Untitled: Masterpiece, or shit sandwich?

Now that I’m assuming most people who give a shit have had a chance to listen to the new Nas album, can we agree it fucking sucks balls? Or are you stans still keeping the faith, Billy Joel-style?

Oddly enough, Nas compares himself to Billy Joel on the song “Hero.” It’s one of the main lines I’ve been seeing excerpted in reviews of the album – I think partly because it ties into the story about how he was forced to change the album’s title, but also because… seriously, what the fuck?

Did Nas really mean to compare himself to the guy who’s probably most well known for singing “Uptown Girl” (admittedly, a song that pretty accurately describes how I’ve felt about mad women over the years, the circumstances of my own upbringing notwithstanding), or was just looking for the name of a white singer whose name kinda rhymes with soul, and thought, “Hey, Billy Joel!”

Probably the latter, right?

Another hot line I’m seeing excerpted is one I excerpted in the review of the album I posted on my own site the other day, from the song “Sly Fox.” This bullshit: “The fox has a bushy tail. And Bush tells lies and fox trots, so I don’t know what’s real.” Which is good to see. It lets me know I’m not crazy or anything. Word to the guy from Five for Fighting.

One thing that hadn’t occurred to me back when I reviewed the album is how utterly pointless “Sly Fox” is, in the sense that, a) do we really need a song to tell us Fox News = bad? And b) that’s pretty much all the song is telling us. So it turns out the stans were right. I probably could have benefited from waiting for more than a mere matter of hours after the album hit the Internets to file my review.

My bad.

However, reading subsequent reviews of Untitled hasn’t actually changed my opinion as to whether the album is any good. Instead, it’s only strengthened my resolve in knowing that I was right in the first place. As usual.

I was afraid this was gonna be one of those situations where I declared that a mainstream rap album is a shit sandwich, only to have seemingly every other publication known to man declare that it isn’t, thus making it seem as if I was actually wrong. Pshaw!. As it turns out though, that hasn’t been the case. No, it’s pretty much agreed upon by reputable publications that Untitled isn’t a very good album.

I consulted Metacritic, which keeps track of these kinds of things, and the two main positive reviews I could find of the album were from PopMatters and Entertainment Weekly. The one from Entertainment Weekly obviously doesn’t count. Because it’s motherfucking Entertainment Weekly. And the PopMatters review was obviously written by a hardened Nas stan. Reasons I know this is true: 1) PopMatters is one of these sites that solicits writing from any ol’ dumbass. 2) The score this guy gave the album is a full 20+ points higher than the average. 3) I conducted some research, and it turns out that, elsewhere on the site, this guy is publishing an umpteen-part series dissecting the album, just like the late, great Tom Breihan did for Tha Carter III.

Dead giveaway…

Reviews of Untitled in publications where they actually check to see if you aren’t just some guy living in your mom’s basement, debating on whether to actually pay for a Brazzers password, haven’t been nearly as kind. Metacritic does this thing where they give the album a numerical score based on each review, regardless of whether or not the publication uses any kind of scale in its reviews. It’s how they come up with the average score. Metacritic has the New York Times, the LA Times and Pitchfork giving Untitled a 60, a 50, and a 38, respectively, where as that clown at PopMatters gave the album a 90.

Which sounds about right, as far as I’m concerned. The real critics, I mean. Not the PopMatters guy. Like I said, I’ve even been noticing some similarities between my own review and some of the reviews I’ve been reading of the album this week. But I’m interested in hearing you fruits’ opinions. Is Untitled really the shit sandwich these guys say it is, or are these guys full of shit? Also, just to keep things interesting, I’ll go ahead and throw this out there, all three of the reviews in reputable sources were written by white guys, and I happen to know for a fact that two of them are known Jews… (For the other one, we might need to hold some sort of HUAC-style hearing. Roffle.) Do you think that might have played a part in forming their opinion? Speak on it!

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  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    i think what mainly shaped the reviews is the indisputable fact that the album is a certified shit sandwich.

  • Deez Nutz

    Who’s Nas?

  • Stuey

    Im goin with Bol on this one, When HHID came out i didnt listen to him and bought it anyway. Forced myself to like it (Cuz i wasted 15 bucks on it) and latter agreed that it was an incredibly lackluster album by NaS.

