Who’s the Best Storytellin’ MC?

If ya’ll haven’t noticed we just love hip-hop over here at 1115 Broadway and spend good portions of our day arguing about music and our collective opinions. About two months ago me, the homie Brain “B.Dot” Miller and King Magazine’s (And Nas Stan) Thomas Golianopoulos argued all day on who’s the best storytellin’ MC Biggie, Slick Rick or Nas. Thomas and B.Dot argued for Nas. To me Rick is the G.O.A.T storyteller, but Big is a very, very, very close second. Let’s break it down into categories.

Character Building: Slick Rick
When it comes to fictional rap characters there is none greater than Slick Rick’s “Mona Lisa.” The game-spittin, pizza-eatin’ virgin with the “yay like gap” will forever have a place in hip-hop history. Even though Big created some of the game’s most dynamic characters (Arizona Ron from Tucson, Dark Skin Jermaine and his man Two Techs) the Ruler got this category on lock.

Twist Endings: Notorious B.I.G.
Nobody does surprise endings like Big; dude is a ghetto M. Night Shyamalan. On “Somebody’s Gotta Die” the Brooklyn Don made the hairs on the back of my neck stand up when he finally caught up to Jason, screamed out “Hey playboy” and “The nigga turnt around holdin’ his daughter.” Then on “Niggas Bleed,” Big and Arizona Ron ran out the hotel, escaping the dreads who were sent to kill ‘em, because “Through all the excitement/Their Range got towed, they double parked by a hydrant.” Stupid motherfuckers!

Narration: Nas
When it comes to narration Nas is the master. The fact that homie doesn’t always make himself the star of his own rhymes was key. So when Nasdaq approached a story, he often took his ego out, check “Blaze a 50″ and “Shootouts.” The illest instance is Nas’ verse on Tragedy’s “Calm Down.” It was as if dude was just standing on the corner, telling you a story about the “victorian” who in turn became “the victim.”

Humor: Slick Rick
Nas probably has the funniest story rhyme ever when you think about “Who Killed It?” (off of HHID), but that shit was funny for all the wrong reasons (What was up with that fake ass James Cagney voice?!? LMAO). But when it comes to straight comedy, Rick got ‘em beat. Remember on “Indian Girl” when Ricky D talked about the Dave checking out homegirl’s coochie only to see crabs with spears and Indian drums? Plus when dude gets to singin’ on his tracks, it’s over.

Post Production: Notorious B.I.G.
When making story tracks, production is key and sound effects are an excellent touch. When Jason turned around holding his daughter on “Somebody’s Gotta Die” we heard rain, gunshots and then the baby crying, that shit was chilling (and disturbing at the same time). And let’s not forget the beep going off at the beginning of “Warning,” that shit was the perfect touch (“Who the fuck is this/Paging me at 5:46“).

Detail: Notorious B.I.G.
When it comes to detail, Biggie Smalls is the illest. On “Niggas Bleed” in the first verse when he’s talking about “Word to stretch I think the pussy/The 7 digits pushed me (fuckin’ real)/I got 100 bricks, 14.5 a piece… everybody getting cream no one considered a leech/Think about it now that’s damn near 1.5/I kill ‘em I’ll be set for life.” Now Big could’ve stopped at “7 digits,” or “100 bricks at 14.5 a piece,” but no he kept on beating you in the head telling you 3 different times that the jux would total over $1 million dollars. Then on “Everyday Struggle” he talks about “Smoking mad Newports/’Cause I’m due in court/For an assault/That I caught in Bridgeport, New York.” Who the fuck name drops “Bridgeport, New York?” But it was that attention to detail which kept you listening!

Overall Believability: Nas
I won’t front Big’s rhymes were so detailed, I found myself questioning whether they were true or not (Did he really fuck “some chick getting dick from one of the New York Knicks?” Was it John Starks’ girl?), but when it comes to overall believability Nas got it. God’s Son laced his rhymes with enough action to keep fans listening, but never really went over the top, making his stories way more believable than Rick and Big. When he did “Drunk By Myself,” you could just picture Nas about to catch a DUI. The ultimate had to be “N.Y. State of Mind,” when he talked about the kids in the building lobby who “couldn’t see as high as I be.”

Ok now ya’ll can start hating with comments like “How could you not include 3 Stacks” and “Where is Scarface?” Have at it! – Rob The Music Ed

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  • Kam

    Big hands down…first you bastards…I think

    • Mac Sleepy

      Slick Rick
      Ice Cube

      • http://xxlmag dunfiya


      • musichead189

        Yo, all I gotta say is Jay should be on this list and “REWIND,” AIGHT…ALL I’M GOIN’ SAY IS “REWIND.”

      • Ru-So Records

        BIG, hands down: “…damn, where was I?, yea!, went outta town…” Best story telling inside a story. Bonus.

        Nas on dat ass in the “detail” catagory: “…and lipstick marks on like three empty coronas, a pair of blue jeans on the carpet, size 12 Timberlands, something swingin’ on the ceiling fan. I stopped it. Swinging slower and slower. On the last swing I saw it was g-string and heard laughin’…”

        Ricky? Cleeean smooooove the fuck outta the park. Swing and a miss. Can’t touch him.

        2008: Snoop Dogg. Expanding the game with the City mixtape. Light it up, puff one.

        myspace/Ru-So Records/Imbalming Music

    • MOE


    • KO


    • Tha Ace

      kool g rap and immortal technique also

    • Were Read 2 Def

      GHOSTFACE KILLAH! Hands down. Check us catalog. Fo real! He learned from Slick Rick, which made him b better than him. He is the new n improved Slick Rick.

      • c. gabi

        Ditto. Ghostface is seriously by far the best storyteller…best delivery, best content

      • Dub Sac

        I’ll co-sign – “Malcom” off Supreme Clientele gives me chills, “260″ off Ironman has a surprise ending that’s also funny (and a sample from The Usual Suspects) and if you haven’t heard his “Impossible” verse off Forever, then go listen to that shit right now!

    • http://www.dividedsoulsent.com B-Luv

      How could u not mention Nas song..”Rewind” That Ethered Any story telling rappin debate. Dude rapped the whole story from end to beginnnig. One of the illest lines on dat song was when he said the bitch ” Spit the cum back in my Dick”………DAAAMMMMMNNN!!!!

      Also Cubes GHETTO VET & GHETTO BIRD Nuff said.

      • Valdez

        1. mc ricky d
        2. nas
        3. biggie

  • NIG


    • Larry Brite

      WEST COAST ALL DAMN DAY YA’LL – But Scarface co-sign

      • chad bro chill

        fucking big L= the heist wut u thinking

    • Big G

      Your absolutely correct Scarface was fire

    • http://hiphoponymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack

      YOU KNOW ROB FOR A GUY WHO HATES NAS YOU GIVE HIM CREDIT WHERE IT IS DUE. BUT DAMN THIS WAS A LOWBLOW: “Nas probably has the funniest story rhyme ever when you think about “Who Killed It?” (off of HHID), but that shit was funny for all the wrong reasons (What was up with that fake ass James Cagney voice?!? LMAO).”


      • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


    • http://interneteplorer LI PUPU

      SCARFACE hands down what the fuck his pic shoulda been up there, damn near every song he has ever done is a fuckn story. “NEVER SEEN A MAN CRY”, “SMILE”w/tupac and damn you’ll must aint got the last cd MADE shit he got bout 5 or 6 on that mofucka, damn he bring you into the song with him. most slept on cd for ’08 is “MADE” and damn we aint got to talk about lyricists. he has never been afraid to cross the line. this is from the new cd made. “sending kids to fight a war that they didn’t want to be in, now that SADAAM shit dead lets see you fuck wit them koreans” directed to George Bush

      • Rob The Music Ed

        I love Scarface personally he is in my top 5. He murdered MADE with “Suicide Note” and when that “Boy Meets Girl” joint…
        Trust me I hated to leave Brad off the list. Ghostface was another close call as well. But I could only choose 3.

