Can’t We All Just Get Along?

I get on this column and I do all kinds of drops about how the south is losing, or how the south is killing Hip-Hop, or how Texas is actually in the Midwest region. Most of those drops are tongue in cheek [ll] as far as how I feel about specific artists. I don’t hate all southern artists like I don’t endorse all northeastern rappers. For argument’s sake I appear to be didactic so that a discussion can begin.

In the last few weeks I have to admit that have never given southern artists credit for squashing beefs to get money together. Killer Mike is cool again with Big Boi. Thats good to see. Ludacris and T.I. are homies? That shit is incredible right there. I didn’t think these two would come back to the table like this. The thing that southern artists recognize is their power when they form Voltron. If Saigon, Maino, Papoose and Joell Ortiz were to connect on some crew shit this could go a long way to bringing NYC back into Hip-Hop.

Remember when Jay-Z and Biggie were collaborating? These two brought that best out in each other. Artists need that shit. They need to be inspired to push the envelope. I think New York City artists have too many people trying to tell each of them to claim the crown of the city. At the end of the day no one gives a shit about who has the crown on. The fans are fickle like fiends. All we want is good music. Plain and simple. We don’t care if motherfuckers hate each others guts. If you giving up hot tracks we are happy.

Do you think A Tribe Called Quest were always friends? OutKast played it off to deliver some incredible music. The Wu-Tang is the same way. Its only when these artists can’t deliver that good music any longer that the different personalities becomes glaring. I am giving credit to all the southern artists that realize people don’t need ot be bosom buddies to make music and money. Get your bread right Killer Mike and Big Boi. Go Hollywood Luda and T.I. Maybe one day these cats up top can study how you dudes politic the game and increase their income.

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  • kritiq

    R.I.P Beanie Mac, R.I.P Isaac Hayes

    • Tony Grand$

      ^^Two of the best that did it. God bless their souls and families.


    About time!!! No hate for da south?…wow…I’m shocked!!!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    hate for the south in tomorrow’s column dumbass

    • dj nice wit it

      billy???? your a dick head. why you gotta call him a dumbass. You must be feeling yourself on that key board a lil too much.

    • gettinmoneycool


  • John Brown


    It all starts with 50. NYC rappers are scared of 50. They dont want to be the next Fat Joe and/or Jada. To kill the snake you gotta chopp the head. Start at the top.

    • texasleen

      dumbest shit ive ever read…50 c’mon

    • Yo

      50 is scared of a fair one with Fat Joe straight up

  • Pierzy

    “If Saigon, Maino, Papoose and Joell Ortiz were to connect on some crew shit this could go a long way to bringing NYC back into Hip-Hop.”

    ^^^^^^^^^Co-Sign all day!

  • Billy X. Sunday

    John Brown,
    You are a batshit simpleton. No one in the South has to cut off a head to get bread.

    I’m talking about getting money in a tightening economy.

    You are having fruitbag fantasies.


    I feel ya, i remember the days when you could catch prodigy, nas, ghostface, and raekwon all on the same track! that being said, i think the whole new york battle rap culture is the reason why everyone is on their own “i’m da best shit”. it goes both ways tho…I sure wish jeezy didn’t embrace the shawty lo/rocko’s of the world. if he didn’t these copy cats wouldn’t have a leg to stand on!


    I agree wit Billy, NIggas up north wanna be on top so bad that they become corny. Nothing against artists from NY cuz i did cop them Ron G etc. mixtapes but Southern Artists really know about longevity simply because they HAVE been around that long. Scarface, 8ball and MGJ. B.G…. all of em.

    They funny shit about it is… these southern artists never changed. All of their music sound the same from back in the 90s. I can go down a whole list and give niggas history on southern music.

    On anothern note….THERE IS A SUCH THING AS SOUTHERN HOSPITALITY. If i can break bread with you, Lets get it. But If u aint as good as I am on the mic, fuck you.

  • henry

    rappers are too paranoid, especially prodigy

  • khalil amani

    Khalil Amani is (Ya gay friend’s favorite straight friend!

    So! You’re Mad At The South? Tough Shyt!