    Give it a couple weeks and soon the NaS stans will see too, that NaS is just to lame to make a good album these days.

  • Were Read 2 Def

    U guys r full of shyt. This album only has 1 main flaw, which is track #4. Nuff said.

  • King B

    Only lames like those dumbass jew critics and bol would think this album is wack….the album is hot believe it or not

    • Valdez


      also, bol don’t u still live in ur mother’s basement??

      plus, correct me if i’m wrong, but didn’t u reference an entertainment weekly review about the best rap albums of all time (if it wasn’t e.w. it was something similar with no credibility).

      nas is not my favorite emcee so u trying to label me a “nas stan” is null & void. that is whithout question tupac (g.o.a.t).

      but this is nas’ best album to date. his subject matter is so relevant considering all the things that have happened in the past, things that are happening in the pesent, and the things that will happen in the near future if someone doesn’t evoke change.

      bol, the more i read ur blogs, the more i know that ur opinion doesn’t matter. ur obviously one of them blacks kids who grew up in suburbia with all white friends. it’s not hard to tell why u were not accepted by the black kids.

      u honestly remind me of a tom, urself… like that black dude on fox who’s always bashing blacks and agreeing with whatever the white ppl say, smh

      he subject matter and content on this album makes this the best album to drop in years, probably since a pac alnum. the only other album on the same level is erykah badu’s new amerykah, which i’m sure u hate on too.

      it takes a lot of balls to drop this type of music man & i respect it to the fullest.

      i honestly listen to the cd front to back, with no need to skip any songs. even if the beat is not the best, the content makes up for it easily.


      a REAL hip hop fan


      • DownSouth

        Valdez I couldn’t have said it better. It’s just like Nas said in “N.I.G.G.E.R.”, “People afraid of criticism/ but I alwayz put myself in a sacrificial position.” Personally, I think the beats are cool; check “Testify” and tell me that Mark Batson didn’t do his thang. But the most important thing about this album is the message. So it wouldn’t make sense to have the beats stand out more than the message. Of course the beats do need to be nice tho. On the real, I just think that people like to just have fun and don’t wanna face the problems of the world. It’s kool to have fun, but at the end of the day those problems are still there. Are we ever going to solve them? To be continued…….

        DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • olddirtybastard

    why do black people hate each other so much?

  • Nigger…..There I Said It

    Umm bol did u check out these scores that Untitled got:

    Virgin Media-5/5

    So once again you dont have a point you shock blogging faggot.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      Seriously, how in the world is Nappy Afro not included in Metacritic?

      Fucking racists, I swear.

  • MikeJones

    Album as no replay value what so ever. I got through it once, that was plenty.

  • MikeJones

    Album has no replay value what so ever. I got through it once, that was plenty.

    • Pierzy

      I agree. It’s pretty good but it feels more like a lecture or an article I have to read (or listen to) in grad school rather than enjoy… It’s the anti-Carter III in every sense.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    ^^^^ just like mike jones to keep repeating himself.

    • 360


  • http://www.iblog126.blogspot.com napps126

    u guys are hilarious….lol

    remember it’s his opinion

  • http://www.hater-nation.blogspot.com *Future*

    In my opinion it was a pretty solid album. I was disappointed he changed the title but you can’t make crackas too uncomfortable in this country. I think Nas gets a bad rep because of his crazy ass fans who don’t apply reason when it comes to him. All in all I think it’s a solid piece of work, no Illmatic but neither is it a Souljaboytellem.com. Shit we should all be happy about that.

    • Devilish

      Watch who you are callin cracka bitch. We aren’t the ones complaining about the title. It’s black people complaining. Like Jessie Jackson, when hes not busy forgetting to fake it.

      • Valdez

        ^^^”ask peta whoever, what type of animal does shwe come from??/
        if not for shwe would u have survived the dark ages??/
        cannibal ways of the ancient caucasians/
        love like your steak tartar…”

        -nas “u can’t stop us now”

  • BONE

    i can see why people think the album is bad because of the shitty beats that he use. he seems to not give a fuck about his choice of beats. if u can get past that i think the album is pretty good. im getting used to the lackluster beats and listen to the lyrics. he needs to get back with premier and pete rock. shit at this point i’ll even take l.e.s. the wackest album he did is street’s diciple.

