NEGRO PLEASE: Jimmy [Jones] Being Jimmy, Vol. 2

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

“No one flourished from Roc-A-Fella and I’m sayin’ that ’cause I was there personally… We came in there after they was already poppin’ and bubblin’… No one flourished but us and Kanye and Jay[-Z].” -Jim Jones, Global Grind’s Behind the Grind with Kim Osorio

[Blogger's Note: I don't even know why Global Grind would want to risk getting their logo dirty by setting it so close to Jimmy's person.]

Oh, I knew there was gonna be more Jimmy Being Jimmy where this came from.

“Flourish” is the biggest word I’ve ever heard Jones use properly. If he can spell the shit, I’ll do a cartwheel. Lil’ Wayne must have brought his SAT/ACT flash cards over to Santana’s house a couple of times.

Aspiring rappers, please find the time to study between pints of lean verses.

Negro Dirt Angel, please.

First off, what’s all this “we” shit Jimmy’s talking? Cam’ron may have dropped Jim off at the office lobby in that Barbie Range Rover, but it’s not like he ever signed “Joseph Jones” on his own Roc-A-Fella contract.

For a newly made man, that sounds like some weed carrier regression shit to me.

In my youth I had fallen under the impression that Jay-Z could have done more to help his boys shine. When sales figures would come in displaying comparatively diminutive stats for Beans, Melbourne Bleek the Outback Runner (put a pin in that–we’ll come back to it), Amil and various tag-alongs I’d feel bad. I didn’t pout because I thought those albums necessarily deserved to sell what Jigga’s would. My ever-glowing compassion just made me sad to see one kid on the playground with McDonald’s while the others with mama’s burgers.

After closer review it became apprent that there was no greater stage for a rapper than to be a part of the Roc roster at the turn of the millenium. Why should I feel bad for a guy unable to deliver a hit record in such a prime position?

Bleek is still “one hit away.” This isn’t it. Again, put at pin in that. We’ll get back to it.

No star can save his flunkies. Star power doesn’t rub off. It’s not that shit you got from Itchy, the skripper from Miami. This is not to say Jay was a great record executive by any means. I can’t really vouch for many of the decisions he’s made aside from the ones pertaining to himself.

I’m just saying maybe niggas didn’t do that well because their shit wasn’t all that great. Also, in a genre defined by elitism (no matter how false/misplaced) people don’t tend to gravitate toward flunkies.

Ever think about that shit, Derrrty?

Questions? Comments? Requests? Logo-cleaning?

We’ll be removing the pin from that “Coming of Age” Fructis grenade tomorrow most likely.

My girl like it silky.

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  • render

    You owe reverend koolaid a fruit basket for all this free material hes giving you

    shits like shooting fish in a shotgun barrel

  • kelito-vision

    c’mon bleek…u sell shampoo now? damn homie…when i was in high school and college, the Roc was the place to be…now Bleek is selling shampoo with fake pussycat dolls…either that check was ridiculous or Bleek isn’t getting checks at all(which is probably more accurate)



  • jimmy ma

    i think jimmy is smart enough to realize that people never talk about him unless the names nas or jay z are comin’ out of his dumbass mouth. boo boo needs some love too.

  • http://ItsBX Dnero

    keep blastin Jim Jones he talks a lotta shit for someone who´s career highlight is making a song the superbowl giants could rock too

  • cnasty

    camron’s barbie range rover lol!

  • Pierzy

    What’s good my dude…

    I feel you. There’s nobody with the exception of maybe Canibus in the fall of ’98 that had more buzz and heat than Beanie before “The Truth” and Bleek before “The Understanding.” Shit, Jay tried SO HARD to get those records to sell that he took another one of his hits, “Anything” and put it as the final track on Beanie’s album. Shit, what more could you want?

    Of course, this was around the time when Cam’Ron was rhyming about some dude named ‘Jimmy Jones’ wearing sandals and everybody thought he meant the cult leader.

