Is Common Committing Career Suicide?

I shared concern regarding Common’s Invincible Summer earlier this season.

As previously reported, the LP won’t feature any Kanye West production, but will largely feature Pharrel Williams production. While I still haven’t been able to stomach “Universal Mind Control,” “Announcement” has grown on me some since the first time I heard it. Actually, the song started sounding better when I saw its video clip nearly two weeks ago. Interestingly, this one has yet to be ripped and spread all over the Onsmashes and Worldstarhiphops of the world. Could the label be putting the breaks on the clip? I heard through the grapevine that folks at Com’s label think he’s committing career suicide with his latest video, an animated clip helmed by Lil X. See for yourself. [Watch Common's "Announcement" Video]

I personally like this clip. This is more ground breaking than career Russian roulette. I’ve yet to see a video as creative this year. This is some award-winning stuff right here, but why the hell hasn’t it spread yet? Besides the link I’ve posted, it’s nowhere to be found, so I can’t help but think the label is trying to keep it on the low because it supposedly isn’t a good look for Com.

And that’s the freakin’ problem with the music industry. Executives have never been as detached with the public as they are now. They constantly green light material that doesn’t connect with anyone and don’t learn from previous failures. Then, somebody like Com, who is on a roll might I add, drops something creative and they allegedly won’t push it. This clip has actually reassured me regarding Summer. I fear not. Com ain’t about to let Pharrel ruin his project…I hope.

What do you guys think of the clip? Is Com committing career suicide?

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  • nnn


  • London Talent

    Hes Crazy

  • elm street child

    video is hella tight!

    Beat is catchy too!

    video is ORIGINAL!

    5 STARS!

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    I’ve never been able to do this yet so here it is….FIRST!

    Lonnie’s video looks alright. I myself look forward to the new LP. I think Pharrell can cook up some shit for Common that will sound great, and no filler. As far as I’m concerned I don’t want him to make another be.

    Just like Basher said in Thirteen…
    “You don’t run the same gag twice. You go on to the next gag.”

    • Mac Sleepy

      And Obviously You Weren’t Able To Do It This Time Either…lol… Fukk Outta Here!

      Seriously that shyt take to long to download…

  • Peru


    But has anybody heard that chamillionaire – Internet nerds revenge – Shit goes hard

    Mixtape Messiah 4 in stores today

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    Damn I wasn’t first.

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      HA HA!

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  • nycboy

    I have to admit that when i heard the universal mind control song, i thought it was wack and pre judged what the album might come out to be. But announcement is sick, and i’m not just talking about the vid but the lyrics are on point too. The label should seriously put this vid out, one reason i’m feeling it is because it is different from everything else in the game and it’s about time. This is why hip hop and the industry haven’t always been a good combo.

  • reality5000

    ok stop with the (FIRST!!!!) bullshit its getting corny,go do that shit somewhere else this is XXL real hip hop and that shit just dont belong..

    Ive heard alot of this kinda conversation lately like the jay-z new shit killin the classic’s but i disagree on that one, cos i love american gangsta,its all opinions and tastes,and you can only judges an artist against himself besides sales obviously,for example DETOX (plz god may it happen) has to be better or coinside with dre’s last 2 offerings which to me seems impossible after hearing ENCORE (3/10) THE BIG BANG (5/10) not to mention expeling THE GAME and watching whilst 50 terminated his music career on sight, my point is the real way to deside must be to buy the artist whole catalog and listen cos i think weve forgot how to do that,and thats why sales are down and thats why artist are losing there fucking minds tryna be what everyone likes that day,the advice id give common is if you can be yourself for 15 years and then change cos of peoples influence then was that really you before ?