  • http://xxlmag.com Jay777

    Add 23 more/ from Queens to B-More/
    I’m over there heads
    like a bulemic on a see-saw…

    the intro alone is worth 5 mics. If you have ever reada book in your life buy the CD.

  • GullibleZine

    For the second album in a row, Nas is coming with some pretentious, shocking concept that he weeds out on and doesn’t really say anything about. If he quit with the manufactured, PR controversy-worthy bullshit, his last couple albums would be above-average major label rap records, but instead he gets listeners thinking they’re about to hear some profound, James Baldwin, biblical-level shit, and they wind up disappointed with the four or five good songs on the album.

  • http://xxlmag.com Jay77777

    Add 23 more/from Queens to B-more/
    I’m over their heads
    Like a bulemic on a see-saw…

    The inrto alone is better than 99% of the shit I’ve heard in the last 5 years.

    • Valdez

      co muthafuckin sign!!!!!!!!

    • DownSouth

      THANK YOU! It’s like people completely ignore this dudes level of lyricism. It’s like saying that Mark Henry is weak because he is not that good of a technical wrestler; even though he dead lifted over 900lbs.

      DOWN SOUTH!!!

  • ZHAJ


  • yo

    If Nas’ album is a shit sandwich, then what the hell is all of the other stuff that’s coming out?

    • booboo james

      shit slurpees! but all in all SHIT IS SHIT!

  • Michael

    Ew is the best at reviewing music after rolling Stone and SPin and both have yet to give their review.

    • http://xxlmag.com Bol

      Thanks for clearing that up.

      • JDizzel3000

        You know rollingstone gave illmatic and stillmatic 2 and a half and 2 stars respectively..when they first came out …yeah lets rely on those guys to tell us how good a hip-hop album is..

  • og bobby j

    I havent heard it…dont plan on it. Nas lost me when the central theme of the album became “nigger”. As a white nas fan, who owns 5 albums, he lost me when he thought that would be cool.

    I might burn it….but chances are it is a weed plate.

    • Huey

      It’s funny that a white fan has a problem with the word “nigger”.

      • og bobby j

        no problem with the word…but my opinion on the word is another topic. What i was saying is that centralizing the theme around the word, and black power or what the fuck ever, alienated me as a white fan. i couldnt careless about the word, but the content of the album having to do with the word rather then just being good music….

  • HU

    ^^^cosign. Brazzers.com has some good material. Anyway, Nas is a good lyricist but no scholar. The album could not have been what people hoped for.

  • Jeanuis

    Its funny that as a white fan you’re feelings are hurt by Nas’s decision to base his cd around the word nigger.

  • http://www.xxlmagsucks.com h16h

    so much hate..

    this editor truly defines the definition of N.I.G.G.E.R.

  • Huey

    It’s funny that white fans have a problem with the word “nigger” like their grandparents don’t let it fly at the dinner table every Christmas.

    • Dub Sac

      That’s a kind of huge generalization. I haven’t heard anyone in any generation of my family use the word.

      And BTW – would you rather his white fans think it’s there excuse to just start calling everyone “nigger” cause Nas supposedly wants to make it a harmless word?

      You should be glad that there are white people with enough sense to be uncomfortable with that word, cause (as a white person) it kills me to hear white people throwing that word around like it isn’t associated with a great evil in our country’s history.

      • og bobby j

        its funny how your name reminds me of pop lock it drop it….fag


    I can’t understand what else could you people want this album is what we needed. Nas is talking about issues and bottom line he can rap and there is not to many so called artist that can really rap this album is worth your money its hip-hop at its best. I never feed into this dudes reviews he just wants to stir shit up but whatever Nas is whats poppin man dude is a poet ya’ll need to appreciate theses albums while he is still making them timeless music classic material.

  • http://seaworthyset.wordpress.com john

    Nas is paying tribute to Billy Joel just like he did years ago by titling a song “New York State of Mind.”

