What, Niggas Still Be Rappin’?!?

Who the fuck knew that there were still some people out here actually making rap music? With the way rappers are igning marketing deal before record deals I thought the new movement was to get on via shampoo commercial. Nahh, niggas still be rapping though. They just spread themselves out into new sub-genres of Hip-Hop.

How many of y’all niggas is fucking with Krip-Hop. This ain’t ain’t rap music by gang members, although some of these dudes might be into banging and that is how they ass got injured in the first place. This Krip-Hop movement is actually crippled niggas and retard niggas on the microphone. ELI PORTER was just the tip on the iceberg. MF Grimm is down with Krip-Hop. Sheeeeit, I think that nigga started the shit. Go here to fucks with cripples and retards doing rap music. That means all you Lil’ Wang stans.

Another new sub-genre of rap music is called fashionista rap. This is the sub-genre where you should put niggas like KanYe, Pharrell and Lupe. This is the rap music that also doubles as the soundtrack for high end catwalk shows.

*cues Superstar*

That ‘Superstar’ is my shit. These artists were formerly listed as douchebag hipster rappers but that ended up being a misnomer since hipster = douchebag anyhoo. Fashionista rap is all about putting hard to pronounce and impossible to spell clothing brands on your back and in your verses. Shit is actually realer than trap rap in my opinion because how many rappers are really in the trap? Except maybe Jeezy.

Ha, you fucking meatballs Jeezy ain’t in no trap.

I’m fucking with fashionista rap right now because that is where all the sexy bitches are hanging out. I know most of ou fags are allergic to pussy, but for those of you that aren’t let me suggest a few acts for you to check for. I fucks with 6th Sense. Go here and DL his ‘Just Do It’ mixtape that he created for Nike. While you are there pick up Jelani’s EP ‘What? You Can Rap?’. I was at a sneaker appreciation concert on Friday and that nigga Jelani was rocking the mean Polo rugby and the all black 7′s. I don’t even fucks with Air Jordans like that but I might just have to copp me a pair based on how ill homey was spitting.

Another fashionista underground rap superstar on the rise is this nigga Fresh Daily. Fresh spit it how he live it. Do you know how fresh you have to be if you have the name Fresh Daily? Most of y’all niggas couldn’t keep it fresh on a monthly basis. If you fucks with niggas like Skillz, and Wale, and motherfucking 3 Stacks then you need to fucks with this nigga Fresh Daily.

I think most of y’all humps is liars though and you don’t really love this Hip-Hop shit. Y’all are some bandwagon ass niggas with no fucking tastebuds in your mouth because you been sucking dick for so long. Just because niggas can be well dressed and fuck a lot of hindu and Japanese bitchs don’t make these niggas suckers. It just makes them niggas that gets more pussy than y’all.

Did you fags get the Kid Cudi mixtape? See, this is what I’m talking about. Y’all niggas is wacksauce. Step your game up rap fans. Get your tongue out of Lil’ Wang’s ass.

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  • http://www.akirathedon.com AK


    Billy’s BACK!

    I’m assuming you were battered when you wrote this. Right?


    • iLL G

      who cares what he on…he spit the TRUTH right there!!! get ya fuckin game up faggots! listen to suttin that actually took some talent to write…and not 3 keys on a fuckin piano over and over again.

  • Neven

    I haven’t been here for months but I am sure glad I came back today Good read billy, I’ll check them out. Nothing wrong with good beats and lyrics that gets the pussy’s attention.

  • Pierzy

    “Get your tongue out of Lil’ Wang’s ass.”

    Co-Sign all day

  • proDunkgirl

    That’s my favorite rap style.If you dress ill then your an ill ass rapper IMOA!

  • reality5000

    is it just me or do you reek like a crackhead this blog is bullshit and so are the nerds above me on this blog……yo straight up fuck you billy this website dont need your blog’s man what the fuck is happnin to hip hop,where r the real fuckin street’s,fuck xxl infact they do no know whats going on,get with the real……fuck the internet it killed hip hop fuck it.

