Propellerheads Reason Producer Conference Taking Place August 23rd In Toronto

By now you should all know that Propellerheads Reason 4 is the best beat-making program ever created. If you don’t, then shame on a nuhhh! No seriously, I never thought about ditching hardware until I got Reason. Now I can’t even make a beat on the MPC without thinking of how much better it’d be if I had been doing it in Reason.

So on the 23rd of August, at the Drake Hotel in Toronto, Canada, Propellerheads is holding one of their producer’s conferences. The Toronto conference will focus primarily on “Groove,” and how to use the Groove Quantize in Reason’s ReGroove mixer. And to aid in the challenge, Clyde Stubblefield will be on hand. Clyde’s probably most known for his work as a drummer with James Brown, as his break from “Funky Drummer” could quite possibly be the most sampled-break in hip-hop history. Without this particular drum break, hip-hop might not even exist as it does today. It’s that serious. Check out this list of how many songs sample “Funky Drummer.” Amazing.

Marley Marl, who is largely credited with being the first hip-hop producer to chop drum breaks into individual drum sounds, most notably with “Funky Drummer,” will be on hand to talk about how that whole process began.

So to summarize:

Where: The Drake Hotel
1150 Queen Street W
When: Saturday August 23, 2008
1:00 pm – 6:00 p.m

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  • TheCo!!inB

    ay, if you go can you ask him how he felt when he heard dude black out at the end of Steely Dan’s song Aja…..that shit didn’t even make sense how ,i think it was steve gaad, went in on that drum kit…….Reasons Groove seems more complicated than it has to be (in fruity loops you can just slide to adjust the swing and shift instruments in your pattern to create groove) I will say the outcome is slightly better only because unless you turn your samples way up your drums don’t have that mpc feel where it sounds like your drums are programmed by hand and pad…the groove mixer handles it slightly better but in a more complicated fashion.

  • render

    Clyde Stubblefield is one salty ass nigga over that break. Homeboy aint seen a cent of those royalties and has no kind words to say about James Brown.

    Spoke with him up in Toronto where he was a guest professor of music at York university and the man refused to even go to Browns funeral.

    Music biz been fuckin niggas over since the dawn of time

  • TheCo!!inB

    so what you’re saying is son is gonna spaz the fuck becuase people are gonna keep askin him about that specific break……that’s just the business of music….you don’t get royalties for playing unless you’re producer or co-producer, but i’m not saying anything new there.

  • dynamicwayne

    Reason 4 = one of the best music software programs every made