Hip-Hop’s Most Entertaining Interviewees

Jim Jones is Top 5. He can’t rap, but he sure does a mean interview. Dude is just hilarious.

In his latest, Capo calls Jay-Z a “dweeb” during an interview with Global Grind’s Kim Osorio. Yet another entertaining Jones piece. I sure hope he reconsiders on the Reality Show. Anyway, after discussing Jones’ entertainment value, Kim and I began to list our personal Top 5s, Hip-Hop’s Most Entertaining Interviewees. [Click Here To See Kim Osorio's Top 5]. Here’s my personal Top 5. I must say, I’ve had the pleasure of interviewing all five and had moments where I struggled to hold the laughs in not to ruin the footage.

5. DJ Khaled: Yes, Khaled can be quite annoying, but it’s somehow entertaining. Though we laugh at him, not with him, he’s still entertaining. He’s his own hype man, always punctuating his answers with his trademark slogans. Listen, we the best. See DJ Khaled’s Most Annoying Moments.

4. Ice-T: Ice’s smooth pimp speech is what makes him a a great interview. Interestingly, Ice can be full of crap (see most of his VH1 talking heads interviews) or drop gems on em (the definition of snitching).

3. Jim Jones: Whether he’s calling Jay a “dweeb,” calling Tony Yayo an “immigrant,” uncontrollably spinning in his chair or making weird facial expressions, Jones is one of hip-hop’s most entertaining interviews.

2. Kanye West: Too bad Ye doesn’t do interviews anymore. Ye either throws a tantrum (“I’m trying hard, give a black man a chance”), makes no sense (“If I died, it would have fucked up my whole thought process”) or makes an outrageous boast (“I’m the number one human being in music right now”) almost every time.

1. 50 Cent: Funny, calculated, charismatic, provokative…the list goes on. Fif’s interviews have become so good, they’ve become more entertaining than his actual music. His interview skills have also translated on the other side of the mic, as Fif is hands down hip-hop’s best guest host whenever filling in on BET’s “Rap City” or taking over radio stations like Power 105 or Hot 97.

Lifetime Achievement Award: Pimp C

Honorable Mentions: Diddy (quarter-time buffoon), Yung Berg (quote monster, but does anybody care?), T.I. (inconsistent), Cam’Ron (where you been?), Damon Dash (money in the bank), T-Pain (outrageously funny), Lil Wayne (unintentional brilliance), Pimpin Ken (languistics)etc, etc.

What about you guys? Who are your favorite interviewees?

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  • iBomb

    That’s funny what yall said about Khaled cuz we did one in Bombin Magazine n everything yall said is tru. Check it out in the upcoming issue.

    • ACE HU$TLA



  • jesus shuttlesworth

    Jay is quite witty, which is interesting
    Killer Mike is always passionate, which makes him funnier than he’d like to be

    Wayne’s incoherent, yet outlandishly foolish statements create for a few chuckles

    Bow Wow keeps a mean stash of “negro please” comments, which makes me laugh at him

    that’s all i got, plus the folks y’all mentioned (minus young berg, i just thinks he tries to damn hard)

  • beatz23

    Jim Jones wins. Watch this and youll know what im talkin about.

  • NateNY

    Ye fiddy wins hands dwn his interviews r always hilarious and he generally spks the truth! His brutal honesty is wt gets him all those haters, they jus cnt take it usually

  • ek

    Redman might be the funniest dude out there…did you see his MTV Cribs episode?

  • Garrett40

    I agree that 50 is the most entertaining and educational interviewee in hip hop… I’ve listened to several of his 20 minute interviews numerous times.. I love hearing him talk about business parts of the game and the politics of hip hop… things that the average hip hop artist has no clue about…

    but my all time favorite interviewee (and this is outside of hip hop) is Bill Parcells.. the guy is a monster!! He is so hard on those poor journalists after a game… watch some film of his post game press conferences…. it is hillarious!

