NEGRO PLEASE: Daddy Yankee & John McCain Escape Mass Media Ether

[Editor’s Note: “Blogger’s Note” has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

I’ve given Sly Fox almost an entire week to show some reciprocity. I clearly shouldn’t have been holding my breath.

*removes pin*

So as soon as Barack the Vote gets mentioned in some rapster’s hot 16 they attach the senator by his umbilical to every questionable statement or decision said rapster had made since birth. Yet, no one seems to have a problem with John McCain giving a room full of high-school girls a “gasolina” shower.

I guess the lyrics don’t count if they’re in Mexican.

For McCain to stand with a man whose last alb-lum is named “El Cartel: The Big Boss” is some hilarious shit in and of itself. The crazy ‘Nam hobbit even cited the oh-so-clever double entendre-laden booty track in his introduction. If Daddy Yankee so much as spit an underground mixtape freestyle about Obama, the Illa-Noize senator would be subject to a full cavity search and detainment hearing live on Fox Klan Network.

Only us douchebag bloggers have touched on the endorsement and double standard thereabout. I have yet to come across a major media outlet that has given Juan McCain’s Reggaeton Triple Play any shine. Not even a peep from the vile “journalist” Bill O’Reilly.

Let’s be fair and balanced about this shit, Bill. Bill! Come on, Bill!

Negro, please. The double standard is maddening and tastes like used “falafel.”

What? You mad, doggy? Haaaaaa! You maaaaaaaad!

For those of you who just got out of prison missed this week’s current events, here’s the Mexican version:

In dire need of CelebReality affect to counteract the dreamy, effervescent aura of the Democratic Party’s Barack Star, McCain turned to Ramon “Da-Dee-Jan-Kee” Ayala. The reggaetonero claims that he endorses McCain because of his stance on “the immigration issue.” Strangely enough, viewers unfairly assume that Ayala is particularly concerned with the well-being of immigrants.

I, for one, am not going for the bullshit. Growing up in New York, I’ve come to know a grip of Puerto Ricans that actually look down on Dominicans, Mexicans and other forms of Latino that came here from other countries.

I’m not saying Jankee purports anti-immigration or self-hating sentiment either. I’m just saying we don’t know what the fuck he means when he uses such cloudy terminology. Papi’s got an accent and all, but his English is good enough to expand on why he supports McCain if he wanted to. The whole situation reeks of elephant shit Republican shadiness.

On the same coin, people who think McCain really plans to make things easier for immigrants are fucking with whatever’s got DMX on his current 15-year bender.

Fortunately for Obama he helped his own cause by dropping that ether on all of those slutmonkeys last night. Until the Mile High Stadium showcase I was wondering why the McCain jabs were so few and far between at the DNC. I guess Kennedy, The Clinton Foundation, Kerry and Joe Budden… I mean, Biden were all in agreement to let Barack “That Can’t Be His Fuckin’ Name” Obama call his own number and pimp-stroll the ball in for 6.

If you missed the “I Have A Dream 2008” b/w “Ether” speech because you were in prison or something, you’re one of the many casualties of modern-day slavery but I’ll recap anyways:

“Is he McCain-Diddy? McCain Daddy? McCain Dummy?” –Barack Obama

Not only did Barry finally raise his pistols to the GOP, but he had a nigga all kinds of inspired. I’m about ready to kiss a homeless baby on the mouth!

Oh, the sensationalism is thick!

Speaking of which, the one thing I’m fucking with Young Jeezy on is that “hands-off policy” on Barack. Some of you were taken aback by a remark I’d made in the last Obama-related blog about the likelihood of Barry O catching a Kennedy. I was just keeping it 100. Y’all know how “them people” be. At every point in American history where a prominent figure has engaged the masses effectively with great idealism we’ve gotten a piece of his mind… on the dashboard.

When If they touch Barack, it’s tool-up time. That’s is all.

So, yeah… after much digression, today’s NP goes to the media for letting McCain and Daddy Oreo off the hook so easily this week. Apparently hip-hop’s only at the center of political controversy when it benefits the slave masters.

I’m truly disappointed today. This is why I blog.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Sarah Baracuda is gonna get it too.

Sarah Palin is gonna get it… but not likely here on XXL unless she’s dancing on the bridge pussy poppin in the new Daddy Yankee video. Y’all know where to find me this weekend.

