The Top 10 Best Beats Of All time

The following are what I consider to be the 10 best beats ever made. My criteria is, first, the “wtf?” factor, meaning when I hear it, does it make me turn my head and question what exactly it is I’m hearing? Second, does the beat accurately support and accentuate what the MC is spitting? Third, is the track different from everything else out there, and if so, does the fact that it’s different make it better? And the real clincher: does it give me goosebumps? It’s generally that simple. These are beats that either made me want to make beats or inspired me to continue doing so. So without further ado.

10) “Wrong Side Of The Tracks”- The Artifacts produced by T-Ray- the rolling bassline, the persistent drum hits, the sax samples…. this was a beat made strictly for the backpackers, and it worked.

9) “Come Clean”- Jeru the Damaja produced by DJ Premier- can’t front, first time I heard this I didn’t like it. We all thought Premier sampled some drops of water, low and behold it was a straight loop off a Shelly Manne record, go figure.

8) “T.R.O.Y.”- Pete Rock and CL Smooth produced by Pete Rock- Soul Brother #1 lifts a portion of Tom Scott’s “Today” (among other samples) to create the only sentimental rap record in the history of hip-hop that can literally shut a club down at 2am.

7) “Diary Of A Madman”- Gravediggaz produced by RNS- the main loop and breakdown both come from Johnny Mathis records, go figure. I remember literally tuning in to HOT97 every night for a week straight just so I could tape the song off the “Hot 5 at 9.” The beat was both eerie and spooky, but it still had that hip-hop bounce to it. It was horrorcore at its finest.

6) “Hand On The Pump”- Cypress Hill produced by DJ Muggs- when I heard “Duke Of Earl” chopped up, it was a purely a “wtf?” moment… I could only nod my head.

5) “Da Rockwilder”- Method Man and Redman produced by Rocwilder- this track came out at a time when Swizz Beats was literally ruling the radio with synth-infused tracks. Rocwilder took that sound, gave it more melody and a more straightforward hip-hop drum beat, and Redman came with the Cypress Hill redux (see above), and a classic was born.

4) “T.O.N.Y.”- Capone N Noreaga produced Nasheim Myrick- this could be quite possibly the hardest hip-hop beat ever made. Slow and brooding, it creeps along while that deep 808 just keeps banging down low. The way this track is arranged, how the main vocal sample keeps dropping out and coming back in, keeps it interesting for the whole song.

3) “Whoah”- Black Rob produced by Buckwild- this beat was unique because at the time a) nobody was really making hard records and b) It’s a song that still plays in the club, but if you really listen closely, there’s a lot of things going on in the beat itself- the violin melody, the breakdown at the end of every 4-8 bars or so, the bassline. It’s very musical, but still knocks.

2) “Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See”- Busta Rhymes produced by Shamello- the flip of Seals and Croft’s “Sweet Green Fields” was deceptively simple, but when you really listen to the original sample and the Busta track, you can hear some different percussion elements, particularly the shaker, that make the beat swing more like a hip-hop record.

1) “Protect Ya Neck”- Wu-Tang Clan produced by The Rza- there are so many elements to this track that I don’t even know what was sampled and what was played out on a keyboard. There’s the drum loop, the bass line loop, the piano that comes in sporadically, the weird stringy sound that drops in and out, and tons of other sounds. I think that’s what makes the track incredible, the fact that it keeps changing as the the voices you hear on the track change- the arrangement is very dynamic.

So there you have it, my top 10 best beats of all time.

Think my list sucks, or I don’t know what the fuck I’m talking about, feel free to create your own top 10 in the comments section.

Honorable mentions:
“Ante Up”- MOP produced by DR Period
“You Know My Steez”- Gangstarr produced by DJ Premier
“Shut Em Down Remix”- Public Enemy produced by Pete Rock
“Shook Ones pt 2″- Mobb Deep produced by Havoc
“Deep Cover”- Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg produced by Dr Dre
“Wild For The Night”- Rampage produced by Backspin

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    Life is a bitch
    new york state of mind
    surviving the times
    one mic
    Nas is like

    I can go on and on but i think nas has the best beat of all time

    • henry

      but i think nas has the best beat of all time
      isnt that a first

      • Anthony

        Nas never works on good beats which is why he can’t match Illmatic it was a one time deal

        • matteroffact

          OMG I LOVE THESE KIND OF BLOGS! Thanks for the good job!! This blog and the one witk storytellin MCs were great!!

          But.. you all got it wrong. The one best beat EVER. Is: The Alchemist – “It’s a Craze” of 1st infantry. Even you scratch gotta admit that that must be the craziest WTF beat ever. The first time i heard it i was like: “How can someone think like that?”

          If you haven’t heard it people. Hurry up and Tube it! The Alchemist feat. Mobb Deep – It’s a Craze

        • untitled—

          u sound real stupid! illmatic sounds like it came out in 94, it was written sounds far better than illmatic now! i wish u motherfuckers let it go…illmatic is almost 15yrs old! which means nas is 15yrs older stop comparing that shit 2 all his work damn! i love illmatic just as much as the next man but i dont compare every album he make 2 that shit! every album has a different vibe & sound, thats what makes him so great & whether or not the beats are good or not u still gonna go buy it bcuz it still quality music!

    • DevilintheFlesh

      Old Camron and Diplomatic Immunity got the best beats I ever heard.

      • kyle

        hell ya

        • Ace Bogie

          dipset beats are so dramatic………they got the best beats…… only if they would step they lyrical game up to match sometimes (and yes i am a fan of the set)

    • missing beat

      its me bitches – swizz beatz should be up there somewhere….wen i first herd dat i was wildin out cuz aint nothing like it

      • Pierzy

        -Triumph (RZA)
        -Who Shot Ya (Nashiem Myrick)
        -Flava In Ya Ear (Easy Mo Bee)
        -Shook Ones Part II (Havoc)
        -Criminology (RZA)
        -Deep Cover (Dr. Dre)
        -Still D.R.E. (Dr. Dre)

    • B LUV

      1.Benz and Beemers ( Organized Noize) OUTKASK
      2. LIL ASS GEE (N.O. JOE) Ice Cube
      3. I Ma Ma Mean Nat (Divided Souls Productions) Jimi Jump

    • kirk

      nas officially hasthe worst beats of all time no matter what time you pick of his career name an album. yes even illmatic. but i’ll give you illmatic because those are his best beats besides some shit off of i am and that made you look and nas is like

    • moe


    • ko

      WU TANG “CREAM”,

    • we know


    • Ru-So Records

      Timberland: with the baby in the background. Classic for the time.

      • Umpington the Fif

        Brooklyn Zoo i think should be up there, I agree with Black Rob being up there, I actually think “And i Love you” by Rich boy should be up there, the songs so busy!

    • d0inwutid0

      yea the Top 10 EAST COAST beats

    • moe


    • ACE HU$TLA


      2.WHO SHOT YA
      4.SHOOK ONES PT. 2
      5.DA BRIDGE
      6.BOYZ N DA HOOD (NWA)


      • ACE HU$TLA


  • Jazz One

    Royal Flush- World Wide
    East Flatbush Project- Tried by 12

    • elgotti

      10. Loves Gonna Getcha – KRS-1
      9. THe Humpty Dance – Digital Underground
      8. New York, New York – The Dogg Pound
      7. Tha Shiznit – Snoop Dogg
      6. Survival Of The Fittest – Mobb Deep
      5. The Quiet Storm – Mobb Deep
      4. Tonight – DJ Quik
      3. Flava In Ya Ear – Craig Mack
      2. Hypnotize – Notorious B.I.G.
      1. Boyz N Tha Hood – Eazy-E

      …*ahem!* Here ye, here ye (reading from one of the four elemental scrolls of Hip-Hop, with my hand on my dick and a pinky out [I still gots class nigga!] and my nose in the air)…”From this day froth (as in the froth of my piss!) I here by recon this list sacred”…(The greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he did not exist)…and like that…he’s gone *dawwwnnnnnn*



  • gooch

    Royal Flush “worldwide” was definitely close to making it….

  • Brodie

    my top 10 in no particular order

    1. Puff, Biggie, Busta Rhymes- Victory
    2. Jay-Z- In My Lifetime (remix)
    3. Jay-Z- Dead Presidents
    4. Dr. Dre- Let Me Ride
    5. Freeway, Jay-Z, Beans- What We Do
    6. Run DMC- Jam Master Jay
    7. Kanye West- Roses/ Addiction
    8. Pete Rock & CL Smooth- TROY
    9. Celly Cell- It’s Going Down
    10. Method Man & Redman- Da Rockwilder

    10 was too tough to come up with and this list isn’t even really my 10 fav, just what i could think of right now

    • Truthfromdaboot

      CO-Sign Most of the list but damn, are yall telling me the SOUTH AINT GOT ONE BEAT THAT CAN MAKE THE TOP TEN. MYSTIKAL’S HERE I GO PRODUCED BY PRECISE!!!!! WTF not on the top ten. ARM ROBBERY By Eightball & MJG, Break’em off Somethin by Master P feat. UGK! But the tightest and most thought of beat in my mind is Freaky Tales by TOO SHORT don’t know who produced it but the bass line was sooooooooooo SICK! WHOMP, WHa, WHa, WHOOMMPPPPPPP.

  • jimmyjoints

    T.O.N.Y. is a good pick. those strings are soo gangsta.

  • yoprince

    old heads…

  • enzo

    tear da club up- 36 Mafia
    damn near anything by 36 Mafia from 92-2003
    Three-Prodigy feat. Cormega produced by Alchemist

    I got too much shit swirling through my mental to make a top ten. so here is the blueprint

    Anything by DJ Muggs, Pimp C, Hi Tek, Mouse on tha Track, Rza, DJ Premier, Dr. Dre, Pete Rock, Alchemist, Havoc, DJ Shadow, Large Professor, J Dilla, Prince Paul, Just Blaze, Salaam Remi, Mathematics, Manny Fresh, Dungeon Family, Beats by the Pound, KLC, Beatnuts. There’s more I just cant think of them.

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    Dead Presidents II
    What’s Yo Name TI feat Pharrell
    Money On My Mind
    Crown Me- Cam’Ron, Juelz and TI
    Can’t Tell Me Nothin
    What You Know
    In Da Club
    Get Em Girls

    • Ghost Deini

      Crown Me is GREAT.