    • Stuey

      What about ghost and rae???
      Did you forget about Only built for Cuban linx Rob the music editor??? WTF man your ridiculous. Those two are on a another level of story tell man. Shakey Dog? That shit was sooo crazy

      • Rob The Music Ed

        Rae and Ghost are ill as well (Ghost way more than Rae IMO). If i had a top 5 Ghost and Face would be in there. But we dealin’ with Top 3 and Rick, Big and Nas had a bigger impact on hip-hop with their storytellin’.

        • http://www.going.com/larrybrite Lancelot

          That makes sence – but scarface started 88′ – U saying Nas & Biggie NEVER bumped Geto Boyz???

          That’s a strech Rob

  • Eric

    Please don’t sleep on Hov’s storytelling abilities. “Meet The Parents” off Blueprint 2 was one of the coldest ones. And don’t forget about the two “Friend or Foe” songs. Those were dope. But Biggie is still the best story teller.

    • sosa

      hov suck balls @ storytelling!

    • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • giantstepp

    ICE muthafcukin CUBE!!

  • mel

    well actually nas is the best @ it no doubt…rewind??? blaze a 50, undying love, drunk by myself….all classics!! But i am a little disappointed @ the fact that u left the most (underrated)of all time out of this…. KOOL G RAP!!! But hell maybe ur one of the MANY ppl who sleeps on him!

    • isudhgfviusdhf

      Nas – Rewind is the best damn told story ever in the history of music!! How can someone think like that!? And then rap it which such delivery. You can listen to that shit a 100 times and still not get it completely. That’s how many times I listened to it to understand the story fully

  • MG

    biggie is so fucking sick,slick was the first but I think nas got it cause he doesnt exagerats

  • Black

    I have 5

    1. Eminem
    2. Biggie
    3. Slick Rick
    4. Jada/Jay-z (tie)
    5. Andre 3000

    Honorable Mention

    • mel

      all em talks about is hallie & his mom so X that! Jada is nowhere near this list jay z has boring stories….

      • Pierzy

        You can’t front on “Stan” though. But, like Jay, one great story rhyme doesn’t make you the best ever…

        • mel

          stan was dope..

        • rakito

          lupe fiasco??

      • Black

        Some of Em’s best

        Guilty Conscience
        Lose Yourself

    • Black

      Before anyone starts hating, I didn’t chose Nas because although I feel he is one of the best in Hip Hop when it comes to lyrics, I’m not that big on his storytelling. If you can name some songs that paint a vivid picture, then I’m man enough to say I was wrong!!

      • Pierzy

        Nas got a bunch but “I Gave You Power” and especially “Shootouts” from It Was Written are incredible.

        • Black

          I forgot about that one, my fault so I retract my statement

      • mel

        ummm…drunk by myself, rewind, undying love, mo money mo murder f/az, oh!!! & let`s not 4get poison off stillmatic…ike wit the iverson jersey light skinned wit herpes!!!

      • Dub Sac

        I’m glad they mention it in the article, cause Blaze a 50 is one of my favorite Nas stories. That shit is intense!

        Honey takes a blast out of her coke bag, earlier I took the coke out, replaced it with crushed up glass.


  • merk

    i would say, just because he’s the most believable, nas, but when it comes to details biggie got it no question. slick rick is the pioneer so he should be up there but he’s 3rd behind nas and biggie. there are a few others but they only got a few songs that are great at storytellin’ but not a whole catalog like the list XXL put as their top 3.



    • texasleen

      The Ghost

      • http://xxlmag.com Tha Truth

        Ghostface most definately…..Ghostface make u feel where he coming from homie

        THE BEST besides 2Pac

    • freakyfiikkii

      I co-sign with BX Poster Child. Ghostface is one of the best who ever did it. Yolanda’s House; that shit is a banger. Scarface is also a beast when it comes to storytelling (i.e. “In Cold Blood”). But Biggie’s “I Gotta Story to Tell” oooh weee, that’s an all-time classic!

  • Louie Mo

    i usually don’t comment but that was a good one read homie

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    Nice analysis Rob. The categories and the emcees are all well chosen. Here are a few that I would like to add as being amazing stories by amazing emcees.

    1. “No Regrets”: Aesop Rock

    2. “One for the Griot”: J-Live

    3. “Taco Day”: Jean Grae

    4. At least three tracks off of every single Ghostface album ever made. A new category must be made because of Ghost; let’s call it “Emotive”. When he tells his stories, he puts the listener right there at the scene because of the emotion he puts into his voice. I would go so far as to even say that he is a better story teller than BIG.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      you’re right Ghost is the most emotional storyteller… Impossible was ill

  • JP

    Nas won it with rewind
    Eminem good too
    so is Scarface, Pac(Brenda’s Got A Baby), Saigon, Lupe(Hip Hop Saved My Life), and chamillionaire did his thing on hip hop police

    • Black

      I think Em’s Stan has a slight edge

  • DJ Knox

    Jay did kill Meet the Parents…but B.I.G.’s gotta have this 1. Chamillionaire’s gonna be there 1 day. And maybe Lupe if he just dumbed sht down like a new Ghostface.

  • DMO

    “Stan” by Eminem is real storytelling

  • DookieBlaster


  • DJ Knox

    B.I.G.’s got this by a long shot…Warning, is the illest ever!!! But Ghostface got some shit, and Chamillionaire’s gonna be up there 1 day, too.

  • atl legend

    Those are three great story tellers and Scarface and Dre 3000 should be included among the best storytellers.

  • I am Not Sean Bell…Cuz Um Alive!

    City of Dope
    Dueces Wild
    A Dope Story
    The Next Bitch
    Scared Strait

    All 5 Classic Story’s All Killer Mike.

    We still Sleep on greatness!! God 4give us!

    • SouthCakC23

      AWWWWWWWWWWWW SHIIIIIIIIT! Somebody who knows what the fuck they talkin bout!!!!!

      Hands down! And you know who one of his mentors was….one of the greatest story tellers of all time ANDRE 3000!!!

      The list goes like this

      1. Slick Rick(tie)
      1. Andre 3000(tie)
      3. Scarface
      4. Killer Mike
      5. Eminem

      Go ahead and hate on Killer Mike for being ahead of Em but Killer has been out just as long as Em (Em got him by about a year) and Killer Mike has more albums out than Em.

      The majority of killer mike’s songs are vivid stories, verbally painting a picture fa ya brain.

      Slick Rick started the art of Story Telling….and Andre 3000 perfected it.

      Sometimes I wonder if some of you NY Stans even take the time to listen to the greatness that is Southern Lyricism.

  • Ayre

    Black Rob

  • the changeman

    Ayo how you not going to include Eminem, or Papoose. they both hot but if I had to choose one Biggie, Baby.

  • Pierzy

    “Meet The Parents” was huge for Jay, especially because that overall album was pretty weak (even he admits that). But I’m going with NaS here. It’s the believability factor mentioned above – BIG wrote incredible but unrealistic novels and Rick’s were hot but his stories were kinda silly (the video for Children’s Story didn’t help). But NaS is just like, “I’m not trying to impress you or top your story or make you laugh, I’m just gonna tell you what I saw today.” He’s called Nasty for a reason…

  • Brian “B.Dot” Miller

    to this DAY, i still think Meet The Parents is highly OVERRATED. i understand the premise of the story, but i think Jay isnt as eidetic as Nas or BIG, unless u refrence “A Week Ago” am i wrong people?

    • Pierzy

      You’re right – “A Week Ago” is sick and it’s still ‘old’ Jay. Even the hook is ridiculous – “Used to have a firm grip/Now you droppin’ names”

  • http://myspace.com/nicky2states Nicky2States

    I’m calling for Slick Rick The Ruler! It is what it IS! That’s Nicky2States pick.

  • http://myspace.com/estchill chill

    is there ANY reason ghostface aint up here… do we forget about “maxine”…”mgm”…”the forest”…”underwater”…shall i continue…

    not to mention his verse on heart gently weeps when u felt like u were in the market with him…

    he one of the tops in like each of those catagories… yawl trippin’

  • j.t.s.

