Let’s Play A Game Of Hip-Hop Sample Trivia

It’s no secret that Isaac Hayes is one of the most sampled artists in hip-hop history. It’s to the point where his material’s been sampled so much that you can’t even keep track. I’m going to post 5 Isaac Hayes tracks…. name as many hip-hop songs that sample each of these as you can. Pretty simple, right? THE KEY TO THE GAME IS, DON’T NAME THE OBVIOUS SHIT. Ok, let’s go!

“Hung Up On My Baby”- Tough Guys (1974)

“Man’s Temptation”- Black Moses (1973)

“Bumpy’s Lament”- Shaft (1971)

“The Look Of Love”- … To Be Continued (1971)

“Joy”- Joy (1973)

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  • Bobo D

    “The Look Of Love”

    Snoop Dogg – G’z Up, Hoes Down – Doggystyle

    It was suppose to be a bonus track on Doggystle, but the sampling rights never came through in time.

  • orangejuicejones

    Hung up on My Baby – Geto Boys – Mind’s Still Playin Tricks on me
    Man’s Temptation= GZA – Animal Planet
    Bumpy’s Lament= Dr. Dre – Xxplosive
    The Look of Love – Jay-Z – Can I Live

    Obvious or not, what I got…

    • dj nice wit it

      thats tight you listen to different artist, with all diff styles.

  • aquma

    damn, that Hung up on My Baby joint is amazing.

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Canibus used that Look of Love, but he only had the hook interpolated.

  • http://mysite.verizon.net/thebreaklab PC1

    Yo-Yo – Homegirl Don’t Play That, etc…..

  • PC1

    Oh, my bad. That was supposed to be for Joy.

  • fla boy

    TI- Praying for help and XXXplosive

  • jonjon23

    Hung Up On My Baby–Mind Playin’ Tricks on Me——Ghetto Boyz, If U Want It—-2nd To None

    Bumpy’s Lament—Dr. Dre-Xplosive,

    Look of Love—Snoop Doggy Dogg-G’s Up Ho’s Down, Ashanti-Rain On Me, Ron C-Punk Ass Nigga

    Joy—9 millimeter Boy-8Ball and MJG

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Yay! The sample trivia thing is back!!!!!

    “The Look of Love”– Jay-Z’s “Can I Live”! I can’t believe no one said that. “Can I Live” is my favorite joint off REASONABLE DOUBT

  • ri067953

    Yo, P don’t try and act all knowing cuz you said Jay Z, that is an obvious one.

    As for that Joy, CMW sampled that on their first album, the blue tape. I just can’t think of the track and don’t feel like digging through my cassette library to get the name.

  • render

    hung up on my baby-some destinys child track…cant remember it now but it was from one of their first albums…interpolated the hook and everything…think wyclef was on it
    bumpys lament- mobb deep/back at you, erykah badu/bag lady
    The Look Of Love- smif and wessun/stand strong, special ed/never go back
    joy-spice1/money or murder

  • OG_912

    that bumpy lament is on T.I. Why U Mad At Me, Urban Legend, not prayin for help

  • Kappa9

    Joy was used in the intro of Mase’s Harlem World

  • cisonfire

    you guys forget that it ain’t just RAPPERS! “Bumpy’s Lament”=Eryka Bhadu’s “Bag Lady”

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