  • Brodie

    i got a couple more

    Prodigy ft. BG- YBE
    8Ball- The Artist Pays The Price (might be my fav from him)
    Puff, Mase, Carl Thomas- Been Around the world (remix)
    Bone- Buddah Lovers
    Cam’ron- Let Me Know
    Snoop- Lodi Dodi
    E-40- Slangin Yayo

  • 1st down

    good list, and the honorable mentions is nice too. I’d go with

    pete rock – troy
    shook ones pt 2 – mobb deep
    4th chamber – gza
    guillotine swords – raekwon
    atliens – outkast
    blood money -capone and nore
    resurrection – common
    four seasons – ll, redman, meth etc
    new york state of mind 2 – nas
    Put Your Hands Where My Eyes Can See- Busta

  • bhillboy37

    How could I have guessed. All New York Records. Even Cypress was big in NY even though they’re LA Bloods. Plus this isn’t a generation spanning list. There were some hard ass songs made in the 80′s. My list without much thought. Sorry I don’t know all the producers but you hip hop nigga’s can go look it up.

    10. Straight ballin’- Pac
    9. Confetti-Youngbleed
    8. With me or against me Mac Mall-
    7. Unbelievable- BIggie-
    6. Down for my thang- Bone Thugs
    5. Tell me when to go- E-40
    4. Missing song 17 from ol’dirty’s return to the 36 chambers
    3.Scarface- Geto Boys
    2. Dopeman- NWA
    1. I ain’t said shit – Eazy E

  • bongolock

    good choices
    i’d mosdef go with steez too. premiers chops blew my mind when i heard the j.simon

    and speakin of ante up…

  • Mo Betta

    Jay-Z “where Im from”

    Biggie “story to tell” & that joint where he be like ::::my mom and pops mixed me with jamican rum and whiskey::::

    Jay-z the dynasty intro

    2pac- pain, outlawas, still i rise, hail mary, tradin war stories


    Jay-z renegade

    CRAIG MACK- flava in ya ear

  • nowah black

    1.dogg pound- bomb ass pussy 2.dr.dre- bitches aint shit 3.d.j.quick- tonght 4.eminem- renegade 5.outkast- players ball 6.master p.-heaven or hell 7.tupac- hail mary 8.marley marl- the symphony 9.lil wayne- fuck the world 10.ugk- diamonds and wood

  • wiz

    manny fresh-400degrezz premier-kick in da door 2pac-ambitionz of a rider

  • 2Real

    All these beats and no one said the Bridge Is Over or a Timbaland.

  • Leo

    How is shook ones not number one??? How did that happen…that’s bullshit…straight up…shook ones is the hottest beat ever made…one

    Here’s mine:

    1-Mobb Deep-Shook Ones
    2-DMX-What’s My Name?…go head say something relating to crack…
    3-Jay-Z ft Eminem- Renegade
    4-Nas-One Mic
    5-Method Man and Redman-Rockwilder
    6-Nas-New York SOM
    7-BIG-Gimme the loot(can’t remember the name right now)
    8-Phone Tap…Dre could easily be the whole list lol
    9-Nore-Banned from T.V…undeniable
    10-Money Power Respect

    • D-Block

      fuck ya banned from tv is top 5 for me

      jadakiss ft nas- show discipline (grimey)
      styles p- holiday (grimey as fuck)
      no limit- bourbans and cadillacs (chillin ass beat)
      geto boyz- g-code (favorite all-time)

  • Larry Brite

    DanjaHandz (‘put u on the game’ – any good recient Timbo tracks – ‘We taking over’)

    Havoc – sha money – Ky miller – ‘put em in there place’ – Mobb Deep

    Buckwild, co- produced by “Puffy” & Chucky Thompson for The Hitmen, ‘i got a story to tell’ (co-sign) Biggie

    Rick Rock “bumpin my music” – Ray Cash

    Super Sic Wit It” – Mistah F.A.B. – Droop e
    “Get On My Hype” – Messy Marv – Droop e

  • Mika

    not necessarily in order .

    Jay-Z – Where im from and Dead Presidents. Nas-Made you look(i just love the street feel), Du Rags,Phone tap.
    T.I -Why you wanna, Rubberband man.
    Mase-Welcome Back.
    Mobb Deep-Burn,Shook Ones,Got it twisted
    Buck-You aint goin nowhere …….man im crossing my limit alrdy , off the top so im missing out a lot …… but , thts my list!

    • LB

      ‘Push em back’ was a much better beat than That R&B jump-off (i’m just sayin)

      i forgot

      Tech N9ne – Track 2 – Disk 1 – Like YEAAAAA ~

  • youngfreshnew

    #3 Black Rob – Whoa is a sample as well.

    The Days of Pearly Spencer – David McWilliams. The violins came from there. MY question is what trigger Buckwild to listen to this track?

  • MikA

    how the eff did ether gt up there ?

  • MikA

    how the eff did ether gt up there ?

  • zacreole

    LONS-Sound of The Zeekers
    Flash & Melle Mell-The Message & White Lines
    Cypress Hill-The Phunky Pheel One
    ATCQ & LONS-Scenario Remix
    ICE T-New Jack Hustler
    A few joints off of Da King & I album
    Public Enemy-Welcome to The Terrordome
    Any joint off The Group home’s album
    Biggie-Unbelievable & 10 Crack Commandments, Kick In The Door
    Jay-Z-So Ghetto
    DJ Quik-Anything
    Slick Rick-The Moment I Feared
    Scarface-Mr Scarface is Back
    Rakim-Follow The Leader
    BDP-Black Cop
    Dr Dre-Anything off The DOC’s album esp. Portrait of a Masterpiece
    Anything off of Midnight Marauders
    Gangstarr-I’m The Man
    Nice & Smooth-Dwyck

  • zacreole

    LONS-Sound of The Zeekers
    Flash & Melle Mell-The Message & White Lines
    Cypress Hill-The Phunky Pheel One
    ATCQ & LONS-Scenario Remix
    ICE T-New Jack Hustler
    A few joints off of Da King & I album
    Public Enemy-Welcome to The Terrordome
    Any joint off The Group home’s album
    Biggie-Unbelievable & 10 Crack Commandments, Kick In The Door
    Jay-Z-So Ghetto
    DJ Quik-Anything
    Slick Rick-The Moment I Feared
    Scarface-Mr Scarface is Back
    Rakim-Follow The Leader
    BDP-Black Cop
    Dr Dre-Anything off The DOC’s album esp. Portrait of a Masterpiece
    Anything off of Midnight Marauders
    Gangstarr-I’m The Man
    Nice & Smooth-Dwyck

  • Rizob

    Wow! talk about a fucking east coast bias, i mean shit! Really, those? c’mon man, you can’t be serious…..

  • zacreole

    Oh Yeah how could I forget:
    The entire albums Amerikka’s Most Wanted & The Cold Vein

  • zacreole

    & The entire album Forever Hustlin’ by Ray Luv produced by Khayree.


    Forgot Cell Therapy & Fightin’ by The Goodie MOB

    & Too Short-Life Is & City of Dope

    & the entire God Loves Ugly album-very nice moody minimalist kind of dark beats.

  • nick

    The Top 10 Beats of All Time (in no particular order):

    10. Corporate Thuggin – Jeezy/USDA
    9. Be Easy – TI
    8. Aint No Fun – Snoop Dogg
    7. Breathe -Fabolous
    6. Lyrical Exercise – Jay Z
    5. Can It Be That It Was All So Simple – Wu Tang Clan
    4. Benjamins – P Diddy
    3. High Powered – Dr Dre
    2. Bring the Pain – 2pac
    1. Grindin – The Clipse

    It’s almost IMPOSSIBLE to even try to name the top 10 beats of all time. With cats like Dre, Toomp, Kanye, Just Blaze, Pharrell, Timbaland, Rza, Mannie Fresh, Premiere PLUS the new cats like Danjahandz, Shawty Redd, Runners, Justice League.

    It’s a lot of heat out there. Maybe INSTRUMENTALS would save Hip Hop!!! LOL

  • B


    best beat ever (though to call it just a beat is doesnt do it justice)

    mobb deep-beginning of your endin

    when hear it i can just picture queensbridge at night

  • mikeanthony372000

    The bridge is over. B.D.P.

  • zacreole

    & any production on late 80′s early 90′s era GB’s Rap a Lot stuff produced by Jon Bido, Viscious Lee, Mike Dean & the like,

    Willie D’s Put Tha Fuckin’ Gun Away

  • B

    actually, scratch those last two, they are second and third

    number 1 is doobie astray-devin the dude produced by premier

  • Tha Ace

    they all nice u got on there, but u really have nothin new

    newer beats………

    fabolous – breathe
    erykah badu & pharoahe monch – the healer
    jay z & mop – you don’t know
    non phixion – rock stars
    jedi mind tricks – razorblade salvation
    killer mike – god in the buildin
    oh yeah…ghost, rae, nas – verbal intercourse
    styles – good times
    fab, ransom, hitchcock, joe budden, paul cain, red cafe – this is family
    stack bundles – peep game
    TI – no matter what
    roots – don’t say nothin
    jeulz santana – monster music
    do or die – fantasy
    ransom – scram jones shit
    kool g rap & scram jones – heavy metal
    jedi mind tricks and ill bill – heavy metal kings
    40 cal – rob the bank (borrowed from somethin)
    elzhi – writer’s block
    paul cain – writer’s block

  • Hey

    You phaggets have no idea what a good beat is. All this New York shit is absolute trash. How can you even dance to that shit? No homo.

    • markeith

      maybe we listen to thede beats because

      they aint made with fruity loops

      nigga and dancin is for dancers we bob to this shit nigga

      YOU KNOW MY STEEZ Definitley my fav

    • ProTools7.3Certified

      You should kill yourself for saying that.

      What the fuck do you know about a beat??

  • Robby Cool

    how can you leave off dre completely?

    you got to show some love to the good doctor,

    Still D.R.E. rides like nothin else

    otherwise, you got some tight tracks up there, i’d like to see some Jedi Mind tracks up there, DJ Stoupe is crazy tight

  • zacreole

    Outkast-Benz or a B’mer
    Pete Rock & Cl-Straighten It Out

    & The entire Mf’in CMW album Music to Driveby-if you ain’t heard this joint you are not hip-hop & most def ain’t gangsta.