    Let’s face one harsh hip-hop reality (for a lot of folks)! The South is runnin’ the rap game and has been for the last few years! One of the main reasons that the South has the rap game on lock is because there is UNITY! Sure, the South has had its share of beefs. Young Jeezy had beef with Gucci Mane (squashed!). T.I. had beef with Ludacris (squashed!). T.I. had beef with Lil Flip (passé’!). Shawty Lo tryna start beef with T.I. (easy win for T.I.). Khia has beef with Trina (Who cares?) A couple of Texas rappers had some issues. Petty stuff! When we think about Southern hip-hop, “beef” doesn’t come to mind. Southern rappers collaborate on more mixtapes, albums, and videos. Imagine trying to get all the New York rappers on a hip-hop magazine cover like those Texas rappers! It ain’t gonna happen.

    These Northern rappers are all over the beef place! 5o Cent vs. Ja Rule, The Game, Cam’ron, Fat Joe, Jadakiss, Jr. Mafia vs. Dipset, Jay-Z vs. Nas, Jim Jones, Uncle Murder vs. Papoose and Big Truck, Fat Joe vs. Papoose, Maino vs. Lil Cease, Nycks (Oh you mad ‘cause I’m Stylin’ On You!) vs. E-N-J, etc., etc. etc. These Northern rappers are your classic “crabs-in-a-barrel.” Instead of bringing back that Northern lyricism and hit-making sound that the world has come to know as rap music, they are stuck in internecine struggle (in-fighting!). Meanwhile, the South is getting that money!

    Don’t get me wrong! I’ll never hate on the North! I’m rooting for the North! LL Cool J, Run DMC, Jay-Z, Nas, and Biggie are among the greatest! But I also think that Lil Wayne, T.I., Ludacris, Rick Ross, and Clipse, (to name a few) are the shyt too! I’ll go on record and say that before it’s all said and done Lil Wayne will become “Rakim-esque” or “Tupac-esque.”

    I’m not stuck in regional hip-hop la-la land! I’m a Dirty South brotha, raised in Miami, but Miami does not define my taste in rap music, because I understand that we are all one people—Black, White, Hispanic, Jewish, Asian, etc. Lucy/Eve is our eponymous mother. You feel me? Every black person in New York is only a generation or two removed from the South! So why are you hatin’? Your daddy’s daddy’s daddy’s nut-sack is of Southern origin! The South is the backbone of the African-American experience! The South is the cradle of black folks’ existence! The South is the womb of Northern progressiveness! The South is the birthplace of Call and Response, Ragtime, Jazz, Gospel, R&B… and by extension—RAP/HIP-HOP! The South has a rich heritage of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU’s), as seen in movies such as Stomp The Yard—a movie depicting the wonderful rhythmic intricacies of black college fraternity and sorority “stepping,” which is an extension of the African drum and dance tradition with hip-hop and krump dance—and Drumline—a movie which displays the awesome power of black marching bands like the world has never seen! “Band geek?” Puhleazzzee! Not in the South! Get that country bumpkin mentality out of your mind! You have not seen a marching band until you’ve seen the Florida A&M Marching 100! (F.A.M.U.)—Eight Drum Majors—360 members—Death March cadence into a 100 step per minute march called “the Rattler!” Super Bowl XLI halftime appearance with Prince!

    The South birthed the Civil Rights Movement, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Stokely Carmichael (Kwame Toure of Black Power/S.N.C.C./Black Panther Party), Elijah Muhammad (founder of the Nation of Islam and spiritual teacher of Northern Malcolm X and Louis Farrakhan, Five Percent Nation), Muhammad Ali and many, many other notables! As Fat Joe raps, “Why is everybody mad at the South…?” Don’t get it twisted! The SOUTH Bronx may be the literal birthplace of hip-hop, but its roots lie in the Dirty-Dirty (the South). And by the way, can somebody please explain where the South is? You know… the Civil War, the Emancipation Proclamation and which states were under Southern Confederate rule under president Jefferson Davis, the Mason-Dixon Line, time zones and all of that other ignant crap he was pontificating about that he should have learned in junior high school history and civics class! Just for your information, if you check the history books, the “TRUE SOUTH” is Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, Arkansas and Tennessee!!! Virginia, Kentucky, Florida and TEXAS are considered “secondary” Southern states! Texas is part of the “pseudo-South”! Check your history! If ATL is not the South, then Texas is not a part of America!

