I’ve Got The Glow…


Yes, this is the concert of the year. ‘Graduation’ was a certified instant classic album. It’s anthemic from the first song to the last. It’s the kind of album that was meant to be performed in an arena in front of tens of thousands of people holding their cellphones, lighters and glowsticks in the air. The fact that KanYe’s mother passed away during his ascent to the position of the ultimate rap performer is just some drama that even Hollywood could not have crafted.

Despite KanYe’s perceived arrogance or bitchassness or whatever attitude that we imagine he has the truth is that if there were ever someone that covered the majority of cultural pathos in music it would be KanYe West. This dude is the everyman. He wants it so badly and he works so hard to achieve it. My favorite aspect of KanYe West is that he is motivated by people that say he can’t do something. There is no better feeling than throwing shit at your haters. I need to be more like KanYe. I’m going to get those pills.

The Glow In The Dark concert might also be called the hipster rap douchebag festival somewhere on the internets. The truth is that there weren’t too many hipsters in my sightline. The concert was all Hip-Hop too. I have never seen a Hip-Hop concert in an arena with this level of production and energy. This includes my experiences going to see Eminem perform. Now that nigga should be considered a hipster rap douchebag. All the acts that took the stage were surpisingly seasoned and polished. The show was like witnessing a rap music revival sponsored by the church of Hip-Hop. The performers were energetic, earnest, decadent and relevant.

Get yourself a ticket to the Glow In The Dark show if you got your money right. After that I won’t be able to tell you nothing.


Cons opened the show on time. I loved his album ‘Don’t Quit Your Day Job’. Cons is one of those rappers who require you to press the rewind button. The best thing that Cons did though was his collaboration with KanYe. Cons is the dude that helped ‘Ye Tudda take his flow to that next level. PETER ROSENBERG manned the deejay set for Cons performance. This was a good way to get the show started. The spaceship was taking off.


glow glow glow

Lupe surprised the fuck out of me with his performance. First off, he came out on stage as the embodiment of cool in an all black ensemble complete with tie and vest. ‘Kick Push’ was his first song and I almost thought he was on a skateboard while he was on stage. Lupe’s energy and his attitude were incredible. This dude really likes to rap and he has no problem remembering his own lyrics. His breath control on ‘Go Go Gadget Flow’ was remarkable. If I ever said anything bad about Lupe before I take it back. His set made me a fan of his music. I love people that love to perform with no reservation. This is why Lupe is always falling off stages. He runs and jumps around with reckless abandon. We should all like our jobs that much.


glow glow

I’ve seen N.E.R.D. perform live before so I knew what I was going to get from them. N.E.R.D. brought out a band to back them up. The guitars let PHARRELL get his rockstar right. What I liked about N.E.R.D. the most is that they didn’t waste our time or slow down the pace. Star Track Records lived up their name by putting our spaceship in orbit. ‘She Wants To Move’ is when they let some of the prettiest women in the audience get on stage and shake their moneymakers. That was the perfect finale for them.


glow glow glow

KanYe West.
I have never seen ‘Ye Tudda in concert before. Actually, I saw him about six years ago at the Supper Club during a taping of Def Poetry. Mos Def brought him out and called him the “future of Hip-Hop”. I certainly didn’t appreciate Mos’ clairvoyance at the time. KanYe West is really Hip-Hop’s Luke Skywalker. He saved Hip-Hop with his passion for making G.O.O.D. music (no pandering intended, okay maybe some pandering intended). The audience sang along with KanYe through every song. It was like we were taking a trip with him through his life. Through the ups and downs, the triumph, the tragedy and finally the victory. Shit was wildly emotional. Don’t be confused buy the elaborate set designed to be a spaceship. This performance, like all his performances, was personal.

I love to tease KanYe West like the rest of the internets does. His hubris makes him a perfect target at times. Then there are times that KanYe flips the script, literally. There is no one in the entertainment industry, not even NaS, who would have made the statements that KanYe made on broadcast television post-Hurricane Katrina. For all of his vanity he shows us his vulnerability. This is what makes him invincible. Go see this show tonight if you are in NYC. You’ll be a better person for it.

kanyizzle This blog drop approved by ‘Ye Tudda

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  • Mali Ahmad

    Yep, yep I expected it this has been the most talked about concert of the year with the most lauded performers in hip-hop rite now. . . .if this aint savin hip-hop wut is . . . .these are the avant-garde artists in hip-hop on a mainstream level n dey bring plenty of freshness n creativity to the game

  • http://ItsTheReal.com ER

    Billy, you were dead on with your comments from last night’s amazing show. (Except for the N.E.R.D. part – I thought their performance was less-than-stellar.)

  • giantstepp

    Those pictures suck BXS and that concert wouldve put me to sleep. Cant front on Kanye, but I just aint feeling that other shit. *puts in the new Nas & turns up the volume*

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    These pics are about me getting my artiste on, which is totally different from me getting my Aristede on.