    DeLaSoul-Ring Ring Ha Ha Hey Hey

    The Jungle Brothers entire albums Done By The Forces of Nature & JB’eez Wit Tha Remedy-very innovative & overlooked production.

    Black Sheep-Engine #9 Remix-sure we’ve heard it a million times but that’s for a reason.

    Kool G Rap-On Tha Run Remix

    Diamond D-Sally Got a One Track Mind


    Tupac-I Get Around

    Brand Nubian-Slow Down

    MC Lyte-Cappuccino

    Tha Alkaholiks-Make Room

  • zacreole

    Oh Yeah

    The Pharcyde-Really the entire first two albums were sick throughout

  • SmashBro

    It would be to hard to rank the top ten of all time. These are the top ten beats that came to mind first.

    The Game – My Bitch (DJ Khalil)

    Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg – Still Dre (Dr. Dre)

    Gang Starr – Skillz ( DJ Premier)

    DJ Muggs ft. GZA – When The Fat Lady Sings (DJ Muggs)

    Dilated People – Back Again (The Alchemist)

    Omar Cruz – The Last Song / Ultima Cancion (Rome)

    Blu & Exile – Simply Amazing (DJ EXile)

    Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full (Eric B)

    Murs & 9th Wonder – Walk Like A Man (9th Wonder)

    Wu Tang Clan – Guillotine Swords (RZA)

  • zacreole

    Where’s tha Got Damned Beatnuts? Seriously, wtf’su?

  • Vicious Seiger

    Cool Pics but here are some of mine

    10. Got It Twisted – Mobb Deep [Alchemist]
    9. Lean Back – Terror Squad [Scott Storch]
    8. Feels So Good – Twista [Legendary Traxster]
    7. Hail Mary – 2pac/Makaveli [???]
    6. What Your Life Like – Beanie Sigel [Shim?]
    5. Go Crazy Remix – Young Jeezy [DJ Cannon]
    4. Guess Who’s Back – Scarface [Kanye West]
    3. Diamonds From Sierra Leone – Kanye West
    2. What’s Beef? – The Notorious BIG
    [Nashiem Myrick & Carlos Broady]
    1. Who Shot Ya – The Notorious BIG [Nashiem Myrick]

    These are in no particular order and neither do they represent my all time favorites but these are some that really amped me up when I first heard them.

  • JakeB

    Props to all you guys. For the most part, good choices. My top ten beats are (in no particular order.)

    It Ain’t Hard to Tell – Nas (Large Professor)
    The Format – AZ (DJ Premier)
    Rhyme No More – Jay-Z (DJ Premier)
    T.R.O.Y. – Pete Rock & CL Smooth (Pete Rock)
    13th Floor/Growing Old – Outkast (Organized Noize)
    Road to the Riches – Kool G Rap & DJ Polo (Marley Marl)
    Stranded on Death Row – Dr. Dre feat. Bushwick Bill, Kurupt, The Lady of Rage, RBX, Snoop Dogg (Dr. Dre)
    So Ghetto – Jay-Z (DJ Premier)
    2nd Childhood – Nas (DJ Premier)
    Break Ya Neck – Busta Rhymes (Dr. Dre)

    A few of those are just my current bangers.

  • infamous

    wat about da Clipse-Grindin every body loved dat shit ya cant front..and 2pac Ambitionz Az a Ridah

  • mrogi

    Dr. Dre dont even make the Top Ten? Yall niggz crazy.

  • Bmore

    U Don’t Know – Jay-Z (produced by Just Blaze)

    Guess Who’s Back – Scarface (produced by Kanye West)

    Troy – Pete Rock

    Work – Gangstarr (prod. by Dj Premier)

    Severe Punishment – Wu-Tang Clan (prod. by RZA – this shit is straight hardbody)

  • shoreke

    Biggie – Warning and One More Chance(remix)
    They got to be in the top ten.

  • aj

    a Jay-Z beat nobody said yet
    Blueprint 2

  • darrell

    it aint hard to tell and NY State of Mind pt.1

  • C.B. NEWS

    1.ny state of mind-premo
    3.come clean-premo
    4.ambitons as a rider-daz
    5.deep cover-dr.dre
    6.shook ones pt 2.-havoc
    7.c.r.e.a.m.-rza tap-dr.dre
    9.brooklyn zoo-rza
    10.ebonics-ron browz

    • ray loot

      U have the best list of them all.

    • raj

      i agree…best list so far

  • grp03

    Whoever said Dynasty Intro, you sir are correct.

  • Uknown Story

    Not top 10 but ones that come to mind

    Busta Rhymes – Break Ya Neck Dr. Dre
    Jay Z – Roc Boys – Diddy & the Hitmen
    Tupac – California love – Dr. Dre
    The Game – Hate It or Love it – Cool & Dre
    Various Artists – We Takin Over – Danja
    Meth & Red – Da Rockwilder
    Lil Wayne – A Milli – Bangladesh
    T.I – What You Know – DJ Toomp
    Rich Boy – Boy Looka Here – Polow Da Don
    Rick Ross – Speeding – The Runners

    more will come to mind soon

  • c. gabi

    In no specific order…

    Scarface- Guess Who’s Bizzack
    G. Dep- Special Delivery
    Dr. Dre- Bitches Ain’t Shit
    Amil- 4 Da Fam
    Dr. Dre- Xxplosive
    Ghostface- Stroke of Death
    Mobb Deep- Quiet Storm
    Lil Wayne- A Milli
    ATCQ- Electric Relaxation
    Missy- Sock It 2 Me

  • aquaboogie

    Da Rockwilder was the sickest song! In the club, niggas would flip their wigs and go crazy, jumping up and down whenever this shit came on. Words cannot explain it!

  • BigNat

    danger doom- crosshairs
    mf doom- rhinestone cowboy
    joe budden-all of me
    beanie sigel- dear self (can i talk to you)
    busta rhymes- in the ghetto
    camron- the roc (just fire)
    clipse- keys open doors
    common-ghetto heaven part 2
    dr. dre- xxplosive
    eminem- i don’t get a fuck
    ghostfacekillah- apollo kids
    kanye west-drive slow
    little brother-not enough
    mos def- the panties
    nas- new york state of mind part 2
    outkast-the return of the g
    diplomats- dipset anthem
    biggie- long kiss goodnight
    the roots- seed 2.0
    scarface- guess who’s back
    young buck- prices on my head
    t.i. – I’m talking to you
    rick ross- I’m a G
    gunit- gangsta shit
    jay-z- allure
    lil wanye- ain’t that a bitch
    bubba spraxxx- nowhere
    50 cent- on my hood or ski mask way
    dmx-whats my name
    jadakiss- we going make it
    twista-one last time
    project pat- out there
    bun b-pushin
    mystikal-mystikal fever
    snoop- doggy dogg world
    tony yayo-i know you don’t love me
    jim jones- emotionless
    obie trice- cry now
    young jeezy-you know what it is
    big pun-dream shatterer
    beat nuts- no hook i think thats what it’s called
    redman- soopaman luva 3
    method man-bring the pain
    raekwon-can it all be so simple
    ugk- swishas and dosha
    i just picked shit at random i am sure any one can name lot of good beats

    • truthfromdaboot


      Imma give you props, that’s the most comprehensive non-hating ass list i have ever read on a hip hop blog, you got to be the realist dude bloggin today. I must admit I’m bais to the SOUTH but I like the list dog, it has all regions and all styles!

      • BIGNAT

        thanks man and i could have made it way longer but i would have been there all night.

  • ddd

    back that azz up-mannie fresh..listen 2 that shit real close…dude got like 11 different instruments correspondin perfectly with each other…mannie was way ahead of his time..u can go back to u.n.l.v.,mr ivan etc.mannie fresh been doin it since 85 and he 1 of the few in the south that knows his muzik{and im from new york}.listen 2 his shit from 92-05.he’s more of a singles producer now becuz he aint the in-house producer 4 cmr and these a&r’s dont trust him like baby and slim did.but he’s doin juve new album..

    premo is new york.period..he’s laced nuthin but many to name

    alchemist-to many 2 name

    dj toomp-wat u know about that..

    rza-see premo and alc

    • BIGNAT

      man toomp also got a big list. he did most of t.i.’s earlier stuff. also he did most of the hits off graduation. kanye would have had a brick on his hands without them beats toomp gave him. songs i know he did for sure is flashing lights and big brother i think in all he did 6 songs for graduation

      • BIGNAT

        also you are right about mannie fresh he did almost all of the carter 1 and thats why it was wanye’s best album

  • Jerm

    my favorites are…
    What You Know – T.I.
    Party Up – DMX
    Get The Fuck Back – Ludacris
    Take Tha Hood Back – UGK
    Standin Ovation – Chamillionaire
    Frontin – Chamillionaire
    Ima G – Bun B
    Ima G – Lil Keke
    Chunk Up Tha Deuce – Lil Keke
    Two Miles An Hour – Ludacris
    and many more…

  • avon

    not in any order but my list
    1.bling bling bg money is a army bg
    3.i really mean it camron
    4.lil wayne kush
    5.papoose versatility
    6.biggie things done changed
    7.nas lifes a bitch
    8.paid in full
    9.fugee la la
    10.camron down and out /cant forget about big l put it on

  • xxl sucks

    u guys always suck on your lists…everything is totally east coast biased… how u have a top producer list and not have dr dre, dj quik, timbaland, organized noise or even KLC or N.O. Joe and all the southern producers… not only NEW YORK makes dope shit!!