    Nas takes the icing on the cake with i gave you power,
    and i gotta give ice cube props for my summer vacation.
    Slick rick teenage love, and Biggie somebody got to die.

  • wtf

    how could you not mention 2pac ”brendas got a baby” ,”dear mama”, ”16 on death row”, ”i aint mad atcha”etc etc.I can keep going and going

    • giantstepp

      Co-Sign with wtf!
      ‘Pac was that nigga!

  • detroit123

    Nas – I Gave You Power?

  • j.t.s.

    Nas takes the icing on the cake with i gave you power,
    and i gotta give ice cube props for my summer vacation.

  • http://xxlMAG jb-da b.stuy reppa

    Cube gotta be mentioned. But I’ll probably give it to rick.

  • jalen

    Nas gets it 4 me for songs like I Gave You Power, One Love, Small World, NY State Of Mind 1 & 2, Remind, Fetus, Blaze A 50, and Get Down.

    My top 3 storytellers are Nas, Big, and Big L

  • John Cochran

    Im too young to know about The Ruler, so I’ll take Nas, he always delivers on the narrative tip. All yall screaming JayZ need to stop. He’s good but tstorytelling isnt his best attribute. For me it would have to be

    1. Nas
    2. Ghost
    3.Biggie( I dont listen to much Big, sorry)

  • keeping with the title dummies

    Slick Rick!


  • Detroit Dave

    Honorable Mentions Ghostface Devin the Dude, Joe Buddens, Scarface, Beanie Sigel (only because “I paint a picture so vivid, you can hang it up in your room”, Nature <—yeah yall 4got about him (remember “Young Love”)

  • scarface, and rRaekwon

    You can’t forget about Brad Shaw, and Mr. Raekwon. Them niggahs be haven dem real guttah stories.

    But from your list, I gotta say Slick Rick is the king…

  • tucson

    1. Nas
    2. Scarface (how u forget him)
    3. Ghost-deini

  • Tony Grand$

    I gotta go with Nasir on this one. He tells stories within the story. His aint just “niggas sellin dope” or “robbin niggas cribs”, tales from the hood rhymes. “Rewind” was insane. I had to rewind that shit crazy times. On the sidelines even, ill throw “book of rhymes” in there becuz that was a story about him findin an old notebook (“I been lookin for that bitch number!”). That joint with Nore “Body in the trunk”. Sick. “One love” off Illmatic ‘dear vaughn ull be out soon stay strong, out n new york the same shit is going on, the crackheads is hawkin loud mouths is talkin, yo, check out the story yesterday win I was walkin, that nigga u shot last year tried to appear like he hurtin sumn, word to mother heard him frontin, n he b pumpin on ur block ya man gave him ur n now they run 2gether, what up son? Whatever, since I’m on the streets imma put it to a cease but I heard he blew a nigga wit a ox 4 the fone piece..”. Ya can’t 4get about “who killed it”, this sound like its 1930, “look here see…”. To me, even we he just rhymin bout basically nothin, its always a vivid paintin of where he is @ that moment. G rap, biggie, Ricky D, Face, Cube all get respect at the craft but Nas sorta paints pictures when he don’t try. Check the catalog, even songs niggas aint really felt, the niggas a artist not just a coconuts ass rapper. He need to stop BSin and write some books and movies n shit. The world goes way further than hiphop. Biggie prolly wouldve killed some crime novels, damn. Slick rick shouldve been doin some hiphop comic books or sumn. Think about it yall. Cali luv nigs!

  • kingkush11

    You want some raw telling at it’s best look no further than Mac Dre. the best storyteller ever.

    1 Mac Dre
    2 Nas
    3 Notorious BIG

    Look up songs 42 fake,Somethin’ You Should Know,Morals And Standards, and Cutthoat Soup. just to name a few

    • iLLWiLL_41510

      Man….I didn’t think anyone would put Thizzle Washington himself on this list. But I agree…Mac Dre was a true story teller since WAY back. From the street to the club, and he stayed reppin’ his hood and the entire Bay Area. He may not have been a lyrical ass cat or the mainstream dude like a lot of corny ass cats right now, but the man was REAL. You could literally close your eyes and picture his words. Anyone get the chance, peep Mac Dre. may he Rest in Peace. Bay Area all day.

      Examples: “Feelin like that nigga”, “Livin that life”

  • Mr. 306

    When storytelling is talked about only one name can be said and thats B.I.G. you dont listen to much big? then dont talk about story telling cause you got no idea. Em killed it on stan, Jay killed whatever dumb shit, Nas Ghost Scarface Rick and dre can all hold second but it doesnt matter. Warning,Somebody’s gotta die, Niggas Bleed, Gimme the loot etc etc. He killed everything. i didnt even know it was debatable

  • Hatin on Em

    Eminem is the best, tired of niggas hatin on em cause of one bad album. Encore was his worst but his worst is wayyy better than most niggas out there best, inlcuding mr lollipop wayne.

    listen to these few songs:

    Murder murder
    lose your self
    my fault
    guilty conscience
    bonnie & clyde
    as the world turns

    nas is good, pac was good and a few others tell good stories.

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Joe Budden:
    Three Sides To A Sotry from MM2
    Secrets from MM3

    Best story telling tracks EVER made period.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      I’m a Joe Budden fan, but c’mon homie i think you’re overstating that just a lil.

      • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

        Hmm you could say that i guess. Bit of a high moment.

        But i seriously think all that Nas and BIG stuff sounds the all the same to me… bit overglorified if you like. Budden keeps it more real IMO.

  • Que

    Mr. Mr. Scarface


    East Coast Bias??

    i think so

  • DC

    Nas has told some incredible stories, but Ghost has to be at least tied with him for the GOAT of storytelling. From OB4CL to even his new shit, he weaves the most whacky, descriptive tales of any emcee. Just listen to Shaky the Dog off Fishscale, not only do you visiualize what’s going on, but you feel the emotions of the characters too. Damn, Ghost is slept on way too much…

  • CCS

    Gotta go with BIG. Jay got stories too, can’t forget the verse from Dead Presidents II “that made him smile, though his eyes said pray for me”

  • looney

    storytelling mc’s and no one has mentioned dat nigga IMMORTAL TECH yall serious

  • What

    “The Message”…”Undying Love”…”The Wall” (What you know bout them?)

  • H-LO

    I think the ‘post production’ credits have to go to Puffy. He made the Big-albums play like movies. Just think of the spoken word passages on the final trilogy of LifeAfterDeath, how intense! Or the first song on Jay’s American Gangster, you can instantly hear his flavor.



  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    Scarface does do a good job as well as 3000 but Im thinkin’ 2PAC should be on there cause he was extremely vivd …and Brenda’s got a baby is one of the best stories ever told….Newbies like Saigon tell great stories…JOE BUDDEN mos def does too cause I swear I know ANGIE now…lol…I had another but anyway not to vier off topic of the 3 you asked ’bout…Slick Ricks stories where long as h3ll like he could’ve told it forever…Nas sounded like he was writing a book..but BIG sounded like he was recalling which makes for a great story…so I say BIGGIE!

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    Yup. I’m for Andre 3k.

    “Baby did you hear dat?
    Yeah baby, I heard it too..
    Look out the window,
    Golly; the sky is electric blue
    Mama Earth is dyin’ and cryin’ because of you
    Mamma Earth is dyin and cryin because of you
    Rainin cats and jackles all shackles disintegrate, to residue
    Silly mortals haven’t a clue
    as to what the fuck is goin on
    I’m on the telephone, dialin the Dungeon
    This Dre, bring the MP and the SP
    Meet me at the center of the earth
    And travel carefully
    Baby grab the baby
    Cause baby it ain’t much time
    Mamma Earth is tossin and turnin
    And that’s our sign
    Omega, Nigga
    IFO’s are landin in Decatur
    Hope I’m not over your head but if so
    You will catch on later
    Play the track,
    Guess she could not take it anymo’
    Rapin her heavenly body like a hoe
    Coochie so’
    From niggaz constantly fuckin her
    Never lovin her
    Never showin appreciation
    Bustin nuts in her face when they done…

    Done… done.. done.”

