NEGRO PLEASE: Kanye West Places Soulja Boy on “[All Old-School Legends] Level”

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

“You know how many dances hip-hop done had? It’s so many rappers that think they such lyricists. ‘I’m so lyrical. I’m so lyrical. I’m so lyrical.’ They can’t make a chorus to save they life. All your favorite raps from back in the days had dope-ass choruses. So if I make Soulja Boy any different than that, how does Soulja Boy kill hip-hop? He had one of the biggest songs of the summer. If anything, he’s helping to keep it alive.”Kanye West, Glow In The Dark Tour @ Madison Square Garden

Haven’t we seen this movie before? Are these two junglebunnies related or something?

Note: Someone near the camera[phone] was about to catch the Glow In The Dark Ghost.

Speaking of “catching the ghost,” I predict we’ll see Rev. Kanye West once this nigga’s a little older. He’s got the massive ego, savior complex and love for the sound of his own voice. Dude would make a great shady pastor Mason.

Before 20,000 already-extorted fans, Ye begins his catechism by slurping Nas, as per usual. Then, as masterfully as he can flip a Supremes sample, Mr. West makes the transition to elevating his second cousin pet monkey, Soulja Boy.

Ugh. That’s just as greasy as the church-house my grandma-nana held me captive in on [the] Sundays [she actually felt like going after her breakfast of fried fish, eggs, grits and fatback].

I haven’t been to a Kanye show since he was small time. Is this what dude has come to? Negro, please. I don’t wanna drop $100 beans to see his I Have A [Care Bear on Acid] Dream speech.

It’d be remiss of me to argue with Kanye West over semantics. I might as well try teaching Sudoku to Soulja Boy without a Sidekick. (That’s alliteration, holmes.) I will gladly get at dude over philosophy though. While Soulja Boy’s ultimate affect on the hippety-hop may be up for debate, Ye shouldn’t be such a fucking porch monkey. Saying that the kid who implores that we all muss our mamas’ bedspreads can’t kill hip-hop because he had a hit is more of that ass-ignorance we’ve come to expect from The [Apparent] College Dropout once the cheap samples beats stop.

I mean– my negro… please!

Coonery always cakes off. This scientific truth takes nothing away from its destructive effect. Since some of us chose to forgo the whole college thing, I’ll provide an example. Flavor of Love is a fuckin hit and it’s kills a little piece of my credit rating every time it airs. I don’t have to do anything but be black in its wake.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Think your jizz on a bedsheet can save hip-hop too?

P.S.: Niggas don’t get mad at you when your show doesn’t start an entire VH1 Flavor of Love marathon late.

P.P.S.: I don’t want dope raps with poor choruses, but I also don’t want songs that are chorus sans substance.

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  • DBlock

    Get em Mex!

    • chad bro chill

      they should start a show
      Kanye says the darnest things

  • Kane Corleone

    The funny thing is I remeber seein dancing in rap videos and shit but choruses fail me right now.But y the SB hate,that dude didnt kill hiphop,niggas puttin out whole albums of bullshit with 1 or 2 dope songs 8 skits and got the fucking nerve to charge 17.50 is what killed hiphop.Stop the scapin homie!

  • kelito-vision

    what u expect from Ye’….them coons have to stick together..

  • Billy X. Sunday

    Ron Mexico you son of a gun!

    I was writing a drop with a Negro Please headline to this exact story. The headline was in homage to the work you have been doing over here.

    KanYe did a masterful job of obfuscating why most people deride Soulja Boy. Good for him that he made a lane for himself using YouTube, but the day is fast approaching when rap music has nothing to do with the words artists are speaking.

    Fans of rap will be all about new dances and new ways to dress and act fruity. What ever happened to people just rapping?

    • Pierzy

      Aren’t we already at the point where everything else surrounding the music (dance, clothes, buzz, rep) is being judged more than the music itself…at least in most cases? That’s a damn shame.

  • Yayza

    I find it ironic that the dude that was on a song called “Wack Niggaz” is now praising and giving beats to some of the wackest rappers in the game. I mean, I was pretty annoyed when Lil Wayne got on the Barry Bonds track, but when Kanye started praising him, and saying how he was giving him all these beats, a tear almost came to my eye. I’m still pissed that “Comfortable” and “Let The Beat Build” ended up on Tha Carter III and not an album by a much more deserving artist. Now this Soulja Boy shit is just the last fucking straw. I mean, maybe Kanye is just getting bad memories of when everyone was telling his ass that he sucked, and that he should just stop rapping, but there’s a big difference between Kanye’s shit and Soulja Boy. Even Kanye’s biggest shite sammich was like “Comfortably Numb” compared to any of the shit Soulja Boy has done. I can’t be the only one tired of this wack shit, can I?

