Jim Jones is Top 5. He can't rap, but he sure does a mean interview. Dude is just hilarious.

In his latest, Capo calls Jay-Z a "dweeb" during an interview with Global Grind's Kim Osorio. Yet another entertaining Jones piece. I sure hope he reconsiders on the Reality Show. Anyway, after discussing Jones' entertainment value, Kim and I began to list our personal Top 5s, Hip-Hop's Most Entertaining Interviewees. [Click Here To See Kim Osorio's Top 5]. Here's my personal Top 5. I must say, I've had the pleasure of interviewing all five and had moments where I struggled to hold the laughs in not to ruin the footage.

5. DJ Khaled: Yes, Khaled can be quite annoying, but it's somehow entertaining. Though we laugh at him, not with him, he's still entertaining. He's his own hype man, always punctuating his answers with his trademark slogans. Listen, we the best. See DJ Khaled's Most Annoying Moments.

4. Ice-T: Ice's smooth pimp speech is what makes him a a great interview. Interestingly, Ice can be full of crap (see most of his VH1 talking heads interviews) or drop gems on em (the definition of snitching).

3. Jim Jones: Whether he's calling Jay a "dweeb," calling Tony Yayo an "immigrant," uncontrollably spinning in his chair or making weird facial expressions, Jones is one of hip-hop's most entertaining interviews.

2. Kanye West: Too bad Ye doesn't do interviews anymore. Ye either throws a tantrum ("I'm trying hard, give a black man a chance"), makes no sense ("If I died, it would have fucked up my whole thought process") or makes an outrageous boast ("I'm the number one human being in music right now") almost every time.

1. 50 Cent: Funny, calculated, charismatic, provokative...the list goes on. Fif's interviews have become so good, they've become more entertaining than his actual music. His interview skills have also translated on the other side of the mic, as Fif is hands down hip-hop's best guest host whenever filling in on BET's "Rap City" or taking over radio stations like Power 105 or Hot 97.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Pimp C

Honorable Mentions: Diddy (quarter-time buffoon), Yung Berg (quote monster, but does anybody care?), T.I. (inconsistent), Cam'Ron (where you been?), Damon Dash (money in the bank), T-Pain (outrageously funny), Lil Wayne (unintentional brilliance), Pimpin Ken (languistics)etc, etc.

What about you guys? Who are your favorite interviewees?