    • Jerm

      yo wat track is that verse on? i gotta hear that!!

  • the dynasty

    how you not gonna have Hov in the conversation?! “meet the parents” and “pray” come on fam! Now IM not sayin hes the best but he gotta be in the conversation!

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    Slick Rick..

  • http://www.freshfor88.com Fresh For 88

    MC Ricky D….By a landslide



    nobody is fuckin wit them. all ya’ll young niggas, pick up the first 3 spice 1 albums….ILL ASS STORIES 4REAL! AND YA’LL ALREADY KNOW ABOUT GHOSTFACE!


      one more thing:


  • its me


  • KQ

    Ghostface is incredible at storytelling. Kool G Rap too.

    I cant believe nobody mentioned MF DOOM yet!

  • Creala


    NY State Of Mind,One Love,I Gave You Power,The Set Up,Suspect,Shootouts,Undying Love,Project Windows,Rewind,2nd Childhood,
    Last Real Nigga Alive,Blaze a 50,Sekou Story

    Best Storyteller PERIOD.

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    Slick Rick
    Ghostface Killah
    Devin “The Dude”
    Black Rob

    In no particular order, but these are the greatest that have ever done it!

  • Ecko

    I can’t believe no one has mentioned in my opinion the greatest story song ever told.. Dance with the devil by Immortal Technique and You Never Know is good too..

  • DJ

    Big L – casualties of a dice game, the heist

  • Rob The Music Ed

    Black Rob doesn’t make the list even though “Jasmine” is a personal fav. I love that song! “I’m still not understandin’/How 7 people got in that fuckin’ Volkswagon”

  • Shawn Blaze

    Yo “it’s me” 8 Ball is my man’s and his best storytelling song is Mr. Big…but he doesn’t even get mentioned for the 5

    BIG/Nas (tie can’t pick one)
    Tony Starks
    Slick Rick
    3 Stacks
    The Chef


    We agreed to go shoot till we silly
    Because niggas could be hidin in showers with Mac Billy’s
    So I freaked em
    The telly manager was Puerto Rican
    Gloria, from Historia, I went to war with her
    Peeps in 91, stole a gun from her workers
    And they took drugs, they tried to jerk us
    We blaze they place, long story
    Glo seent my face, got shook
    Thought a nigga was comin for the safe
    Now she breakin, shut up, 112, whats shakin
    A jamaican, some bitches I swear
    They look gay
    In a black Range Rover
    Been outside all day
    If its trouble let me know, I’ll be on my way
    Please I got kids to feed, I done seen you make niggas bleed
    Nightmare, this bitch don’t leave
    Ron, get the gasoline
    This spot, we bout to blow
    Lets get the cash before the cops and Range Rover cats know
    Its room 112
    Right by the staircase, perfect place
    When they evacuate, they meet they fate
    Ron pass the gasoline
    The nigga pass me kerosene
    Fuck it, its flammable
    My hunger is unexplainable…



    We agreed to go shoot till we silly
    Because niggas could be hidin in showers with Mac Billy’s
    So I freaked em
    The telly manager was Puerto Rican
    Gloria, from Historia, I went to war with her
    Peeps in 91, stole a gun from her workers
    And they took drugs, they tried to jerk us
    We blaze they place, long story
    Glo seent my face, got shook
    Thought a nigga was comin for the safe
    Now she breakin, shut up, 112, whats shakin
    A jamaican, some bitches I swear
    They look gay
    In a black Range Rover
    Been outside all day
    If its trouble let me know, I’ll be on my way
    Please I got kids to feed, I done seen you make niggas bleed
    Nightmare, this bitch don’t leave
    Ron, get the gasoline
    This spot, we bout to blow
    Lets get the cash before the cops and Range Rover cats know
    Its room 112
    Right by the staircase, perfect place
    When they evacuate, they meet they fate
    Ron pass the gasoline
    The nigga pass me kerosene
    Fuck it, its flammable
    My hunger is unexplainable…


  • King B

    No Raekwon???

  • The_Truth

    I’ma say EIGHTBALL deserves an honorable mention. . .but props to everyone listed.

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  • gkid12345

    B.I.G all the way. Aint nobody do it better than big poppa on those stories. This was rigged.

  • paychexx

    nas-undying love
    b.i.g.-story to tell( had all 3:suspense,comdey, detail)
    slick rick-children story
    scarface- suicide note(chilling
    dre 3 stacks-pick one
    ghostface- impossible and cant it be remix
    jay-z- meet the parents
    kool g rap-ill streets blues
    ice cube- summer vacation
    8ball- the joint from lost where he rappin bout dude name james

  • Real Talk

    Good choices. I would have to go wit Nasty Nas as the best, my favorite rapper, damn still gotta cop the new shit.

    I think 2Pac (Brendas Got a Baby), Killa Priest (“Deja Vu”?), and Eminem (Stan) deserve mention. I think Plies is very underrated and is one of the few newer rappers out there that can rap a dope story also: (“Somebody”, “1 Mo Time”, “Kept It Too Real” “1 Day”).

  • bulitpruf

    Just listen to Small World or his second verse off Mo Money Mo Murder Mo Homicide. Or if you dont wanna go back that far just throw on Get Down off of God’s Son. Nas got it sewn. biggie wus dat nigga but he aint seein esco. dont forget about undying love neither.

  • Chris S

    eminem…he is the best in every concievable rap category.

    as the world turns
    my fault
    just the two of us
    guilty conscience

    • metal24

      COSIGN!! when you talk about rap and top 5 in any categorie you have to talk about top 4 cause em is #1 automatically!!eminem is to rap what tiger woods is to golf hands down!!!! like it or not he can tell a story with the best of them!! MOSH!!!

  • alan

    hmmm… top 3 i really cant argue with that list there. as stated above you have to consider ghost, eminem and ice cube in the bunch as well. i would have to go with either big or nas on this one though. i remember the first time i heard rewind and how nas just painted that picture so perfectly i had never heard anything like it and still havent today. i got a story to tell from big is one of my favorites too. everytime i hear the end of that one there it just makes me smile…. “two word, IM GONE” haha. mona lisa you just have to love. slick is really the original master of the storytelling no question but as far as a catalog of just perfect tracks nas has the most to me that really stand out.

  • Escobar9300

    Good picks but everyone can’t sleep on Jay’s story telling either. Bump Never Change and tell me you can’t practically see the shit he’s talking about.

    “What, the streets robbed me, wasn’t educated properly
    Well fuck y’all, I needed money for Atari
    Was so young my big sis’ still playin with Barbie
    Young brother, big city, eight million stories
    Old heads taught me, yung’un, walk softly
    Carry a big clip, that’ll get niggaz off me
    Keep coke in coffee, keep money smellin mothy
    Change is cool to cop but more important is lawyer fees
    That’s how it is now, that’s how it always be
    I never change, this is always me
    From the womb to the tomb, from now until my doom
    Drink army from one cup pass it around the room
    That’s the ritual, Big Ran, I ain’t forget you fool
    And all that bullshit you tryin to get through
    This is crew love, move music or move drugs
    Rival crews get your black suits up – I never change”

  • Michael

    1. Slick rick

    2. Nas

    3.andre 3000

    4. Eminem




    This Is NOT a Full List!

    Where is Ghostface Killah and Raekwon…

  • JAS

    I Just bought the Newest Nas Album Yesterday and by far Nas has always been the Illest with Biggie right by his side.

    Of cousre Uncle Ricky was always the pinoneer of this game.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Benicio Del Thoro

    Where is Jay-Z’s mention at?

