NEGRO PLEASE: Lloyd Banks & Tony Yayo Terminate [Other Rap Niggas] On Sight?

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.] 

Lloyd Banks is clearly trying to make a bubble-team push for the upcoming SDN tournament.

G-Unit leftovers mainstays Banks and Tony Yayo must have balls the size of Vitamin Water bottles to talk down on other rapsters in the wake of their monumental spent condom/sales disaster disappointment of an album.

Sauced up and hella geeked to be on camera again, homie starts to pop off at the lip more like Tyra Banks instead of Lloyd.

“I’m enjoying this so much right now. This feels great! Now I know why Fitty tears up a piece of paper with my name on it every morning.” - Tony Yayo

50′s not even voiding a contract or destroying a document of significance. He just tears up a sheet of paper that reads “TONY YAYO” to reaffirm dominance on a daily basis. Yayo sits at attention on his hind legs at the sound of paper tearing.

Where my [Pavlov's] dogs at?

Are the G-Uniteers taking credit for Cam’ron’s disappearance? Mr. Giles being wherever the fuck he be is a direct result of releasing consecutive horrendous albums and an even more repulsive full-length motion picture. The “something” that “happened” Banks refers to may or may not have involved Roc signs thrown outside of a coupe.

We shouldn’t be surprised. Taking credit for unclaimed bodies is a popular hood phenomenon. Every hopper in West Baltimore took credit for icing Omar Little–not that I’m comparing Cam’ron and Omar in any way… except for the [no] homo thuggin.

Fat Joe is a pretty easy target. With the exception of the EBC Tournament Mr. “Lean Back” stay losing, as the youngsters would say.

[Blogger's Note: The Sean Bell All-Stars won the EBC this summer.]

With that said:

“Lean Back” > Both these niggas’ solo careers put together and multiplied by each other

The duo was likely overcome by the excitement of finding someone Yayo could say “lose that weight” to. I’m a little surprised they found it pertinent to talk about niggas albums not doing anything, though. That’s the pot calling the kettle “nigger.”

I do find it funny that they’re already celebrating the 5th Year Anniversary of Ja Rule’s termination.

I’m down for any clowning on DJ Khaled. I don’t think there’s any more irritating figure in the hip-hoposphere today than that True Lies extra.

The hating session turns into love really quickly as soon as some current powerhouses’ names come up. As a world-class hater, I must advise the children that this is NOT how you play the photo/name flip game!

You HATE all the way through, dammit! You never let up! Put on your fuckin Djimon Honsou.

NEVER back down!

Didn’t 50 have a song about that?

“I think you could take this [Nas] guy!” –Yayo to Banks.

While that’s the toughest jab thrown at Esco, it’s an entire “Negro, Please!” unto itself. Even the most die hard Banks/G-Unit relative fan knows that Camel, jr. doesn’t really want it. None of them niggas, 50 included, wants part in another “Ether.”

They didn’t even bother going in on Lil’ Wayne or Kanye West at any level aside from lip to penis. They just opened up for the man mustard, even going as far as to camelishly sheepishly ask Kanye for a beat.

Negroes, please.

For the record, Banks and Yayo ain’t terminate nann none of the niggas they wasted 5 minutes of our lives half-stepping to. If anything the assaults on the entities listed were 50’s efforts.

The only shit these G-Unit lasagna pan leftovers terminate is a big-ass bag of Chee-tos after the blunt go ’round.

The only positive here for these guys is that Live from 50’s Gameroom with Banks & Yayo could be a G-Unit/ThisIs50 podcast series.

His name’s Christopher Lloyd anyway. I should have expected clownery from dude.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Sarah Conner?

The Ghetto’s Finest News Source should open and maintain a forum for bloggers to go in on each other like this. It’d be even more ignorant and counterproductive than anything we chronicle here.

 You guys would love a Blogger Fight Club.

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  • Beeyo

    Damn, that was fucking brutal, more so than usual. Someone piss in your coffee this mornin Ron?