  • http://www.asdf.com Hey




  • John Galt

    The Billy Joel line refers to Joel being a performer that has straddled the line between wanting to get his message out commercially while still staying true to his own style and beliefs in his art, something Nas struggles more and more with as time goes on.

    I’ve listened to this all the way through once so far and found parts of it riveting, and found myself zoning out on other parts — I’ll have to hear it some more. I’m sure mainstream media outlets are intimidated by the very concept — which is reflected in their terse, nervous reviews. Hip-hop publications are more likely to judge him less musically than on the significance of the subjects he’s attempting to bring into the public discourse, though at the same being compelled to defend him simply for being a quite visible representative of the culture.

    • JDIzzel3000

      I agree with you…but sadly this is hip-hop were talking about…people dont want to be invoked to think while listening to a rap song…they wanna here …”bitch suck my dick”"imma murder a nigga” and last but not least” look at all my rims shinnin on these bitch ass niggas” nas is over yall heads..

  • Michael

    I’ve noticed that the aside from the Boston globe, New York Times and USa today that the News papers have been particulary harsh, whereas aside from Pitchfork, the magazines and internet sites have been pretty glowing.

  • stobo646

    this internet shit is killin hip hop the blogs the illegal downloading the fuckin stans i gotta stop fuckin wit this computer shit especially comin on these shock blogs ya dudes just sit up here and talk shit and its not even that ya talkin shit ya talkin shit on the computer that shit is beyond pussy.

  • everybody

    “It’s the anti-Carter III in every sense.”

    i liked the album before i read that line, now i love it, listening to it right now.

  • http://myspace.com/marko4aoc Marko-V

    I have yet to buy the album and maybe won’t ever based on the opinions I read here. I initially felt that Nas’ beats just weren’t the money. I also remember him sayin he had some leftover tracks from HHID so that kinda pissed me off to think he would come with a PR move just to use some songs he didn’t feel fit wit the previous album. He suppose to do a show in the Lou this month so I’m a go check him out then decide from there. I feel bad tho cuz there use to be a time when I would just cop it automatically now I gotta think about if it’s worth it or not.

    get at me: myspace.com/marko4aoc

  • http://XXL KING JACOB

    Can’t y’all, see that he’s fake, the rap version of TD jakes
    Prophesizing on your CDs and tapes…

  • http://xxl KING JACOB

    “And y’all buy the shit, caught up in the hype
    Cause the nigga wear a kufi, it don’t mean that he right, Cause you don’t understand him, it don’t mean that he nice
    It just means you don’t understand all the bullshit that he write….is it oochie-wally wally, or is it one mic, is it black girl lost, or shawty owe you for ice?” JAY-Z…The Blueprint 2-CIRCA 2002…………’DA FUCK OUTTA HERE WITH THAT NAS SHIT!!!!

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


  • darrell

    idk i felt that the album was def in Nas’ top3 albums, but that line in where yu sed “…debating on whether to actually pay for a Brazzers password” had me dying man that was odee funny hahah hope you don’t mind if i use that joke round the neighborhood lol



  • aj

    I thought he said Billy Joe, the dude from Greenday. It makes more sense given that he has gotten political, like Dylan and Bruce.

    As for the album, after anticipating both Streets Disciple and HHID quite a bit (only to be disappointed), I was hardly even paying attention to this one. I thought the whole title controversy was a marketing ploy to make up for an uninspired Nas.

    But I downloaded the leak and somehow got stuck listening to it over and over. I actually think it’s great. Really.

  • Mic240

    What kind of person decides whether or not they like an album based on other people’s reviews? Get off his nuts, the hate is so strong.

  • boo

    the LA times and Pitchfork reviews are terrible. They’re more about being ironic than actually evaluating the music. Ian Cohen actually called Untitled worse than Nastradamus. Did you catch that? or do you just look at the numbers?

  • http://yahoo.com bigyooo

    Man I don’t know why u nigga hatin on Esco. Don’t get me wrong hhid was a lackluster album 4 da most part but utitled is a masterpiece. Even the pop song with chris brown and the single hero roll smoothly.

  • JAY

    This bullshit right here is why hiphop is in the state its in. 95 % of the comments here are by dumb, ignorant, airheaded muthafuckas who dont know what the fuck hiphop is. And 95 % of the music thats coming out right now is pussy discharge thats considered “HOT”. You do the fucking math!

