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A few thoughts on the whole Ludacris/[What the fuck is a] Barack Obama[?] mess.

If there's any cause I'm known for taking up publicly, it’s free speech. I always find it unfair when a nigga can’t just say what he wants—especially a creative entity such as Ludacris. I believe in Luda's right to recite every single line of "Politics: Obama Is Here" even though he spends very little energy speaking about actual politics on the track.

He has every right to call Hillary Clinton a bitch. He has every right to say John McCain should only be seated if paralyzed. He has every right to say he''ll fuckin... he'll fuckin... lay Jesse Jackson's nuts on the dresser--just the nutsack by itself, and bang them shits with a spiked bat.

However, if Luda really wants to help his new boyfriend, a much more thoughtful verse might serve Obama better at this point.

Unfortunately for the Mulatto Man-Wonder, since he publicly acknowledged his appreciation for the Atlanta MC, he and Ludacris have been linked. Granted, the connection's been propagated almost purely by Luda's incessant nut-hugging.

Given the fact that Luda has served as Fox News' preferred icon of negritude niggerdom for some time already, I was surprised Barry O gave homie a pre-election co-sign at all. Sadly, Obama's learning that if allowed, Cris Lova Lova could further polarize the historic candidate of change from the swing votes he'll desperately need in November.

Eh, I guess people who listen to Bill Oh’Really and take him seriously aren’t exactly swing votes. Nor are they people whose opinions you should value.

They are corrupt.

The mutual endorsement situation with Ludacris comes at a clear price. While it’s a great look to keep that increasingly important young, urban demographic interested/supportive, Barry doesn’t wanna miff the people who are actually going to go vote.

[According to Puffy & The Snowman, Generation Hip-Hop will only vote if we truly believe our lives depend on it.]

While Obama might have the track in his iPod nano for workout time, he can't exactly knock the shit aloud in front of his bosses and co-workers. Luda's gotta pump the brakes with these wild-ass Obama endorsements for the time being.

To Luda: You shouted Obizzle. He threw you a nod. You're affiliated in the eye of mainstream media now. It's not fair, but since you've gotten your wish by climbing into bed with the Pres-o-dent, you've now gotta fuck by the rules.

Come up with a track that took some brain power to make and won't completely embarrass the candidate you support.

I mean negro, please. Simma yuh poom poom. Daddy trynna work over here.

No nullus to all of that.

[To those with jobs/important shit to do:] Ludacris is totally acting like that nigga from around the way that doesn't know what is and isn't work-approrpriate. You could be on the job and he chirps you out of the blue right when you're talking to the boss.

Luda: *direct connect* Yo, my nigga... Remember that one bitch from Cherry Lounge with the Newport 100s box tattoo on her back? I beat that shit the fuck up, dawg! That cot was tight than a mmmmotherfucker too. Looked like it was gonna be wild loose, cuz I heard about who she been wit-- *phone slams shut*

Cris need not fuck around. Dude already ain't never gonna see that "Get Out Of Jail Free" card he been rappin about. He's about to find himself on that Scarlett Johansson "do not call/email/twitter" list.

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