    • Tony Grand$

      Good point @ the end 5000. I dig the song and the vid, but I’m not sure how I feel about Pharrel doing the bulk of production. Pharrel seems to have fizzled quite a bit since he started focusing on the nerd rock n rap shit. It is ultimately about change and elevation, but I don’t think it should be so radical and random. Com had to get through “Electric Circus” and “Like Water for Chocolate” to get to “Be”. That took a couple yrs on his part as the artist, as well as our part as the listener. But, Commons been known to jump in and out of his own reality, sometimes good sometimes not so good, but if anybody can pull this one off, he’s mos def one of those that can do it. Ltes cross our fingers and hope this doesn’t result in a funkedelic funeral.

  • Dblock

    video is cook-up. fuck com’s label for not having the cojones to support this next shit properly. i guess he should do something truly career-defining with his next vid. like… rob a bank? shuck&jive for purdue’s pigeon of the week? rhyme while threatening viewers with the latest smith&wessun model? fuck com’s label, x’s 2.

    bottom line? even if you consider this a bad clip… if com’s career could survive that Come Close video, wtf is anyone worried about?

  • TheReal89

    This is crazy XXL mag doesn’t know what they are talking about they hear something a lil different they start saying is common committing career suicide please get out of here his two new joints is orginal and hottt..and then sayin is Jay-z hurting his legacy knowing that American Gangster is a classic alubm 4 real come on now XXL most bangers yall have on here is ass…I luv yalls magazine but yall are just talking crazy!!

  • FLIP

    I watched about half of that shit. It and the song are corny as fuck.

  • ron mexico

    it was aight… i mean, everyone’s doing the animated video thing right now. it ain’t that damn groundbreaking, but it’s cool. definitely helps the lame-ass track out.

    the song is ass. this comes from a common fan.

    it’s a sad day in rap when com let’s skateboard p eat him alive on a track.

    • Pierzy

      Calm down, Mex, or next thing you know there will be a post up top like:

      Jerry Rice (Seahawks) > Common circa ’08

      • ron mexico

        did i really put an apostrophe in “lets.”

        jesus. i need to start smokin trees again or somethin.

        and yeah… the only career suicide here is lettin pharrell murder you on your own shit.

        this better not be another electric circus or common and i are done.

        no nullus.

        • Pierzy

          It’s all good but yeah… The other day I was flipping through the iPod and accidentally clicked on Electric Circus. That shit almost ruined my day…

  • Dblock

    oh and p.s… i wonder if they got shut down on that sample and were forced to play it backwards, or if they did it intentionally. either way, the biggie lines would probably resonate a bit more if it were more obvious to the average fan the beat is a play on “Dreams”. not sure they’ll even recognize it.

  • moise telson

    i like the video and the song it is very creative

  • giantstepp

    I respect Commons mind and what he appears to stand for, but I just dont feel his “art”. and with skateboard P doing the beats, im even less interested.

  • jojo

    Truth be told, the verses were much much better than the hook.The video was okay but nothing mind-blowing.

    I thought Talib’s video for hot thing was awesome, and the new good morning joint by kanye is pretty good as well.

    Also, besides the BIG flow, is it just me or does the beat sorta sound a little like “Dreams (I’m just playin)”??

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  • te noh

    Common Sense is on a roll alright . . . right over the hill. Com started his downward spiral with the shit sandwich that was “Finding Forever,” which blew except for like 3 or 4 songs. This shit off “Invincible Summer” sounds even worse that Kanye’s impersonation of Dilla. Like other people said, plenty of rappers have had animated videos. Something is off with Common’s flow, and his subject matter for the last two years has been pretty week (except for “Misunderstood”). I don’t know who wrote this crap praising Common’s work, but this ain’t 2005 or 1994 . . . that Common has left the building . . . to go to the GAP.

  • kashrulz

    Who are you to say Common is commiting career suicide? How you know whats best for his career? Are you a rapper? Man…everybody think they know Hip Hop nowadays…How can you question Common’s direction when he’s been around so long? I think the Invincible Summer will be crack. He’s been the soulful poet rappin bout love for two-albums straight..he’s just changin it up. And if they album does do mediocore, it doesn’t matter. Move on. At least he tried to do somethin new. I’m diggin Annoucement, Pharrell stepped his rap game up on this one. It was entertaining.