  • fredMS

    this is the realest shit you ever wrote.

  • Rizob

    lol! did Lil Wayne murder your father and rape your mother? its ok to listen to all that kind of rap, including Wayne….

  • these posts are racist


    Your usage of the word “fag” is so unbecoming. Seriously, do you have to use bigoted terms to add color to your writing? P.S., What do you know about AIPAC?

    • lashawn

      man how the fuk are these posts racist?? sayin ‘fag’ is racist?? huh. man shutt the fuk up n get tha fuk out. dats it. dont comebak. annnyyyhooo yaw billy real talk. lemee say it like this hiohop died. wat we got right now is some other form of rap as yu sed fashionista n all dat. i mean i never thought id live to see the day lil wang would actualy be considred a top5 artist. and if you though that was crazy now TPAIN is in the top5 rapper right now convo. TPAIN!!!!! man im a child of the 80s grew up bangin deathrow in the 90s, jay nas em n all dat. wat it is today… no words can describe the state of the shitt right now

    • c. gabi

      What do YOU know about AIPAC?

      And what relevance does AIPAC have to this blog piece?? Just curious…

      • these posts are racist


        I don’t know much…that’s why I’m asking. Perhaps you could help. But if it doesn’t have anything to do with the blog, then why are you asking me to discuss it?

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Dont fucking stalk me through the threads, ask your question and where it is relevant.

  • these posts are racist

    Dumbass? Wow Billy, you’re on your game. I made a comment re: your bigotry – but you respond with insults, per usual.

  • Queens Boy

    hey what up billy x? i really liked this blog man. Me personally, i loved the first two lupe albums, and i am gonna cop lupend(or h/o you spell it, lol)Here’s a question to all you fake niggas who don’t like lupe 3 stacks or any of the aforementioned, how many artists you know can make a song like American Terrorist? Or He Say She Say?! There’s nothing wrong with being fresh and showcasing that in your music. That shit was real popular with songs such as RUN DMC’s MY Adidas, so pretty much all you lil wayne and 50 cent stans’ arguments are invalid. Thanks for making my day Billy. Keep up the good work my nig.

  • 6MillionDollarMan

    I take it you don’t like cripple people, “retards”, and fags. Classy.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    cripples are cool with me.

    retards are aiight, as long as they don’t go full retard.

    gheys are cool as folks, but fags are not. fags are snitch ass motherfuckers that dickride and act like they don’t.

    Lee Majors was a ghey, are you one of those gheys that considers himself a fag too?

  • capcobra

    i respect 3 stacks….fuck them other niguz tho’…they one punchline away from retirement….remember big saying “ya’life played out like kwame and them fucking polkadots”…it’s gon take one of those and that whole era gon end.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    That nigger has no fucking clue about AIPAC but he likes to come over here and stunt for the kids. No one believes him, he needs more people.

  • Tony Grand$

    Damn Bill, ya endin this summer with a bang, an explosion if you will! Got urself a nice anti-fan club going here. But dude, wtf is aipac or whatevr? Call me dense (doubt it seriously but…), becuz I don’t know what that acronym stands for. And since when is this website been held to some unseen political correctnessism? Al these “blah blah yada yada” civil rights activists need to turn off their computers, find the nearest bridge, apologize to whatever religious figure they worship and have @ that plunge! Wait, did I just say something wrong? I didn’t say fag, cripple, or retard (so shut the fuck up you retarded, cripple fags!). America got to many motherfuckas leavin in ppls back picket like its okay. Find some bizness of ya own, and leave real men alone. Advice for anyone who doesn’t like the terms such as gay, fag, homo, etc…..Stop being a gay, fag, homo, etc………..

  • EReal

    You dickride a mofo cause he chooses to dress straight outta a 90s Wu-Tang video, with the rugby polos. Who rocks that shit anymore?

    And as far as gettin pussy, Ron Mex needs to put a pin in your shit for a NEGRO PLEASE post. Your fat married ass aint gettin no pussy, and how you found someone that will actually let you put 300 pounds on them is amazing to me.