  • N o

    Alright I’m from New Orleans so this is gunna be fun to see what yall say about mine…(feel free to hate because u dont like the south)

    10.Bad Guy – Jay-Z(american gangsta)
    9.Still Fly – Big Tymers
    8.I Just Wanna Love You – Eminem,Obie,50
    7.Silent B.G. – B.G.
    6.Get Your Roll On – Big Tymers
    5.Knockin Doors Down – Pimp C
    4.Till I Collapse – Eminem
    3.Tha Mobb – Wayne
    2.Blowin Do Do – Webbie
    1.B.M. J.R. – Wayne

    Honorable Mentions…
    1.Drunken Hot Girls – Kanye,Mos Def
    2.I Need It In My Life – Juvenile
    3.Beat Down Low – T.I.
    4.Leather So Soft – Wayne
    5.Hip-Hop – Dead Prez
    6.Put On – Jeezy
    7. Fresh’s Blessing – Wayne

    • Teezy

      Fuck the south man hip hop is dead…
      I ain’t hatin Bad Guy is actually called say hello

  • avon

    i got some more
    1.t.i. asap
    2.t.i. you dont know me
    3.t.i. what you know gun slinger jungle
    6.big l holdin it down
    7.tupac no mre pain
    8.yall mulfuckaz 4got about ambitionz az a ridah
    9.biggie warning

  • Jay.oh

    Wu Tang: The Art of Shadow Boxin
    Jay-Z: Girls, Girls, Girls (dope sample)
    Jaylib: The Red (that 90% sample at the end; nice touch)
    Pharcyde: Passin Me By (why can’t this sound be as relevent now)
    Pete Rock & C.L.: T.R.O.Y (diddo)
    Dr. Dre: Whats The Difference
    Nas: Memory Lane
    Common: Its Your World
    A Tribe Called Quest: Bonita Applebum (that intro is bananas)
    Black Moon: Got Cha Opin (don’t front)

  • johnson

    “it ain’t hard to tell” (human nature sample is FIRE)
    “juicy” (although most credit goes to mtume for the original, there couldn’t be better drums to compliment big’s flows)
    “electric relaxation” (also an incredibly well used sample)
    “you came up”
    “dead presidents II”

    also, i see your list is INCREDIBLY new york biased (unapologetically, i assume), but you can’t sleep on these nationwide bangers:

    “mind’s playin tricks”
    “let me ride”,”xplosive”, and the rest of dre’s classics
    “southern hospitality”
    “wheelz of steel”
    “guess who’s back”, the kanye track on the scarface album

  • michael

    Nas Is Like- Dj Premier

    Grindin- The Neptunes

    Mass Apeal- Dj Premier

  • manny78d

    In no particular order, oh and I know some of these are loops, but I dont give a fuck these joints crank flat out.
    OUTKAST- Everything. Just playin, Playas Ball
    GOODIE MOB-Soul Food
    NAS/AZ-Lifes a Bitch-The whole fuckin Illmatic Joint
    COMMON-Iused to love her
    UGK-Pocket full of stones
    LL-I need Love
    Mobb Deep-Shook Ones Pt. 2
    DR. DRE-Let Me Ride-The whole fuckin Chronic
    There are so many beats that crank to me, I was born in 83, so my hip-hop peak was mid to lat 90′s.


  • Shawty J

    No particular order, just typing as the pop up in my head, I may add a few more later.

    Top Back – T.I., produced by Mannie Fresh
    Party Up – DMX, produced by Swizz Beatz
    The Watcher 2 – Jay-Z, produced by Dr. Dre
    U Don’t Know – Jay-Z, produced by Just Blaze
    What You Know – T.I., produced by DJ Toomp
    Diamonds – Kanye West, produced by Devo Springsteen, Kanye West, and Jon Brion
    Tell Em I Said That – T.I., produced by Danja
    Dirt Off Your Shoulder – Jay-Z, produced by Timbaland
    Damn I’m Cold – Bun B, produced by CHOPS
    Extrahard, Little Brother – produced Mr. Porter

    What I look for in a beat, is basically, if I could remove the lyrics could I listen to the beat and still get the same vibe and the same story, if I were a rapper would I buy it?

  • Tony TwIsT

    wow. this list seems pretty east coast, and early 90s biased. Kanye and Just blaze have made beats 100 times better than this list. I understand that the early 90s was the best period in hip-hop but i mean c’mon

  • bdg

    the whole diplomatic immunity 1

    • Ace Boogie

      co sign

  • zino

    man theres alot of good beat i really like that camron killa cam cam beath tho and 36 where is the bud i could go on for days

  • guttaMAN

    every beat Timbaland has made and about 50% of all the NEPTUNES catalog.

    one of the hottest beats of all time…..”all about the benjamins”

  • TheRefriedMexican




  • Eric

    This is one of those rankings that would have to be seperated by eras. Anyway… I can only think of two beats that would HAVE to be in my top 10… “Bout It, Bout It” and Jay-Z “Allure”. Beats by the Pound killed that Bout It beat

  • gooch

    I’m from the east coast, of course i’m biased!

  • MBizzle

    anything on the chronic or the chronic 2001 could be on that list too



  • jojo

    Phone tap – The Firm (produced by Dr. Dre)
    Unbelievable – Notorious B.I.G. (DJ Premier)
    4,3,2,1 – LL Cool J (Erick Sermon???)
    Stop being greedy – DMX (Swizz Beatz???)
    T.R.O.Y. – CL Smooth and Pete Rock

    Too many PREMO beats to name, but heres a few:

    Discipline, Nas is like…, 10 crack commandments, BOOM, When I B on the MIC….



  • dizzle

    “I got five on it” That gets shit thumpin

  • jackpot

    It’s hard for me to list just ten. No matter how much I complain about hip-hop having down periods, I can always count on producers to come up with heat. Off top, “Dipset Anthem.” The beat makes me lose my mind every time. “Can’t Stop The Prophet” (Pete Rock remix). I could probably use a Hi-Tek or J Dilla beat in there. I think you did a great job listing those,though. I can’t front on any of your picks.

  • murderx

    1. Lil Wayne – A Millie
    2. Jay-z – Song Cry
    3. Biggie – One More Chance (Remix)
    4. 2 Pac – I Ain’t Mad At Cha
    5. Nas – One Mic
    6. Lil Wayne – kush
    7. Jay-Z – Encore
    8. Kanye West – Stronger
    9. Eminem – Stan
    10. Biggie – Juicey

    Dats how my shit iz….by the way I really need more than 10 choices I need bout 35 at LEAST!!!

  • South Sidah

    where’s Rock Box or any Run DMC beat? what about Mama Said Knock You Out?

  • Chris S

    i feel like a retard cuz i consider myself a hip hop head and i have only heard 3 of the songs in your top 10…i will certainly be doing something about that. even with that said, i think still d.r.e. has to be in the list. but anyway, here’s mine

    1. Still D.R.E. – Dr. Dre
    2. X – Xzibit
    3. Lost Ones – Jay-Z
    4. Be(Intro) – Common
    5. They Reminisce Over You – Pete Rock & Cl Smooth
    6. Front 2 Back – Xzibit
    7. Still Cruisin – The Game feat. Eazy E
    8. D’Evils – Jay-Z
    9. Ambitionz Az A Ridah – Tupac
    10. Roll Out – Ludacris

    honorable mention
    renegade-em, jay
    kiss your ass goodbye-dblock
    forgot about dre-dre, em
    jesus walks-ye tudda
    what’s the difference-dre, em, xzibit
    fuck wit dre day-dre
    my block remix-pac
    everything changes-aceyalone

    • LAKID

      Finally someone mentioned that BE intro..dat beat is simple but sick. Kanye west Get em High-College drop out. Still Dre-DR. DRE. NY State of Mind-Nas .The Instrumental-Lupe Fiasco(food & liquor). The Emperor’s soundtrack-Lupe Fiasco. Back Down-50 Cent (GRODT) Blood Hound-50 cent. Do What u wanna do-Devin d Dude. Anythang-Devin d dude. THA MOB-lil wayne (c2). Shook ones pt2. quiet storm-Mobb deep. Dreamin-young Jeezy(inspiration)….shit i could go all day with this shit.

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  • beatz23

    Nas Is Like- Nas
    Deez Nuuuts- Dr. Dre
    Lyrics To Go- ATCQ
    Mass Appeal- Gangstarr
    Grindin- Clipse
    The Corner- Common
    Ski Mask Way- 50 Cent
    Dead Presidents 2- Jay-Z
    C.R.E.A.M.- Wu-Tang Clan
    Right Back At You- Mobb Deep
    Passin Me By- Pharcyde
    Breathe- Fabolous
    The Game- Common

    anything from Kanye, Dr. Dre, Premier, RZA, or ATCQ



      • beatz23

        ok…you know what I mean

  • truthfromdaboot


    MYSTIKAL’S= HERE I GO!!!!!!!!

    2Pac’s = MY AMBITIONS AS A RIDA!!!!!

    Not in the top ten!!! FOH!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • JKeith734

    Oh yeah forgot Alchemist, Khayree, Erick Sermon, Warren G, Battlecat, DJ Darryl (Who cuts so sweet, fuck the bullshit the man makes beats-Richie Rich 41Fivin), Mike Dean, Bido, Crazy C and all of the Rap-A-Lot Producers, Kay-Gee from Naughty By Nature The Bomb Squad, Marley Marl, Legendary Traxster (Twista) NO I.D., Nashiem Myrick (He helped bring that raw east coast sound back to the forefront). DJ Uneek (Bone)
    The list could on for eon’s

  • Uway

    man this list sucks…what about anything from tribe called quest, …your honorable mentions was better…

  • Sheena

    In no particular order, back to the essence:

    Method Man & Mary J Blige – You’re All I Need
    Dr. Dre -Deep Cover
    Dr. Dre & Snoop -Bitches Ain’t Shit
    Divine Force – Holy War
    Group Home -Supa Star
    Stetsasonic – Go Stetsa
    Biggie – Kick In The Door
    Gangstarr/Nice & Smooth – Dwyck
    Kool G Rap – I’m Fly
    Kurtis Blow – If I Ruled The World
    *QM Mafia: Coming Soon!* – Pardon Da Interruption
    Mobb Deep – Got It Twisted
    Geto Boys – Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me
    Davy DMX – One For The Treble
    Foxxy Brown – BK Anthem
    Onyx – Walk In New York
    Marley Marl – The Symphony II
    Junior Mafia – Players Anthem
    LL Cool J – Rock The Bells
    The Roots – Clones
    Run DMC – RockBox
    3rd Bass – Steppin To The AM
    Schooly D – PSK
    Kool Moe Dee – Turn It Up
    Brand Nubian – Black & Blue
    Tony Yayo – So Seductive
    Mantronix – Hardcore Hip Hop
    BDP – I’m Still # 1
    Fugees – FugeeLa

    I can’t do a top 10, maybe a top 100, and that’s the tip of the iceberg! Young heads…look ‘em up if you don’t know…now you know!

