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  • Dblock

    Jeezy been rockin over classic breaks from album one. Catch up. He doesn’t OD to the point you would immediately attach his name to that type of production, but anyone who bumps his albums know the tracks I’m talkin bout.

  • Tony Grand$

    First! Ha! Shit on the haters who’ve never got to say it! Step ya blog game up, nerd! Anyway…….

  • render

    I aint the biggest 9th wonder fan but I like his flip of this the best

    this is one of those samples that you can only do so much with tho. Dilla tried to flip it a lil different but it sounds better straight

  • TheCo!!inB

    to loop or to chop…..that is the question…Gooch you might wanna check this album out cause he’s got two other mean samples happening that I wouldn’t expect from him.

  • Gooch

    Me personally, I’m a bigger fan of the loop versus the chop. I’m oldschool like that.

  • diggsy

    The Recession – September 2nd

    The Recession – September 2nd

    The Recession – September 2nd

  • Queens Boy

    this shit is crazy!!! and whoever said that jeezy been doin this style they right just listen to go crazy off his first album i am actually going to buy the recession on sept 2nd!!!