    Dont come out here telling people what to listen to like you’re the pope of hiphop. You jump from dick to dick on rappers like lilly pads nigga.

    Yeah, we remember how you slobbed up Joell Ortiz’ cant sell a damn record ass until he flopped like your fat belly when you’re runnin to catch the silver horse with your broke bloggin ass.

    And who can forget your amazing “internets celebrities” videos about how to get big macs for a dollar, you fat fuck.

    Read this quick kiddies, bitch made supreme will prolly delete the shit in no time flat.

    1 hunned.

    You know I keep it.


    whats wrong with fucking girls of different races thats not a sucker move. now the way some of guys dress yeah thats some sucker shit but it’s just to the ones who are doing it wrong. like the guys who rock the louie vutton scrafs or c@c ones on there necks nigga please. looking like a gay ass super man with that shit on. also the other ones who be killing me are the ones who wear tight jeans except they don’t stay up to there waist. how your jeans tight till they get to your wait. so it makes a drop in the back of there pants like they took a dump. on 3 stacks you can’t mention him with them other people because for 3 stacks this is life not a movement he been that way since he came out. he forever going forward the rest of these niggas are after images of him. kanye was cool till he did big brother his homosexual i love you song to jay-z. i heard some of lupe older shit he is poser supreme. on his old shit he was sounding like a new ice cube. when he got put on his style changed flow changed content changed. went from gat packing to back packing. kicked pushed his ass away from his old shit and changed his tune to drop his first album. kid cudi he is good i expect him to outshine all these new losers. pharrell makes good music and he likes to do different shit he also like to move forward. i am going end this on a insult billy how you want them jordans just because homie was spitting good. that really sound like some homo shit to me

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    You might be the homo. You ain’t never seen Jordan, or Ken Griffey, or Bo Jackson do their thing and then say “I’ma copp them shoes they got.”

    If not then that is your business. I have about 300+ pairs of kicks in my collection and my favorite joints are Agassis, Griffey Maxs and Bo Jacksons.

    What do you do outside of clocking dudes attire real hard and looking at their asses to see if they might have took a shit?

    All I’m talking about in this drop is good music and for the people that like the OG artists I mentioned they should check out the new cats.

    You know how stupid you sound trying to shit on niggas whose music you haven’t even listened to? That isn’t Hip-Hop BigTwat. I knew there was a bunch of Hip-Hop hating liars on these threads.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    How ill is it that TPAR is back after like a 5 month hiatus. I thought that ninja had quit XXL for the chuuuch, on some Ma$e shit. Wecome back!

    I’m finally starting to dig Charles Hamilton and Wale, but I don’t know how much hope I have for cats’ careers if they keep following that format. I mean, if Little Brother, the Cool Kids and KITH are all getting minimal love, what can you say to these new rappers that are trying to go mainstream and against the grain on the same debut album?

    I agree with Cam. Crime Pays. And I disagree with MC Breed. There is future in fronting. Ask Axe your favorite gangster rapper that has been shot, jailed, sued or shitted on by the mainstream media. They have mad chee$e to spend in the strip clubs making it rain on the hottest hookers in any city. And they have medical insurance to get rid of those genital warts.

    Wouldn’t you like to be a rapper too?

  • giantstepp

    Good drop BXS. About freakin time too…thought you got “fired” again.

  • Detroit P

    Dont come out here telling people what to listen to like you’re the pope of hiphop. You jump from dick to dick on rappers like lilly pads nigga


  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    I was gonna ask some of you dudes what my dick tasted like since you come here to suck on it.

    But then, I would be making a loser into an iNternets Celebrity.

    That’s the A-list of zeroes.

    You gon’ have to pay for that.

    Tip cup on the upper right hand side bitch.

    • EReal

      Just let it burn bitch, let it burn.

  • Amar

    billy x, insult me too! i wanna be insulted! it’s an honour

  • Worley

    Sunday, where ya at?