  • farii

    so this where people come ,who dont know jack bout hiphop.my first and last time here.nas is tha illest mc alive.hip hop” not ”hip pop”.

  • Rebel2Society

    I can’t really get with dude who wrote this.. It’s sad to see when an artist finally drops something filled with substance and maximizes out on content it gets shitted on by people who just simply cannot understand the music. To ignore the fact that Nas is lyrically the most on point since IWW is a shame. My only complaint would be the beats if thats a viable complaint here (It isn’t the music meshes more than well with Nas’ lyrics), but
    Nas’ hunger pushes the album forward I cant c ne thing else worth mentionin but that’s just my two cents

  • Vicious Seiger

    This album is a major overhaul over HHID. I like nearly every track on this album and it IS better than most of the current releases from major labels. Bol, you’re just like a guy I know named Sherman, a black man who hates damn near everything except some “avant garde” garage studio sh!t. I mean I think you hate this album shearly because so many people have I hyped this album up. I think if there was no buzz and the name on the album was MC Fish Grease you’d be talking about how amazing this album is. Either way it’s just a difference in opinions, I mean It’s not your fault – no one ever claimed you had a ear for good music.

  • Yo Daddy

    Who the fuck cares what the LA Times and The NY times rate an album??? lol get the fuck outta here mayne..

  • http://www.rizzleword.blogspot.com allnice

    I gave the album a listen. The lyrics are fire. The beats are sometimey. Typical Nas fare. The only problem with the album is that he spends too much time trying to teach niggaz and fight battles for no reason.

    Nas thinks he has to be a leader and kick knowledge. These stupid niggaz don’t understand knowledge so he need to stop rapping for the hood and rap for himself. He was on the right track with Hip Hop Is Dead, but now he relapsed.

  • http://www.theunderwriters.blogspot.com THE UNDERWRITER

    I still haven’t bought it, still haven’t heard it.

    I really don’t give a dog’s dick what anyone says, but Bol is entirely entitled to his opinion. That said…

    I’m buying it because I’m a fan. I haven’t bought all of Nas’s albums, but this one deserves my support. Even if it is a shit sandwich. That’s because nobody else has the nuts (no Jesse) or even the corporate support to put out an album full of racial commentary.

    Maybe I’m waaay off; maybe Nas didn’t even really touch on the word like he could have. Or maybe he went too far. I’m letting the rest of you judge it as you wish.

    For me, I know that there will be at least one or two songs that will completely pwn anything else that any other rapper records. Even Lil’ Wayne. Word to BXS.

    That’s not to say that Lil’ Wayne is not better than most rappers that exist. He may not be TBRA, but he’s not at all lackluster. Go to New Orleans; I bet anyone’s opinion of Tha Carter III changes.

    Unless you stay in your hotel and masturbate excessively. Then, you just might be feeling yourself more than Wayne.


  • JohnnyWo

    If you don’t like the album, you suck. That’s all. I don’t want to waste my thoughts on you retards.

    The album is awesome and there’s a solid message to it. Grow up and stop being ignorant.

  • http://yahoo.com al3na

    as NaS said: “Critics eat a dick/ journalists see I’m rich”

  • Kilo


  • fade

    sly fox breathe fried chicken and that joint jay elec produced are dope the rest eh hero ok after that i dont know but thats quite a few joints so 3.5

  • 313Dawg

    honestly what do u listen to Bol…like Color Me Bad or something NIGGER!!

  • render

    your fat ass is checking the media for validation of your opinion? What the fuck is that? I don’t like oatmeal…I’m not about to check the new york times for their 2 cents before I can feel comfortable with that

    nigga you lame as fuck

  • 313Dawg

    Nas if you’re reading this(yeah right)next time you make an album rap about your rims and the amount of patron shots you had last night… people will like you better fuck trying to have some type(any type) of message!! Peace Dawg!!