  • 239allday

    I don’t like Fifty but that nigga gives the best interviews. Even if you a hater like me you’ll get interested in Fifty again after one of his interviews.

    • Dub Sac

      It’s so true. Hearing 50′s funny-ass interviews almost makes me want to listen to his music. Almost. Too bad he believes he has to be stupid to sell (see the interview where he talks shit on Nas for reading too many books.)

      • Danny

        He didn’t talk shit to Nas. He was just saying that Nas was too smart for the general public to understand. That’s why Nas reading so many books is stupid because if he’s not going to use them to better connect with his audience he’s wasting his time.

        • Duro

          When is reading books ever a waist of time?

        • EReal

          When you could be working on your WAISTLINE.


  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Where’s Pimp C’s Ozone interview?? XXL you dropped the ball on that one.

  • Pierzy

    I’ll co-sign 50. I’d rather listen to his interviews than his music. Slim Shady is funny too…especially when Kurt Loder is trying to be super serious with him.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Sorry about that.

    Congrats!!!! Lifetime Achievement Award: Pimp C

  • beatz23

    just type in Jim Jones Talking Greasy on youtube…youll see why hes #1

  • bornnraisedcmr

    I aint no big 50 fan but that nigga interviews always be entertaining, and sometime informative.

    I think Jay gives some of the most informative interviews too though, When Wayne is coherent, his interviews are pretty funny too. Cant forget about Meth either.

  • Danny

    How can you not put Cam’Ron in the top 5?

  • giantstepp




  • The Spaniard

    “50 Cent”

    I’ve been saying this for years. I have never listen to a complete release from him…for that matter, I don’t even think too much of him as an artist but I’ll be damned if he isn’t hilarious, and on point, in an interview.

    (e.g. any interview concerning his “battle” with Cam’ron. Classic.)

  • RobDigi

    Did ya’ll forget Suge Knight? True he has not given an interview in a long-time, but each one of his interviews is hilarious. Honorable mention goes to Jungle for his interview on Dipset.

  • http://PardonMyFresh.com AO

    50, Jimmy, Jay & Dame always have the best interviews.

    50 is just a funny dude period. The interviews always good cause he’s painfully honest and smart. The “shittalk” at the end of “I Run New York (Jadakiss Diss) is classic material by the way.

    Jimmy’s attitude makes his shit ill and funny. He just dosen’t care and the vocab (i.e. what appears to be the new word of the minute “Dweeb”) is hilarious too.

    I just fucks wit Dame.

    Jay has the smartest interviews. The wit is second to none.

    Good topic

  • http://www.myspace.com/youngsafe Safe

    1- 50 CENT

    2- NAS

    3- CAM’RON


    5- JIM JONES

  • Brandon

    I would take of kanye and put in somebody like hell rell or killa cam

  • render

    LMAOO at that khaled/kanye vid on the jumpoff

    what the fuck is that nigga doin? pretending to rap?

  • Tony Grand$

    I mos def gotta roll with Fif on this one. Dude is like some sort of politician with his. Very calculated and precise, like he stands in front of the mirror and practices interviewing himself (while admiring his own buffness, of course). I wouldn’t be surprised. All u need is a title of one of his joints, and you pretty much know what the song is gonna be about. Not his interviews though. You never know what F150 is gonna let slide off of his tongue. I wonder if the nigga gets the questions ahead of time, then rehearses. He’s still hella entertaining to watch/listen to. I could do without cat rappin, but he’d prolly be aight on a radio show, maybe even a talk show. Nigga is just hilariouisly attention getting. So Puff Diddy Combs, you’ve been dethroned.

  • Maddolies

    Pimp C’s Interview About The Time Zones Makes Him The GOAT Alone.

    The Game Can Be Good When He’s Not Acting All Depressed.

    50′s Interview About Fat Joes First Week Sales Is A Must Watch.

