Starpower Player Hating…

Hold the fucking presses! You mean to tell me that the ‘Glow In The Dark’ encore concert was more prophylactic than last night’s show?!?

Jay-Z made an appearance during ‘Ye Tudda’s set to promote his new album ‘Blueprint 3′ which will be produced by Mr. West. From what I’m being told that announcement basically sucked all the oxygen out of the building.

‘Blueprint 3′ might be one of the biggest events that rap music has seen in awhile. There is no doubt that KanYe West is the top producer in popular music right now. Not just rap, but all music. There is some kid in Tibet banging on pots and pans who wants to be KanYe West. Jay-Z is arguably one of the top three rappers of all time.

NaS, Jay-Z and Eminem are the top three by virtue of their catalogs and their influence on people making music right now.

I’m sure Jay-Z heard that KanYe West was threatening to take over New York City.

Jigga can’t let that happen. Not when he has hotels to open up and business deals to make.

Obama needs to put Jay-Z and KanYe West in his cabinet as ministers of arts and culture, although between the two of them I don’t think the government could afford the price tab on all of that Louis Vuitton luggage.

‘Blueprint 3′ bitches.

Someone’s got to make up for ‘Kingdome Come’ AND ‘American Gangster’.

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  • Maddolies

    I Hope This Actually Comes Out And Its Not Another Detox

  • Bang

    When did you turn into a hype machine blogger

    • Larry Brite

      Co-sign – You either got paid or are on SuMThiN’, because the last couple post’s sound like Memph doing another commercial ~

      “They say, ‘hey, u gettin’ fat’ – i said, ‘naw, i’m gettin’ payed’”

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Whats the matter sonn, you don’t get hype for the possibility of good music?

    Throw a tomato at my ass if I was telling you to copp that Fonzworth Bentley shit.

    • Pierzy

      C’mon BXS… “American Gangster” was crack!

    • Bang

      Lol at tomatoes bein thrown at you. aight son I got you

  • thoreauly77

    cosign billy. no hate at ALL for an other big collab between jay and ye. people forget so easily the amazing music that has been made in hiphop. so fucking easy. it is also easy to blame the fickle consumerism of the fans. ultimately it does not matter because all the heads (the real ones that actually give a flying fuck), will still be supporting the art when it deserves appreciation and support. and i know you know, but hiphop is damn near as amazing as it has ever been.. it just depends where you look. peace.

  • Grand Master

    “NaS, Jay-Z and Eminem are the top three by virtue of their catalogs and their influence on people making music right now.”

    *sits back, waits for the whining/trolling/flaming to start

  • booboo james

    Officer Rick Ross needs to arrest you for calling Joe Camel, Not so Nasty Nas and Eminem top 3. JOU CRAZY!

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    PEEP: vimeo. com/ 1483104

  • CL

    What happened to Blueprint 3 being produced exclusively by Timbo??

    • Tony Grand$

      Somewhere in cyberspace, I read it was spossed to be Primo. Yeezy could put a lil flame back in Jigga Man’s machine. I just hope he aint tryin to rap on the shit. If bowf dem niggas stick to what they best @, that album would blow a Detox outta the water!

  • John Brown

    BLUEPRINT 3!!! I just hope its more like THE BLUEPRINT than BLUEPRINT 2 (The Gift and the Curse) or BLUEPRINT 2.1. Hmm, I wonder if maybe Jay would have any guest artist.

    BTW, American Gangster was a good album BXS.

  • John Brown


    DAMN Billy you LOST AGAIN! Some blogger at did a post on this story also, the only (BIG) difference is that he got a video and all. I dont know who dropped their post first but YOU LOST just for the simple fact that he got a video and all. I aint even gonna name the blogger from that other website. blogger on the Jay-Z/Blueprint 3 post >>> BXS post on the Ja-Z/Blueprint 3

    • John Brown

      OK, I just double check.

      BXS posted his blog on Wednesday blogger posted his blog today (Thursday).

      Damn BXS update your drop, again YOU LOST!!!

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Eminem….bwa ha ha ha I guess I’m starting it then grand master cause shit was funny and insulting to me who the fuck trying to be like em except asher roth GTFOH I dont even like pac but niggas ride his dick or in other words, R more hore highly influenced by pac than all 3 of them ninjas put together catalogue wise 2.

    OK the whining is over cause em is cool but nigga/cracker aint as influential as u claim.Plus the nigga just played out timbaland.


