Double O’s About To Get Paid


First off, shouts to DJ Double O. Shouts to Naledge and shouts to their manager Dan Solomito.

I hit up Dan sending him my best wishes when this Kidz In The Hall incident first broke, but I’m not sure he got my message. In any event, I still can’t get over this damn Arizona beating. Bad things do happen to good people. I just saw Naledge and Dan at the Kid Cudi mixtape party like two weeks ago and it was nothing but love as usual. Whenever I bump into Double O, we just be cracking jokes. I don’t claim to know these dudes on an intimate level, pause, but they’ve always came across as good guys. I just don’t see what they could have done to deserve being beaten and arrested. I heard Angela Yee’s interview live from Rock The Bells and dudes got charges now. How you get an assault charge for being assaulted?

I have a feeling those little charges won’t stick, though. It turns out that somebody filmed Double O getting assaulted by the bouncers. Though he appears to be on top of one of the guards early in the footage, he clearly never put his hands on him. Seconds later, fa’nook ass bouncers were trying to pin him down and hold his hands so they can strike his face. A source close to the kids told me all Double O did was grab his own bottle (that he bought) by the bar or something. Somehow that’s ass whooping grounds cause the bouncer then put Double O in a chokehold and the rest is history. I never knew Arizona was racist like that, but I’m hesistant to ever go there now. Dudes get they ass beat for buying drinks over there. Imagine what you’ll get for bagging girls.

If any good is to come out of this, it’s that Double O is about to get paid. I’m assuming there’s a suit on the table and if the footage isn’t enough to solve the case then I don’t know what is. Double O, I like how you’re handling this, taking it in with a smile and all. But be careful what you say, my dude. Ease up on that shooting videos in Dubai stuff. Don’t give them no kind of ammo.

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  • Pierzy

    You never knew Arizona was racist? The same state that didn’t want to recognize Martin Luther King’s birthday?? There’s a reason PE made “By The Time I Get To Arizona.”

    • khal

      i was gonna say the same thing! Arizona is wild racist.

  • whoooooo

    Where is the video….someone post a link


    wasnt john mccain the reason they didnt recognized MLK day

  • Trayfree

    Have you fools ever been in a club when a fight go down. Double-O wasn’t letting the fool out of that headlock. Once the bouncers came they must have told that fool to let go and he didn’t so they popped that fool in the face. The way the dragged his ass out of there is standard operating procedure its done so he doesn’t get to throw any more punches. Same shit would have happened if the bouncers were black, ya’ll fools racists.

    • BIGNAT

      you speak the truth my friend

  • Janine

    That’s a damn shame……

  • OG Matt Herbz

    Shiiiiit! Me and some fellow White Niggaz been rolling through Arizona for years and have never been hit with more than a speeding ticket. But I ain’t no bitch ass nigga, so maybe that’s why I didn’t get beat down at no clubs. In fact, at the same spot where this Double-Ho character was getting laid out, some bouncers were bringing me drinks and shit, calling some hoes they knew to come down and meet me… Love is love, playaz… When I’m back from the tour, I might just scoop me an Adobe-style house out in Sedona just to fuck with niggaz…

    –OG Matt Herbz–

    • Tony Grand$

      ^og matt nerds…

      “Fellow white niggaz”? Guy, are u serious? U sound like the most confused racist fifteen yr old white girl in the world. Did u even read ur post? I suggest u stop listening to so much fifty cent. And stop sayin nigga, u sound stupid. Your grandparents should be ashamed of you, and you of yaself, cracker. You got me and my NIGGAS lol! Cyberthug ass preteen. Go do your homework, man. Its grown folks in here. Shish!

    • KF UK

      I HATE YOU. Your the reason the word Wigga was invented. dude im a white guy aswell, but seriously you make me fucking ashamed. Niggaz this and that seriously man, you can tell your from Arizona and havent actually ever spoken to 1 black person,otherwise you wouldnt be fucking talking like that, you smoke weed listen to 50 cent and think you can act like you do? your a tit. and stop watchin that Whiteboyz film, its not a documentry for your life ok?

      Seriously if you ever came to England youd get the shit kicked out of you, and not cuz Englands all hardcore (im not hating on the US) but cuz your a fake phoney pussyhole faggot. Talk to one person black or white around here and they WILL LAFF in your face. Now go cop that new Willy Nelson CD and keep it moving….

      Little boy…

  • kids in hell

    lol at kidz in the hall getting stomped. fucking fruitcakes. kid cudi is next

  • LightSkinMofo


  • Lancelot

    LOL! it looks like Kidz in the Hall can now become Kidz in the subs’ now ~

    Get Well Soon (or as soon as a skull can heal after a plate being put in it, to fix the damn thing IN THE 1st PLACE)


  • 239allday

    Double O prolly got that eyepatch from Naledge missin and stickin his dick in his eye!!!

  • enzo

    pullin the race card again. missed me with that shit.

  • Kane Corleone

    Daaaamn….just checked the video whiteboi cocked(pause)bacc and socked cuh in his shit,where’s his homeboy @ and this dj nigga ?oh i know somebody was holding the other dude by his tight ass jeans. i seen like 6 craccaz rushin his ass!! FUCK AZ & them racist peckerwoods,but save the white women.

  • Silverback Gorilla

    Can anybody recall a time when any “gangsta rapper” got beat up by club bouncers? I’m sure a few rappers are prayin’ that they get sent w/in a 20 miles radius of that place so they can see just how tuff these bouncers are.

  • Silverback Gorilla

    Two grown men w/ the name Kidz in the Hall..not a good marketing strategy, unless your target group is infact.. KIDS.

  • BirDMan

    If your not down with the bouncers at a club, you get into a fight and if your ontop swing for the damn fences. Fuck it, your already either getting beat after, or charged.

  • render

    How the fuck you gonna take a beating like that without fighting back? These aint cops, they’re meathead ex-football players that barely make more than minimum wage…kid gonna get beat either way

    and did this nigga go to a club by himself? where the fuck are his mans trying to at least break it up?

    homeboy may have been innocent but he still took that shit like a punk

  • Nina

    I don’t see this guy getting any real money out of this. I would hope he atleast gets his medical expenses paid. The club should be insured and should cover that no matter if the bouncer(s) were in the right or in the wrong.

    I feel bad for the guy but at the same time I’m not believing that he got his ass kicked cause he was black and the bouncer was racist.

  • tje009

    if I was him I would come back and spray that whole club up!