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Lloyd Banks is clearly trying to make a bubble-team push for the upcoming SDN tournament.

G-Unit leftovers mainstays Banks and Tony Yayo must have balls the size of Vitamin Water bottles to talk down on other rapsters in the wake of their monumental spent condom/sales disaster disappointment of an album.

Sauced up and hella geeked to be on camera again, homie starts to pop off at the lip more like Tyra Banks instead of Lloyd.

“I’m enjoying this so much right now. This feels great! Now I know why Fitty tears up a piece of paper with my name on it every morning.” - Tony Yayo

50's not even voiding a contract or destroying a document of significance. He just tears up a sheet of paper that reads "TONY YAYO" to reaffirm dominance on a daily basis. Yayo sits at attention on his hind legs at the sound of paper tearing.

Where my [Pavlov's] dogs at?

Are the G-Uniteers taking credit for Cam’ron’s disappearance? Mr. Giles being wherever the fuck he be is a direct result of releasing consecutive horrendous albums and an even more repulsive full-length motion picture. The "something" that "happened" Banks refers to may or may not have involved Roc signs thrown outside of a coupe.

We shouldn't be surprised. Taking credit for unclaimed bodies is a popular hood phenomenon. Every hopper in West Baltimore took credit for icing Omar Little--not that I'm comparing Cam'ron and Omar in any way... except for the [no] homo thuggin.

Fat Joe is a pretty easy target. With the exception of the EBC Tournament Mr. “Lean Back” stay losing, as the youngsters would say.

[Blogger's Note: The Sean Bell All-Stars won the EBC this summer.]

With that said:

"Lean Back" > Both these niggas’ solo careers put together and multiplied by each other

The duo was likely overcome by the excitement of finding someone Yayo could say “lose that weight” to. I'm a little surprised they found it pertinent to talk about niggas albums not doing anything, though. That's the pot calling the kettle "nigger."

I do find it funny that they're already celebrating the 5th Year Anniversary of Ja Rule’s termination.

I’m down for any clowning on DJ Khaled. I don't think there's any more irritating figure in the hip-hoposphere today than that True Lies extra.

The hating session turns into love really quickly as soon as some current powerhouses' names come up. As a world-class hater, I must advise the children that this is NOT how you play the photo/name flip game!

You HATE all the way through, dammit! You never let up! Put on your fuckin Djimon Honsou.

NEVER back down!

Didn’t 50 have a song about that?

“I think you could take this [Nas] guy!” –Yayo to Banks.

While that's the toughest jab thrown at Esco, it's an entire "Negro, Please!" unto itself. Even the most die hard Banks/G-Unit relative fan knows that Camel, jr. doesn’t really want it. None of them niggas, 50 included, wants part in another "Ether."

They didn't even bother going in on Lil' Wayne or Kanye West at any level aside from lip to penis. They just opened up for the man mustard, even going as far as to camelishly sheepishly ask Kanye for a beat.

Negroes, please.

For the record, Banks and Yayo ain’t terminate nann none of the niggas they wasted 5 minutes of our lives half-stepping to. If anything the assaults on the entities listed were 50’s efforts.

The only shit these G-Unit lasagna pan leftovers terminate is a big-ass bag of Chee-tos after the blunt go 'round.

The only positive here for these guys is that Live from 50’s Gameroom with Banks & Yayo could be a G-Unit/ThisIs50 podcast series.

His name's Christopher Lloyd anyway. I should have expected clownery from dude.

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