    Mr. Sunday,

    “NaS, Jay-Z and Eminem are the top three by virtue of their catalogs and their influence on people making music right now.”

    Dude, what do you mean? em has like 3 albums…wtf kinda catalog is that? in your mind that makes him better than cats like scarface and ice cube? And as far as influence….BE SERIOUS.

    I think we should all take a deep breath before we start talking bout all-time greats. The fact that all 3 of your all-time greats are currently rappin makes your list completely invalid. That’s like saying the best basketball players ever are KOBE, LEBRON, and KG!

    • Pierzy

      At the end of the quote, it says “…people making music RIGHT NOW” you dumbass. That’s like Kobe, LeBron and KG are the biggest in the game right now. See, the words “right now” are what matter in that sentence. And Eminem, if you count “Infinite” is working on his 6th album, not to mention his work with D12.

      • DETROIT

        ACTUALLY IT SAYS….”their influence on people making music right now.”




        • Pierzy

          Wow…very angry. Personally, I think Rakim is the G.O.A.T., not Em.

  • yoprince

    they lettin the retards post again?? what happened to the math??

    damn.. TIMBO the KING got played i guess.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    The oldest trick in the book is naming your album “2″ or “3″ of some of your older shit that people loved in order to create hype and sell records.

    Kingdom Come could have been called “Blueprint 3″ and it still would sound exactly as “Kingdome Come” sounds. The Wu-Tang Clan could have called their last album “Enter the Wu-Tang 36 Chambers 2″ and it would still sound the same.

    The name of an album doesn’t dictate the music quality that it is comprised of.

    Question: If Jay-Z had gone to Glow in the Dark to promote his new album “Kingdom Come 2″ and said Kanye West was producing, would you still be as hyped?

    That’s my point.

  • ddubbzz

    Yea, that blue print 3 is going to be fire…but i have a problem with what you said
    “Someone’s got to make up for ‘Kingdome Come’ AND ‘American Gangster’” okay okay okay…kingdome come…yea we need an apology for that…even though it wasnt THAT bad…but nigga…AMERICAN GANGSTER? awwww man yo…yo man…AMerican Gangster was HOT…i can let that cd play without hitting skip once..

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Jay is the G.O.A.T

  • The Fedz

    Thank god he decide to let Ye produce instead on Timbo and Premier. Lets keep it real, if this was mid to late 90s then we at the federal building would be amped bout those two but today.

    Timbo is no longer a hip hop producer. Maybe if this was a Justin Timberlake album. I know the Pussycat dolls cant wait to hit the studio with him but Im of tired of this nigga cosigning all these white folks and some how it makes them ok to play clog up my black radio stations.

    Primo is only relevant to NY niggaz, even NY rappers aint checking for him no more. They just name drop Primo like, “Yea Im gone be working with him.” But then come the album no tracks from him, I know he aint that busy.


    Hey people,

    I have a question. Based on the criteria listed above (catalog and influence) where would E-40 rank as far as the best mc’s alive?

    • Tony Grand$

      Detroit, I smells ya my nig! I’m westsidedowntoride fa sho doe, but realistically speakin, 40 water is a hella pill to swallow for a lot of cats outside of Cali. He’s had a nice lil selection of hits, and he was buzzin in niggas ears for a minute, but the movement never impact’d the country like it should have. Far as his catalogue goes, that nigga got mad albums (inc. The Click), but he never stay’d on nigs asses consistently enuff with the lingo. He does get his respect in other states, but if u aint from Cali, he’s just a nigga who say some crazy shit to a beat. Sad, but trugadocious pimpin!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I will spend some time later on and explain why NaS, Jay-Z and Eminem are the most influential rappers to the dudes coming out right now. It’s not even up for debate.

    If you are in the studio right now then you want to be like one of the three dudes I just mentioned. period. Point blank. You don’t want to be Cube, or E-40, or ‘Face, or fucking Kool Moe Dee.

    Most niggas already know they pedigree ain’t hardbody enough to be like 50, so they imagine themselves as one of the three dudes I mentioned.

