M-Audio Products Suck

While I’m not shy about voicing my opinions about rappers and producers, one thing I try not to is shit on gear companies. Having dealt with them so much when I was working at Scratch, I know how valuable they are to the brand, particularly when they advertise.

But yo, M-Audio, what the fuck?

I got this Keystation 49e, which came with Piano Wizard, which I use for practicing keyboard. It’s not the greatest controller in the world, and truth be told I have like like 5 other keyboards/controllers, but it’s small and compact and when you need to throw something down real quick I can just plug it in via USB and go to work.

So I had it sitting on desktop tower next to me at like 3 in the morning last night, and the USB cable was plugged in, and somehow it fell off the top of the computer onto my hardwood floor. Maybe the total fall was a foot and a half. Well the USB port somehow got dislodged, and since the Keystation is USB-powered, I was shit out of luck. So I fished out a 9v adapter to see if maybe I could power it externally, but even though the power worked, there was no MIDI signal being transmitted from the USB port to Reason 4.

I took the Keystation apart completely, separated the keys from the motherboard and messed around a bit, but short of pulling the USB port off the motherboard, there was nothing I could do to get the port working. So the unit is pretty much worthless at this point. I mean, it only retails for like $100, so I’m not going to spend money to send it to M-Audio and have it fixed. It’s just too much of a pain in the ass.

Funny thing is, I’m not a gear snob, but I’ve always felt like M-Audio products were sort of cheaply made. I remember a friend of mine using a pair of M-Audio monitors and them joints blowing out like every three weeks. I also recall their early USB/firewire interfaces looking and feeling like disasters. They make these cheap products for the home studio user, and they just come off sort of toyish to me. And that’s how I feel about this Keystation right now. Granted, what’s $100 really going to get you in the grand scheme of things? Not much. But you’d like to think that a product can withstand falling a foot and a half without breaking. Imagine if I was taking it to a gig or something.

Sucks too, because I was looking to get an M-Audio Axiom soon, but seeing how this controller just broke so easily, I’m thinking the MPK49 is going to be where my dollars get spent.

  • sublicon

    Buuuug out! Buuuug out! Buuuug out! Buuuug out!

  • Bobo D

    I bought a pair of m-audio studiopro 3 monitors some year ago, and a day after the warranty expired, the monitors stoped working.

    I tried fixing them myself but to no avail. Shit, its like them directly to last 365 days.

    So now I’m still looking for quality desktop monitors which won’t cost a arm and a leg. What do you recommend Gooch?

    • TekNYk

      im not gooch but i hear the krk’s r really good. and the new rokit’s just came out but havent heard anything about them yet. i suggest u check them out

  • TekNYk

    weird ive had an axiom 49 for more than 2 years and it still runs smoothly. i hear ya tho about some m-audio products being cheaply made but u just have 2 look for the good products like the axiom series. but if i had 2 choose btwn da axiom and the mpk i would go with the mpk just because of its features.

  • iLL

    First Blaze now you.lol. Yea i have that same midi controller; havent had any problems out of it (granted i havent dropped it) but i can tell just from the plastic feel of it that is not that sturdy. Guess you gotta use the piano roll on Reason huh. That sucks.

  • gooch

    Bobo D, I use a KRK VXT6′s to monitor on…. they’re a little pricey, but worth every penny. The Rokit’s will do if you don’t want to spend too much.

  • http://www.myspace.com/uptownempire Trouble

    I Have To Agree With You On This One. I Have The 88 Key Version Of The Midi Controller Your Talking About, And Its not very reliable.

    I Have A lot Of Velocity issues with My keys, And The Usb Port On The Keyboard Is The Worst Crafted Port Ive EVER SEEN !! Its just Over All A Bad Product.

    But As You Mentioned, There Very Inexpensive. I Paid $200 For The 88 Key Version. I Have Protools M-Powered, Im Anxious To See If The M-Audio Interfaces Are As Bad As The Midi Controllers.

    But Korg makes Great midi Controllers, Just A Little More Pricey.

  • 80′s Baby

    same problem with the Trigger Finger…except mine has never fallen…with regular use the usb in the back is so fucked up I have to set a book on the cord and if i press the buttons too hard It shuts off…LAME…the usb connections on these things are not well designed…AT ALL!

  • EReal


    I had a M Audio keyboard and the usb straight disconnected from the board on some no reason at all type shit. M Audio is fuckin garbage.

  • b-ease

    I’m not a tech head, but I got a M audio Pro tools set up like three months ago, and the mixer controls are laughable. Is is possible to get good levels?

  • syf

    I had a radium that would send random midi signals… took it apart and there was nothing I could do…

    then I bought an oxygen v2 and the usb port randomly works… btw I found this by typing “maudio sucks” into google

  • woot

    Maudio is shit, even the axiom series…

  • gomez

    amen… they sit around screwing each other as practice for their cusomers

  • Kanye West

    I only have 2 m audIo products in my studio (a profire 2626 & a midisport) .
    I sent the profire off for repair last week & today my brand new midisport stopped working!
    I didn’t even think it was possible for a midi interface to fail.