    • Ron Mexico

      that’s what we like to hear!

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Come on mexico! Lean Back was cool but to say that Yayo and Banks haven’t contributed is ridiculous. They have plat and gold between them. Fat Joe is a weed carrier who happened to be able to set up meetings. He also got lucky with his rhymes.

    As far as Nas is concerned I think Nas is cool, but I’d love to see him and fif go at it.

    “I showed you your first tec on tour with Large Professor/
    Then I heard your album bout the tec on the dresser”

    • Yayza

      Are you serious? How do you not know by now that sales =/= skills? The Backstreet Boys first album went 14x Platinum. Vanilla Ice went 7x Platinum.

      “If skills sold, truth be told I’d probably be lyrically Talib Kweli, truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense, but I did 5 mill, I aint been rhyming like Common since”

  • render

    LOL this shit reminds me of chappelles playa haters ball bit when they taking turns hatin on random niggas pictures

    • Ron Mexico

      that shit really happens.

      we play games and shit.

    • diesel

      LOL I REMEMBER THAT EPISODE! Any1 ever see the time machine one where the chinese guy makes a time machine n takes every1 back to slavery time? That owner got shit blown out of him LOL.

  • Pierzy

    My man Ron Mexico! What’s good, my man? Get at me…

    Either way, there’s a few things in here I want to touch on:

    1. Co-Sign that NaS would easily Ether/body/destroy/terminate/whatever any one of these dudes.

    2. Yayo is still lucky to have people know his name.

    3. Dude’s name is Christopher Lloyd? So Banks is Doc Emmett Brown from the “Back To The Future” flicks? Wow…maybe he could get some career advice from Michael J. Fox.

    4. I kinda liked the new G-Unit album but maybe it should’ve been called “Terminate SELF On Sight”

    • chad bro chill

      nice post home boy yayo be dishing out blumkins and bloagies to fif on tha real for a while now

    • Ron Mexico

      i was thinking about throwing a doc brown joke in there. 2 points for doing it yourself!

      hmm… terminate our selves?

  • Shawty J

    I’m legitimately tired of G-Unit. Normally I wouldn’t wish misfortune on no one, but even when these dudes are losing, they’re still pretending they run things. Banks had a double platinum album, but the next one failed to go gold, basically he lost more than 3/4s of his fans in between albums, Wow. Yayo is nobody, “Pimpin” was good, “So Seductive” was alright, but Yayo has done nothing, he’s had no success.
    Banks and Yayo are nothing more than weed carriers (which is odd considering 50 doesn’t smoke.) These two have the nerve to get at Fat Joe for being a has-been, but then again so is Banks, and Yayo is a never-was. While I agree about DJ Khaled , Banks and Yayo are in no position to get at him either. And I can’t believe they tried to take credit for Ja Rule, when they know 50 did all of that on his own. The Unit has terminated nothhing. Has beens!

    • Ron Mexico

      “I’m legitimately tired of G-Unit. Normally I wouldn’t wish misfortune on no one, but even when these dudes are losing, they’re still pretending they run things.”

      exactly. these niggas “stay losing,” yet talk down like they’re on some precipice.

      niggroes, please!

  • Streets Is Watchin

    These two ticklebutt ass nuccas need to sober up some. Just about everybody they named (except for Ja, dammit Jeffrey) is doin a whole lot better than they are. If 50 cut these cats off tommorow they’ll be broke before Thanksgiving. I’m wit you Ron, they should’ve at least kept the hate fest poppin, bad press is better than no press huh?

    • Impulse

      the fuck? Ticklebutt? what a fag.

      How you gonna say everyone doing better than them? Are you retarded?
      Fat Joe, DJ Khaled, Cam’ron, Ja Rule, Etc. are all doing shitty. None of them even have any hot songs. While G-Unit’s album kinda sucked, thier mixtapes was still hot so the fuck you talkin bout.

