talk like Ron O’Neal/and walk like Goldie/If the bitch think I love her/the bitch don’t know me…/Sorry Kim”–50 Cent, “We All Die One Day”

    Sorry! I just had to say that, I couldn’t resist! I stopped right in the middle of your blog to blurt this out.

    (Em killed in on that track though. He had me rewinding his verse several times. 50 too.)

    Now back to reading….

  • DMV hustler

    this blog went over my head.

    is it about goldigging/ money hungry sluts?

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Sometimes, I wish people would leave certain things to themselves. None of this shit is good for us females in hip hop. I mean, Kim Osorio was an editor in chief, a respectable position. Now how is everyone gonna look at her!?!?!?!

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      Oh, another thing. I thought ‘pac wasn’t involved in the rape at all. i thought he wasn’t even in the room.

      • The Spaniard

        …according to who? Tupac?

        If this is true then Tupac must have had Lionel Hutz working as lead defense attorney.

        • BIGNAT

          lionel hutz hahahahahah

      • http://xxlmag.com Bol

        Pac participated in a date rape.

        He didn’t partake on that particular occasion, just his weed carriers.

  • TheCo!!inB

    ladies, ball licking is the new Bachelors Degree! and yes, student aid is available. don’t hesitate enrollment line starts at my waist today!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    Man oh man. I love sluts!

    Pac’ was somethin special wasn’t he? Remember the shit he said about Quincy Jones dating white women. I just love the irony in that.

  • http://www.rizzleworld.blogspot.com allnice

    Bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks dude. If you got paper or power, most bitches will do just about anything you say. There are very few women who will like you based on your abilities and intelligence; those are the women you can wife up and hold down.

    The best thing about bitches and hoes is that they are so predictable and easy to manipulate. If you got paper, they will come running and do anything to stay with you. And I mean ANYTHING. Ha!

    They have no values, morals, or ethics. None of these bitches stopped to think how writing a book about sucking dicks would affect their future prospects.

    Fucking these bitches and hoes is pretty lame though. It shows how savage these rappers like 50 and Nas are that they would fuck Kim Osorio when they should be able to meet way more beautiful and intelligent women. But maybe, this type of bitch just doesn’t exist.

  • bennieblancoh

    BWAHHHAHAHAHAHA @ Fiddy. Best thing he’s written since hook’s for Game’s first album.

  • Rizzop

    Just because you get convicted doesnt mean you did it. Why would 2pac rape ANY bitch (dude had groupies for days)? If its gang rape he was in the room when it happened doesnt mean he did it. But when he passed her off to the homies thats a different story…

    • The Spaniard

      “Why would 2pac rape ANY bitch…”

      Maybe he was a narcissistic sociopath who was easily offended or felt he was entilted to any bitch he wanted, regardless of her consent.

      “If its gang rape he was in the room when it happened doesnt mean he did it.”

      True, however, I say if you are willingly in a room with a bunch of your friends while they commit a gang rape your ass should go to jail (better yet die) also.

    • Valdez

      I don’t believe Pac raped no bitch. Pac ain’t HAVE to rape no bitch.

      As the story goes, he fucked the bitch then fell asleep. She then hooked up with his weed carriers in the other room while Pac was sleep and she said Pac raped her.

      BS ploy to get money. Yall muthafuckas can’t believe everything u hear. They were tryna set Pac up for the longest time because of the ppower had as far as followers. he also was seen as a threat by the establishment because he was raised by real panthers and political prisoners.

      pac was a real revolutionary. i guess they didn’t have him killed either, right?? smh @ u dumb niggers!


      • The Spaniard

        “I don’t believe Pac raped no bitch.”

        You probably believe a lot of stupid shit. In fact, I’m sure of it.

        “longest time because of the ppower had as far as followers.”

        And you fuckers bacame disorganized just like that? That tell me you weren’t going to accomplish much of shit anyway.

        “pac was a real revolutionary. ”

        …and we’re the dumb niggas.

        “…she said Pac raped her…he fucked the bitch then fell asleep”

        I repeat…

        …according to who? Tupac?

        If this is true then Tupac must have had Lionel Hutz working as lead defense attorney

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com triplesixninja

    also it saddens me that faith evans was such a chickenhead to biggie. i get the idea that biggie was probably mad pussy whipped over that slut. Biggie could have done better, at least he banged Charli Baltimore. i would have loved to have stuck my wiener in her.

  • Mpho

    Its fuckin disgusting how some of you puss ass niggas talk about Pac’, show some fucking respect for the greatest missionary and icon of Rap music in the world bitches… the most famous rapper to have ever done it, the most successful rapper to have ever done it..

    • Valdez


    • yoprince

      it’s not our fault he was also a rapist.

    • The Spaniard

      ” the most famous rapper to have ever done it”

      Sell records? So fucking what? That nigger was a medicore rapper.

      That messiah should have been the best at motivating people to carry on his world changing political message in case he left.

      Too bad he wasn’t good at that.

      “Its fuckin disgusting how some of you puss ass niggas talk about Pac’,”

      What’s really disgusting is how medicore rappers are praised as some sort of other worldly talents. (e.g. Weezy)

      I did like his role in Juice though, that shit was tight.

    • iLL G

      cmon icon??? pac wasnt even known outside the u.s.a…. maybe england…but cmon icon? lol its sad that yes he was a revolutionist, but couldnt put that into his music. his shit was def mediocre sory pac fans lol

  • geico lizard

    everything you say is true Bol. black women keep trying to say black men are wrong to say negative things about them or call them materialistic or shallow but they keep on acting that way. the rock groupies are just happy to sex their fav rocker and maybe tell her best friend about it but the black groupies want to get pregnant by the rapper or they want to get him on a fake rape charge. whichever way they can get some money out of him. kim o was at the top of her profession she wasnt working in the mailroom trying to suck her way to the top she was at the top and thought sucking dicks would get her more money or fame so she was greedy and a bit of a whore.