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  • render

    “I, for one, am not going for the bullshit. Growing up in New York, I’ve come to know a grip of Puerto Ricans that actually look down on Dominicans, Mexicans and other forms of Latino that came here from other countries.”

    This shit is true as hell. My grandmoms (light skinted rican) family literally disowned her when she married my afro-dominican gramps. Back in puerto-rico, dominican immigrants are discriminated against like crazy, even today.

    Not too surprised to see a native born like Daddy Yankee riding republican

  • Queens Boy

    Negro, please. The double standard is maddening and tastes like used “falafel.”

    Lmao its classic lines such as those that amke me stay on xxl! keep doing your thing Ron!! And btw fuck daddy yankee for supporting a republican!!!

    • iLL G

      yea i agree… Yankee is a strait bitch for that one.

  • John Brown


    DAMN!!! If we was in church you wouldve gottena 5 minute standing ovation. I am a hispanic and I live in Miami and Ron its not only Puerto Ricans who look down on other hispanics. Actually I think that CUBANS look down on every hispanic race. Oh CUBANS arent hispanics, no their CUBANS. Well thats besides the point. GREAT BLOG homie.

    ***BTW, Wouldnt he be DADDY COCONUT, you know Brown on the outside, White in the inside.***


      Damn, I live in Miami also. I thought the wall broke down, and the blacks and chicos got along now. And Cubans dont consider themselves Hispanics? Wow.

      Guess I dont find too suprising. You ever been to MDC homie? Blacks and Chicos are sperated like a mutha, but I dont give a shit. Im still fuckin with Spanish chicks! Haha.

      • 239allday

        My Florida niggas know what’s good. I used pull them chico lottos back in the day but not no more. I love my chicos now, I fucks with them. Puerto Ricans might as well be black. I know a couple of dominicans and I fuck with them. Sometimes people tell me that Dominicans don’t be fuckin with zoes(haitians) but I don’t see it, we get along well. But Cubans, Cubans is some racist muhfuckas, they got the thickest accents but they still want to be white so badly. Most of them is republican, WTF. I try to tell them that the gop isn’t the party for you but they hate to identify themselves as minorities.

        p.s. them Broward chicas is some bad bitches!!!

    • Lowedwn

      co-sign what my Jon Brown said all day. Ron, you know I rep L.A. allday, everyday, so I got more than my share of Mexican peeps, and they be on that same shit, they don’t like Puerto Ricans(even thought they ain’t even met one) or they got the “light skinned, dark skinned thing” and there’s this beef between them and the El Salvadorians that’s been jumping off for years now. It’s just wild man.

      ***BTW, Wouldnt he be DADDY COCONUT, you know Brown on the outside, White in the inside.*** …..yessir that would, LMAO

  • jonjon23

    When your black (or mixed with black) if you have a mother and/or father who has any sense, they will tell you that there will always be a double standard and you will sometimes be scrutinized because of your race. Look at how the cops treat us-pulling us over, harassing us many times for no reason at all. Blacks could get convicted of crimes and do time in jail and a caucasion could do the same crime and get probation. We are constantly having to prove that we’re smart enough, that we aren’t criminals, that we have integrity. It’s all being displayed in this presidential race. Overwhelmingly you have many white people questioning Obama’s experience, intelligence, and making statements like “I don’t think I trust him enough to give him keys to the Pentagon. The same way if Obama aligned himself with an entertainer; God forbid a rapper. Since these rappers are proving that they really are clueless when it comes to expressing support without alienating the needed white vote, Obama has to pretty much stay clear of them altogether. It’s sad but true. He actually has to be considerably better than McCain at all times, and even then they would still microanalyze him.

  • Medina

    Owh you gettin political on they asses.
    You are totally right about being dissapointed. That is why we’ve become so cynical. But fuck it ..the nigga got a good chance even without fuckin with McCain.
    The bitch from Alaska is a little too much though. She must receive the hate.
    I watched Obama live at 3 AM in Amsterdam and i was proud of our race. Fuck what people say. I LIKE HIM BECOUSE HE’S BLACK… yes i said it. He could invade French Polynisia to recruit a new army of superwhore’s for the parliament’s rockin’ christmas eve for all i care.

    It’s funny how it takes seeing sumthing to believe it is really possible. And then after we’ve seen it we say: “That was unbelievable”

    Anything is fuckin’ possible.