    • DA TRUTH

      Beans & bleek ablums both went gold back when selling gold still meant something. jay did put them dudes on hell everyone on the roc went gold its not jay’s fault they spent the money.

  • http://ItsBx dnero

    Jim Jones should have stayed a hype man or work for cirque soleil cause he is a world class clown

  • 239allday

    State Prop seemed like the most promising crew at the time. I wasn’t concerned about none of the dips besides Cam, and somewhat Juelz. Flunkies never prosper. Ask the whole crew of DTP(duffelbag boy was cool, I-20 shit was surprisingly aight). Or how about the St. Lunatics, although the Murphy Lee “what the hook gon be” was a fuckin banger. Sqad up of Cash Money. B.G.’s Chopper city boyz. Shit look at TIP who owned 2006, P$C suck balls(Young Dro’s tight but he doesn’t count). The thing about flunkies(Jimmy) is that they often aspire to be just like the head(Cam or Jigga) but at the same time hold a large amount of resentment.

  • Kane Corleone

    Let’s be real for once,Jay-Z is not or was not the business end of the Roc… it was Dame.The reasons why Jay’s album was alsways consistent back then cuz he was an artist who could concentrate on his craft.Now add Cam and Dips + Cam being Prez=the death of a dynasty.Who has Jay really promoted besides hisself,nigga dont even think of saying Ye’…Dame did that b4 the split.Good Music + great promotion sells albums,rollin with a nigga only puts u in they shadow gotta prove yoself to get out of Jays Eclipse .(Damn i need to stop fuccin wit these lattes from the gas station.)

  • Macdatruest

    Jim Jones just a fag ass dude wit no recorded wins and nothing to lose, hence his mouthing off. and when you take that quote, remember mac said it cause that sums jimmy up to a tee

  • John Brown

    “Bleek is still “one hit away.” – RON

    RonRon (No Artest), I think that BLEEK has had hits though. The problem with BLEEK’s hits are that he got outshined by guest rappers. I’ll give you two examples and if you would like you can examine both songs.

    “Is That Your Chick?” He got outshined by both Jay-Z & Missy.
    “Round Here” (again) He got outshined by T.I. & Trick Daddy.

    ***Ron, tell me those songs werent hits? Personally his verse on “Round Here” was good but T.I. & Trick Daddy verses were way better, not his fault that Jay didnt write a better verse for him.***

  • Maddolies

    “Judas” Jones Is Just A Loser Plain & Simple. He Looks Like A School Janitor And Soundz Retarded. In 2 Years Time He’ll Go Back 2 Being Cam’s Weedcarrier.

  • Mali Ahmad

    Tru. A star will shine no matter what

  • ant

    U gotta admit jimmy jones is a funny nigga….ronny boy u gotta do a post on weedcarriers…sorta like the SDN post

  • Shawty J

    Jim is right in saying no one flourished at Roc-A-Fella except Jay and Kanye. That’s very true. Roc-A-Fella records was created so Jay-Z could distribute his music, and despite signing other acts that has always been the Roc’s primary purpose. Ye is the only other artist on the Roster besides Hov that can sell over a milli.
    Jim is wrong in saying that he and Dipset flourished, that’s retarded. Sure Cam’s album did pretty well, but the Diplomats album was a sleeper which led to Cam bouncing the Dips to Koch. What flourishing did the Dips do at the Roc and since when did Jimmy ever have a solo contract there?
    Jimmy’s just bumping his gums and stroking his ego.

  • DopeMan, DopMan

    lol i swore i and a few other random negroes i run with, were the only ones that laughed at bleek for his Outback runner status (the fuck why was Q-Tip at the rehearsal anyway)

    lol at Jimmy, what he calls, ballin Jay pays more in taxes.

  • Yayza

    I agree with the sentiment that those who didn’t do very well at the Roc didn’t do well because their shit just wasn’t very good. I mean, call me ignorant, but I can’t think of one album from an artist aside from those aforementioned that was a classic. Trust me, if you were on the Roc and your shit was poppin, you were not getting slept on. But just like I don’t want to hear Yayo or Banks (fuck, I don’t even wanna hear Fitty for that matter, but I digress), I would much rather just stick to Jay-Z and skip Beans, Bleek, Free, etc.