    Dec. 4th
    The Blueprint
    This Can’t Be Life
    Where have you been
    You must Love me
    Dead Presidents

    Can Shawn Corey Carter get some play on here please? One time! Thanks

  • bbe4eva


  • Combat Jack

    Black Rob was a really good story teller. Copped a lotta technique from B.I.G. Really.

    “It’s all about the benjamins, tru that be the motto – Ran outta ammo and started throwin’ bottles”

  • Dre”what about X?”Peoples

    What about my nigga X?He used to be detailed in his story telling.

  • Marlo

    Jay-Z – Meet The Parents

    This is one of the best storytelling songs ever made!!!!!


      meet the parents should not count, because the storyline is based on a donald goins book! that’s not jay’s story!

  • G FLOW


    3 MAN CRY
    4 MY BLOCK




  • creasey


  • Rae Tha Great

    JAY-Z-Meet the Parents, Streets IZ Watching, A Week Ago, My Momma Loves Me, December 4th, Dopeman, Friend or Foe 96 & 98
    Notorious B.I.G.-We all know BIGs best stories
    2Pac-I know Pac will get vivid.
    Scarface-TOO MANY 2 NAME!!!
    Too $hort-Don’t know names but heard stories.
    Lupe Fiasco-The Cool, The Coolest, Die, Real Recognize Real, Coulda Been, He Say She Say
    Black Rob-I Love You Baby, Life Story
    SAIGON- Dreams, Pain In My Life, In A Mess, What A Life

    SORRY if your favorite didn’t make it list not in order. PEACE

  • darrell

    no question it’s nas hands down, y r we having this talk? NY State of mind part 1 n 2 kills ne otha storytelling rapper and/or song, and if one is still miraculously trying to still argue let em hear “the message” that’s the winning haymaker!!!

  • Badnews

    @Combat Jack, Black Rob is seriously underrated!!! Props

  • http://myspace.com/hopiho DH

    Joe Budden – Three sides to a story

  • The_Truth

    EIGHTBALL- Mr. Big/ My homeboys Girlfriend/ The Devil made me do it/

    *ICE CUBE- Summer vacation/ Colorblind

    *=Made one of the greatest albums in hip-hop history DEATH CERTIFICATE.

  • that nigga jamal

    everytime biggie got on the mic, he killed it. he went so hard everytime. and he went further that he had to, but thats what made him differnt. his rhyme were jus cold blooded.

  • TX

    Scarface Listen to suicide note,if u doubt it man

  • Redd


    Enough Said

  • yoprince

    nas easily..

  • jokar

    50 Cent – Many Men

  • the-K.I.D

    Top 5 Storytellin Tracks: 1.) Slick Rick – Who Rotten ‘Em, 2.) Eminem – Brain Damage, 3.) Nas – Rewind, 4.) Biggie – I Got a Story to Tell, 5.) 2Pac – Brenda’s Got a Baby

    • the-K.I.D

      how could i forget Andre 3000 – A Day in the Life of Andre Benjamin!! dag

      • SouthCakC23

        or you could just say

        1. The art of Story Tellin Pt. 1
        2. The art of Story Tellin Pt. 2
        3. The art of Story Tellin Pt. 4
        4. Prototype
        5. Ms. Jackson
        6. Mainstream
        7. ATLiens
        8. Elevators
        9. Get up get out and get somethin
        10. Player’s ball
        11. Babylon
        12. Green Light
        13. Hollywood Divorce
        14. Royal Flush
        15. Mighty O

        DO I REALLY NEED TO CONTINUE? That’s 15 tracks right off the top of my head.

        Everything Andre spits is a damn story.

  • http://Www.myspace.com/onemanprod ONEMAN PRODUCTIONS

    slick rick is the G.O.A.T of storytellin where u think GHOSTFACE NAS BIGGIE GOT THAT FROM?

  • South Sidah

    real talk the top 3

  • http://www.msn.com west philly’s finest

    Ghost is the best storyteller.

    She turned around and Miss Young Lady said “hi” /I was quite stunned by the way she replied/Peace nice to meet ya, sweetie call me Tony Starks/Ghost if u like ta, mind if i invite ya /over for some red wine nice Barry White hun/she pulled out a cigarette hun heres a lighter/her voice was a slow jam, full length white mink/hella fine with a beauty mark on her right cheek/when she spoke her smoke floated when it left her throat/Spelled honey as she blew it out it turn to water word/I was infatuated, she put the perfume to he neck and sprayed it, and the bottle was nickel plated/It make a young girl steez yo feel outdated and older married chicks shopping with they man hate it

    Its like u there while he trying to pull this chick.



  • The Fedz

    Not trying to say Too Short should even be considered, but the Freaky Tales series of tracks have got to be my favorite set of stories.

    Also I dont consider Jay just because all the stories he tells are either jacked or based off his own life (extremely loosely).

  • Three4

    Scarface, Big L, Ghostface and Andre 3000 come very close but still I think that this top 3 list might be right though…

  • j will

    big L and immortal technique the best storytellers

  • Manka Cat


    • Chris S

      holy shit i completely forgot. he should be up there for twist endings for sure.he is really sick

  • Herrmann

    personal favorites:

    Nas – I gave you Power

    Big L – casualties of a dice game

    honorable mention:

    Outkast & Slick Rick – Da art of story telling

  • Smitty


  • B.A.G.

    Honestly, Renae by the Lost Boys was one of the best stories told and it had a crazy Ending. LB4Life

  • B Knife

    Eminem with stan dope song

  • Ghost Face CALVEY

    Eminem-hands down
    Gulity Conscience….
    Thats just his early shit!
    His Iambic Pentameter is ridiculous, Wayne bit his flow on the carter 3

    Dre knows how to pick them, even if he has some crazy white boy/j.k. rowling fetish, the man can produce and build record companies.


  • dubste

    Mailing from ireland,
    this is easy for first place after that is where the difficulty begins: without question best story teller is BIGGIE SMALLS (the rap Alfred Hitchcock yall!) every story he told is like a movie directors dream its too hard to pick just one, though a personal favorite would be:
    I gotta story to tell, then
    Ice Cube :Ghetto vet(most underrated song ever)
    NAS: Undying love
    Pac: Brendas got a baby
    Em :Stan
    Jay :A week ago
    Slick Rick :Childrens story

  • stephen h

    Mailing from ireland,
    this is easy for first place after that is where the difficulty begins: without question best story teller is BIGGIE SMALLS (the rap Alfred Hitchcock yall!) every story he told is like a movie directors dream its too hard to pick just one, though a personal favorite would be:
    I gotta story to tell, then
    Ice Cube :Ghetto vet(most underrated song ever)
    NAS: Undying love
    Pac: Brendas got a baby
    Em :Stan
    Jay :A week ago
    Slick Rick :Childrens story

  • Oneofthemyo’s

    Yeah nas shit is more reality based but fuck that I want to be entertained(BIGGIE)SLICK THE MASTER nigga been doing that shit, NAS my NIGGER lyrically(go cop that)GHOST actually draws my stankin ass in the story but BIGGIE SMALLS IS THE ILLEST! JAY,JOE BUDDEN(3 sides to a story),and TIP(listen to when that nigga kills himself on albums and fighting the devil)is all tight with the stories to a lesser extent most eminem shit is for white boys who get they ass beat at school-BRAIN DAMAGE(cant relate)overall its alot of niggas up there who I seriously fuck with but man…BIGGIE SMALLS IS THE ILLEST.

  • http://xxlmag fatboi


  • Cheem

    The GZA!!!!!!!!

    The Gza is one of the sickest ever to yarn a tale!!

    Check out Fame, or Queen’s Gambit…
    “She dated jolly green giants that flew on JETS/ an A-list actress who was never walked of set/ she loved stuffed animals especially bears/was a role model like a CARDINAL to her peers/ PATRIOTic Tom Boy like Mary Ellen from the Waltons…!!” he goes on and uses all the NFL teams in the verse… raw!

    Jay-Z is raw as hell too… MEET THE PARENTS!!! off the Blueprint 2 was one of the sickest hood tales ever!

