Vh-1 Does Care About Old Heads…


Vh-1 was bound to get it really right sooner or later. They were bound to produce a hip-Hop Honors show where every honoree was truly iconic and important to the genre of art and music that we love called Hip-Hop. This year’s honorees are singularly incredible so as a combined production I think this will be a stellar evening.

As we blog I am already going in hard to get the i.C.’s red carpet access for real. This way we can actually dialogue with some of our heroes from the past twenty years. I have nothing but love for all the talent listed, especially the host, TRACY MORGAN. I’m going to find out if Dominican Lou is a big CYPRESS HILL fan.

CYPRESS HILL needs no introduction for anyone that fucks with that funky, get high rap music. They have been touring and releasing albums since 1991. That is a long time to be pulling from the bong on that Cheech and Chong. I’m amazed these dudes can even make it to their show dates. When they hit the stage it is all business too. I’m predicting that Ice Cube and Snoop will help introduce them. How sick would it be if the Brooklyn spitter Joell Ortiz brought them out? Very sick should be your answer.

TOO SHORT finally gets his due. Short Dog is one of Hip-Hop’s independent distribution pioneers. He was moving units all throughout Cali faster than .MP3 files. Short put Oaktown on the map in a serious way. I’m glad that Vh-1 recognized this man for his game.

NAUGHTY BY NATURE is another group that is overdue from the golden age of Shout Rap. Naughty preceded Leaders of the New School, Onyx, and Das EFX as the premier group to shout in unison all their rhymes on the ends of stanzas. Considering how fast and furious Treach could deliver his rhymes you need to show that man Vin Rock some respect.

SLICK RICK will bring the house down I guarantee. Everybody in the Hammerstein Ballroom will be singing ‘La-Di-Da-Di’ like no tomorrow. Will Doug E. Fresh perform with Slick Rick as well? I hope so. I will never forget my classmate KHALID SALES bringing that cassette tape to school with Slick Rick and Doug E. Fresh performing ‘The Show’. KHALID taped the performance live at the Rooftop Roller Disco. Another one of NYC’s classic lost but not forgotten landmarks.

DE LA SOUL might be the most influential group in Hip-Hop. Evar. You wouldn’t have the diversity of the genre without the seeds they planted almost two decades ago. How incredible do you think it is to be able to rhyme about just being yourself? Eminem, Wale, KanYe and every hipster rapper that has ever touched a microphone owes a debt to this collective. This is the most overdue award of all time. For once Vh-1 got their shit straight and is saving Hip-Hop. And by hook, or crook, I will be in the building to enjoy that moment.


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  • Mac Sleepy

    Bout Time Too Short Get Some Love! I Been Bumpin Short Dawg Since A Young Ni66a…


  • big skiz

    i remember how it all began, i used to sing dirty raps to my east side fan. back then i knew you couldnt stop this rap, no mc could rap like that.

    thats what the fuq im talkin about real rappers not game. jeezy, c.o. ross. real rappers

  • Shark Breath

    First….U damn right all these honorees have overpaid dues and are over due their respect.

  • Pierzy

    I’d be lying if I said all these artists were my favorites but I’ve knocked at least one of their albums time after time after time and they are all legends. Props to VH1

  • Real Talk

    Man fuck VH1. They don’t play rap videos period. Sheryl Crow ass mothafuckaz. Name one rap video you’ve seen played on VH1.

    • real talk

      This is way better then BOL. BOL’s post suck. That nigga looks like a child predetor who drives a big white van full of garden utilitys, that he kidnaps little boys in. We are going to see BOL on dateline meeting a 8 year old at the park. Serious Buissness, just look at him and thos glasses. dat Nigga is a creep.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Yeah, what about Gangstarr, Brand Nubian, and Peter Phillips & Corey Penn??

    • Tony Grand$

      I could sit here all day and think about a lot more acts missin, ^Mecca and the soul brother, nice and smooth, g rap, big daddy kane, jungle bros (pre-techno “the jb’s, the jb’s”), atcq, biz markie, dana dane, king tee, tone loc, ice t, epmd, kid n play, mellow man ace, third bass. But the sad truth is that if ur owned one album from each of these artists, ur most likely an old school head, and were too old to be relevant in todays fickle hip hop world. Plus, VH1 just bandwagon jumpin the easiest way they can, goin the back in the day “tribute” route. A good idea, but most niggas all of into the music right now aint fuckin with them old cats. But, ahhhhhh, sweet memories and good times for me!

  • http://thimk.wordpress.com/ Vincent

    Gangstarr is long overdue but De La Soul deserved this last year with Tribe. And what about Kool G Rap?

  • jojo

    I wish ATCQ had been honoured this year rather than last year. Hopefully this year’s show is insane…..

    But i gotta say, I really could care less to see Common, Pharell, Eazy Jr., or Kanye reciting lines….

    I’d rather just see the groups themselves put on a 4-song set….this would make for more interesting television, especially if it marks the reunion of groups like the fugees

  • Worley

    All we need is Fab 5 Freddy to host every single cot damn year. If not him then Ralph McDaniels. VH-1 stays sh*tting on BET.

  • Vicious Seiger

    A definite improvement over last years questionable choices [Missy and Snoop being honored before so many more really made you wonder who picked the honorees that year - high school freshmen in the Hamptons?]. Nearly every single choice this year was a group I remember having to save money just to buy their cassettes and listening to them on the radio with my deck ready to record some music for my ride home from school. “Pigs”,”Hey Young World”, “Me, Myself & I”, “Latin Lingo”, “Treat her like a Prostitute”, “Children’s Story”, “1,2,3″, “Uptown Anthem”, “Guard Your Grill” “Stoned is the way of the Walk”… too many good memories. Vh1 must have talked to someone over the age of 25 this time who actually listens to Hip Hop. Good diverse choices that can damn near bring a smile to anyone’s face no matter where they’re from.

  • Atlatino

    VH1 soul does have hip hop videos on a show called soul school, and they were playing videos of back when Rap City had a mayor, and VMB back in da day, last month they had a marathon. That’s the last time I saw a Kool g Rap or Big Daddy Kane video without going to youtube. Too bad is not on the regular VH1 but the most hip hop videos I’ve seen on TV since 106 and krap came out and more than BET hip hop showing the same ciara top 25 countdown every Saturday.

  • master cheef

    hip hop hooray

  • niggafrommemphis

    I remember when de la soul were on K 97 back in 89″.them and too short deserve some recognition.

  • KF UK

    Cypress Hill fucking hell yeah. I been listenin to that funky get high music, since…shit i cant remember!

    Real Legends man…..

  • spencer4hire

    i think they need to have at least one of the forefathers included…and i mean anyone before 81

    cold crush
    fantastic 5
    busy bee
    dj hollywood
    funky 4 plus one
    threacherous 3
    dj jazzy j
    the force mc’s before they were the force md’s
    spoonie gee
    the sequence (angie stone)

    all of them deserve recognition these are the ones who helped lay the foundation…

  • adrian smith

    were the fuck is n.w.a a joke should have been this stop dissin eazy e n.w.a. fuck vh1 pussy cypress hill classic album

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Tony $K,
    ATCQ was honored last year homey. Kool G Rap will be next year. Hip-Hop > rap. Y’all niggas that still confuse Hip-Hop with rap music kill me.

    The two things are not mutually connected just because they have inter-relations.

    Hip-Hop can exist without anyone rhyming on the track.

    Rap music can not exist without someone saying lyrics.