I get on this column and I do all kinds of drops about how the south is losing, or how the south is killing Hip-Hop, or how Texas is actually in the Midwest region. Most of those drops are tongue in cheek [ll] as far as how I feel about specific artists. I don't hate all southern artists like I don't endorse all northeastern rappers. For argument's sake I appear to be didactic so that a discussion can begin.

In the last few weeks I have to admit that have never given southern artists credit for squashing beefs to get money together. Killer Mike is cool again with Big Boi. Thats good to see. Ludacris and T.I. are homies? That shit is incredible right there. I didn't think these two would come back to the table like this. The thing that southern artists recognize is their power when they form Voltron. If Saigon, Maino, Papoose and Joell Ortiz were to connect on some crew shit this could go a long way to bringing NYC back into Hip-Hop.

Remember when Jay-Z and Biggie were collaborating? These two brought that best out in each other. Artists need that shit. They need to be inspired to push the envelope. I think New York City artists have too many people trying to tell each of them to claim the crown of the city. At the end of the day no one gives a shit about who has the crown on. The fans are fickle like fiends. All we want is good music. Plain and simple. We don't care if motherfuckers hate each others guts. If you giving up hot tracks we are happy.

Do you think A Tribe Called Quest were always friends? OutKast played it off to deliver some incredible music. The Wu-Tang is the same way. Its only when these artists can't deliver that good music any longer that the different personalities becomes glaring. I am giving credit to all the southern artists that realize people don't need ot be bosom buddies to make music and money. Get your bread right Killer Mike and Big Boi. Go Hollywood Luda and T.I. Maybe one day these cats up top can study how you dudes politic the game and increase their income.