    Let’s face it! Ever since Tupac put the strong pimp-hand down on New York with “Hit ‘em Up” the North hasn’t been the same! Tupac exposed New York as the “Suge Knight” (bully) of rap and set into motion the thought that brothas in the South and other areas could actually have a voice independent of what their Northern counterparts were rapping. Instead of hatin’ and bitchin’ and bloggin’ and showing your bitchassness on the South, figure out a way to get it poppin’ in the North ‘cause at the end of the day, we’re all in the SAME GAME! Until then, tough shyt!

    • real talk

      you can tell hes unemployed.

      save that for comp writing I

    • Justice4all

      S.U.!!!!! The Human JukeBox Homie.

      “Often Imitated Never Duplicated”.

    • hec44

      yo dude u got paid for tht shit get a mag or a column dam toooooo much time in ur hand s homie

    • florida_evans

      Of course Texas is not part of America!Didn’t you read Pat Buchanans book,State of Emergency?Mexico is taking Texas back,bit by bit!Also,Lil Wayne is a hack.He will never ever be in the echelon of Rakim.Rakim is a rap god.Wayne is a nigga.Good day,sir.

    • Sdubb-google-me

      Yo the shit you said was on point, matter of fact it was better than the blog itself. As a man born and raised in Philly that went on to live in MD (not actually the south but country as hell). I understand exactly what your saying. I am the first on to say that the south killed/evolved hiphop as we knew it. If the south can say they are responsible for nursery rhymes then we can say were responsible for beef rap. Which left that void to be filled for a new sound. I give Weezy, Scarface, TI/Coolbreeze,Young Buck, Jeezy & Outkast/Goodie they props and that’s where it stops. I love this thing called hip hop some niggas be playing with it & it’s fucked up. If you 25 and above you know this is not what rap was intended to be. Alcohol, Video Hoes, Gold teeth, Chains, Whips, scars, cotton, slaves, masters. We still have masters Hip hop was created so that we were in control of our own voice now it’s all fucked up. The south is the Voice right now and the message is fucked up but the North is the gatekeepers and where in contempt too. In all what you said is exactly correct. The Eastcoast are haters now cause they fell off and can’t find that next gen sound. Hip hop has also fogot about the unsung hero’s the DJ. They started this HIP HOP shit and this the mutafucking thanks they get? Eastcoast producers/DJ get on ya fucking job a push the envelope w/music and collaborations. So what niggas don’t like each other put they ass on a song together anyway. Grow some nuts Dj Clue was mad soft and he still went to every borough and got niggas to spit.

  • chad bro chill

    billy u r the scariest internet gangster i have ever cyber seen
    the blog is very true btw but your still so scary when you insult people through your replies

  • Justice4all

    You shouldn’t mention “prodigy” and “rapper” in the same sentence, people might get him confused with a rapper…



      • Black

        Obviously he did do his homework nigga, Prodigy is Garbage!!!

        • DETROIT

          oh, you’re right, “shook ones”, “quiet storm”, “keep it thoro”, “hell on earth”, “survival of the fittest”, etc. is all wack! I’m sorry for thinking that prodigy has put out more classic music than 85% of the niggas who have ever touched a mic!

        • Hey

          Cosign! Go listen to HNIC2 and tell me the same shit you hoe ass niggaz.


    What a boring way to start off Monday!

    That was a waste of a blog.


    Billy you are right about the south for once in your life! Now me personally I really miss the days when the eastcoast artist got on tracks together. I think you hit it on the head by saying everyone wants to be the King of New York. Thats where the ego problems come in but it hurts the east money wise but even more musically.

  • MC

    who cares about the East coast…I’m not hatting but these muthefukers will come to an understanding one day when they start making real music…cause right now–everyone is trying to make club songs like the south is doing..No one is trying to have a voice …lately i find my self bumping..pac’s REsisting the temptation”…you young’nz should look that up. They don’t make real music like that no more…so as fare as i’m concern fuck rappers..and hip hop…this sht is wack..niggaz worshipping bullshit wayne…lol….

  • grp03

    Last time NY cats got together they came out with the song “New York”. Needless to say, i hope that never happens again.

    You do have a good point, though.

  • Ron Mexico

    “If Saigon, Maino, Papoose and Joell Ortiz were to connect on some crew shit…” it would be garbage.

    and southern rappers beef too. i think southern rappers bein all peace is a sterotype akin to them being all slow.

    i do get the point tho… up top is choc full of hatin-ass, crab-ass, no money gettin-ass dunny dun dun dadun-dadun niggas.

    the rappers need to do like the bloggers. we gets money TOGETHER!