    • Larry Brite

      OWCH ~ (sounds like Bill tho)

      • DETROIT

        i understand where you’re coming from, but what about the people who influenced jay, nas, and em? they don’t count? if you copy me, then someone copies you, that makes you more relevant than me? if you ask me, jay bit the nas esco swag. so to me he could never be considered on the same level as nas. listen to “either”, even nas says “nigga you love my style” and shit like that. and to say that everyone in a studio wants to be like one of those 3 is CRAZY! If you’re from houston, you don’t want to be like nas, em, or jay. you wanna be like bun or somebody. i think you’re a lil local buddy.

        and for the record, i do think nas is the goat. but catalogue means alot to me. and as far as em…he came out on some whiteboy redman shit! i just call it how i see it.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Damn Larry Brite is even firing shots at me.

    I feel like a fool too after watching the video from the concert. Jay-Z better lay off the cigars for awhile. His voice sounded a little raspy.

  • Youngz

    Ok, so Em might not be what he once was, but between 99-04, dude was by far the biggest hiphop super star the game has ver seen. Dude has 2 of the top 4 biggest rap albums in sales, it doesnt matter that his hardcore fan base is white, the only ones buying albums IZ white.
    The game needs him to come back, cause IM tired of all these wankstas all talking about the same crap, ova n ova…

  • Cal

    It is imperative that you do a post on why Em belongs up there! This discussion is way played out. Jay and Nas have co-signed em indefinately, why do people still act like he’s a one hit wonder when his mainstream career’s been running 10 years now? Also anyone doubting Em’s prowess and experience should realize that he’s been doing this shit since 92′ for fucks sake! Fucking you tube his infinite and soul intent albums and see the evidence of just how long he’s been killing shit!


      eminem is hip-hop’s elvis. he’s extemely talented, but his talent is over estimated because he is white, thus he’s more marketable and more acceptable to main stream america. do you think a black artist could bury his mom on a video and still get it played on mtv? hell no! do you think a black artist could constantly rap about killing their bm, and still be a mainstream enigma? OPEN YOUR EYES!

      remember vanilla ice? if he were black do you think ice ice baby would be the biggest selling single in history?

  • Youngz

    DETROIT, u retard, Its not a plus to be white if u wanna break through in the rap game, its the opposite, besides em no ther white mc ha eva sold major units (vanilla ice doesnt count), white kids love their black thugs, why u bashing em:s content, look at kanye, lil wayne they rapping about weird ish.

    U cant deny sales= 50 million sold

  • Cal

    I opened my eyes long ago and what I see is a dude who worked his fucking ass off to get where he is and never rode anybody’s coat tails to do so. Eminem didn’t magically become the next white hope, he had to go through one white rapper bashing interview after another, battle after battle, studio after studio, rejection after rejection. I remember watching him on Howard Stern in his early years whereby a caller expressed his hate for “this white trash one hit wonder who’d never go any further than HI MY NAME IS!”
    Em once said that some people in this world dont see any color or race coz in the end your the color of your tombstone! What better way is there to put it. Em deserves his just dues because till today i’ve never heard him disrespect a single rap legend or ever proclaim himself the greatest. Unlike many white rappers his modesty is overwhelming. And for the record black sumbitches produced ice ice baby and unlike Em he was a full fledged marketing pawn!


    here’s the deal. i’m not racist, and eminem does have talent. BUT, i am a 30 year old man with a masters degree in marketing, from DETROIT, not the other side of 8 mile, actual DETROIT, and i try to shed light every now and then just to let you people know that “90% of this shit is business 10% is talent” – mystical

    that being said, throught the HISTORY OF MUSIC, white people get more credit than blacks do, when they copy our artform. Elvis took Chuck Berry’s shit, can you name ONE chuck berry song? i bet you can name like 10 elvis songs. The bottom line is white dollars run corporate america, so when you get a white boy that flows, white people can then relate to the music as opposed to just listening to it.

    Look at robin thicke, this dude is just like bilial, musiq, and alot of other people, but that white skin opens doors that would otherwise be closed…such as mtv.

    also, i’m from tha d, 8 mile was just a movie! back in the 90s, st andrews was known as the only club in the city where white boys and girls hung out with blacks. IT WAS NOT LIKE THE MOVIE. The club is in the middle of downtown detroit, it’s not scary or hood. and as far as battling for respect, very few niggas in the d battle rap! also, that proves my point, no other battle rapper from that era even has a deal! that’s that white skin! a & r’s don’t go lookin for battle rappers to sign.

    but anyway, rap has a long history man, do the knowledge before you start kinging people. to me, em’s music is flat and has no soul, it’s just about rhyming words, like a white redman.

    • E

      “DETROIT” just took an L for not looking beyond race.