I think people get too caught into Game's impulsive moves to appreciate his bottom line.

The man makes great music. Let's not forget. Game has been committing career suicide since he first stepped onto the scene three years ago. He allegedly used to strip, allegedly used to wear a tongue ring, got dumped like a sucker on Change Of Heart, got kicked out of G-Unit, annoyingly claimed countless truces only to go back on his word every time, etc, etc. Sure, he's a knucklehead. Sure, he couldn't stop name-dropping if his life depended on it, but the music is flames.

At this point, Chuck has clearly grown into his own artist and it's more than enough to make him Top 5 in hip-hop right now. Pick anybody in hip-hop, list their last three solo projects and tell me who else has consistently been putting out four-star albums? Kanye West, check! I haven't heard The Recession entirely, but something tells me Jeezy deserves his kudos as well. Nas? As a longtime God's Son supporter, I really wanted to dig Untitled, but I haven't listened to it much since I purchased it. I also had mixed feelings about Street's Disciple. Weezy's Carter series is good, but it just doesn't measure up to Game’s three joints. Jay-Z? Dude hasn't been the same since The Black Album, so let's no waste time discussing Kingdome Come and American Gangster. Do we really have to mention Snoop? Common? His last two CDs were classics, so there's a lot riding on Invincible Summer.

The funny thing is, Fif can boast about writing six records on Game's debut all he wants. Game has now become a better artist than Fif. The Massacre wasn't as bad as folks made it out to be, but Curtis was nearly unbearable. Who else? T.I., Ludacris, Fabolous, Busta Rhymes, Talib Kweli, none of these artists' last three releases measures up to Game's. Give the man some credit. He’s Top 5 right now. Matter of fact, Kanye is no.1 and he’s no.2. If this Recession album is dope, then you gotta put Jeezy up there too. Be on the lookout for Billy X. Sunday’s Game review coming sooner than you think.