    And it’s not to say that these artists aren’t capable of making material considered classic, I just think that they could, or have had the opportunity, and they drop the ball. Those who use their opportunities wisely, like Kanye, prosper. I just fail to see how it’s Jay’s fault for their shit bombing. Now if it was a situation like Consequence’s “Don’t Quit Your Day Job” which was a sick album that did disgustingly low numbers initially (even now it’s only sold a few 100k) then I could understand, but I just can’t recall any of their albums being very good.

  • KF UK

    Bleak – Jay man wats good wana come thru drop a guest verse on this new track? get that hype abbout me going again?

    Jay – Nah man im gna chill on this big ass boat with the girl of the century, and see if i cant get B to wrestle around with Rhianna- HOV!!

    Bleak – oh ok you want me to swing through and we can get it poppin?

    Jay – *slams shut the phone*

    Bleak – Jay? Jay?

    Jay dont give a fuck about beans anymore, same as foxy said you know?

    Damn how the (not so mighty) fall eh?

    • Valdez


      thats classic material, right there!

  • Black So

    Beans is nice but that nigga always gets booked. Bleek was always mediocre. Is that ur bitch was a Jay song that he gave to Bleek and that nigga still could’nt turn it into a career. Hov had S.P. on Hot 97 freestyling and was cosigning all them niggas. I feel like he did everything for them dudes and it just didn’t work.

    P.S. Jim Jones is garbage and I hate listening to a dude that is so fucking delusional that he can’t even see that nobody gives a fuck about him.


    hey mexico,

    good post. i also have 3 other SDNs for the tournament:

    1. Bow Wow – this nigga tries so hard to get grown man respect by actin like an ass and droppin the ‘lil’ from his name while simultaneously droppin a full album with omarion and hookin up with soulja boy and makin a song about a 4th grade pool game!

    2. I know i always bring king kwame up, but that’s because he’s always relevant to this blog. that being said, i’d like to nominate the “HIP-HOP MAYOR” for the sdn tournament. Two weeks ago this nigga had a “I’m Sean Bell” moment and tried to fight the police, while on trial i might add, how hip-hop is that! also, we can’t forget that this nigga sent 14000 text messages detailing all of the dirty shit he was doing….If that’s not sdn, i don’t know what is!



      I forgot #3……Shawty lo! This nigga crafted the brilliant marketing strategy of saying that ti wasn’t from bankhead, but forgot that he had to also produce hot music at the same time! THE NIGGA AIN’T MADE ANOTHER HOT TRACK SINCE HE’S BEEN ON HIS TI SMEAR CAMPAGN, and he’s startin to look like a bum ass hater!

      • MikeGameKingMC

        Man, Jimmy is one weird fellow. This nigga claim balla status, but looks like a homeless nigga with a chain. And I dont think Dipset even really flourished. Juelz got 2 gold albums, came got 2 plat albums, but then Killa Season flopped, and none of the 3 LPs Jim put out sold more than a quarter mil, and that new byrd gang cd flopped, bounced, and is now being used as Cams cra..weed plate.

  • Deez Nutz

    Is Pleghm Jones obsessed with Jay-Z? What the f*ck he mean aint nobody flourish under the Roc? He’s azz would be barely relevant if it wasnt for him being on the Roc and dissing the Roc. And last time I checked Kanye was like one of the biggest artist not just rapper but artist in the world…ummm who’s he signed to again? GTFOH with that bullshyt Pigpen…WE DON’T BELIEVE YOU, YOU NEED MORE PEOPLE!

  • Oneofthemyo’s


  • Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    yo this nigga should eat a dick the nigga aint done shit apart from that “we fly high” single but it’s true that dip set flourished more than the rest of the ROc apart from Gay-Z and KAnGAY coz atleast they had hit singles not like bleek and Beanie and if you dont agree can you name 1 hit single which em niggas did with out a guest appearence