  • John Brown

    “Ye shouldn’t be such a fucking porch monkey.” – RON

    Ron, have you seen the Clerks 2. The scene bout porch monkey, lol. Wanda is hilarious in the scene. If you havent check it out on just type porch monkey.

    ***BTW, I do believe that Kanye would be a Pastor, I mean his father was a Pastor in the “A”

    • 239allday

      “PORCH MONKEY, I’m bringin’ it back”!!!

  • 239allday

    I’mma take it back to the old school.

    (One of the Fat Boys/Doug E. Fresh beatboxin in the background)

    Sucker MC’s be illin yo. This nigga Cornye’ think we doughnuts and he tryin to glaze us. All us “real hip hop” fans want is some dope lyrics complimented by an equally dope beat. Sometimes Cornye’ be funky fresh and stupid def, but he be buggin whenever he bitchin in these blogs.

    Step your SAT persusive essay game up you lame fuck.

    Word to your Mother!!!

  • Bang

    Mutha-fukk a chorus, a lot of hooks were scratched in or up to the dj a lot of times to keep the crowds participating. Stupid mutherfucker celebrates the hip hop macarena like its some ill shit and would probably say THE 69 BOYS WERE AS GOOD AS KOOL G RAP and whoomp there it is was the defining moment of 90s hip hop

  • kirk


  • Shawty J

    I guess Kanye, like Soulja Boy is missing the point on why people don’t like Soulja Boy. I’m a big fan of Ye’s, he’s got lyrical ability and the ability to craft good choruses (even when he samples other choruses). What Soulja Boy does has no artistic content, no artistic value, no sense of story, direction, or logic. It’s plain coon-ish to for an entire album to be about partying, with the exception of the Lil’ Jon wannabe-ish “Yah, Trick” and “Report Card” encouraging bad grades.
    Like I said before, Soulja is young and still has time to grow, but right now ain’t the time to be giving him props, especially not for nonsense like being able to craft a good chorus. Most people that have nothing going for them except their hooks end up being more famous for being guest artist than an actual solo artist, ask Nate Dogg.

  • giantstepp

    CO-sign with 239allday!

    Kanye’s talent is undeniable, but HE CANT WRITE HIPHOP LAWS, Nigga stop trying!! Very few are able to do that. We dont believe that shit Kanye! It is what it is, Soulja Boy sucks!

    A Ron Mex, you on a roll dude….keep the shit coming. Im about to finish bumpin this old skool shit to wipe out all thoughts of this BS Kanyes talking.

    *turns up volume to Biz Markie Goin Off*

    youngstas dont know ’bout that one!


  • darrell

    yo mex i usually agree wit yu n bol, but ya’ll been comin’ at cats too hard lately. Imma i wouldn’t even go as far as to limewire a soulja boy song, but i give him his props, n kanye is the best out in music overall[fuk weezy lol, but i'm still glued to dd3 lol]. Soulja boy is not killing hip hop, hip hop was getting killed wen everyone was going crazy for lil jon. Shit he screamed yeah n what, ya’ll go crazy 4 it, n little by little he sneaks in corny ass rappas from down south[trill ville, eastside boyz, ying yang twinz, lil scrappy], n that gave us toooo much open ears for southern artist, shit ask mike jones sound like yu never got pass the 4th grade, wear solid colored tees, n a grilled out mouth heck we’ll stop what we’re doing and listen to you not make sense on your verses and jus come up with a great hook

  • Federal Ranga

    Speaking of B. Markie… Anybody else heard he was droppin a new mixtape coming October with (dare I say it) DJ Drama. Now THIS… I gotta see to believe. Holla at me!!!

  • Cal

    Now there’s a damn good reason to boycot his big jawed ass!

  • kINGkEN


  • The General’

    HIP-HOP and rap,…..are 2 different things. I don’t know who in the hell told these dumb f**ks, they were the same but, they need 2 be SMACKED,……REAL, REAL hard.