    Ya’ dig?

    • giantstepp

      I can dig it Billy…lmao.

  • Lancelot

    Blog Drop is f’in HiLARiOUS -

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “‘Graduation’ was a certified instant classic album.”


    That’s right because “Graduation” only have one or two producer in the album and not like today’s rap album, each song is a different producer (= sandwich album)

    Example: 15 song, 15 producers and the producers are the same shit.

    Not every rapper can “rap” over whatever beat, that why rap albums from the 80′s and 90′s are classic because the album had only one or two producers.

    • My Effin’ Opinion

      Not every rapper can “rap” over whatever beat, that why rap albums from the 80’s and 90’s are classic because the album had only one or two producers

      I understand what you’re tryna say (re: 80′s/90′s classics), but a true MC can rap over anything. Perhaps if I took your sentence literally, then it is in fact true that not every “rapper” can.

      word to Soulja boy.

      • Simple like ABC, 123

        My Effin’ Opinion:

        Soulja boy, MC Hammer, Vanilla Ice, ect.
        but they are fewer.

        The thing is that “sandwich” album kills Hip-Hop and the rap game right now.

        “Carter III” is a example of a “sandwich” album
        “Graduation” is a example of a “complete” album


  • Simple like ABC, 123

    Producers, do your job and pick the right “rapper” to make a complete album and not be so lazy to waiting who want your beat for money.

    and Rappers, do your job and find the right producer to do a complete album and not pick 15 producer for your album because that producer work with that rapper or do that hit with that other rapper, come on!!! Step up your game!!!

  • TheCo!!inB

    when I went the nigga kept screaming at the stage techs while rapping….he would be mid verse. “the hood love to listen to Jeezy and Wee……SOMEBODY LIFT THIS SECOND FUCKIN CURTAIN UP…..zy, and oh yeah Yeezy”. shit was live and NERD killed. we got Rhianna instead of Cons tho….which I’m def not mad at.

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    Rap fans should get ready to eat more sandwich albums.

    A label will do this in order to get the most singles out of a CD.

    Most albums that are produced by a lone producer/production team don’t come dripping with singles that can be marketed as nauseam.

    I still think that someone is going to create a classic album with the 15 producer method. I’m not sure who though.

  • Nattiez

    Yo Billy X. For arguments sake, Wasnt “Illmatic” what we would call a sandwich album? Werent dudes dying to work with the next “One”? The Umma, Primo Etc………..

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    Another thing is that there are very few flat out “producers” … all the good producers have now turned to rappers??? so they don’t have time to focus on your whole album, they’re too busy fuckin’ with theirs!!

    How, as a producer, can you perfect your craft if you’re not staying in your lane?

    Another issue is that they keep their best beats for their own albums and since they are half-ass rappers, they’re albums are sub-par … and the MC’s have aren’t given the best of the best to work with so that can deter their album from being as hot as it could have been.

    Producers need to stop rappin’. Period. Kanye got away with it and I’m used to seeing Dre as a artist since that’s how he came out (even though it’s Ghost written), but the Swizz Beats types need to play their position.

    Perhaps once the producers realized it wasn’t a lyricist game anymore they all decided they could throw their hat in the ring as long as they made a catchy song.


    umm graduation a classic NIGGA PLEASE i want a refund for my copy

  • Chris S

    i have never been to a concert before may 22, 2008 when the glow in the dark tour came to the palace of auburn hills. i wanted to go because of lupe but because of heave traffic (and an extra bowl at mongolian bbq) we missed him completely. i was so pissed off.

    kanye made me forget about the whole thing. watching him perform was probably the best thing i have ever wittnessed in my life. he was truly amazing.

    thank you kanye

  • daz_oc

    I went to the show when it was here in Dallas and that shit was live as hell!!! I wish Cons woulda showed up here too….I have been to many a show like common, talib and roots but this shit here was great all the way thru(minus the Rihanna part) This has to be hottest show of the year so far

  • Kerda

    Illmatic was the original “sandwich” album. Before that, you never really had a rapper release an album with, like, 4 or 5 different producers, which is a lot when you consider that the record only had 9 songs.

    However, what made it work was that each of those producers was coming from the same place with their sound. Today, the problem with albums is a glut of different producers COMBINED with a big tent mentality of trying to appeal to all demographics. You have to have the “underground”, mixtape song, the club song, the girl song, the “I’m a serious artist making serious political statements” song, the “I love my ma dukes” heartfelt tribute to single parenting, etc.

    In the past, rappers released albums that played up their strengths and hid their weaknesses. Some guys could effectively do it all, like Big or Tupac, but most late 80s/early 90s rappers would’ve foundered had they been forced into today’s cookie cutter formatting.

  • http://www.dynamicproducer.com dynamicwayne

    Who’s camera phone snapped those photos?? lol