  • DJ Daddy Mack


  • capcobra


  • Queens Boy

    co-sign jonjon that shit was real my nig this dude daddy yankee is buggin!!!linkin up with mccain and shit we should blackball that nigga from music period!!

  • Tony Grand$

    Ron, did ya figga out who’s your stalker? He aint blogged on this site yet, but dude, watch ya back! That niggas in love with you lmao!
    Alright, I like how young ppl steppin up their political game this year! I thought King Bush had mindfucked us so bad over the past 100 yrs that anybody born after 1990 would have no interest in this popularity competition called the presidential election. Then, among the faceless rich fatcats and war-minded douches bags swoops down an unlikely hero. The world reknowned Barry O., aka 1st black candidate to secure democrat nomination. For the last 1 1/2 yrs, I watched dude rise to the top like bubbles in sprite. I honestly had doubts that he could win @ certain times, being he’s a brother and all, until the game changed heavy like! This nigga McCain pulled a header right into a wall of “What the fuck?!”. The Daddy Yankee stunt was a bit much, seeing how a couple of unwanted cosigns by ignant nigs had the media ready to declare Barak Obama the next Ice Cube, and this vietnam vet with lockjaw walks out WITH stankin yankin practically holding his hand and nobody said a word. True, Yankee prolly gets more “who da fuck that is?” than “oh shit, its Daddy Yankee, aaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!”, but either or, that was a very puzzling move on Oldman McCains part. Immigration, schmimmigration. I seriously doubt DY and JM jam to the same tunes, much less agree on world affairs. Now, as Pres. Obama prepares to break Americas lil white heart, it would seem an act of pure desperation for Johnny Mac to pull this Salin broad outta his ass, like so much used toilet paper. Can’t say I’ve ever agreed with McCain, but he went from a formible opponent that Barak should keep both beady eyes on, to a blubbering old man who forgot where he lives and repeats the same words over and over. And that VP choice was beyond shock value. More along the lines of “Hey Granpa, stop yellin @ the TV, it doesn’t talk back!”. Now if he really wanted to stir up some shit, he shouldve played the Condi Rice card. How’s he gonna pick some halfway decent looking nobody who lives with Polah bears, and expect all “Billary”-ites to jump ship just becuz she’s a women. And that “Glass Ceiling” shit just sounds retarded. That wouldve been like Barak being endorsed by CaponeNnoreaga (the rappers, ya morons) and picking Vivica A. Fox as the VP. GTFOH! Poor McCain needs to press the button on his MediLert bracelet bcuz the nigga musta done bumped his head. Obama basically blew the roof off the DNC, and now the world is watchin, if they weren’t before. All he gotta do now is stay afloat, and I’m fuckin with Bidden too, he seem like he’s about his biz, all them years in the senate gotta mean something man. But seriously, let’s all see who commits career suicide quicker, John McCain or The Game. Heyyyyyyoooooh!

    • 239allday

      Stop teasing us T. Grands!

      Tell us who the e-groupie is.

      • Tony Grand$

        Geico, you know as well as me that me and you be all thru this mufucka! U c my name as much as I see urs! U my nig and all, but I can’t tell you! I will ay this, you know awready!!!! Just peep, that’s all I did and noticed!!! LOL! You’ll know it when you figga it out! I’m wonderin if Ron knows. He prolly to busy givin us the good word(s) to even notice, but I do, hahahahahahaha! Later skater!

  • geico lizard

    good job ron because oreilly always says point out where faux news is bias on his show so now people can email and talk about this double standard because he goes after ludacris as an obama supporter every chance he can get.