    • BIGNAT


  • teedoggie

    imma say this like lumberg from “the office”

    ummmmmmm……yeah! i’m not too crazy about it myself…i thought the beat fit pharell more than common… but i can see how it gets catchy….but its not strong opener.

    common feels different (even lyrically)……but its still early…. suicide?…not yet…

    • Pierzy

      It’s actually “Office Space” but still a good call

  • RisingSon

    Really???..are we actually having this discussion?! The only way Common could commit suicide is if he kept with the same formula all the time? what ya’ll forget it that a dude like Com is an artist and he wont always paint the same picture for ya (see transitions from “Can I Borrow A Dollar”, “Like Water For Chocolate”, “Electric Circus” (Pharrell had the biggest track on that album “come close”)…etc). Further more, if I want anybody rappin’ over a club track I’d take Com over a any of these stuck on stupid mu’fukkas who view club tracks as a get rich quick scheme, where as a dude like com approaches it as just another form of expression. The reason dudes like Com and ‘em don’t get the respect they deserve is cos ya’ll niggas wont let ‘em reach other niches, when they could execute it better than any one else. STOP SUFFOCATING HIP HOP!!..oh and fukk a record exec!

  • grandma

    its a pretty sweet clip. nothing that common has done before, but its definitely not gonna hurt his career

  • jojo

    Certain people have commented about the audacity for people to question Common’s efforts on Wax. Something was also mentioned along the lines that you are unable to truly give an honest critique if you are not a rapper, which is the bullshit rhetoric that athletes give the media when speaking about their efforts.

    Look, at the end of the day I am a consumer who has been a longtime fan of hip-hop and more or less am well acquainted with the history. I may not be able to spit as well as your favourite rapper, but I know what sounds good, I know what sounds bad. Is the song trash? No, but it does seem as though Common has become complacent much like other rappers, quite notably Jay-Z and 50 Cent.

    Im not trying to be the representative voice for an older generation of hip-hop fans, but i’m sure there’s many that agree with my opinion.

  • kirbrock

    my man needs to get jdilla and no i.d and make another one day it will all make sense album


    the video and song are good and i think it will not hurt him it will push him forward. his videos are mostly afrocentric this one is more simple yet can reach more people because the vid is playful and open.

  • squadwildin

    Whats fucked up is the link doesnt even work any more….this shit must be controversial or somethin

  • paychexx

    what wrong with the video?
    i think it tight
    its hip hop baby!!!
    what you expect, common walk into a club with no shirt on??

    fuck mainstream, shit nice.

    the real question is why when pharrell produc for other people the shit be better than they album???

    p flow was tight.


    Once again, yall punk muthafuckas underestimate a GENUINE artist like Common!!!! This dude is the reason why niggas like me will forever write that hot shit. He is inspiring because he said FUCK THE STATUS QUO!!!! Ima do me you know what it is. This song is hot video hot and if you hatin, you’s a busta!!!!!

  • Maurice L Dees

    Common is wanna realist M.C. in chicago.

  • kne81

    Nah it ain’t a career suicide…And if the execs
    is pullin the plug on this vid they are retarded….I guess they want Common to do a dance like Soulja Boy in the video or somethin…ohh well I just gonna wait for the album to drop.

  • sthxdnn

    naw i havent watched it but kanye west is overrated n stupid…i dont have problems with that many overly like rappers b-sides the roc,dipset,cash money…those clicks r over rated n annoying
    common doing good switchin to a different style but maybe this isnt the one but its still for him

  • ProDunkGirl

    I;m not really feeling Universal Mind Control either, but the clip and vid for ‘Announcement’ is ill. One of the best songs of the year. Career Suicide? Common is just keepin fans interested.

  • Matt

    That Announcement video its hot!

  • JeffDaChef

    Love the vid, love the song. Common is DA BEST!!!! MAN!!!!!

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