  • “The Party Killa”

    The only shit these G-Unit lasagna pan leftovers terminate is a big-ass bag of Chee-tos after the blunt go ’round.


    It’s always 1 line that kills it RON MEX!

  • paychexx

    the true lies extra line was funny.

    i use to like banks, but now this nigga is smoking too much whoopi

    and yayo make it seems like he suckin 50′s dick, i mean damn son, you bigging up the next nigga a lil to hard, give yourself some credit.

    how come yall nigga wont put hot rod in ya crew( come to think he probably does put hot rod in ya crew)


    ay banks get back on that pre-grdt days

    you was sick son.

    • Ron Mexico

      “the true lies extra line was funny.”

      haha. thanks. i can’t stop thinking about some lame-ass terrorist catching a schwarzenegger knife in the back whenever i hear that man yell

      “WE DA BESSSS!!!”


      and yea, banks needs to do some soul searching or something.

  • Yayza

    I honestly started laughing when they started talking shit about Nas. I’m not even his biggest fan, I mean son can spit, but he also says some of the most ignorant shit at times. Plus, I think Takeover was miles ahead of Ether. But I would back Nas any day over any of these G-Unit clowns. These cats are wack as fuck, and I’m including 50 on that shit too. But at least 50 has respect from some circles, I think everybody knows that when Yayo and Banks diss Nas they are out of their rabbit ass minds. I think they really need to focus on writing a hot 16 instead of dissing cats that they are clearly not on the same level as.

    • Ron Mexico

      they should totally be spending more time on the music.

  • dronkmunk

    kill urself if you appeared in that video.

  • Amar

    did u hear nas’ little 50 cent reference in the untitled intro “gets rich but dies rhyming” and all?

  • KF UK

    once again i gta agree.

    Fucking idiots. I hate these weed carrin fools. Notice how Styles P or Jada didnt come into the conversation?

    CUZ Them dudes REALLY ethered them consistantly over how many tracks?

    man i would say fuck Gunit but ive said it so much already.

    Im just straight BORED of these dudes.

    “As a world-class hater, I must advise the children that this is NOT how you play the photo/name flip game!” Classic….

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    If they so irrelavant… why you making a blog on them?

    Just food for thought there =]

  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    nigga fuck this shit em niggas aint shit right now their record sold -200k so what the fuck they mean other niggas is has beens atleast fat Hoe be eatin that “make it rain” n “lean back” money yeah it’s true niggas got gold n platinum plaques from the 1st G-unit album but wasn’t that because they was ridin 50′s cocktails,they made all that noise and bombed they just jokes,they like the paris Hilton of rap too much publicity but they aint shit on the mic,but atleast she got $$ the only thing they got is 50′s dick in their mouths,by the way we all know that Em killed Ja with the “hail mary 03′shit coz the shit was back and forth before then,but after Em it was a wrap so em faggots gotta stop taking credit and by the way Nas did what their whole album did in his 1st week

  • nyiota

    I can’t believe people think g-unit weed carriers have contributed as much as a 15 year vet like fat joe the dude has been out since Nas and introduced Big Pun for god sake

  • giantstepp

    God bless you Ron Mex! You’ve just articulated my sentiments about the Unit perfectly. I will admit that I dont think Banks is terrible on the Mic, but Yayo is, and whats worse is he (Yayo) is a SHAMELESS grownman dick rider of 50. That dude openly rides 50 dick for money…shit is fuckin sickening!

    • Ron Mexico

      gladly, cuz. any time.

      you been knowin that’s why i’m hurr.


    “The only shit these G-Unit lasagna pan leftovers terminate is a big-ass bag of Chee-tos after the blunt go ’round.”


  • John Brown

    Its official the NIT Invitational will now be the G-uNIT Invitational.

    ***BTW, I think Busta was the one who put the nail in the coffin for Ja RULE. Check out his verse on Hail Mary. Thats all you need.