    • Tony Grand$

      Geico liz, I trip off Bill O’Really (as in evrything that fag says is like ‘oh, reeeaaally) and his perverse affection towards LudaLuda. Ever since that beverage sponsorship fiasco (was it pepsi, coke or sprite), Kill Bill has focused more time on this particular black man than white women do. That’s gotta be some irratating, and very peculiar, shit. I think he’s ignoring Dad Yank bcuz he’s so deep into his man-crush on ‘Cris! But, strangely enough, it seems like with all the exposure that Luda gets and has gotten since BFTFT, he never got that mainstream kick like he shouldve, and I know that was Barnacle Bill’s jive turkey doing. Say it with me, all my brethren, FUCK BILL O’REILLY AND THE GYNOCOLOGIST THAT TOLD HIS DIRTBAG LESBIAN MOMMA THAT ALL THE DOG FUCKIN SHE WAS DOIN RESULTED IN AN UNWANTED PREGNANCY, BUT SHE HAD THE LIL PIECE OF SHIT BIGOT ANYWAY!” He gets my vote for Douche Bag of the Decade! I hope he wins the award, which is an ass whipping on 83rd st and Normandie Ave by 150 Eight Tray Gangsta Crips, then a jog on Venice Beach being chased by 75 Venice Shoreline Crips, carrying bats and chains of course, and finally a slow walk through all five burroughs wearing a sign that says “I hate niggers, spicks, kikes, and faggots!” We ALL hope you win that covenant award you dick sucking racist. Somebody just kill this idiot please.

  • Kane Corleone

    its that dude pierzy or some shit i bet money

    • Tony grand$

      Kane, Kane, ya bussin my balls ova here!!!!!!……

  • Optimus Prime

    I wish it was Jonathan. That mofo was hilarious.
    Great blog, Ron
    Great name, Kane Corleone
    Great first post, Tony Grand$. I didn’t read the rest because Im too lazy.
    Fuck any woman who votes McCain/ Palin. Most obvious desperation move ever…. they think youre all so stupid you’ll just pick any woman. Dont prove them right

    • Tony Grand$

      Good look O.Prime, don’t worry hoss, the first one was really the only one that mattered. The rest was just left over ranting and raving outta sheer boredom. And oh Jonathan, I forgot about that crazy ass feller! Naw it aint him, I’m scared of that died. Maybe that epilipsy medicine finally did him in.

  • Ron Mexico

    i wish jonathan would weigh in on some of this obama shit.

    if i could find him i would let him guest blog. no doubt.

  • Pierzy

    Nice work, Mex! I couldn’t agree more: “So, yeah… after much digression, today’s NP goes to the media for letting McCain and Daddy Oreo off the hook so easily this week. Apparently hip-hop’s only at the center of political controversy when it benefits the slave masters.”

  • ProDunkgirl

    I was disturbed that Daddy Yankee was for McCain too…Another reason those judo’s think America is great. What value do you believe in Yankee? cause rocking with Old Man Gruffy ain’t it!

  • Optimus Prime

    This whole Daddy Yankee thing made me wonder, is there such thing as a Tio Tom? I’m making mad cash dinero if there isnt. Trademarking like a muhfugga.

    And why does it still say [Editor’s Note: “Blogger’s Note” has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice]? Is there ever actually going to be any further notice? No offense to Jackpot but I think we all know Mejico isnt going anywhere.

  • EReal

    McCain is keepin it extra hood by having that chick with the knocked up 17 year old on his ticket.
    We can all relate to baby’s mamas and baby’s mamas mamas.


  • Tony Grand$

    So not only did McPainNdaAss pick a 44 year old granmama, but did yall hear bout her gettin some cat fired becuz he wouldn’t get rid of her brother-n-law? Supposedly there’s going to be an indictment on her for her misconduct, something she was doing on behalf of her sisters custody battle with said brother-n-law. If the investigation shows her to be abusing her Alaska-given power, McJankee will have to find a new running mate. He should combine Salin and Dad Yank, and just choose Rosie Perez! Too much time tryin to sabotage that man, not enough time teachin her horny teenage daughter the perils of unprotected sex! Sheesh!!!!!!

    • Lowedwn

      Tony Grand$, man I see you doing the knowledge, as it should be. Friday i did a lot of research{cruising the internet} on Palin and man…this woman’s got heavy ties in the oil industry and it’s not clear what side she’s on. She’s fought legislation that was for drilling in Alaska, but really her voting history and alliances on that shit are all over the place. She’s seems all Wonder-bread America n shit but… she’s seems like she could be a female Clay Davis if ask me.

  • anutha_level

    nigga’s breath prolly smell like anus-hair and belly button….

  • KjB

    I couldn’t believe that I actually thought positive thoughts about Fat Joe when I heard him tell MTV reporters that Daddy Yankee is a sellout for supporting McCain. He’s still a clown in my opinion but just not as much as el stupido as before. And a large “Fuck you” goes to Bill O’Really for when I just saw him talking about how people should ask questions about her life and family but only if they are FAIR questions. Thanks again for your sparkling brand of brilliant hate Ron!