  • grp03

    So what I’m getting from all of this is that people like this album because it sends a message, rather than the Carter III or some other album that doesn’t? The thing people don’t realize, is that this album doesn’t actually have a message. All NaS does is basically bitch about things that every average American already knows and has recognized. I’d rather listen to an hour of rhymes that sound good with no underlying meaning than an hour long lecture about shit everyone alreadys knows is a fucking problem.

    This album is probably great for anyone that doesn’t know what politics is yet.

    • John Galt

      I worked in a state Assembly office for three years. By now, I feel I know a little about politics. And I like what he did more as I hear it more, despite differing with him on a variety of issues.

      Does he lay out a bunch of problems without offering a blueprint on how to fix them? Do most average people — what’s that, about 5-foot-10? — know this country still has underlying issues with race relations? Yes and yes, but what Nas is doing is bringing his ideas into the mainstream conversation, stirring people to think and talk about them. That’s his aim; change doesn’t come about if it’s not on people’s minds.

    • 313Dawg

      In the end grp03 its all ones opinion!!! Its all about what u like as an indivdual!! I do have an apprecation for music with message!! But I also wanna be entertained!! But to say that music with a msg is any less effective because we are aware of the problems that exist is insane!!

  • TDanger19

    Bol, you’re full of shit. I backtracked your work, and that metacritic site you mentioned gave Untitled a 71, which indicates generally favorable reviews. No wonder you didn’t link the shit up to this article, Then someone might call your bluff and actually look into what you said.

  • De’Quan

    You don’t know shyt!

  • http://www.yahoo.com Dra$t-iQ Alkoholik

    man y’all can suck a dick Nas fell off after he dropped “God’s son” all the shit after that been weaker than G.W Bush’e command of the english language the nigga went from “Nasty-Nas to Esco trash/had a spark when you started/but now you just garbage/.it’s high time these now irrelevant rappers like him and Jay hang up the mic before they fuck up they legacies and end up being remebered for the bull shit they put out lately instead of their classics yesteryear.

  • Ali

    well the song “Breathe” was really gay but everything else is sick….not a classic toigh but it was good

  • Byron Crawford likes to suck dick on sunny days

    The title says it all.

  • http://xxlmag.com King B

    #1 is worth my $15, lyrical in every sense.

  • Justice4all

    Since there has not been true hip hop out for awhile, I expect you losers not to know good music when you hear it. I guess you fakes would live Yung Burgs album huh?

    Yall some lames.

    NAS 2008!

  • http://myspace.com/gabegaloshes galoshes

    The NAS stan speaks!!!!!

    Just kidding.
    Honestly, I’ve listened to the album twice and I HOPE it grows on me. Am I wrong to expect NAS to take his commercial status and give us some thought provoking material? He brings up interesting ideas, but does nothing to develop them. Also, “Breathe” and that nonsense with Game and -ugh, I hate to say it- Chris brown, are such useless fillers that they killed most of my first listen for me. It’s akin to chewing on a piece of garlic, and then trying to taste anything else afterwards- all you taste is the garlic… but I’m being unfair to garlic…

    Or maybe it just doesn’t help that nyoil’s album cam out recently and I can’t seem to stop listening to it.


  • http://www.amabalarecords.com Amabala Records CEO

    The same people HATING on NaS are the same people that buy tickets to go see him in concert and scream like little bitches!!!

    If you all were really Nas fans you would know that NaS always had a conscious flow and always spoke on issues dealing with our communities. the N or unititled is just a culmination of todays current events rolled into one album.

    Personally I think it is quite genuis of NaS to create such a controversial album that creates SO much dialouge about its contents. This truly separates the fans or listeners who actually can relate and those that just merely cannot.

  • avenger XL

    Why such extremes

    Untitled is neither a masterpiece nor a shit sandwhich. It is the typical middle of the road album Nas has delivered since illmatic. Nas has always had some conscious subject matter in his rhymes from day one but he also was commercially viable so he played up the thug motif and even did the pimp player mafiaoso thing for a minute. The one thing with Nas is that most of the time he gives us great ideas but he never fleshes them out. He is a highly skilled emcee who has such a uncanny NY flava with his mixture of 5%/ NY thug reveltionary bantor. So what we have in untitled is just another great idea given the Nas treatment i.e. spitting highly technical though mostly unrelated barbs over industry friendly tracks(see commercially viable) or just poor song development like tesitfy or losing focus on America. Going for the radio on hero. If he had stayed on course like he did on fried chicken which is by far one of the strongest if not the the strongest represetation of what Nas can do if he focuses it whould have been even deeper had he also included a verse breaking down the stereotype of fried chicken and other soul food with the picanny/minstrel image.

