Million DJ March Taking Place This Weekend In Washington

This Friday, August 29th will see the beginning of the two days of activities that make up the inaugural Million DJ March event. Consisting of a day of panel discussions and an evening celebrity basketball game on Friday at the D.C. Boys and Girls Club, and ending with the March itself on the lawn at National Mall on Saturday, August 30th, the 2 day event is expected to attract DJ’s from all over the nation. Saturday’s schedule, which begins at 11AM will consist of a day of speeches by the likes of The Wondertwinz, Jazzy Jay, Jeannie Jones (WKYS), Superstar Jay, Chuck T, CL of Digiwaxx, B Mack of Foundation Magazine, DJ Nabs, DJ Reg West, Roger Toussaint, the owners of, members of the D.C. City Council and KRS One, tailored to issues pertaining to the DJ community with intermissions of live performance by artists and DJ’s such as KRS One, Dirty Harry, Joell Ortiz, Saigon, Keith Murray, Cory Gunz, Bang Bang Boogie, DJ Famous, Kia Shine, Gillie Da Kid and Nina B.

The entire event will be broadcast live on XM Satellite’s 66 Raw station (Million DJ March Mixmaster Weekend) and webcast live on

March founder, A. Shaw, wishes to thank all of the sponsors that generously donated funds, media or product, in order to make this event happen. That list includes MySpace, The Mixcast Network, Rane, Numark, Vitamin Water, iCard, Kashi Kicks, Foundation Magazine,,, Washington City Paper and Rock and Soul.


Friday, August 29th – The Boys and Girls Club (2500 14th Street NW, Washington DC 20019)

4PM Panel Discussion with DJ Leggs

6PM Insurance Dinner with DJ Roz

7PM Celebrity Basketball Game

8PM – 3AM Official Million DJ March Red Carpet Media Kick Off @ The Felix (2406 18th Street NW, Washington D.C. 20009)

Saturday, August 30th – National Mall (on the lawn), Washington D.C.

11AM – 8PM Main event with special performances by: KRS One, Kia Shine, Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz, Cory Gunz, Saigon, Gillie Da Kid, Nina B, DJ Geometrix, Chuck T, DJ Self, Jazzy Jay, DJ Nabs, DJ Aaries, Joell Ortiz, The Dey with special unannounced performances planned.

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  • giantstepp

    Whats the point of this?

    • yo

      That line-up is hot garbage besides krs-one…get these off brand niggas outta here. Fuck a dj all they do is spin a damn record that they didn’t even make.

      • Reemycks!

        nigga you sound stupid. this culture was started by djs. without music theres no party. we break records. hell some of us even manipulate records to sound like some whole other shit. and on some even realer shit with out djs to provide music to rap niggas we could hear how garbage these niggas actually sound without music. trip on that.

    • KO

      Wow….it’s sure to be a sausage fest out there for that one.

  • Mo Betta

    Well Im in the DMV so of course Im there…WASSUP DJ HEAT

  • Tony Grand$

    “Sausage fest”, “Hot garbage”? Yall nigs got me LMMFAO! Wait, did the wind shift or do I smell the odor of washed-ups, has-beens, and barely-ever-was’s? I’m sorry, I love my culture, and ill defend it til I run outta breath, but, dude, in the words of Bobby Brown the Great, “sooooomeboodddddy teeeeeell meeeeeee whhhhhhyyyyyyy?” (From “My perogetive”). Who’s idea was it to find a bunch of, um, rappers that will work for food, and throw a multi-day douche bag festival? C’mon, Lord Taariq and Peter Gunz? I can hear ol’ Petey now talkin to Corey….

    “Son, please do it!”
    No Dad. I’m busy this weekend watchin the grass grow.
    “But, hip hop needs us boy, let’s show ‘em that we gets busy!”
    Dad, nobody talks like that anymore.
    “Corey, as yo father, I dem-”
    Dad, please. Me and Shaq gotta work on that new Kobe diss, kid. Its on right now. Matter fact, I got this remix with Ray J, and it cant wait! He doin push ups gettin ready for the video!
    “Fine. Ill just go with ya uncle Taariq then…”
    You’re pathetic when you whine, dad. Buy my some new forces and ill go. First dibs on the groupies.
    “That’s my boy, word up!”

    A million Dj’s, as if! They’ll be lucky if every nigga on the card doesn’t mysteriously catch the flu tomorrow morning. Special guest performances, Ed O.G., MC Breed, and the guy in Main Source that replaced Large professor……Zing!

  • Neven

    The fact that nobody respects the dj is the same fact why hip hop is getting shit on for dying the love is dying. The dj is the back bone of hip hop. they are the ones who make it slide. personally I think the problem with the songs today is they are replacing the scratching voice coders

    • Tony Grand$

      Ayo Neven, I feels ya my nig, but its a lot that you left unsaid. I’m 32 yrs old, so believe I’m hip hop old school. I’ve been at places 20 year olds only read about. I know the culture from its humble beginnings, I’m talkin bout cats wearing coonskin caps and rabbits feet as earrings. Im talkin bout Christmas day, right after kids would open their biggest toy, we outside on the block makin poorman breakin dance mats (open cardboard boxes). The DJ is very important to the culture as a whole, tru indeed, but that’s somewhat irrelevant to todays forms of expression for the love of the art. The Disc Jockey has evolved into the beatsmith/producer over the past few decades. Break beats snatched directly from an lp are now a colliquy of button pushing and knob turning, and scratching is now from compact discs, if even still used @ all. The nostalgia for the old school will never die, and true fans may even prefer it, but the reality of your “dj” is somewhat more a symbol of where we’ve come from. Similar to breakdancing, its a form of homage. Though the old school style may be making small comebacks here and there, but for the most part, its a role that’s a tad bit unecessary today. Its also a matter of productivity, because todays DJ’s can load all their albums into a couple of memory banks and eliminate the hustle bustle of retrieving albums, flippin them and cuing them for play. Its in no way purposely disrespectful to the artform, but things change as times rolls forward. The inline skate replaced the four wheeler, dental floss replaced toothpicks, so on and so forth. Don’t take it personal, and just to make you feel a lil better, quite a few groups, hip hop and otherwise are releasing vinyl versions of their music just to give the dediated folks that old school feel. Feel better now. I hope so, but no matter what, remember this is the year 2008, and things change constantly. Happy hip hopping soldier!

      • Reemycks!

        well spoken my brother. I couldnt have said it more eloquently. But i’ll never consider real djing old school. I consider it true school. As long as dj’s are keeping up with technology while maintaing our skill set. that is what is going to keep us relavent. we really should start a “drop squad” for all these push button djs fuckling up the game.