As previously reported, the LP won't feature any Kanye West production, but will largely feature Pharrel Williams production. While I still haven't been able to stomach "Universal Mind Control," "Announcement" has grown on me some since the first time I heard it. Actually, the song started sounding better when I saw its video clip nearly two weeks ago. Interestingly, this one has yet to be ripped and spread all over the Onsmashes and Worldstarhiphops of the world. Could the label be putting the breaks on the clip? I heard through the grapevine that folks at Com's label think he's committing career suicide with his latest video, an animated clip helmed by Lil X. See for yourself. [Watch Common's "Announcement" Video]

I personally like this clip. This is more ground breaking than career Russian roulette. I've yet to see a video as creative this year. This is some award-winning stuff right here, but why the hell hasn't it spread yet? Besides the link I've posted, it's nowhere to be found, so I can't help but think the label is trying to keep it on the low because it supposedly isn't a good look for Com.

And that's the freakin' problem with the music industry. Executives have never been as detached with the public as they are now. They constantly green light material that doesn't connect with anyone and don't learn from previous failures. Then, somebody like Com, who is on a roll might I add, drops something creative and they allegedly won't push it. This clip has actually reassured me regarding Summer. I fear not. Com ain't about to let Pharrel ruin his project...I hope.

What do you guys think of the clip? Is Com committing career suicide?