    3 stacks is dope too tho no-lie.

  • thelistener

    I’ma Die Hard Nas fan, but I would honestly say the list should go:

    Slick Rick (Charisma, Originality,)
    Nas (Detailed, Story Depth, Overall Message)
    Big (Detail,Voice Delivery)

    And homie didn’t even use the best Nas examples for storytelling!!! What about Undying Love, Drunk By Myself, One Love,??? It’s a very close race between Nas and Slick Rick in my opinion…Big would definitely be 3rd on that list…no questions.

  • Cheem

    can’t forget DMX and the “Damien” stories. sickness.

  • 415 representin

    I agree wit Robs three hands dwn

    but kan we get a storytellers of the future blog… like Lupe Fiasco, Jeezy (I regret writing dat but truth be told hes a storyteller, Dose kids On Task (check dem out at http://www.myspace.com/averybeats) from the Bay Area dat song Complicated is a nice story with a open ending, Cam’ron (especially on D Rugs off of Confessions Of Fire)

  • bbe4eva

    i had 2 come bac and add scarface!at least mention him.he shoulda been on tha list cuz he had so many songs.jus on M.A.D.E. alone.
    i stick wit biggie,but scarface is close!!!like a millisecond behind jus listen 2 suicide note.big jus had tha best stories 2 me and i listened 2 all tha same albums yall lisented 2 so dont think i dont bump nas or i aint have that slick rick(im 31). big was jus it 4 me a lyrical gymnist!

    south memphis 10 checkin in…again

  • bbe4eva

    shout 2 all above me cuz u all have valid points

  • paychexx

    nas hands down, big was nice with his but nas has some of the best stories ever.

  • bbe4eva

    3.dre 3000
    5.slick rick

  • mike

    Biggie, hands down.

  • 313Dawg

    GhostFace Killah!!!!

  • 313Dawg

    Maxine? Shakey Dog? Impossible?

  • 313Dawg

    Alex(Stolen Script)? Ok I quit!!

  • Queens Boy

    co-sign on ghost impossible shakey dog malcolm it’s over pretty much anything he told a story on not a rider btw i’m speaking the truth yo!!!

  • J Killer

    Joe Budden could’ve been mentioned with “Three Sides to a Story” n “Secrets”
    Joel Ortiz
    Jin(aye he had some like “Time Machine”)
    Immortal Technique(“Dance With the Devil” I never heard a song that brought me into nightmare)
    there are others too just can’t think of em.

  • shawnt

    finally a good post.

    this is a tough one.

    ricky d was the probably the first exceptional story teller in hip hop.

    em had a few solid ones but stan was his best one. cant knock it.

    ghostface, scarface, 3000, rae,ect all are good.

    nas, has soooooo many of them to even think of. dunno how he thinks of those songs.

    i think big was the best overall.

    xll is finally on point with something.

  • NeLs

    i say Nas is da best storyteller but dont leave out jay-z. listen 2 black republican where jay spits about da split wit dehaven…deep shit. u were jus da son of my mother’s friend

  • joe doe

    LUPE FIASCO!!!! dont sleep
    damn near the whole FOOD & LIQUOR album…
    and half of THE COOL

  • http://xxlmag.com Billy X. Sunday

    NaS definitely gets the nod. Over the course of his entire catalog you have a cross-section of the complete rap canon.

  • http://xxlmag.com Lil Monski

    2pac is the greatest story teller of all time hands down

  • Mumbly Joe

    2pac-ghetto star, dopefiends diner

  • http://www.justice.gov.za Chiliz

    If it was sum useless blog .i ld’nt bohta’ commenting on but this 1 gives me chills. Mirror Mirrow on the wall……

    Hommie Slick worth the weight wonda’ y sum don’t even consider him as # of the GOAT. Rememba’ La dida?

  • j

    nas point blank period.
    we all know about shit like ny state of mind(1 and 2), memory lane, one love, i gave you power, shootouts, and rewind. the thing about nas is like hes got narratives that are cult classics like they are movies like undying love. SMALL WORLD is the joint. i dont understand how that record is not hailed as one of the best stories ever written in hip hop. that song never got enough praise and never will. thats the thing nas got so many ill narratives in his catalogue that some joints get pushed to the back with recognition while if another rapper came out with that song it would be one of the main attractions off their discography.

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    well once again it shows that you niggas still NY dick rydas coz were the fuck is Ice Cube and Pac em niggas was better story tellers than em niggas you put up I aint even gon quote shit from em coz there is 2 much to quote.

  • http://www.jonboss.com Dumb

    Its funny cuz you dont mention pac, and if Keep Ya head up, dear mama, isnt a “story” then what is it?
    I mean, you can mention biggie with no story at all, is that cuz you are N.Y dick rydas?
    I mean, biggie sucked for real..
    Several investigation shows us that, THE PEOPLES think that pac IS the BEST RAPPER EVER, and that pac is THE BEST STORY TELLER, it usually looks like this : biggie: 20% nas: 25% pac: 55%
    Thats just what the PEOPLES THINK, but you are NY dick ryders and treat biggie like he is some god or something, he sucked for real.
    Nas is good, slick rick is good, biggie sucks and pac is the best, is that hard to understand?

  • Martinv

    WTF? How come you didin’t mention Immortal Technique? I know, Slick Rick, Nas and Biggie are known legends around the world, and tech is underground! There it is, there’s the reason you didnt mention him! Have you ever heard Dance with the devil? Brought me into tears! The greatest story ever been rapped! And You never know. ft Jean Grea is a great story as well! He has details, believeability, twist ending, character building, everything. Its fake shame you didnt mention him.. yall probably never heard of him, rediculous! haha

  • Salila

    Eminem has to be the best story teller man, cleaning out ma clost, stan, lose yourself, guilty conscience. The slim shady lp had some classic story telling shit on it man, dont hate.

  • prevster

    What about Ghostface killah & Devin the dude? Andre 3000?

    Out of the above three I must say I’d choose Nas for vivid imagery, I can sea movies when i listen to him, while it’s cartoons with slick rick and just stories with Biggie

  • paychexx

    lloyd banks- freestyle ove b.i.g. story to tell( very ill story)

    big l- dice game

    devin the dude-pick one

    kanye west- all fall down

    beanie sigel- what ya life like( i dont ever wanna go to jail)

    be back with more….

  • paychexx

    bun b- the story ( real story)

  • SAI


  • http://www.myspace.com/crockerishiphop Crocker

    Black Rob. End of Story.

  • Nextprez2010

    The ability to tell a story, to vocally take the listener on a journey into your world is whats in debate here, and although everybodys got their favorite rappers (who they would fight to get their name on any list even if the category in dabate was “best rapper who would best wear a bunny suit”), the fact still remains: How many times did they tell a story and how beleivable was it. Unknowingly to many, that’s truly why they love Nas, he can weave a story, out of nothing…and make you fall for it. And Tupacamaniacs, listen, that dude dont got to be on every list…”Me and my girlfriend” was an incredibly entertaining song, but the topic could be spotted a mile away, and how beleivable was it? C’mon???

    Biggie come next: “Through all the excitement/Their Range got towed, they double parked by a hydrant.”…thats classic.

    Slick gets 3rd, cause he basically, probably, created the category.

    So, hate/love it, it’s between Bigg and Nas. Your favorite rapper can fall back on this one.

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal

    Eminem’s gotta get more nods: His freestyles
    and tracks had plenty of “whats he gonna say next” moments and I believe in terms of humor he’s a close second if not in line with Biggie.

  • Asanto

    I agree with most of the stuff said in here but the biggest story-telling concept albums come from Masta Ace and Raekwon (OB4CL only!)

  • Cinsere

    “Undying Love”, Nas.

    Discussion over.

