Former Source EIC Reveals Nas & 50 Cent Flings In Tell-All Book

So I stopped by Jackpot’s desk to ask him some online questions last week.

He wasn’t there, so I waited around a few minutes, looking at celebrity photos and the lack of decoration until my eyes landed on Straight To The Source: An Expose From The Former Editor-In-Chief Of The Hip-Hop Bible. I heard Kim Osorio, The Source‘s first female Editor-In-Chief was planning to release a Tell-All Book for some time, but I hadn’t realized it would hit bookstores so soon. With Jackpot nowhere in sight minutes later, I snatched the copy and took it back to my cube, so I can flip through the pages.

So here I am reading the ackowledgements when this Harris freelance writer stops by to chop it up. He immediately sees the book and starts spilling the beans? “Yo, she says a lot in here,” says the writer. “Love triangle with Nas and 50?” Needless to say he spoiled it for me. I hadn’t gotten that far. And like most readers, I got sucked in by the juicy tid bits. Could Osorio have been involved in a love triangle with Nas and 50? Come to think about it, could she have been the reason the two MCs fell out. Fif has long said he and Nas’ relationship soured when Columbia switched their verses on Jennifer Lopez‘s “I’m Gonna Be Alright,” but could there be more to it? Apparently not.

Osorio does come clean about frequenting Nas and Fif for brief periods, but the timelines don’t conflict, so there’s no love triangle there. But here’s what separates Straight From The Source from opportunists like Carmen Bryant and Karrine “Superhead” Steffans. Sex isn’t the book’s focus. While Bryant and Steffans dedicated chapters to their sexcapades and went into great detail, including the size and width of their shlongs, Osorio doesn’t. Nas and Fif are mentioned because they’re essential to the story’s conclusion, not for sensationalism.

Personally, I could care less about Nas and Fif. I cared about interesting information like Nas hanging out with Freddie Foxxx. I cared about Osorio being conflicted between providing for her daughter and carrying out Ray Benzino and Dave Mays’ immoral missions during The Source‘s glory days and its darkest hour. I cared about Benzino switching covers at the last minute, re-ordering cover shoots, randomly firing employees and trading covers for beats and guest appearances on his records. I cared about Zino favoring street cred over journalistic integrity, which eventually lead to the mag’s downfall. I cared about Dave Mays’ inexplicable fear of Benzino, especially considering Zino has never been documented as one of the publication’s true founders.

This is a must-read for hip-hop writers and readers. It’ll give you insight into your former favorite magazine’s downfall.

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  • racist


  • EZZILe


  • ron mexico

    “I cared about Dave Mays’ inexplicable fear of Benzino, especially considering Zino has never been documented as one of the publication’s true founders.”

    dave mays didn’t want to end up like paul pierce.

    • Pierzy

      In retrospect, I’d be more afraid of ending up like Benzino and Made Men

    • Tony Grand$

      Mex, ur a fool for that!

  • Pierzy

    Sounds like a good read…

    It wouldn’t surprise me to find out that NaS & 50 fought over Kim. Remember back in ’99 – ’01 when we heard rumors that Jay had bagged NaS’ babymoms and nobody believed it?

  • Soooo Kurupt

    Man I tell you

    “theez bitches ain’t shit but hoes and tricks,”

    They write tell-all books bout suck’n dick…

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    This book sounds like a page turner. Benzino is one of the absolute worst rappers ever right up there with Plies, Vanilla Ice, and Yung Berg. Dave Mays would sink a magazine faster than Dame Dash. I still can’t believe he went to Harvard.

    Em was right in everything he said about these guys, and I appreciated what he did when he dropped those jewels.

  • soulkat

    I support Ms. O. for real. She coulda easily just told the crazy shit Ray and Dave did and left out anything about herself and nobody woulda blamed her for it, but she’s telling the truth even if it mean she gotta put herself out there. Do ya thang ma.

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  • yungone

    im sorry but am i the only one that went “ill” when i scrolled down to the picture

    • Penelope Rodriguez

      No, you’re not. I said the same shit.

  • DJ Daddy Mack

    HMMMMM. I might pick this up. I was thinking about bringing her to my school.


    gotdamn…another fuckin book wit bitches tellin all they fuckin bizness???!!!…this shit is gettin outta hand…..but ima cop this shit tho…lmao!!!

  • DMV hustler

    a little to late for her to be dropping a tell all book isn’t it.

  • Avenger XL

    Man what is going on with the tell all books. A powerful dude can’t enjoy the spoils of victory any more.

    See the spoils:

    2.Good supply of cut
    3. All the toys that come with it

    You can strike number 2 off the list cause as soon as you give cut a broad and you got money she is squilling and not in a good way. Write books on how you usta knock her down before you picked up yo kid or hit her while you called yo wife. infidelty is a whole other issue but now the game is so jacked up powerful men can’t just get a nut and chill. Back in the day your only worries was impregnating some careless stank or getting the package wich is bad enough but now these tricks are telling like they are in a confesssional. Now this is snitching telling drug dealers ain’t snitching fucking over peoples lives when you knowingly got your nut and all the gifts that came with it is.

    Fellas Think before you cut man


    I don’t see this one hitting the bestseller list.

  • bgz

    I dug shorty since back when she was at The Source.
    She ain’t the hottest broad in the game, but has the winning combo of a Boriqua body and some brain cells above the shoulders.