    • MOE



    HURT – T.I.

  • Bleed Black

    We gon Win – Styles P and Miri Ben Ari (her whole album bar 2 songs has some bangin beats)

    Alright – Mystikal (scott storch b4 anyone knew who scott storch was)

    Hurt you – Busta Rhymes (scott storch)

  • Bleed Black

    super soul sis + the hook

  • Keith

    I gotta go with E=MC2 and Raise It Up, both by J-Dilla.

  • Asunder

    Top 10 beats? No such thing. Should be done by decade to do it any justice, unless it’s like top 100 or whatnot:

    70s – fuck is that?

    Ice T – 6 in the Mornin, Colors
    Easy E – Boyz in da Hood, 8-Ball
    NWA – Straight Outta Compton, 100 Miles & Runnin
    D.O.C. – It’s Funky Enough
    BDP – Criminal Minded, 9mm, My Philosophy
    Eric B & Rakim – Follow the Leader, Microphone Fiend
    Big Daddy Kane – Raw, Another Victory
    Public Enemy – well… just about everything they did in the 80s
    Daddy Freddy – Raggamuffin Hip Hop
    De La Soul – first two albums
    Jungle Brothers – first two albums
    Tribe Called Qwest – first three albums whole (stretches into 90′s)

    Ice Cube – Amerikkka’s Most Wanted (yep whole thing)
    Gravediggaz – most of that whole first album
    WuTang – the WHOLE first album AND most of the second; first albums by GZA (ok second really), ODB, Raekwon, Ghostface…
    Cypress Hill – first two albums have disgusting beats all the way through
    Nas – New York State of Mind
    Main Source – Snake Eyes, Friendly Game of Baseball
    ah… too much to list gotta stop, but the list does not.

    00′s meh – can’t touch the 80′s or 90′s for beats… and as far as Southern Rap goes – fuck is that shit, that ain’t hip hop, is it?

  • Sheena

    In no particular order, back to the essence:

    Method Man & Mary J Blige – You’re All I Need
    Gravediggaz – Nowhere To Run
    Jeru ha Damaga – Can’t Stop The Prophet
    Dr. Dre -Deep Cover
    Dr. Dre & Snoop -Bitches Ain’t Shit
    Divine Force – Holy War
    Group Home -Supa Star
    Stetsasonic – Go Stetsa
    Biggie – Kick In The Door
    Gangstarr/Nice & Smooth – Dwyck
    Kool G Rap – I’m Fly
    Kurtis Blow – If I Ruled The World
    *QM Mafia: Coming Soon!* – Pardon Da Interruption
    Mobb Deep – Got It Twisted
    Geto Boys – Mind Playin’ Tricks On Me
    Davy DMX – One For The Treble
    Foxxy Brown – BK Anthem
    Onyx – Walk In New York
    Marley Marl – The Symphony II
    Junior Mafia – Players Anthem
    LL Cool J – Rock The Bells
    The Roots – Clones
    Run DMC – RockBox
    3rd Bass – Steppin To The AM
    Schooly D – PSK
    Kool Moe Dee – Turn It Up
    Brand Nubian – Black & Blue
    Tony Yayo – So Seductive
    Mantronix – Hardcore Hip Hop
    BDP – I’m Still # 1
    Fugees – FugeeLa

    I can’t do a top 10, maybe a top 100, and that’s the tip of the iceberg! Young heads…look ‘em up if you don’t know…now you know!

  • Geranimo

    um… Flashing Lights

  • paychexx

    can it be- the rza

    southernplayalistc- organized noize

    shook ones – havoc

    foe life- from mack 10 dont know who produced it

    memory lane – dj premier

    unbelievable – dj premier

    superstar – dj premier

    the reasonable doubt – ( mainly ski beats joints)

    bring the pain- rza

    erick sermon joints

    dj toomp ( got some of the hottest beats)

    kanye west ( nuff said)

    all on eyez on me/street dreams

    rza all over ob4cl album

    ghostface killah

  • EQ

    This shit is impossibe but here we go:
    My FAV 10 Since 2000
    Doo Rags – Nas
    Position of Power – 50 Cent
    Stillmatic Intro – Nas
    We Roll – Pete Rock ft. Max B and Jim Jones
    I Wonder – Kanye West
    The Profit – Fat Joe ft. Wayne
    Goodlife – T.I. ft. Common
    Hovi Baby – Jay-Z
    By Your Side – Jadakiss
    More or Less – Shyne

    My FAV 10 ALL TIME (No Order)
    I Like It – Grand Puba
    Mass Appeal – Gangstarr
    Find Your Wealth – Nas
    Unbelievable – Biggie
    Electric Relaxation – A Tribe Called Quest
    You Came Up – Big Pun
    D’Evils – Jay-Z
    The World is Yours -Nas
    Why You Wanna – TI
    Cold World – GZA

    Aight the list above is bullshit… I mean I could easily throw anotha 30 up there

  • mrogi

    Bushwick Bill – Ever So Clear

  • Mika

    “July 18th, 2008
    at 4:49 pm

    Mika says:

    not necessarily in order .

    Jay-Z – Where im from and Dead Presidents. Nas-Made you look(i just love the street feel), Du Rags,Phone tap.
    T.I -Why you wanna, Rubberband man.
    Mase-Welcome Back.
    Mobb Deep-Burn,Shook Ones,Got it twisted
    Buck-You aint goin nowhere …….man im crossing my limit alrdy , off the top so im missing out a lot …… but , thts my list!”

    damn man i forgot to add one more ……..and its quite funny nobody touched on it but when tht shit came out .it had all of us gng crazy.
    yeah …. Wanksta – fiddy …….you rem man tht flow and tht oh so suavely thugged out beat …damn man ……..and the game – runnin’ i love tht one too ….. it just ha that FEEL man , the flashback , present day secene , then the flashback then the curr…… yknow how it go man …. so -
    50 Cent(the old one) – Wanksta
    The Game – Runnin


  • BrianF

    wtf yall crazy
    no order
    throw them bows
    dead presidents
    H to the izzo

    i can think of about 50 more but yall niggas buggn i loved the 90s too but shit… the 90s was lke hot lyrics with OK beats while the late 90s, now turned it into hot beats with OK lyrics

  • DJ

    Catch A Bad One – Del Tha Funkee Homosapien


  • chris reed

    fuck u

  • southsidesean

    How in the fuck is Dr. Dre not on this list? The whole top 10 could be one of Dre’s beats. The Clipse song “Grindin” is one of the sickest beats ever.

  • G

    Honorable Mention:
    Girls Girls Girls – Produced by Just Blaze

    20) Ring Ring Ring (Hey Hey Hey) – Prince Paul
    This song has five samples and you would never know.
    19) Flashing Lights – Produced by Kanye West
    18) Excuse Me, Miss – The Neptunes
    17) 100 miles and runnin’ – N.W.A.
    16) Find My Way – Produced by J.Dilla–c
    15)What you Know – Produced by D.J. Troop
    14) Gin and Juice – Produced by Dr.Dre
    13) Feelin’ – Produced by Ski
    12) Ain’t No Half Steppin’ – Produced by Marley Marl
    11) Big Pimpin’ – Timbaland
    10) Memory Lane (in da Park) – D.J. Premier
    9) O.P.P. – Produced by Kay Gee
    8) B.O.B. – Produced by Earthtone III
    7) Pease Porridge – Produced by Prince Paul
    6) I Wanna Rock (Doo Doo Brown) – Produced by Mr. Mixx
    5) Paul Revere – Produced by Rick Rubin
    4) Paper Thin by MC Lyte -Produced by King of Chill
    3) Brooklyn’s Finest – Produced by Clark Kent
    2) Brooklyn Zoo – Produced by True Master
    1) Diamonds (From Sierra Leone) – Produced by Kanye West
    The bar has been set with beat!

  • monica

    you buggin, hands down teh best beat of all time is dj premiers above the clouds for guru

  • kingkofi

    This is in no order
    1 Dr. Dre -Whats the difference
    2 Dr. Dre -Forgot About Dre
    3 Timbaland- Get your freak on
    4 Em & Jay – Renegade
    5 Biggie- Mo Money Mo Problems
    6 50 cent – In Da Club
    7 Kanye West – Never let me down
    8 50 – Wanksta
    9 Tupac – Califonia Love
    10 Nas -Hate Me Now
    11 Eminem -Till I Collapse

  • playit

    some beats that spring to mind in no particular order

    E.T. – Outkast
    clipse of doom – ghostface
    as i come back – busta rhymes
    figaro – madvillian
    drop it like its hot – snoop
    breathe – fabolous
    straight outta compton – NWA
    Careful (Click, Click) – wu tang

  • Rocco B

    The Bridge Is Over- BDP
    Symphony- Marley Marl
    Paul Revere- Beastie Boys
    Diplomats- Gangsta Music
    Run DMC- Jam Master Jay
    Dr. Dre- Deep Cover
    Snoop- Tha Shiznit
    Mobb Deep- Shook Ones
    Nas- NY State of Mind
    Intermission (The Bridge)- Juice Crew
    Jay-Z- Money Cash Hos
    Jay-Z- Where Im From
    Outkast- Elevators
    BIG- Long Kiss Goodnight
    Puff and Mase- Cant Nobody Hold Me Down
    Puff- Victory
    Raekwon- Ice Cream
    Raekwon- Knuckleheadz
    The DOC- Its Funky Enough
    Luniz- Got 5 On It
    Eazy E- Boyz In Da Hood
    Ice Cube- Check Yo Self
    2 Pac- California Love

  • LOL
  • Torry

    not my top 10 of all time,just what i could think of at the moment. and not in any particular order.

