Hold the fucking presses! You mean to tell me that the 'Glow In The Dark' encore concert was more prophylactic than last night's show?!?

Jay-Z made an appearance during 'Ye Tudda's set to promote his new album 'Blueprint 3' which will be produced by Mr. West. From what I'm being told that announcement basically sucked all the oxygen out of the building.

'Blueprint 3' might be one of the biggest events that rap music has seen in awhile. There is no doubt that KanYe West is the top producer in popular music right now. Not just rap, but all music. There is some kid in Tibet banging on pots and pans who wants to be KanYe West. Jay-Z is arguably one of the top three rappers of all time.

NaS, Jay-Z and Eminem are the top three by virtue of their catalogs and their influence on people making music right now.

I'm sure Jay-Z heard that KanYe West was threatening to take over New York City.

Jigga can't let that happen. Not when he has hotels to open up and business deals to make.

Obama needs to put Jay-Z and KanYe West in his cabinet as ministers of arts and culture, although between the two of them I don't think the government could afford the price tab on all of that Louis Vuitton luggage.

'Blueprint 3' bitches.

Someone's got to make up for 'Kingdome Come' AND 'American Gangster'.