    And BOL pitchfork media is not a qualified source for Hip-hop of any kind unless you are talking about dance hop ,emo hop or pop hop then they can tell you what they like. I don’t even need to comment on entertainment weekly or pop matters. You might as well ask the average white dude you see at the store what he thinks about dax wave grease vs wave 360 that’s right he wouldn’t have a clue.

    • Chaka

      Avenger XL said:”Untitled is neither a masterpiece nor a shit sandwhich. It is the typical middle of the road album Nas has delivered since illmatic”
      I kind of agree with the above quote.But most Nas fans on this site dont like to face the facts.They dont like to be objective.I said it on this site before Nas’new album came out that it will be an average album.Why?Becos like I pointed out,Nas is an inconsistent rapper that cannot handle more than nine songs.How can one who claims to be a great artist release four albums[lost tapes,God son,Street disciples,& HHID] in a space of seven years,and the four albums are below standard?My brothers lets just face it, Nas has nothing more to offer[I have even one time disputed his so-called legendary status].If he still sounds intelligent to some it is only becos they are too many dumb artists in the game.Peace an Hip Hop head in africa wrote this.

  • LowEndOfDaChi

    After a few listens, I’ve come to the conclusion that this album is ok. Time after time, Nas will show flashes of brilliance, but his poor beat selection and 2 dimensional analysis of social constructs takes away from what could’ve been some great albums (RE: Post-I AM Nas).

  • reality5000

    well ive just done listening to every second and i hate it, im big on nas and big on black pride, until its anti white cos thats not going to solve anything, is it me or did he do a lauren hill style line saying he’d rather go gold than whites buy the album, maybe thats me taking somthing and running with it, i listened straight thru so my attention slowly died,the lyrics are spit to fast at times especially on so many slow and very simular beats,the game feature worries me,are these huge rappers feeling themselves so much that they think they can say any bullshit and fans will listen,busta cudnt put 2 bars together altho i love the concept of the track,i can tolerate poetic mind flushing for one or two tracks per album but this late in nas’s brilliant career i expect more,no effort to keep up with the modern rap game as lame as it is ,maybe its time to find the next nas cos im poor and cant afford to buy this garbage anymore….still love nas

  • thaFace

    the ish isn’t that bad, I give it a 3/5 but we expect atleast a 4 from Nas (even though it’s been awhile since he deserved that) which is probably why this shit isn’t that good.

  • P-Matik

    I read your shit daily because as crude as you are, you actually say the shit people just think about saying.

    I ride with you on a lot of your opinions but what I ain’t feeling is how you randomly pick people and just unload tons of shit on them for your own personal reasons. What is that shit about? When you did it to Kanye, I didn’t really care (I was laughing actually) but I thought you took it a little too far.

    Whatever, but really…what beef do you have with Nas? WTF did he do to you? Did he send you some hate mail? He call your crib and threaten you or some shit??

    I’ve listened to his shit about three times since Tuesday and aside from his beat selection handicap (they werent bad for real) he was killing it lyrically. We don’t have any room to be shitting on rappers that ACTUALLY RAP right now.

    You wrote this shit without even listening to it (you never admitted to it anyway). Now that’s some bullshit.

  • http://www.styleforhire.net ThatKidKen

    In defense of Nas, out of all the ‘been in the game 10+ years’ artists he’s one of the few that still sound strong to me. The flow is still there and his wordplay still on point.

    In defense of Bol the album doesn’t really go anywhere. The first two tracks get things cooking, but it feels like it falls off from there. The choice of beats throughout the album although fitting for Nas seem too dark. The album has heavy subject matter, but the beats mostly bore leaving me in agreeance with everyone feeling like one listen is enough.

  • Prophecy_Projectz

    I mean if where gonna credit the Pitchfork review then we gotta include the Village Voice review which was positive. And allhiphop.com too