Jackpot Lists The Best And Worst Moments Of The Ozone Awards Weekend

I always know what I’m getting into when it comes to the Ozone Awards. I usually enjoy myself. But for better or worse, I knew three things going into this year’s event: 1) A Rick Ross-related incident was likely to happen. 2) Birds would be in the building (Editor’s Note: Not the ones the Feds are after, either!) and 3) The red carpet was gonna suck.

Nonetheless, this past weekend was filled with plenty of great, funny, sad and SMH moments. Here are my personal best/worst Ozone moments in no particular order.

Donkeys and Pelicans: The Ozone scene stays a sword fight, but there’s always lots of eye candy. This year was no different. But don’t get fooled by the donkeys. Close-ups are often disappointing and there are more pelicans than wifey types. Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!

Vultures: Poor pelicans. They were always a step away from harassment. I feel bad for them, but I must say some of these episodes were sadly hilarious. Just last night, one of three dudes stepped into the elevator and immediately asked if the girl standing next to me was mine. NOPE, I said. Dude then immediately cornered her and made a few advances before grabbing her bubble on the way out. SMH!

Webbie’s Ready: So I’m on the carpet interviewing Boosie, and Webbie randomly pops up.

Webbie: What’s up? What’s up? [To No One In Particular]

Jackpot: What’s good, Webbie?

Webbie: …Oh! I thought it was going down for a minute.

So apparently Webbie ran over because he thought a fight was about to break out on the red carpet. Between who, I have no clue? We looked at him, kept it moving and he just magically disappeared.

Chamillionaire: We interviewed Cham for over an hour, witnessed him giving a wad of money to a homeless man and then just chopped it up about anything under the sun off. Shouts to Cham. Always one of my favorite MCs to interview.

Can I Get An Interview?: The second people saw the XXL mic flag [Editor's Note: Newly purchased, suckers!], they just wanted to be friends. It got tired to tell MC Lil’ Yung Big I had all the interviews I needed. Some of them actually got mad when their requests were denied. Sigh!

Crooked’s Diamond Cuts: I shook Crooked I’s hand Saturday afternoon and my finger brushed on his bracelet -resulting in a minor cut on my finger. Funny stuff. Shouts to Crooked.

Slogans & T-Shirts: Recession or not, the T-shirt business must be booming. Get Rich Records, Make Doe Records, Nuff Scrilla Records, Beaucoup Cash Records, Got Money Records and Get Guap Records all had street teamers wearing the respective label’s T’s. My personal favorite shirt: “Papa Duck, No Deal, No Problem.” On another note, I love Haitian Fresh, but I’m not too sure what to make of his new “Haitian Fresh Or Die” campaign.

Bushwick Bill Shares The Love: We bumped into a festive Bushwick Bill in the Hilton lobby on our way to the Chamillionaire interview. With only 10 minutes to spare, we decided to quickly grab him for this package we’re working on. Little do you know Bill was passing the mic to his entourage, including little kids, 40-something-fathers-of-three rookie rappers from his label and Houston O.G.s. Though it made for interesting bites, we had to split cause Cham was waiting. Sorry Bill.

Niggorance: There were just too many “nigga moments” to list, but word is they only gave out the first Ozone Award hours after the show started. They apparently misplaced the trophies and couldn’t find them. Wow!

Beatdowns: I had a feeling someone would try to test Ross behind this C.O. controversy. I didn’t hear about him being heckled, but someone in his camp allegedly beat up DJ Vlad at some point during the artist panel. Elsewhere, Boosie and his crew “had to beat a nigga for an hour straight” at Club Glo and someone (allegedly Trae) snuffed Mike Jones in a hallway behind the Media Center during the award show.

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  • Mac Sleepy
    • chad bro chill

      i wish rick ross got his pants pulled down he already got his skirt lifted up

      • Blizzie Mac

        first off I wanna start this comment off by saying: wild gay. second off i wannna end this comment off by saying: how superbly homosexual of you duke.

