Nope. Not them kinda Ds, I'm talking about Nola Ds as in Nola Darling--and not from the Spike Lee joint, either. Nola Darling is two funky hip-hop divas--Nikkobya Bisou and Aziza Montnegro--who are getting their renaissance woman game on something serious, Gordon Parks style.

They are professionally trained actresses who also sing, rap, direct and produce films. Influenced by their Caribbean and African-American roots, they infuse rap, reggae and soul to provide sassy, sexy and empowering tunes. Check out their new project (and intro), Nola Darling's Pretty-Gritty Mini-Mixtape, mixed by Melo X--and featuring members of their collective, A-OK.

The mixtape is just teaser, but what's fresh about Nola Darling is that they're a happy medium between the main stereotypes of female emcees. It's either that female rappers are hypersexual (and lord knows we got enough budding Lil' Kims to last for eons) or way too hard (trying too hard to prove they can do it like men). But I digress, check them out, show some love and download the mixtape (or at least put your girl on). Enjoy. --Soopa Starr