    1. Little Brother- Step it up (Hi-Tek)
    2. Freeway- What we do (just blaze)
    3. outkast- spodiodidopalicious (organized noise)
    4. Beanie Sigel- Stop, chill (just blaze)
    5. 2pac- Scandalous (dat nigga daz)
    6. Talib Kweli- The Blast (hi-tek)
    7. wu- tang- triumph (rza)
    8. puff- victory ( d. dot ?)
    9. lupe fiasco- kick, push (soundtrakk)
    10. dr. dre- nuthin but a g thang (dr. dre)

  • mel

    busta rhymes-turn me up (j-dilla)

    the firm-phone tap (dr. dre)

    outkast- so fresh & so clean (outkast)

    gangstarr- soliliqy of chaos (dj premier)

    dr.dre-high powered (dr.dre)

    jay z- hovi baby (just blaze)

    snoop dogg-aint no fun (dr.dre)

    mista grimm- indo smoke (warren g)

    little brother-#17 “minstrel show” (9th wonder)
    sean price-heartburn (9th wonder)

    jadakiss-we gon`make it (alchemist)

    mobb deep-quiet storm (havoc)

    nas- affirmative action (trackmasters)

    diplomats- i really mean it (just blaze)

    cam`ron- killa cam (heatmakerz)

    no order needed these are just some beats that i think are better than the “best of all time”

    • BIGNAT

      number 17 from ministrel show is We Got Now

  • They call me Jesus Freak

    You gotta be fucking kidding me.

    Where’s Cat Van Bags?
    Where’s Constance?

    You don’t even have Mass Appeal?

    Plus you would have thought that Blaze would have gotten some kind of mention for Oh Boy

  • west philly’s finest

    Daytona 500- Ghostface Killah

    Heaven or Hell-Raekwon

    What Ya Poison-Mobb Deep

    We Gon Make It- Jadakiss

    The Realest-Mobb Deep

    Tha Shiznit-Snoop Dogg

    Dipset Anthem,1st Of tha Month-The Diplomats

    Kick In the Door- BIG

    A Million-Jay-Z

    Keep It Thoro-Prodigy

  • ideejay

    Pharcyde – She Said J.Dilla RMX
    Clipse – Grindin’
    Big Noyd – Watch Out
    Black Moon – Buck’em Down
    Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm
    Jadakiss – Knock Yourself Out
    Daz – Do U Know
    E40 – Tell Me When To Go
    Rich Boy – Throw Some D’s
    Lil Wayne – A Milli

    No Order
    Best Beats Ever niggas
    y’all opinons about my list dont matter to me cuz that list changes from day to day anyway so do what y’all do

  • Jazz One

    I hate to get all hipster on you,

    -M.I.A.’s Paper Planes is a banger, especially with the remix with Bun B and Boosie.

    -Kid Cudi’s Day and Night makes me stop everytime I hear it.

    -UGKast’s International Player’s Anthem

  • c. gabi

    UTP- Nolia Clap
    Camp Lo- Luchini
    Clipse- Grindin
    Ludacris- Southern Hospitality
    Clipse- Mr. Me Too
    Black Star- Respiration
    Mos Def- Sex, Love & Money
    Notorious B.I.G.- Dead Wrong
    Trick Daddy- Shutup
    ACTQ- Hot Sex

  • Mr. In Da Club

    ain’t no order, but shiits reeeeeaaaalllllll..

    In da Club (50 Cent best beat ever, fuk u if u don’t think so)

    R.A,W, (daz & Kurupt) (Mr. Dillinger)

    Go At It (Bishop/caltroit)

    Ambitions az a ridah (PAC) (dilly on it)

    str8 ballin’ (PAC)

    Nothin On Me (Weezy/Fab/Juelz – C3) (Alchemist is tight)

    Hood psalm (Bishop – Khalil)

    Greatest Trick (Bishop – good mix of mr. porter & Dr. dre)

    Fast lane (Bilal – DRE!!)

    Gunz cum out (50 – DRE!!)

    leather so soft – (Weezy F & Baby – Jim Jonsin)

    Touch Down (Chip (T.i.) & Slim Shady)

    All i think about (Sir Bishop of Lamont – Scott Storch)

    My Bitch (The Gayme (Shout out to the mans who reminded me bout this killa beat, and shout out to khalil 4 droppin that heat)

    2 of amerikaz most wanted (PAC, Snoop- A Dilly beat)

    99% of Doggystyle – Snoop & dre allll day

    I smell PUSSY (G-Unit – Sam sneed)

    MLK (213)

    more bishop, dre, pac, daz, g unit,eminem, chamillionaire, ya boy, scott broke storch, dj khalil etc…

    FUCK TIMBERLAND, he’s good but he’s an absolute tit!

    all the gods of hip hop on all the god beats, 4real, eat a dicc haters

  • ATLatino404

    Gotta put this in categories

    Riot inducing beats

    1. I’m so hood – The runners
    2. Natural born Killers Dr Dre
    3. You don’t know Just Blaze
    4. Rebel w/o a pause Bomb Squad
    5. Bia bia Lil jon(yes lil jon)
    6. Simon Says Pharoah monch
    7. Ante Up DR period
    8. Trap or Die Jeezy
    9. Rubberband man David Banner
    10.Cannon Don Cannon

    Who woulda thunk it beats

    1. Come Clean Premier
    2. Superbrooklyn BTC (Cocoa brovaz)
    3. Heat $00.50(Dre?)
    5. Number 1 spot Luda
    6. Paul Revere Rick Rubin
    7. Scenario (remix)
    8. Jackin for Beats sir jinx
    9. some cut lil jon
    10.mixmaster mike beastie boys over straight scratching

  • Rich Dollar$

    Nobody mentioned All About Benjamins beat?!?!?

  • Bobby G

    big poppa- Biggie
    the potion- ludacris
    touch it- busta
    so fresh and so clean- outkast
    jay-z and eminem- renegade
    forgot bout dre- dr. dre and eminem
    c.r.e.a.m.- wu-tang
    a milli- weezy
    i get money- 50 cent
    flava in your ear- biggie

    honorable: anything made by kanye west ya heard…

  • Pinto AKA DJ Supafly

    What I know is Jay- Z’s P.S.A beat should be number 1. (Produced by Just Blaze). Also you gotta hear the Lil Wayne’[s P.S.A version with the same beat.

  • floridanucca

    my favorites easily are

    1. Mr. 17.5 -Young Jeezy (prod. by Don Cannon)
    2. Deja Vu- Nas, old unreleased demo track, they used the first verse for verbal intercourse
    3. It Aint Hard To Tell- Nas (prod. by Large Professor)
    4. Last Dayz- Onyx
    5. This Me- Rick Ross (prod. by DJ Toomp)
    6. World Takeover- Joe Budden
    7. Players Ball Reprise- Outkast
    8. The World Is Yours- Nas
    9. Tour Guide- Slick Pulla
    10. Mainstream- Outkast

    hon. mention- E.T. (Outkast)

    my fav producers gotta be DJ Toomp, Organized Noize, and Don Cannon

  • JamPo

    Ya’ll niggas is lost…..

    I seen only one Eric Sermon beat…

    “Buy You Some”- Too Short, Shorty B, and Eric Sermon..

    “Wu-Tang Aint Nuthin To Fukk Wit”- RZA

    “Bitches Aint Shit”- Dr. Dre

    “Jesse James”-Scarface, Mike Dean, N.O. Joe

    “Pinky Ring”- Pimp C, N.O. Joe

    “Quiet Storm”- Havoc

    “Me or the Papes”- Preemo

    “Dead Presidents”- Ski

    “Down with The Kings”- Pete Rock

    “Throw Ya Gunz”- Chyskillz and Jam Master Jay

    “Who’s The Mack?”- Bomb Squad

    “Heartz Of Men”- Dj Quik

    “The Symphony”- Marley Marl

    “Scenario”- A Tribe Called Quest

    I can go on forever….

  • The Green Lantern

    In no particular order

    We Gon Make It- Jadakiss
    I Really Mean It- Diplomats
    Kick, Push- Lupe Fiasco
    Xxplosive- Dr. Dre
    Life’s A Bitch- Nas
    Let The Beat Build- Lil Wayne
    Go DJ- Lil Wayne
    Kryptonite- Big Boi
    Ride Around Shinin- The Clipse
    C.R.E.A.M.- Raekwon

  • Hardtufind

    1. How We Do-The Game
    2. Shadow Boxin’-GZA
    3. Don’t Say Nothin’-The Roots
    4. Hate in Yo Eyes-Mack 10
    5. XL-The X-Ecutioners
    6. Got It Twisted-Mobb Depp
    7. What’cha Gonna Do?-Shyne
    8. Nigga What, Nigga Who-Jay-Z
    9. The I.N.C. Ride-Masta Ace Incorporated
    10. Step into a World (Rapture’s Delight)-KRS One

  • Jersey

    I think thats a decent list but here my personal top 5

    1)Fuck Tha World Lil Wayne( Produced By Mannie Fresh)
    2) Welcome 2 Tha Nolia – Juvenile by Mannie
    3) Dead Presidents – Jay-Z
    4) Cash Money Is An Army B.G. Mannie
    5) Big Poppa – Notourious B.I.G.

  • underground

    1. “Tha Shiznit” by Dr.Dre
    2. “Shook Ones pt II” by Havoc
    3. “7th Chamber” by RZA
    4. “New York State Of Mind” by DJ Premier
    5. “One Love” by Q-Tip
    6. “The Chronic (Intro)” by Dr.Dre
    7. “The World Is Yours” by Pete Rock
    8. “The Nigga Ya Love To Hate” by Hank Shocklee
    9. “Rat-Tat-Tat-Tat” by Dr.Dre
    10. “Protect Ya Neck” by RZA

  • Jazz One

    Blackalicious- Swan Lake

  • CCS

    1. Dre/Ice Cube – Natural Born Killaz
    2. Nas – Nas Is Like
    3. Nas – The Message
    4. Eric B & Rakim – Paid In Full
    5. 2pac – Ambitions Az a Ridah
    6. Outkast – Bombs Over Baghdad
    7. Naughty By Nature – Hip Hop Hooray
    8. Dr. Dre – Nuthin But a G Thang
    9. Jay-Z – Dead Presidents
    10. Puff Daddy – All About The Benjamins

  • fonzifresh

    fuck yeah Ante Up shoulda been number one but I’m glad too see it got a mention. Yall need to check the unreleased beat Swizz did sampling the Jurassic Park theme.

  • Ghettomale

    im sorry but hip hop is not just about eastcoast beats, other than DJ Muggs beat i didnt see the left side being represented.

    “NUTHIN’ BUT A G THANG” is a great beat
    “I GOT 5 ON IT” another classic simple beat

    the list can go on and on, dont tell me that when you hear those beats your a adrenalin doesnt rush, dont lie to yourself.