  • these posts are racist


    What’s your beef with Tupac? He was a great rapper, great actor and an inspiration to all those who grew up disadvantaged. He was unbelievably talented, had an unmatched work ethic and achieved more success by age 25 then millions do in a life time, combined.

    • The Spaniard

      “What’s your beef with Tupac?”

      I don’t have a “beef” with Tupac anymore than I have a beef Frank Sinatra. I have a beef with his music…it’s overrated in my opinion.

      “He was a great rapper”

      Was he really?

      “great actor”

      Again, really? I like Juice and I enjoyed a couple of other movies he was in but is (was) he a “great” actor?

      “and an inspiration to all those who grew up disadvantaged.”

      I grew up “disadvantaged”, he didn’t inspire me one bit.

      I’m not the one to choose your heroes or inspirations, however, if Tupac is the epitome of a hero or a revolutionary then all that means is that the standards are very low.

      “had an unmatched work ethic”

      because he churned out formulatic tripe on a regular basis.

      “and achieved more success by age 25 then millions do in a life time, combined”

      What are the measures of this success? Records sales? Good for him. Personally, since I was not financially involved with said records sales I couldn’t care less.

      There is a guy I went to school with who I listen to more than Tupac and, to my knowledge, he hasn’t sold too many records.

      Tupac in an interview > Tupac the rapper

      Guy at my old school rapping in the lunch room > Tupac the Rapper.

  • these posts are racist

    I don’t have a “beef” with Tupac anymore than I have a beef Frank Sinatra. I have a beef with his music…it’s overrated in my opinion.

    >>>You can have your opinion. Millions of people around world disagree with you. Music critics disagree with you. I disagree with you.

    Was he really?

    >>>>Yes he was a great rapper. See above comment.

    Again, really? I like Juice and I enjoyed a couple of other movies he was in but is (was) he a “great” actor?

    >>>>Yes, he was a great actor. Again, millions of people agree with that statment as do movie critics.

    I grew up “disadvantaged”, he didn’t inspire me one bit.


    The rest of your comments are silly and contradict your other “subjective” approach to discussing Tupac.

    • Mpho

      This nigga Spaniard is the type of nigga thats not looking for soul and message in his music, he the “get you kids fuck them in the ass and toss em the bridge” type nigga.. sad really, i like metaphores and punchlines as much as the next guy but sometimes you gootta put more in music than glamourise drugs and ho’s and shit, Nas the only nigga thats doing that now.. Jay Z can if he wanted to, but he just won’t.. sad really

      • The Spaniard

        ..and you determined this how? Because I don’t like Che-Tupac?

        You sound like, and probably are, an idiot.

        Outkast Git Up. Get Out (and 5 dozen other insprational songs) > Every Tupac “Soul and Message” song.

        Tupac groupies, you gotta love ‘em!

    • The Spaniard

      “You can have your opinion.”

      Thanks. Too bad your question was…

      “What’s your beef with Tupac?”

      “I disagree with you.”

      …as do millions of others.

      “The rest of your comments are silly and contradict your other “subjective” approach to discussing Tupac.”

      Really? There was nothing to “contradict”.

      I like the dude rapping at 5th period lunch better than Tupac.

      In fact…

      I like Immortal Technique better than Tupac.

      I like (a few dozen other rappers) better than Tupac.

      Now, instead of asking about my “beef” with Tupac go be a (fake) revolutionary…like your hero Tupac.

    • The Spaniard

      “millions of people agree with that statment as do movie critics.”

      Millions of people think George Bush is a great president. Fuck them and fuck Tupac’s entire record catalog.

      …except for Killuminati…that was all right…well at least half of it.

  • http://AHH Ruste_juxx

    lol @ “pac aint have to rape no bitch”. well, R.kelly doesnt have to fuck women under 18 either.

  • jonjon23

    BOL don’t participate in spreading the self hate among us Negroes. Anybody with a brain knows that ho’s come in all colors, shapes, sizes, and ages. True a lot of women are coming out with tell-all books about these rappers but that’s only because most of these bitches are broke and need to make money. Ho-ism is going on in the elite white community probably as much as the rap community. The only difference is these old rich politicians have that hush money while a lot of these rappers only have material items with no real money to keep these broads paid on time to shut the fuck up. As far as 2Pac being a real rapist–nobody really believes that. If he wanted, there would have been women lined up at his casket to give him the goods. He was a victim of a ho on a mission trying to come up. Since the justice system hates young black men, they stuck it to him. And oh yeah; why would you believe a bitch like Faith Evans. She didn’t even know Biggie a month before they married-she knew what she was doing. She can deny it all she wants, but in the end there were pictures of her drunk ass in the studio posted up with 2Pac and his partners. No integrity or morals.

  • drydock

    Tupac also got a 6 year old Marin city child murdered because of his out of control behavior.

    Maybe Bol can write a true story expose of this affair for all the ding a lings out that they think Tupac is sometype of “ghetto saint” as Mike Eric Dyson called him.

  • ProDunkgirl

    The only difference between nigga and bitches airing out dirty laundry is that chicks write book and niggas put in songs especially if they fucking another rapper baby mother……in this industry.

    • ProDunkgirl

      Please forgive my errors on my post. I did’nt have much time to read it.