    • Ron Mexico

      i could see the NIT taking on an alternate moniker if Banks and these guys don’t make it to the big dance… but i think they will.

      banks has transcended. transition made.

      as far as that busta verse… yes, that was the harshness.

      there was never a violator on a murder inc roster, jeffrey.

  • John Brown


    Of Topic, I was surfing the net and I came across a GAME radio interview that he recently did. Well, Game talks recklessly about Jay-Z and their “beef”. The interview has a lot of NEGRO PLEASE moments. So I was wondering if you have heard the interview and if you will be posting a NEGRO PLEASE about it. Check it out. BTW, GAME moved to the #2 seed from the WEST region behind only 2PAC in the SDN tournament.

    ***Best Line from Busta from the Hail Mary song. “If I recall, Violator used to manage you nigga
    They took a closer look and realized you was an imposter
    There’s never been a Violator on the Murder Inc. roster, dumbass.”***

    • Ron Mexico

      oh, yeah. i peeped that.


      jayceon’s up for another one.


    Really, banks and Yo-yo was never relevant to the game. Just the average NY rapper who lucked up, the way I see it. FIf wouldnt even made it if it wasnt for Dre and Interscope. Get rich was hot. BUT SHIT…what else has he done except make a bunch of chick dance songs and go at rappers and use his money as a stepping stool. YEa he capitolized off a water bottle etc. BUT rap is rap and rap is WHAT G-UNIT DONT DO.

    Regional love and pull on the internet is one thing but NIggas outside of the Yankee Territory actully waiting for a albuum to come out and copping thier mix tapes is another thing.

    They might as well a dacncing group with solo singing albums

    They making rappers from up north look bad. Trust me. Dont know one care about em.

  • Benicio Del Thoro


    You know nothing about the music biz. First of all that comparison with Backstreet and Vanilla ice is lame. If you have a business and a million people or more buy your product then your a success. You don’t suck if you start on a pro team my son.

    And the unit is pro. T.O.S is a banger too. Nas didn’t sell shit with his untitled but it still went no 1. Did you see who he was up against? Prly not cause you prly think billboard is something you drive by on your way to work.

    Curtis is gonna be around for a while. If yayo and banks are richer than all of their counterparts without selling out than that makes them a success. Lamborghini Lloyd has more money than a lot of rappers that get mentioned on this site, but the unit gets shitted on.

    Come on mexico you got to make it up 2 me

  • Lowedwn

    Damn Mexxx, you been going hard the last 2 weeks, Buck Nasty better watch his back.

    Hate, Hate, Hate….

  • henry

    yall gotta this skin together, shits all over the place

  • geico lizard

    i watched belly 2 over on wshh and that games acting ability is a negro please moment. he also took a shot at g unit in the movie.

  • TheCo!!inB

    “AS FOR YOUUUU BOWSS HAWWWG!!!”……clowns, the lot of them…..i don’t think Nas has another Ether in him but if he did it would be best used on a worthy adversary…..these two ass captains are where Curtis was when Jay sonned him with “I’m about a dollar, what the fuck is 50 Cents”…….damn Jay is a cold nigga…..good drop again Herp Boy.

  • Miles Archer

    Shout out to Memphis Bleek for being the original Tony Yayo

  • Afi K. James

    Face it, this crew’s time is already up, including 5-0 who’s a piece of shit anyways, they are on the same boat as DJ Khaled, at least he produced some better stuff.

    Face it, their days of running hip-hop are over with, the public do not like this trash and hopefully by the next 12 years this crew will be forgotten.

    Just like MC Hammer/Vanilla Ice was forgotten.

  • Afi K. James

    And sure 5-0 will be around for a while, but he will be clowned for a long time until the nirvana of hip-hop and throws him out of the game.

  • kne81

    “Lean Back” > Both these niggas’ solo careers put together and multiplied by each other

  • George Macdonald

    Very awesome post! Honest.

  • jay

    Whoever wrote this is a straight hater