  • big b

    nwa just don’t bite it
    nwa one less bitch
    nwa always into somethin
    esham my homie got shot
    esham it aint all about rhymin
    natas shady mf
    natas do somethin to make me feel better
    2pac hail mary
    2 pac heven got a ghetto
    jay z nigga what
    geto boyz my mind playin tricks
    doc the formula
    doc its funky enough
    run dmc can u rock it
    pent house players trust no bitch
    nas either
    nas kissing
    jay z big pimpin
    lil wayne shine rmx
    big tymers 1 stunna

  • Dolemite

    Ambitionz Az A Ridah by 2Pac (Produced by Daz)
    This is the best beat I’ve ever heard and I’m born & raised in Georgia.


    I Got It Made- Special Ed
    Beauty Jackson-J.Dilla
    Creepin-Produced by Redman(slept on production) and a gutta ass bassline
    Pump Pump- Doggystyle
    The DOC and The Doctor- Dr. Dre
    Unbelievable- DJ Premier.Just cuz its the perfect blend of a tight simple beat and ill lyricist
    One Day- UGK
    Nick Knack Patty Whack -EPMD(later made famous by Dr. Dre for “California Luv”)

  • Landiggy

    I gots to go with these no order
    1.Twista-adreline rush
    2.Nas-Destroy and rebuild
    3.Biggie- niggas bleed
    4.2pac-Straight ballin
    5.Jay-z-Feelin it
    6.Born twice-Heaven for a g
    7.Bone thugs-For da luv of$,thuggish ruggish
    8.Nwa-rather fu*ck you
    9.Ugk-Diamond up against that wood

  • Tha Weatherman

    Ayo Technology should be number 1 and niggas dont hate. :-P

  • rickey g.


  • Kane Corleone

    I’m finna close thread real talk .anything by ROGER fucking TROUTMAN!!

  • Nasty

    … No J Dilla :|
    TROY should be #1 for sure.

  • RR

    1. The world is yours (Pete rock)
    2. Deep Cover (Dr. Dre)
    3. Take it Personal (Premier)
    4. Mass Appeal (Premier)
    5. Boyz in the Hood (Dr. Dre)
    6. Please listen to my demo (Erick Sermon)
    7. Grindin (Neptunes)
    8. Top Billin (Milk D)
    9. It aint hard to tell (Large Professor)
    10. Mind playing tricks on me (NO Joe)=

  • RicosuaveATL

    1.Goodie Mob -Cell Therapy
    3.Mystikal-Here I Go
    4.Biggie- Who Shot YA
    5.Jay-Z- Where Im From
    6.Clipse- Grindin’
    7.Too Short- Freaky Tales
    8.Geto Boyz-Mind Playin Tricks On Me
    9.NWA- Boyz N The Hood
    10.Outkast- Elevators

    thats my top…..

    p.s. Im MAD you didnt inclued not one south beat considering the south is known for their beats…..

  • Jbo

    Hating ass NY writers not one good southern beat.

  • sheldon

    93′ till – Souls of Mischief
    Passing me by – Pharcyde
    The world Is Yours – Nas

  • Beej

    Jay Z – U Don’t Know
    T.I. – U Don’t Know Me
    Ja Rule – Clap Back
    Ja Rule – Holla Holla
    Nas – NY State Of Mind
    Game – Big Dreams
    2pac – California Love
    Jay-Z – Where I’m From
    DMX – Party Up
    Biggie – Big Poppa

    Just to name a few…….

    Look out for L.A.X. and The Mirror, albums of the year!


    Trick daddy- Can’t fuck with the south


    PRODIGY – Keep It Thoro

  • ohboyb1

    natas do sumthin to make me feel better
    doc its funky enough
    doc the formula
    nwa always into sumthin
    nwa just don’t bite it
    nwa real niggas
    geto boys my minds playin tricks
    geto boys straight gangsterizm
    esham my homie got shot
    esham I kno u hate me
    nas either
    nas oochie wally
    jay z nigga what
    jay z hovie baby
    jay z big pimpin
    nas one mic
    biggie notorious thugs
    dre g thang
    dre high powered

  • mr_whispers

    What THE F$CK!

    Dr. Dre should have been #1 and DJ QUIK should also be on there! Where’s the love for the West Coast?!!?


    QUIK: Rhythemalism!

  • young L 08

    U don’t know-Jay blueprint….Jigga What?….Who’s World-Nas….So Fresh, So clean, Tha Way I Am- Em…. Everyday Struggle/Unbelievable-BIG, TROY, Grinding, Stronger tops my list. Can’t go wrong wit Kanye Honorable mention Overnight Celebrity

  • g00ch

    sorry for my article guys. i know that my list is biased and that i have no qualifications to even write an article like this or pick good beats.

  • big chief

    Well Damn, No Mike Dean, no Mr. Lee, No Chad Butler aka Pimp C (Rip), Beats by the Pound or should I say the Medicine Men, Daz, Battlecat, Erick Sermon, and DJ Quick the list goes on. I demand a recount. O yeah how can I forget Organized noise

  • BCZ


    Verbal intersourse Raekwon/Nas
    G Thang Dre/Snoop
    Mind playn tricks Geto Boys
    We gone make it AlQueda Jada
    All 4 tha cash Gangstar
    1 night ZRO
    Killa Kam Camron
    Tha Dynasty intro Hova
    CREAM Wu Tang
    Diamonds & Wood UGK (RIP PIMP)

  • WTF

    What kind of dumb ass bias ass east coast shit is this….And how the FUCK didnt Grand Master Flash “The Message” didnt find its way to number 1!!!!!

  • J.

    Mobb Deep- Quiet Storm (Havoc)
    Mobb Deep- It’s Mine (Havoc)
    Nas- It aint Hard to Tell (Large Professor)
    Jay-Z- Dead Presidents (Ski)
    Outkast- Jazzy Belle (Organized Noize)
    The Game- How we do (Dr Dre)
    Norega- N.O.R.E.

  • http://yahoo playboy

    theres also group home shook ones by mobb dreams by game lets not forget evill dee from black moon had beats for days channel live spark mad izms never foerget the greatest of all time BIGGIE ready to die nhad more beats then people have caME OUT WIT IN A YEAR

  • albeezy

    1.) Tried by 12 – East Flatbush Project
    2.) C.R.E.A.M – Wu-Tang
    3.) Endangered – Styles Of Beyond
    4.) Grindin’ – Clipse
    5.) Missing In Action – M.I.A. (Problems, Black Attack, Fashion)
    6.) Soweto – Hieroglyphics
    7.) Passing me by – Pharcyde
    8.) Boomin’ System – Balance
    9.) Ambitions Az a Ridah -2pac
    10.) Notorious Thugs – Bone Thugs & Harmony
    11.) Daylight – Aesop Rock
    12.) Jayou – Jurassic 5
    13.) 88′ – Cool Kids
    14.) Through the Wire – Kanye West
    15.) Mince Meat – Danger Doom
    16.) This My One – Traxamillion feat. e-40 and too short
    17.) I Got Grapes – Nump
    18.) Work The Angles – Dialated Peoples
    19.) Definition – Black Star (Mos Def and Talib Kewli)
    20.) Take His Life – Royce Da 5’9
    21.) My Mind’s Playing Tricks On Me – Ghetto Boys
    22.) Fast Life – Ghetto Boys
    23.) Paparazzi – Xzibit
    24.) I Got 5 on it – The Luniz
    25.) Explosive – Nate Dog, Kurupt

  • elgotti


    • WE KNOW


  • 6FootDyme

    Wtf ya’ll smokin on?
    1.Explosive-Dr. Dre
    2.Lollipop-Lil’ Wayne
    3.Slave 4 you-Britney Spears
    4.Drop it Like it’s hot-Snooooooooop
    5.Belts to Match-UGK
    6.Juicy-Pretty Ricky
    7.Are you that somebody-Aaliyah
    8. Flashing Lights
    9. Hail Mary-
    10. Feelin on yo booty-R. Kelly

    The Queen has spoken. Thank you.




    DMX – ruff ryders anthem
    Nas – world is urs
    Dre & snoop – aint nutin but a G thang
    2pac – pain
    2pac – pour out a little liquor
    Warren G & Nate dogg – regulate
    Bone thugz – for tha luv of money
    tribe called quest – award tour
    Redman – smash something
    NWA – straight outta compton
    Snoop dogg – pump pump

    2 name a few…

  • freakyfiikkii

    We Gon Make It- Jadakiss

    Where I’m From -Jay-Z

    EPMD- So What Cha Sayin’

    Scarface- In Cold Blood, Face Mob

    2PAC and Bone Thugs- Thug Luv

    Raekwon and Nas- Verbal Intercourse

    • freakyfiikkii

      Oh shit, I forgot Clipse-Grindin and Birdman- What Happened to Dat Boy


    that was a faggotie-ass list
    all the reply lists ive seen so far was better

  • thoreauly77

    luchini: ski beats

    forgot about dre: dr. dre

    big pimpin: timbaland

    c.r.e.a.m.: the rza

    take me to your leader: MF DOOM

    (it’s bigger than) hip hop: dpz/hed rush (i think)

    black helicopters: necro

    me, myself and i: prince paul/de la soul

    rock co kane flow: jake one

    stakes is high: dilla

    the entire cannibal ox album: el-p

  • Detroit 88

    nas one mic is a nice beat the slow tempo 2 fast neva sounded so good
    BDP’s the bridge is over and 9mm is nice 2
    no matter what toomp always have dat nice synth
    big daddy kane no half steppin
    slick ricks whole first cd has nice production
    i like da Last UGK ALBUM production


  • eric

    ice cream wu tang clan
    who shot ya biggie
    me and my bitch biggie
    break yo neck busta rhymes
    c.r.e.a.m wu tang clan’
    brooklyn zoo ODB
    in da club 50cent

  • jimscreechie

    too many beats too list but i see sum nice ones on everybody lists. that WRONG SIDE OF THE TRACKS is definately one of my favourites. i still can’t get over it. matter of fact i’ma put that on RIGHT NOW!!

