I know I spend more time than a little bit throwing shit at Lil’ Wayne while I sit here in my momma’s basement sipping on Sunny D and Belvedere from my favorite cup with the crazy straw. Today’s drop however will be about the upliftment of your favorite rapper. The Carter III has eclipsed two million CD’s sold here in the U.S. That averages roughly to about .67% of the total U.S. population. Pretty impressive for anyone not named Hannah Montana. Wayne needs your help just a little bit more though.

Peep this article from Wayne’s new hometown paper the Miami Herald…

When will Lil’ Wayne pay his diamond debt?

Lil’ Wayne jerked off his jeweler to the sum of nearly $150,000. You know he has a serious line of credit to be that deep in the hole? The judge even granted his creditor 11% annually as the interest rate. Sheeeeeit, that first year of interest is already in the $17,000 range. That’s five stacks more than I make annually to talk to you jokers. I couldn’t even afford the interest rate to being a real rapper. That’s why I buy my jewels in the back of the XXL mag anyhoo.

Further down in the article we see that a lien was filed on Lil’ Wayne by the IRS to the tune of nearly $1 millie for unpaid taxes. Dayyyyum! Now you can see why Young Buck was getting teary eyed. These dudes are owing a fortune in just their income tax bills. If I was Lil’ Wayne I’d relocate to Houston since Texas reportedly doesn’t have any income tax requirements. Maybe Baby will pull some of that scrilla from out of the wall to help Wayne get back into the black.

You already know that Universal is keeping all of the money that Wayne generated from the Carter III. They will mark that shit down from his tab for promotion and production costs. Now I see why rappers will fucks with a label like Koch so that they can finally get a fucking dime from their record sales. Why should a rapper have to tour 11 months out of the year just to see some change when they have the hottest record in the stores? Rap muisc can be a crooked game most of the time.

Speaking of the Game…

L.A.X. is being given 5 stars.

I’d like to hear this myself.

Anybody got a link?

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  • Shady

    lil wayne dont need no more money fuck him….n fuck u…save lil wayne no save the lil kids starvin in our own fuckin country..seems like u just threw this one out there cause u didnt have anything else to talk about

  • booboo james


  • Makaveli

    Waaaaaaaiiiiiiiitttttttt a minute…

    I remember a post you made about The Game causing shit at a family funeral and you said you were going to boycott L.A.X.!

    Hmmmmmmm… I wanna know if your gonna forget about that and spend your hard earned blogging cash on the album if you also think it is worthy of 5 stars???

    • from Finland

      i was just sayin the same.

      • 239allday

        I think the Game funeral shit was one of Ron Mexico’s blogs!!!

  • kelito-vision

    i listened to LAX this past weekend driving to NH….LAX is 3.5/5….it’s hit or miss…when it’s hot,it’s really hot(Money, House of Pain, Angel)…but there are other parts which scream garbage(Gentleman’s affair, Camera Phone, State of Emergency, Bulletproof Diaries, that corny shit where he pretends he’s 2Pac, Biggie and Eazy….i would post a link but i don’t wanna be sued by Interscope or UNiversal

  • chad bro chill

    i wonder what IRS stands for

    anywho heres the link to the gasme cd

  • Meech

    L.A.X. is five stars?

    I guess that’s an okay review, seeing as how almost every song, if not every song, has a feature on it.

  • CHUN

    It’s only been upped on sites at shit bitrates atm. I’m waiting for that v2 version

  • P-Matik

    Lean and pills must be gettin’ expensive. Damn gas prices!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I did say I would boycott L.A.X. but I forgot about that shit. Fuck Game and Lil’ Wayne.

  • giantstepp

    “I couldn’t even afford the interest rate to being a real rapper. That’s why I buy my jewels in the back of the XXL mag anyhoo.”

    LMAO….you a fool for that one BXS!

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    @ Billy X.Sunday
    nigga go eat a faggot’s dick,and stop hating on Weezy and GAme em niggas is doin wht you NY fag-rappers cant achieve,

  • jonjon23

    If he is then what does that say about 90% of the other rappers in the game? He’s outselling everybody right now, and is the #1 rapper. You could have done a story on hundreds of other MCs and it would have read the same. You just full of that haterade.