  • greedy ent

    where was lil wayne? why didin’t plies roll with the rest of the miami camp? where is vlad beatdown footage? why did alfamega walk down to th front during shawty lo’s performance?

    • tampa goon

      plies aint from miami he from fort myers but he aint really a hood nigga so you wont see him wit too many goons

  • ripsta

    dumb niggers, cant even get along with each other at some celebration. fuckin idiots, no wonder the world thinks of yall as nothing more than pieces of shit. i really dont give a fuck, kill each other for all i care. thats gangsta, lol no stupid, thats being ignorant, the true meaning of the word nigger. if the shoe fits wear it

    • Tony Grand$

      My dear Ripsta,
      You are either: a) a nigga just clownin, blowin a bag of pineapple xpress with a dry belvy on the computer desk, or you’re b) that poor lil whiteboy who just knew he was gonna be hip hop’s nxt gr8 white hope, and missed it by that much. Listen, I’m prolly the only nigga thatll respond becuz you, my fellatio giving goombah, are a fuckin idiot, and I, a real nigga, am bored of throwin nickels atcha sister. No matter what your older brother says to you while he gives you your bubble bath, regardless how much black nut you swallow, you will never be a nigga. Sorry, our trailer trash token cracker boy dept is full. We are currently waiting for Eminem to officially retire, then we may have a slot open for you. But don’t get your hopes up, Marshall had a cosign by Dre, all you have is piss stains on your bunkbed sheets. Nasty ass lil boy. Seems you want a lil attention, well Beaver, you got it. Ill forgive you for calling us ignorant, shit, ill even give your Mom friday night off, slide her $13.00 and command her to take you and your life partner to a midnight showing of “Jungle Fever.” Ill have the car but don’t trip, the bus runs till fo’ in the morn. You should login on to that never-was-has-been wack cracka-fuck MC website http://www.homosneedhugstoo.org. Instead you waste your time trying to swing in the trees with the guerillas (I spelled it how I meant it). Go get your rollerblades and ride out before you drown in a golden shower. The forecast predicts my piss dripping off your nose. Stay pink and give Richard Simmons his tight lil shorts back. You sniffed all the smell of balls out of ‘em anyway. Happy pimple popping pee wee.

  • 239allday

    The Ozone Awards is one of the most entertaining shows to watch. We all know the awards that are given out are bullshit and just glorified shout outs, but the rest of the show is fun. It’s kind of like a huge family reunion. Countless cases of niggerdom is bound to ensue during the ceremony. I’m planning on going next year.

    Quit Hatin the South!!!

  • Pierzy

    What up Jackpot!

    “There were just too many “nigga moments” to list, but word is they only gave out the first Ozone Award hours after the show started. They apparently misplaced the trophies and couldn’t find them. Wow!”

    Wow is right! When you have an AWARDS show, shouldn’t you know where the actual AWARDS are? That’s like misplacing all the basketballs before game 7 of the NBA Finals!

  • dj nice wit it


    • sos


      • dj nice wit it

        good one fag.

  • John Brown

    The Ozone Awards arent any different that The Source Awards. The only difference is that the South gets hated a lot more than what the East used to get hated. Envy is a disease get well soon.

  • http://www.myspace.com/friscorepresenter ant

    Im n no way a South hater(ok maybe a little bit) but im from the Bay and we have the lil B.A.R.S awards…………….and i thought the foolishness that went on there was ridiculous this shit outways that by far…how n the world u lose trophies? Everybody want niggas 2 stop haten the south…but they study maken it easy……lol a dj vlad getten beat down tho “you cant mess wit the police…you cant messs wit the police”

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Oh yeah and about the awards MEH like pimp c said quit hatin the south(CAUSE THEY JUST AS IGNORANT AS THE REST OF US)

  • John Brown

    Dave Chappelle should’ve been there and done a full episode of “WHEN KEEPIN IT REAL GOES WRONG.”