  • L Boogs

    Yo i’m not gonna lie this might be the most relevant blog xxl ever put up. there’s too many elements to capture. In my personal opinion i think Nas got it. When you can tell a story backwards that sets a storytelling bar that none have surpassed since. I think BIG’s got a story to tell is proly the best story i’ve ever heard. I felt i was in the room with him when he was telling it. Jay is a great stort teller too. where have you been, still got love for you anybody who grew up with a deadbeat dad can relate. Lucky me, meet the parents. too many to name. but imma tell you who yall sleeping on. yall sleeping on my man Buddens. That dude can tella story. i.e three sides, if you never heard it please download. Secrets gave me chills. 10 minutes by joey. that’s a ten minutes well worth listening to. and his new shit who part 1 &2 , i feel he telling a story in that too.

  • vonnievonn65

    I cant believe nobody mentioned THE GAME:

    That’s why I dig him for his storytelling ability….and if you wondering what I’m talking about…I’m talking about all his diss records…they all tell a story….

    300 bars and runnin
    240 bars – spider joke
    Red Bandana
    100 bars – the funeral
    Why you hate the Game….

    do I need to list anymore to convince you cats LOL

    • Rob The Music Ed

      I can’t believe YOU MENTIONED GAME! *SMH

  • Real Talk

    One of the best story tracks ever “Deja Vu” by Killah Priest, I gotta rep it cuz I don’t think alot of cats have heard it, but for real download it or somethin. DEEP shit:

    “Stared at me with his cold eyes, who was this old guy?
    Drug him in the building, as police drive by
    Took out my four-five, cocked it, put it to his forehead
    Dugout his pockets, went in his shirt, and took his locket
    Threw him near the garbage, aimed the gun and shot it
    Then dodged quick, how that, so fast, felt the wind go past
    Everything went in a flash, hopped over the trash
    I ran around the corner, cut up the alley
    And made to the backdoor in the lobby, then I stopped
    My eyes was shot, all my stolen goods dropped
    My body stood still like a rock
    I saw this kid holdin’ a four-five, with the same old guy
    With the same cold eyes, I looked out the building
    Saw the same cop car roll by
    It woke me out the trance when I heard a shot
    Saw the old man cry, shit drop, by the garbage
    Kid disappeared somewhere through the project
    So I chased him, called his name, ’round the corner
    Up the block, through the alley
    Though the backdoor into a lobby
    When I came in, I saw the kid backin’ up, with his gat in his clutch
    And floor full of stuff that he stoled from that man
    I glanced over the kid’s shoulders, I seen the same old man
    Another young dude with the gun in his hand
    Pointed at the old man’s head, makin’ demands
    I looked out the lobby door, saw the same police man
    Drove by, it was no surprise, I said shot
    At the same time I heard a gun pop
    Looked at the garbage, saw a man lyin’ there crotchin’
    Couldn’t believe what I was watchin’, I walked near him
    Should I fear him, I said to myself, it’s gettin’ weird son
    I told to old man, stared in his cold eyes
    At the same time I felt the ghost go by
    I looked up, saw me, holdin’ the four-five
    I glanced back at him, asked him, what’s happenin’
    What’s the meaning? Am I dreaming?
    He whispered, the locket that you stole from me
    Open it, there’s a picture
    So I opened the locket on the silver chain
    Saw a picture of him, and he had the same initials as my name
    Hope I’m not goin’ insane, I can’t explain, somethin’ is strange
    I took off the old man’s frames, put ‘em on my eyes
    At the same time, the old man died
    Then I cried, I felt like something inside me died
    It got weird too, cuz out of nowhere
    I asked myself, do I fear you?
    And a beard grew, I felt my face, took out a mirror
    Looked in it, my hair was silver and in terror
    My body got cold, I broke the mirror, I felt I was old
    So I closed the locket, put the chain over my head
    Hid the picture in my shirt, like a curse
    I stood up and walked outside
    Where a kid was waitin’ for me, with a loaded four-five
    I didn’t say a word, I just stared in his eyes
    Said to myself, I know this guy
    Then he grabbed me by my shirt, then he drug me inside
    I asked him why, but he didn’t reply
    Fuck it, I might be high
    He reached in my pocket, he dug in my shirt
    That’s what I thought, damn, my locket
    Went and pointed the gun and cocked it
    Then he shot it, no, what’s goin’ on?…
    He stared at me with his cold eyes, who was this old guy?
    Drug him in the building, as police drive by
    Took out my four-five, cocked it, put it…

  • Tator

    I love Scarface personally he is in my top 5. He murdered MADE with “Suicide Note” and when that “Boy Meets Girl” joint…
    Trust me I hated to leave Brad off the list. Ghostface was another close call as well. But I could only choose 3.


    Glad to see you acknowledge another great. These were my exact thoughts.

  • JE

    you cant mention nas without talkin bout i gave you power or even shootouts… dont front on jay though, both friend or foes and d’evils were ridiculous

    “thinkin back to when we first learned to use rubbers, he didnt learn so in turn im kidnappin his baby’s mother”

  • TheRefriedMexican




  • Jack

    eminem as well and lupe

    • JamPo

      I been smokin this good shit trying to decide……I agree with all the choices for different reasons….Ricky D is the blueprint for this shit….”La Di Da Di”, “Children’s Story”, “Mona Lisa”, “The Moment That I Feared”….nigga can’t really see The Ruler Rick….check this…

      Well I’m sittin on my lunch break, grinnin my teeth (my teeth)
      It’s the last day of the week, boy what a relief (relief)
      My muscles kind of ache, they felt rigid and stuff
      so I looked around, and I smoked this big fat spliff
      Now I’m happy as can be I’m in this pothead spell
      I put some Visine in my eyes so that no one can tell
      It’s 12:55 almost time for the bell
      Put the breathmints in the mouth so that the mouth don’t smell
      Now back on the job, I don’t bother no one
      I keep strictly to myself and all my work gets done
      Now the job’s finally over it’s time to have fun
      and I’m hangin out with Trevor there’s a kid named John
      Got real drunker than a skunk and happy as can be
      We went, to the Latin Quarters and we got in free
      Scoopin all the girls like nuttin with my trunk jewelry
      cause I’ma fly brown brother and you can’t school me
      Boogie Down was performin hey they ain’t no joke
      And a bunch of Brooklyn kids was lookin all down my throat
      Was it my big chains with the big plates on em?
      Then they rolled on me and told me to run em

      Esco a pretty good story teller but I don’t think better than Rick…Nas has some wild stories.I won’t really say his shit more believable than Alick Rick his shit is a lil more serious….”NY State Of Mind”, “Blaze A 50″, “Shootouts”, “I Gave You Power”, “Rewind” “Fetus”.how ya forget that?…

      They must wanna keep me, cause 4 months pass, I’m still alive
      Guess I got what they call a Ill Will to survive
      When I look hard the lights is killin my eyes
      I know when moms is layin down, I get bored, start to get live
      Move side to side, hear loud music and vibe
      All black babies are born with rhythm, that’s no lie
      Solar energize, mineralize food flowin through my mothers tube
      I’m covered in this thick layer of goo
      Month two was the least most comfortable
      My umbilical cord choking me
      But month 3 was closer, see
      Thats when pops took moms to see the doc at the clinic
      But I was saved, he changed his mind in the last minute
      Watchin ‘em yell, heard my moms voice well
      Feared fist fights, so terrified when we fell
      While they broke up furniture and smashed plates on the wall
      I wondered if I am born, will I be safe at all
      This place they call the world though my view was so large
      Couldn’t wait to get out, and grow up and take charge
      Month 5, Month 6 went by, hopin I’m born in July
      But the Lord already figured out a date and time
      Septemeber 14th, ’73
      Get ready world, doctors in the front waitin for me
      Arms open cause they know when I drop, alot of shit’s gon’ stop
      See how the goverment will start re-training cops
      Month 9, I’m a week over due, the labor induced
      Pops told my moms “Push and take deep breaths too
      Stay calm”, holdin her arm, I’m trying to hold on
      Surgical gloves touching my scalp, my head pops out
      Everything is blurry, my first breath screams out
      Tears pouring down my pops face he’s so proud
      Wantin to hold me, but I was so bloody
      They washed me off and he said “At least that nigga aint ugly!”
      Placed me in his arms snuggly, laid me on my mother
      Finally, I got to see who held me in her body
      She love me, and yo I plan to overthrow the devil
      Y’all about to see this world in trouble

      Big was top dollar w/ the storytelling also…Life After Death had some the best storytelling songs on two albums than most niggas have thru an entire career….”Niggas Bleed”, “Somebody Gotta Die”, “Warning”, “Everyday Struggle”, “Suicidal Thoughts”, “Gotta Story To Tell”, “Gimme The Loot”(kinda)…….Biggie shit was too detailed.dude coulda been a screenwriter…..

