Please Don’t Lie To Us, Mos

Shouts to Cons! I just peeped his latest viral clip over at nahright and it features some footage of Mos Def and Kanye West chopping it up backstage at some show. In the brief clip, Mos tells Ye he wants him to produce his next album along with the late great J Dilla and then wants the final Black Star album to be produced by Ye, Dilla and Hi-Tek. Ye just stood there listening to him as if the freakin’ thing would never happen. Well, I hope it does.

Let’s not get it twisted. Mos never fell off. Right before The New Danger finally came out a few years back, I remember thinking Mos was set for the stratosphere. Black On Both Sides had stuck gold years prior and Mos was gaining great exposure via HBO’s Def Poetry and stand out film roles like Something The Lord Made and The Italian Job. I’m cool with some of Mos’ peoples and I remember hearing stories about him not wanting to become too big of a star. It’s like…He was purposely holding back or something. Word is during his hiatus, Jimmy Iovine told Mos, “give me a dope album and I’ll take you to the moon.” In a rare instance, I believed a TI. I mean, Mos surely would have been a priority up at Geffen. All he needed was a solid single and a good body of work.

I wanted to like The New Danger and True Magic so badly, but it just didn’t cut it. Upon hearing them, I couldn’t help but think about Mos’ reluctance to embrace stardom. His flow was still sick, his lyrical ability intact. But the production was just so subpar and the songs unfocused for the most part.

I say let Ye executive produce the joint. Look at what he did for Common’s career. Next thing you know, dude is making $12 million in a year, per Forbes. Not that Mos needs any extra change, I just think Wes could help deliver classic Mos. I say stick to the Ye/Dilla combo and keep Pharrel far away from him. I’d hate to get all hype about the prospect of a Dilla/West -produced album only to get another True Magic.

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  • hiphop

    post that link of kanye and mos talkin!

    • Pierzy

      They put it on Bol’s blog

      • hiphop


  • Umi Says

    yup mos def fell off come on, compare black star , black on both sides, to true magic and new danger lol. his verse on rising down beats all of those albums. IF THE ALBUMS SUCK HE FELL OFF. but rising down verse is crazy.

    kanye and underground hip hop = savior of rap word to common

  • dronkmunk

    How many fucking Dilla beats are there left? Quit raping the vaults and make new sounding shit!

  • Pierzy

    Mos Def is a rapper turned singer turned actor. That Chappelle Show piece where he was riding around with Dave rhymin’ was real hot but “Black Star” seems like 100 years ago…

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    I don’t remember a time ever when I was more disappointed with a rapper, and then I heard True Magic. I downloaded it at first, and the shit took forever, so I guess that should have been a sign.

    That being said, I believe every rapper is entitled to ONE flop. I mean hell, the Beatles dropped Magical Mystery Tour and look what happened…

    Need G.O.O.D music?
    Call 1-900-Ye-Tudda

  • jonjon23

    Damn. Yall really won’t him to succeed don’t you? Lol. If he’s not up to par, he’s just not up to par.

  • jonjon23

    -Yall really want him to succeed-

  • DMV hustler

    i like mos, he’s a cool dude, and ye did bring common back with that “BE” album, man that album was lovely, i also feel mos on not wanting to be a real big celebrity figure, some people just want to get their money without all the fame and flashing lights, live like regular people nah mennnn!

  • 808

    Yo… am I the only one that thought True Magic was hot? Thug is a Drug… A Ha… Crime and Medicine with the Liquid Swords beat? I guess so .

  • Maddolies

    Mos Def = Stuff White People Like

  • Chris

    New Danger was a fun, diverse and messy album. And Black Star are overrated, only half that album is fucking any good. Jesus.

  • Tony Grand$

    Hip hop needed Mos Def and he arrived, with the underground movement on his back, only to get to the point where the world was able to appreciate him, and he turned around and Dave Chappelled us. Just left niggas hangin like a severed finger. The middle one @ that! After “16 Blocks” (the movie) hit the big screen, I figga’d “aight, if he leaves us for the acting bug, @ least he’s still in a place to do some good for the culture.” Still waitin, so ill get back to yall on that. My man could easily have the entertainment industry in a mean full-nelson, but it does seem like he’s avoiding the spotlight and I’m apt to believe the he say,she say that he doesn’t want to blow. I can’t explain it, except for maybe that stripper broad sabotaged the machine that was sent to save us from a surmounting hip hop hell. Aight, somebody get in touch with Talib and let him know we plannin Operation:No More Strippers & No More Red Meat! The evolution won’t be televised this time.

  • oskamadison

    Mos is one of them rare cats who can maintain their integrity in both the hip-hop realm and the acting realm without sacrificing one for the other. A truly dope MC always has something up the sleeve, even after a subpar joint or two (ie, LL, Nas, Common, even though Electric Circus wasn’t as bad as the critics thought.) I hope he figures out a way to achieve the status he wants on his own terms.

  • Manamongst

    I agree with Chris above decent album messy and not really a strong effort, it was almost like he owed producers a favor back from the hood. I mean if he could have kept the focus of two songs on the album like “fake bonanza” and “U R the One”

    But he gets too caught up in trying to reinvent the wheel. Iovine needs to channel all the bullshit…(which white people tend to like) and do a double album…one half with straight Brooknam and the rest for the white backpackers….

    I’m not holding out too much hope for “The Ecstatic.” I mean the thrust that the Mrs. fatbooty track got him should have compelled him to use Ye again off GP. But alas, I’m SURE the recoup of a Kanye track in the cost echelon would come from Mos, and for all yall that don’t know this kid Mos has mad Kids and unfortunately mad baby momma’s. So that sucking sound is his wallet.

    For the Mos-part, he’s a fuckin idiot that has mismanaged his career, he pretended he was an actor but really pisses off studio execs by acting like he won’t do press for movies…fuck outta here…they can get a new nigga faster than you can say Derek Luke…LOL!!!