First off, shouts to DJ Double O. Shouts to Naledge and shouts to their manager Dan Solomito.

I hit up Dan sending him my best wishes when this Kidz In The Hall incident first broke, but I'm not sure he got my message. In any event, I still can't get over this damn Arizona beating. Bad things do happen to good people. I just saw Naledge and Dan at the Kid Cudi mixtape party like two weeks ago and it was nothing but love as usual. Whenever I bump into Double O, we just be cracking jokes. I don't claim to know these dudes on an intimate level, pause, but they've always came across as good guys. I just don't see what they could have done to deserve being beaten and arrested. I heard Angela Yee's interview live from Rock The Bells and dudes got charges now. How you get an assault charge for being assaulted?

I have a feeling those little charges won't stick, though. It turns out that somebody filmed Double O getting assaulted by the bouncers. Though he appears to be on top of one of the guards early in the footage, he clearly never put his hands on him. Seconds later, fa'nook ass bouncers were trying to pin him down and hold his hands so they can strike his face. A source close to the kids told me all Double O did was grab his own bottle (that he bought) by the bar or something. Somehow that's ass whooping grounds cause the bouncer then put Double O in a chokehold and the rest is history. I never knew Arizona was racist like that, but I'm hesistant to ever go there now. Dudes get they ass beat for buying drinks over there. Imagine what you'll get for bagging girls.

If any good is to come out of this, it's that Double O is about to get paid. I'm assuming there's a suit on the table and if the footage isn't enough to solve the case then I don't know what is. Double O, I like how you're handling this, taking it in with a smile and all. But be careful what you say, my dude. Ease up on that shooting videos in Dubai stuff. Don't give them no kind of ammo.