Are YOU Ready For Some Football?!?

XXL Mag Dot Com Family,

Are you fags geeked for the upcoming NFL season? Yeah, I know Michael Vick is still locked up but there are plenty of other players not even under indictment.

As a treat to all of you that have fucked with this column over the last how ever many months that XXL has broadcast it I decided to give back to the community.

The Any Given Billy X. Sunday football pool will kick off this year. The winner of the pool not only gets to be the king of the hill as far as commenters are concerned but I will copp them a pair of kicks for FREE with my XXL earnings. You people have earned it with your venomous hate and your inane chatter.

Step 1: Leave a comment on the thread that you want to play. Make sure that your e-mail address is legit. One request to play per person.

Step 2: Register your team name.

Step 3: Make your picks weekly prior to kickoff of that weeks first game.

Step 4: Talk shit.

We are playing the season with point spreads. Does everyone know how that shit works? The idea of the point spread is that the favored team has to win by at least that amount in order for it to actually win in the pool. For instance… If New England is favored by +6 points over Miami and the final score is New England 20 and Miami 15 then Miami is credited as winning that game.

The point spread separates the wheat from the chaff as well as the winners and the losers.

I’ll post a drop weekly about who is in the lead and I will figure a way to tie it all into Hip-Hop/rap music since that is part of my contract here at XXL.

Don’t wait too long to sign up. The pool only has fifty slots and I have occupied one of them my damn self.

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  • bklynrep

    i’m down…

  • spraycans

    i’m down to play homie.


    I wear size 10 b*tches(no homo)
    all you diabolical hatas tell you half a c^nt fish lips girls to shot me some nudies, i got some homies on lock down that might be nastier than you and want to hit that.

  • Monitor

    Sign me the fuck up…thank god for football season. All these baseball highlights on Sportscenter being boring the shit out of me. XXL Fam is goin down son.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    put your e-mail address in the proper field NOT in the comments thread

  • Peru

    Sign me up, Let me get them Jordan XI when they get re released in December, size 13…

  • DC

    Count me in.

  • John Galt

    I’ll give it a shot, Billy. As a lifelong Dolphins fan, I need something to make Sundays less depressing.

  • http://ItsBx dnero73

    I´m down for the getdown

  • DevilintheFlesh

    I wanna play and I want some of them Kashi joints…..LMFAO….no homo

  • chad bro chill

    i wanna play let me play

    seriously tho i wanna play

  • Og Bobby J

    im bout to feed you niggas a cockmeat sandwich…

    sign me the fuck up….

  • JOVA

    Sign me up!!!

    The Champ is here!!!!

  • Were Read 2 Def

    Im down. Holla @cha boi!

  • Ryan

    Sign me the fuck up.

  • geico lizard

    im in. titans #1

  • Lone Starr

    I’m in.

    Funk Town Lone Starrs

  • C-Money

    Yo put me in that. All you niggas are fighting for 2nd place.

  • DJ Knox

    Oh Yeah, ya’ll fuckin with a young John Madden out here, hatas. I’m So In!! LOL (giggles like schoolgirl with excitement)

  • akaTheRealist

    I’m down..what’s the price limit on the kicks? Whatever it is, props for giving back to your faithful commenters..


    I’M IN!!!!

  • “The Party Killa”

    Im in….Now the question is what’s the grand prize, that I win, when I win!


    put me in and whats the limit to what you will get me because my football pics net me good money. it’s getting to the point niggas don’t wanna bet with me no more mwhahahahaha

  • Da PartyStarter

    I’m in. I wear size 11. NO Bo-Bo’s.

  • sj

    I want to play.

  • MGarvey

    Sign a brotha up: team name: ConVicks

  • Shady

    im in


    Man, you’d better actually do this shit this time. I was ready with Dead Head Records back when the cRap Fantasy League was supposed to start a few months ago.

    All bitching aside, I’m in.

  • mex

    Im down 2 play

  • ron mexico

    oh, ronaldinho is up in this bitch.

    you know where to find me.

    no collapse like baseball last year. :(

    fantasy and mets.

  • sublicon

    sign me the fug up, sud

  • black so

    once again its on

  • c.y.

    put me in!!!!!

  • daz_oc

    sign me the fuck up!!!!

  • KF UK

    im up for the down stroke.

    Timberlands size 11 UK….P&P included mo fukker!