Who the fuck knew that there were still some people out here actually making rap music? With the way rappers are igning marketing deal before record deals I thought the new movement was to get on via shampoo commercial. Nahh, niggas still be rapping though. They just spread themselves out into new sub-genres of Hip-Hop.

How many of y'all niggas is fucking with Krip-Hop. This ain't ain't rap music by gang members, although some of these dudes might be into banging and that is how they ass got injured in the first place. This Krip-Hop movement is actually crippled niggas and retard niggas on the microphone. ELI PORTER was just the tip on the iceberg. MF Grimm is down with Krip-Hop. Sheeeeit, I think that nigga started the shit. Go here to fucks with cripples and retards doing rap music. That means all you Lil' Wang stans.

Another new sub-genre of rap music is called fashionista rap. This is the sub-genre where you should put niggas like KanYe, Pharrell and Lupe. This is the rap music that also doubles as the soundtrack for high end catwalk shows.

*cues Superstar*

That 'Superstar' is my shit. These artists were formerly listed as douchebag hipster rappers but that ended up being a misnomer since hipster = douchebag anyhoo. Fashionista rap is all about putting hard to pronounce and impossible to spell clothing brands on your back and in your verses. Shit is actually realer than trap rap in my opinion because how many rappers are really in the trap? Except maybe Jeezy.

Ha, you fucking meatballs Jeezy ain't in no trap.

I'm fucking with fashionista rap right now because that is where all the sexy bitches are hanging out. I know most of ou fags are allergic to pussy, but for those of you that aren't let me suggest a few acts for you to check for. I fucks with 6th Sense. Go here and DL his 'Just Do It' mixtape that he created for Nike. While you are there pick up Jelani's EP 'What? You Can Rap?'. I was at a sneaker appreciation concert on Friday and that nigga Jelani was rocking the mean Polo rugby and the all black 7's. I don't even fucks with Air Jordans like that but I might just have to copp me a pair based on how ill homey was spitting.

Another fashionista underground rap superstar on the rise is this nigga Fresh Daily. Fresh spit it how he live it. Do you know how fresh you have to be if you have the name Fresh Daily? Most of y'all niggas couldn't keep it fresh on a monthly basis. If you fucks with niggas like Skillz, and Wale, and motherfucking 3 Stacks then you need to fucks with this nigga Fresh Daily.

I think most of y'all humps is liars though and you don't really love this Hip-Hop shit. Y'all are some bandwagon ass niggas with no fucking tastebuds in your mouth because you been sucking dick for so long. Just because niggas can be well dressed and fuck a lot of hindu and Japanese bitchs don't make these niggas suckers. It just makes them niggas that gets more pussy than y'all.

Did you fags get the Kid Cudi mixtape? See, this is what I'm talking about. Y'all niggas is wacksauce. Step your game up rap fans. Get your tongue out of Lil' Wang's ass.