Note to self: Don't go into any ghetto clubs in Detroit wearing any ridonkulously gaudy jewelry. I could fuck around and get beaten and robbed by Trick Trick's little brother, like Yung Berg did.

I should note, for legal purposes, that I don't know for a fact that Trick Trick's little brother had anything to do with this. That's just a rumor I heard. And I know some of the blogs I've seen reporting on this shit have been tiptoeing around the fact that Trick himself had anything to do with this. So... um, yeah.

For example, I found it odd that the report on the incident over at Necole Bitchie made it a point to include a bit about how, though the club where this took place is owned by Trick Trick, Trick himself wasn't involved in the beatdown or the robbery, and he actually tried to break it up.

Likely story.

Later, i.e. like a couple of hours ago, the same site posted a picture of someone identified as Trick Trick's brother posing with Yung Berg's chain. But then they went back right away and blurred the guy's face out. Hmm...

I wonder if this was all an attempt to preempt a cease and decist (which just wouldn't be in the spirit of blogging, I don't think), or if mofos really are afraid that Trick Trick is gonna hunt them down and beat the crap out of them.

If it's the latter, I suppose there's good reason, just based on this guy's legend in the hip-hop community. Trick Trick is rumored to have beaten the crap out of Trick Daddy and Styles P, and I know Eminem once felt compelled to do a song with him, despite the fact that he's a fucking no-talent.

Or who knows, maybe Eminem just likes the guy. He is, after all, the guy who brought us D12.

Anyhoo, I was reading up on this shit just now, and I was wondering: How in the fuck did Yung Berg make the mistake of going into a club owned by the legendary Trick Trick wearing that dumbass Transformers chain?

That's like walking into a teh ghey bar in a t-shirt with a picture of a gerbil on it. You're just asking for something bad to happen to you. (No homo.)

What they're saying is that he was in town to perform at one of these radio station Summer Jams, and that he figured he'd better stop off at a club and pregame a bit before he showed.

Which I guess sounds reasonable enough. Lord knows I've done my share of pregaming before concerts, and it's not like I get paid to show up. But why Trick Trick's club, of all places? I can't imagine very many smokin' hot white or light skinted black chicks hang out there. And you know how Yung Berg gets down.

Could it be that Yung Berg got set up? I wouldn't be surprised.

Normally, that might be the last we ever heard about this. The rumor would spread that Trick Trick and his little brother (Lil' Trick?) beat and robbed Yung Berg, and the legend of Trick Trick would spread that much further. Of course, Yung Berg wouldn't bother consulting the police.

In this case though, since not every blog got the memo to blur his face out (I'm not gonna lie, I wouldn't even know how), the guy in that picture might have done the police's work for them. As I was mentioning in my post on this mess earlier today, I bet every cop in the D knows this guy just from his photograph.

It'll be interesting to see if they actually bother to pursue this matter, and, if they do, whether or not Berg goes and gets his chain back. Which might not be the best PR move for Yung Berg, but based on first week sales for Look What You Made Me, it might not be a bad idea.