      A nigga never been as broke as me, I like that
      When I was young I had two pair of Lees, besides that
      The pin stripes and the gray (uh-huh)
      The one I wore on Mondays and Wednesdays
      While niggas flirt, I’m sewing tigers on my shirt
      and alligators
      Ya wanna see the inside, huh, I see ya later
      Here come the drama, oh, that’s that nigga wit the fake, blaow!
      Why you punch me in my face, stay in ya place
      Play ya position, here come my intuition
      Go in this nigga pocket
      Rob him while his friends watchin
      That hoes clockin, here comes respect
      His crew’s your crew, or they might be next
      Look at they man eye, BIG man they never try
      So we roll wid em, stole wid em
      I mean loyalty, niggaz bought me milks at lunch
      The milks was chocolate, the cookies, buttercrunch
      In gear – Oshkosh with blue and white ducks
      Pass the blunt

      and yeah this shit is kinda bias cuz Cube, Scarface, 3 Stacks, and Devin gotta be on the list,especially Facemob….”A Minute 2 Pray and A Second 2 Die”, “Never Seen a Man Die”, “Money And The Power”, “The Wall”, “Going Down”, “In Cold Blood”, For Real”…..Face got some real Scorcese type psycho shit…….

      shit, damn I’m dead
      I’m finally through hearing all these voices in my head
      somebody finally got me
      I’m looking at my self outside of my fucking body
      so now I’m standing face to face
      Mr. Scarface, versus Mr. Scarface
      we were two different people from the start
      one nigga’s too smart the other too fucking hard
      we both refused to be outsmarted
      dearly departed, the battle’s already started
      fuck it, its on, I duck, I weave, connect, oh shit, I’m struck
      caugt me with the peircing lead
      and realized to myself I shot my own fucking self
      damn, suicide is quicker
      I try to break the wall the wall keeps getting thicker
      I really start to miss my mother
      I try to climb the wall, its higher than a motherfucker
      I wondering what that sound is
      I’m having major trouble trying to walk around it
      there ain’t no getting up I’m trapped
      I really should’ve dropped my motherfucking strap
      cause when I think about it now
      I shouldn’t have tried to climb the motherfucker
      ….. I should’ve broke the motherfucker down…

      Honorable Mention: Eightball, Q-Tip, Biz Markie, Too Short, Fresh Prince, Trick Daddy, Only Built For Cuban Links was a whole story itself and so was Liquid swordz.so you gotta say GZA, Rea, and Starks….

  • SouthCakC23

    one mo’gain for the confused in here.

    or you could just say

    1. The art of Story Tellin Pt. 1
    2. The art of Story Tellin Pt. 2
    3. The art of Story Tellin Pt. 4
    4. Prototype
    5. Ms. Jackson
    6. Mainstream
    7. ATLiens
    8. Elevators
    9. Get up get out and get somethin
    10. Player’s ball
    11. Babylon
    12. Green Light
    13. Hollywood Divorce
    14. Royal Flush
    15. Mighty O

    DO I REALLY NEED TO CONTINUE? That’s 15 tracks right off the top of my head.

    Everything Andre spits is a damn story.

  • SouthCakC23

    fuck that….this is the greatest story ever told over any rap/hip hop track
    Some Niggas wanna know the story

    Why the label got changed from Aquemini to purple ribon shawty.

    (hey man where dat backbone album at!!)

    Where Dre at man, why is it just you and big on TV man?

    Them bois still down?

    (Organized be doin they thang.)

    All I know is Big here, Dre gone, moved on

    [sound of record scratch]

    All I know is Big, Big here, Dre gone, moved on

    [sound of record scratch]
    (boy stooooop)
    Big, Big here, Dre gone, moved on
    Changed names from Aquemini to Purple Rib-bon
    My first album slept on, failed to do a mil
    But yet and still, my babies have not missed a meal
    God damn, is there a curse on Dungeon Fam?
    The Goodie Mob broke up, the DF album didn’t jam
    Before Lil Jon had the grill in his mouth
    Khujo Goodie had the dreads with the grill in his mouth
    And Bubba Sparxxx gave you the phrase new south
    Like Cool Breeze gave you the phrase dirty south
    Is it only me? Or does Pharrell sometimes remind niggaz of Sleepy Brown back in ’93?
    I know its been like 12 Decembers
    Let’s remember “All the playas came from far and wide”
    Yeah somethin’ like that, southernplayalistic Cadillac in the trap
    with Two Dope Boyz Spittin Organized Noize via microphone
    Do you believe The Source only gave 4 and a half microphones
    They shoulda gave that a classic, ask Charlie Braxton
    Damn man, I’m still amazed
    The boys had the nerve to boo Big and Dre
    When they hit the stage to accept they Source award
    My heart dropped like a million other country boys
    I thought my Mind was Playin Tricks like the Geto Boys
    Damn man, I miss the interludes by Big Rube
    He gave us knowledge that they wouldn’t give us in school
    So our mind wasn’t so sick
    Speakin’ of being sick, man rap need a doctor
    Which doctor? [sound of record scratch]
    Bring, bring back the Witch Doctor, Feelin’ me,
    [sound of record scratch]
    bring, bring back the Witch Doctor,Feelin’ me, here’s an interesting fact from me
    When the boy Bobby V signed with DTP
    He ang about blackberry molasses over Organoid beats, thank God for Pat, Ray and Reid.


  • Smitty


  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    i’ve always been partial to ghostface’s verses on “impossible” and “wu banga 101″

    “oooooh! rev ain’t right.”

  • Khayan from the bronx

    Biggie is the best by far. I’am a real hip hop dude. Anybody that second guess that please pull up your lime wire and download life after death album.

  • Tony Grand$

    Its maaaaad cats on this piece. So like an indian giver, ima take it back. This man was mentioned several times, but I swear to the California bear (the state flag nigs) that u aint Los Angeles if u don’t who this is. One of OUR original storytellers. I aint gon front like he’s top shelf or nuttin, but he deserves this:
    When me n my posse stepped in da house, all da punk ass niggas start breakin out, cuz u know they know what’s up, so we start lookin for the bitches with the big butts, like her but she keep cryin, “I gotta a boyfriend” bitch stop lyin, dumb ass hooka aint nothin but a dyke, suddenly I see some niggas that I don’t like, walked over to em and said what’s up, the first nigga that I saw-hit him n da jaw, Ren start stompin em and so did E, by that time got rushed by security, out da door but we don’t quit, Ren said “let’s start some shit”, I gotta shotgun and here’s the plot, takin niggas out with a flurry of buckshot, Boom Boom Boom yeah I was gunnin, and then u look all u see is niggas runnin, and fallin and yellin and pushin and screamin and cussin, I stepped back and I kept bussin, and they I realize its time for me to go, so I stopped jumped in the vehicle, its like this becuz of that hoo ride, NWA is wanted for a homicide….

  • dubste

    i wrote a comment on my favs not too long ago and declared biggie as the best (GOAT for that matter) and listed some of my favorite story raps, but being listening to some new shit and had to come back to this, joe buddens three sides to a story is def dope as hell, but the best story telling rap iv probably ever heard is jedi mind tricks feat RA the rugged man -Uncommon Valour
    UNBELIEVABLE especially RAs verse…

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