  • darrell

    lol i was wit until u sed MAINO lmfao fukkin ringtone rappa

  • Federal Ranga

    Last time NY cats got together they came out with the song “New York”. Needless to say, i hope that never happens again.

    Co-sign… that was FUCKED UP…

  • Young History in the Making

    its not a bad idea tho…i think nyc/east coast rappers can maybe take notice that all other artists from the country really DO collab more and get money together….southern rappers arent the only ones that do that…west coast rappers do it all the time…i.e. game, snoop, and xzibit track “california vaction”…and midwest rappers do it too…i.e. j-kwon “tipsy remix” wit murph dirt and chingy (only one i could think of off the top)no liberace….so aint nothin wrong with rappers up north takin that into consideration…you never know….some hot shit could come from it..people sayin hiphop is dead…maybe thatll do sumthin to maybe resurrect it…awwready..


    ^^^ I agree w/ Sdubb me being from Philly but been fuckin w/ Southern hiphop since 94(and yes Coolbreeze joint was slept on.) I find myself not listening the south as much as I use to, cuz just like east coast music that shit is just gettin worse. Funny thing is tho, back in 96′ niggaz was saying all that playa, mafioso, get money rap was played out. Difference back then compared to now, u had balance. For every B.I.G or Jay-z song there was Goodie M.O.B or even Smiff n Wessun. There was a balance.

  • Hey

    Yo Billy X,

    Do you get paid for this? If so, I’m mad.


    Hardworking American


    I agree wit Billy, NIggas up north wanna be on top so bad that they become corny. Nothing against artists from NY cuz i did cop them Ron G etc. mixtapes but Southern Artists really know about longevity simply because they HAVE been around that long. Scarface, 8ball and MGJ. B.G…. all of em.

    When talking about the history of hip hop, you can’t leave out the money.
    One of the reasons why Southern Cats were able to maintain their sound was because LIKE cats in the bay they were fiercely independent.

    As a independent, you can make trends rather then chase them.

    The proportion of emcees that can live off independent money alone is far greater in the Bay/South than it will ever be in NY.

    In NY there is not only a desire to eat/live and shine/ but to do some bugged out hood Donald Trump shit.

    Outside of NY, cats understand the benefits of that slow ugly grind.

  • Enigmatik

    Billy X. must’ve been sippin’ some sizzurp today with the kind words about the Souf an’ all…


    Maino and Papoose hahahahahaha piaring them with joell and saigon. joell and saigon equal mike those other 2 niggas can be the rest of the jackson five.

  • Listen

    i’m tired of people talking about Texas aint in the south.. If you dumbasses would look on the Map Texas Is the furthest south than any state.. it might be in the middle of the united state as far as going east to west but going North To SOUTH its lower than any state..

  • Ryan

    Maybe if New York rappers knew how to design fancy album covers than they too could have their mediocore 90s gangsta rap albums selling on ebay for 60 dollars each like the old No Limit CDs.

  • JamPo

    NY niggas need to brush up on their musical skills…they have good lyrics but no real musical taste….

  • jonjon23

    I think the demise of hip hop is related to these record companies stifling the artist creativity. Example: Jay Z could be dropping an album and the song could sound like stir fried shit, but the stations play it every hour because of the marketing dollars. While a new hungry artist could have a fire single getting no air play at all. These stations are in the back pockets of these record companies. I’m tired of hearing the same play list on the radio stations–that’s why I stopped listening. On the South: I think the south is on top because the music, feel, and attitude is so rhythmic and full of soul. Its the deep bass lines, accent, and the whole feel down south. That’s where soul was born. When the slaves where brought to the south to work they sang while they worked and in their small amount of downtime they danced and juked.

  • rizzop

    Theres good music from every coast, the problem is we dont support it. HNIC2 was good as shit. Styles P last joint was crazy. etc. etc….I got love for the south because they just go hard. All coast have garbage also. If we stop lookin to the radio an television to dictate whats “hot” this wouldnt even need to be spoken on

  • TheCo!!inB

    fuck all that. the fuck is good with bloggers with weak ass blogs posting blogs in the comment section of another bloggers blog…..that aint whoa man.