    Camrons Interviews Are Good and Are Almost Guranteed 2 Have A “No Homo” Thrown In It Lol

  • Koncept

    Freal this dude Dj khaled
    i dont think he knows any english. i thinkk
    that the words ‘we the best’ were the
    first words he learned once he got out tha boat
    real talk thats the only shit he say

  • John Brown

    Wait! Wait! Wait! Wait! I respect PIMP C, but how can you put PIMP C and not 2PAC. Like the 2000 election I demand a RECOUNT.

  • http://www.therezidue.com Maurice Garland

    @ John Brown

    because XXL is about Hip Hop in the post Pac/Big era…right?

    and yeah…Killer Mike gives the best interviews…that is, if you are into intelligent, thought provoking conversation and shit like that.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com chosinman

    I agree everytime fifty does an interview he always gets the most views whether you like him or not, the man knows how to generate interst..

  • Maddolies

    Why Has No One Mentioned ODB Yet?

  • RicosuaveATL

    KILLER MIKE!!!!!!!
    KILLER MIKE!!!!!!!
    KILLER MIKE!!!!!!!

    No one is touching his interviews…they’re all quote filled and thought provoking….

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    that’s sum funny shit it’s true that 50 wins hands down but the nigga just talks a whole lotta shit,but Khaled is just plain stupid the nigga only says “we the best” cant wait for him to take out his al-Qaeda shit on MTV that would be classic

  • http://encyclopediablack.blogspot.com Encyclopedia Black

    NORE!!! How could you forget NORE? Easily a top 5 interviewee.

  • http://myspace.com/stonecraftoh10 Shinobi Shaw

    I aint read everybody’s post’s but What about (Ghost)Face? He is hilarious!!!

    • Were Read 2 Def

      ^I was jus bout 2 say that. Ghost is fuckin nuts!

  • Macdatruest

    I gotta disagree with everybody riding Fiddy nuts in his interviews and talking about he is sooo informative. Dude be lying and contradicting himself and he is brutally honest about other rappers but is in brutal denial about himself and the quality of his own music and label’s success. He will try and break down why you should not like someone else’s music but his music has even more flaws.

    He talked about Nas was a punk for signing to Def Jam because Jay smashed his baby momsback in the day, but Shanequa his baby moms got a newborn and she been gtting 25,000 a month from dude since he came out and living rent free. So she fuckin and suckin some nobody and getting paid for under his son’s nose in his house and got knocked up.

    G-Unit was supposed to have this big new roster wit this big plan to drop an album every month starting with Mobb Deep and ending with M.O.P. and it sounded so wonderful and XXL rode his nuts before he even did it, then Mobb Deep flopped and he dropped half his staff, then even Lloyd Banks flopped. He lied about all that shit.

    Whenever Fiddy say some shit, it’s always a criticism of somebody else, thats why he got all the magazines and video guest spots The Media know who to go to for potential public nigger moments. I personally never got any entertainment or education out of a Fiddy interview. He bamboozle niggas he know how to use his money to make anything he say seem like its smart even obvious lies or just bullshit opinions and interviewers only wanna hear him talk shit, they dont even listen to his music, and they got orders. The same bullshit any mad rapper would say about another is “brutal honesty” coming from Fiddy why? cause he got money and Im a slave. If I say something about Fiddy, Im hating. If he say some shit about me, its a wonderful brilliant great business maneuver and he’s baiting me in because he’s so brilliant!!!!

    • drox

      @ Macdatruest
      I feel what u’re tryin 2 say men. 50 a f’in lair but u gotta understand the dude maintains relevant to the hip-hop world thru his interviews. U can certainly c how his music is doin!!! He got his business still boomin everywhere and he still got the money to make every hip hop magazine ride his nuts and his been able to do that thru his interviews where jus throws blunt shots that r sometimes really interesting but other than that… dude’s soooooooooooo not poppin no more!!!

      • Macdatruest

        Well whats hating? Whats failing? I didnt know you could buy your way out of obvious reality but whatever I guess vitamin water forever