  • E.S.O. Boy

    This is why HipHop is looked upon as a waste of time & money by white ppl. My brothers we cant even come together to celebrate shit without fighting. That’s why The BAY Area dont do the BARS Awards no more. Niggas was rushing the stage, fist fighting on stage, popping guns outside…JUST IGNORANCE.

  • http://www.asdf.com Hey

    Damn this nigga Webbie got some baby fingers!

  • henry


    i still dont know what the ozone awards are

  • http://www.asdf.com Hey

    ^ Think of the BET awards, but 10X more ghetto and ignint.

  • http://xxlmag.com Southboi

    Man these niggaz is nuts! Is that the pic of ol dude that trill ent stomped the pants off of!! Cause that shit is 2 funny!! lmao.. I bet he wont reach for another nigga chain!!


    Baby fingers… LOL ..4real he prolly got a baby glocc too wit dem Ooompa Loompa fingers..

  • T

    You gonna post up the Chamillionaire interview?

  • Capostatus

    Thats how these Slow Ass Southern niggers role. Keep that weak girl fighting shit in the South. Out here in N.Y we shoot to kill. Ya niggers fight-haaa. Death comes to those who whine N.Y niggers up. Bitch ass, slow ass southerns dogs.

  • Fee-Fee

    For all of you people Hating the South we appreciate that, the more ya’ll hate the more United we’ll become. Most of the time you are doing something successful to have Hatas. Plus Ole dude talking about popping guns for beef in NY it’s dumb ass ignorant people like you that help bring up the violence and death rate between black youths, and from where I’m from Louisville, Ky I’ve learned it’s usually the punks that run to the trunk because they scared of that good ole Down South ass whipping they might deserve. I attended the show and like anything you run into issues, but being able to see Bun B perform his song for Pimp C it was successful to me R.I.P. Pimp C the South is on the rise. :)

  • me

    That pic of buddy with his pants down is from Ozone Awards 2007 in Miami of an independent artist who security knocked out. Get it right.

  • th!z

    “That’s why our people don’t have anything. Cuz we don’t know how to go in places and act proper” -Maria Davis from Mad Wednesdays..

  • R.Friday

    I love that someone placed a sheet of paper under his head, like it’ll help.

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  • Jhon da Analyst

    Damn, not like I give a fuck if someone on here calls us ignorant, but Tony Grand$ thanks. ‘Cause that’s how u rip a motherfucker!!!!!!! RIP Bernie Mac.

  • Nate

    E.S.O. Boy is correct. You can’t have a hip-hop show because each region has at least 1 overrated veteran, or 1 hit wonder that is a poser/loser/get crew to fight for you idiot.

    In the BARS case it is 5’0′ tall bitch ass Yukmouth. Above average “potential” lazy rapper. He and his “smoke a lot” crew who he just changed their name to the “MOB” and made 3 BS albums against G-Unit decided they would avoid the rules of not smoking weed at the 1st BARS awards which didn’t have tons of fighting but still was heavily disorganized. It was a mild success so in the 2nd BARS awards Yukmouth and crew had to recreate BEEF with his ex-partner from Luniz. News was that the 2nd award show was shut down early, and the people who sponsored it lost a lot of money on that one. Let your records sales talk, smoke OUTSIDE with your crews, and don’t hate if you don’t win the award. Can you guys do that for a couple of hours? Bring your dimes and step your game up. I’m not buying your record just because you get in a shoving/shouting match with a rapper since you can’t prove you are better than him..

    Sometimes I feel that the word HATER originated from B-azz rappers who don’t know or respect the culture enough themselves. That’s why they suck at crafting albums and think that “HUSTLING” rock makes them a good overall hustler. Let your music sell itself.

    I never hated the south- just A&R’s nationwide who don’t play the best artists in the country or even radio not playing their best local hits.

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