I wish that I could get some of these records sent to me like Bol or Jay Smooth. Then I could listen to them and review them like a normal person would. Instead I have to scour the internets for .rar links and hope that shit doesn't unleash the bootlegging virus on my Blacbook. Worse would be to tip the authorities hand that I have downloaded some music illegally. There is some shit that is worth going to jail for. Downloading shitty ass rap music is NOT on that list.

Sorry family, but the new G-Unit album as fuego as it may be isn't worth even a short stay in central booking. There is some shit though that is worth being arrested for. I'm not saying that being arrested should ever be something you aspire to, but is certain instances if you were arrested I would totally understand. Earl Simmons, take notes.

Embezzlement - What the fuck is embezzlement? I have never known a Black to get knocked for embezzlement. Blacks get arrested or stick-ups and break-ins. Embezzlers are muggers who use accounting books as their guns and knives. Get into it youngins.

Stock fraud - Insider trading has been that sexy shit for a minute. The best part of it is that when you get caught then send you to a jail that is like a sleepaway camp.

Computer systems manipulation (hacker) - If you do this shit just to download entertainment then you are losing. If you do this shit to help the entire globe download and distribute files then you are winning. Until you get caught...

Bank robber - If you can pull off a bank job for over ten stacks, which you more than likely can't, then it will be worth the arrest. If you rob a bank and get a bag full of that exploding ink then you have just wasted yours and everyone elses time, except for the sheriffs that will be hauling your ass away.

Vehicular manslaughter - Killing people is bad, but killing people with your automobile is hardbody.

Shit NOT worth being arrested for...

Narcotics distribution
Mugging someone
Hopping the train
Pissing in public
Kicking your girlfriend's ass

Step your felonious nature up rap fans.