  • bdogg

    nwa just don’t bite it
    nwa always into sumthin
    doc its funky enough
    doc the formula
    esham my homie got shot
    esham shady mfs
    esham chatty ass niggas
    dre g thang
    dre high powered
    natas pop pop
    geto boyz my minds playin tricks
    nas either
    nas kissing
    nas one mic
    biggie notorious thugs
    biggie warning
    jayz nigga what
    jayz hovie baby
    mike jones still tippin
    eric b rakim microphone fiend
    just ice desolet one
    mc ren fuck what u heard
    8ball mjg forever
    esham it aint all about rhymin just hard
    bdp listen to my 9mm
    just a few get yall minds right
    do ya research

  • Chitown legend

    after reading most of the comments damn its impossible to come to 10. they should have done a top 100. East,west,midwest and the south should be represented because they all had their time and dope beats!!

  • Louieboi314

    I done looked at everybody list and i aint c no LIL JON BEATS. LIL JON – THROW IT UP….LIL JON – BOUNCE DAT…..LIL JON – BIA BIA off top when Lil Jon beats comin on u automatically feelin them and tearin da club up.

  • micman8080

    CNN- Halfway Thugs
    Pharoae Monch and M.O.P- Show No Mercy
    Ja Rule- NY
    Outkast- Aquemeni
    Dr. Dre- Xsplosive
    Nas- The Cross
    Styles P- Good Times
    Young Jeezy- Hypnotize
    Notorious B.I.G.- Who Shot Ya?
    Onyx- Last Dayz
    Styles P and Pharoae Monch- My Life

  • reality5000

    loadz of amazing stuff jst tryna add a few un-mentioned ones,
    llyod banks-til the end
    the game- hate it or love it
    kanye-never let me down
    50 cent-in da club
    shyne-for the record
    dre-fuck wit dre day
    dmx-ruff ryders anthem
    jay-z-the city is mine
    tupac-california love,troublesome 96,
    nas-made you look,ether
    eminem-stan,square dance,
    big pun-watch those,
    3 6 mafia-roll with it



  • honorable mentions

    some honorable mentions i can think of…
    juelz santana ft. cam’ron – santana’s town
    g-unit – stunt 101
    T.I. – top back
    fabolous ft. nate dogg – i can’t deny it
    young jeezy – air forces

  • talldark6m

    cold world by gza perfect match by the cella dwellas the greatest of all is the message by grandmaster flash, no doubt!

  • Bk’s Trill:Dollaboy

    One of the worst, Gayest, Nerdiest NYC cornball, nigga that used to get robbed lists I ever seen in my life.

  • T


  • Mika

    my bad ……my third post in this :p
    Lost one – Jay-Z (Dr.Dre produced)
    One Blood – yall know who
    I run N.Y – yall know who
    Heaven – Nas (Agile produced)

  • http://myspace/chillout20000 chillout20000

    my top 10 of all time with rhymes and beats..
    1.JUNIOR MAFIA=player’S anthem..rhyme on point with the laid back sound.
    2.WU TANG CLAN=triuph..all wu members came came correct..inspectah deck and cappadonna best verse on this jon’t.
    3.LIL-KIM ft.JAY-Z=big momma thang..jay-z gave it that funky verse on the song.
    4.2PAC=hail marry ”that’s one shevering beat and pac voice you can fell the chills up your spine.
    5.NOTOROIUS fell good song of all time
    6.WESTCOAST CONECTION=bow cube,mack 10 and wc what more can you ask for on a song.
    7.FOXY BROWN=bk on the best bass”bk the home of biggie and jay”
    8.RZA ft.HOLOCAUST/DOC-DOOM/GHOSTFACE=holocaust(silkworm..unique video clip..
    9.MOBB DEEP ft.LIL-kim=quiet duo and with the queen bee combo you cant go wrong.
    10.SHYNE=bad my man shyne.

  • ayetown247

    how can you not have beastie boys “intergalactic”!!!

  • South City

    That’s a pretty shitty list playboy. Not to mention is drenched in East Coast, “Golden Era” bias. And not one Timbo or Dre beat. HA!
    My top ten, in no particular order:

    Timbaland -Nigga What, Nigga Who – Jay-Z
    Kanye West – Heart of the City – Jay-Z
    Organized Noize – Rosa Parks – Outkast
    Freddo Star – Last Dayz – Onyx
    Mannie Fresh – Help – BG
    Dr. Dre – If I Can’t – 50 Cent
    Kanye West – Last Call – Kanye West
    Just Blaze – Hovi Baby – Jay-Z
    Nas – One Mic – Nas
    The Neptunes – Put em up – Nore

    *note – Nigga What, Nigga Who possibly has the most complex drum loops ever. Seriously.

  • the awesomest

    my top beats of all time.i got more than 10 my rule is if there were no lyrics and these beats came on you’d go oh shit!im not hating on everybody else but here it go

    get me-mobb deep,littles
    senario (remix)-atcq
    take it personal-gangstarr
    cher chez la ghost-ghostface
    quiet storm remix-mobb deep
    roxanne roxanne-utfo

    (the beat changed for each rapper,1985)

    1-2 shit-atcq and busta
    shut em down(original)-p.e.

    (why people like the remix maybe they aint hear the original,penn states football team played miami 1992 they play this song gettin off the bus 11 am at the stadium)

    rampage remix-epmd,ll cool j
    proceed-remix-the roots, bahamadia
    clap first-mobb deep
    who’s gonna take the weight?-gangstarr
    dont see us -roots
    symphony pt1-marley and the juice crew
    get dis money-slum village
    poisionous darts-raekwon,ghost,nas

    hon mention
    momma said knock you out,concerto of the desperato-roots,hip hop-dead pres,and the numerous j dilla beats,p.t.-q tip and busta


    Damn, Eric B and rakim had some killa beats

  • KingJones

    This shit is bias…..All of these beats are from up north niggas. except one honorable mention that was West Coast. Can the South get love?

    • awesomest

      you gotta think where did this all brought the bass and after that everybody got in where they fit in.

  • D_NO

    Eazy E -DOPE MAN!!!!!!!!!


    10-Master P -No Limit Soldiers
    9-Kanye West -Last Call
    8-Shyne – Bad boyz
    7-Camp Lo -Luchini (this is it)
    6-Blood Raw -From A City
    5-Young Jeezy – Get’em Jeezy
    4-Memphis Bleek -Get Low (#4 on The understanding album)
    3-Jay-Z -Renegade
    2-Cam’ron -Harlem (DJ Kay Slay’s Mixtape)
    1-The Diplomats – Gangsta Music

    rushed to make this list, not really in order and not really my top 10.

  • gafinest706

    where is pharoah monch’s simon says? thats the hardest shit i ever heard

  • 11KAP

    “Poetry” by Boogie down Productions, is the best beat of all times, past, present and future, for me. It has an infinite impression on my ears, no matter how many better beats have come out before or after it.

  • Nic Diamonds

    Man the first time I heard Whoa…wow that shit is just one of the best beats. Plus it was before you would hear a song a year before the video came out so I got the visual and the song. Classic Bad Boy.

  • Black


    Lets Go- Trick Daddy
    International Players Anthem- UGK
    Liberation- OutKast
    Sho nuff- Tela
    Smile- Scarface
    What You Know- T.I.
    Shooter- Lil Wayne
    Up Jumps The Boogie- Timbaland & Magoo
    You Don’t Want Drama- 8ball & MJG
    Spottie ottie…- OutKast


    Ghetto- Busta
    Encore- Jay-Z
    We Gon Make It- Jada
    Quit Storm- Mobb Deep
    In Da Club- 50
    Victory- Puff
    What We Do- Freeway
    Can’t Forget About You- Nas
    We Are The Champions- Roc A Fella
    You Got Me- The Roots


    Hate It Or Love It- Game
    The Next Episode- Dre
    It Was A Good Day- Cube
    Regulate- Warren G
    X- Xzibit
    You Got Beef- Da Eastsidaz
    Gansta Make The World Go Round- Westside
    We Want Eazy- Eazy
    Dre Day- Dre
    Sensual Eruption- Snoop


    Thug Luv- Bone
    The Corner- Common
    Impossible- Kanye
    Give It To Ya- Da Brat
    Lose Yourself- Eminem
    Superstar- Lupe
    Heard Em’ Say- Kanye
    Overnight Celebrity- Twista
    The Light- Common
    Hay- Crucial Conflict

  • Honeyboy

    coldest beats eva go lik dis

    one mic-nas jus listen 2 dat shit
    jay-z -some people hatin
    kanye west- thur the wire
    jay-z- dynasty intro
    jay-z- all round the world n allure
    kanye west-cant tell me nothin
    geto boyz- g-code
    juelz santana-i am crack
    young jeezy-go crazy
    plies-keep it to real
    nas-let there b light

  • JDizzel3000

    Kanye – Last Call
    Mac Dre – Stupid
    Federation – Hyphy
    Wu Tang – Bring The Pain
    Clipse – Grindin
    Aaliyah – More The A Woman(r&b)tim kills it
    Dr.Dre – Whats The Difference
    Biggie – Kick In The Door
    Mobb Deep – Quiet Storm
    2pac – Shed So Many Tears
    Jay Z – Dead Presidents
    Keak Da Sneak – Superhyphy
    50 Cent – Heat
    Outkast – Me & U
    Redman – The What
    Pharcyde – Passing Me By
    BDP – Criminal Minded
    “Officer” Ross – The Boss
    Snoop Doog – Snoop Dogg
    Jay Z – The Takeover

    thats just 20 off the top of the dome…i missin some ill alchemist shit to

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  • enzo

    its sad that out of the the 234 replies to this post only one knicca mentioned a 36 mafia beat. DJ Paul and Juicy J are without a doubt the illest production duo ever.

  • Luke Schnittger




  • Dead President

    ooh wat a blog luv this 1 yo i gotta say personally anything wit primo automatically slides strait 2 the top 3 within the list. permanantly. and wat about warren g or dre.? em.? dj u-neek.? glad rza & muggs on there yo

  • conceive a girl

    This is by far the best looking site I’ve seen. It was completely easy to navigate and it was easy to look for the information I needed. Fantastic layout and great content!

  • dylan

    i dont agree with everything on here/ i think you left some stuff off, but im psyched that you payed homage to such ill tracks as TROY and especially Hand on the Pump

  • youngcarter225

    on some real sh*t check out HiiiPower by Kendrick Lamar. Produce by J. Cole. def in the top ten ever. Note: IMO

  • Sanchez11

    LA LA – Capone n Noreaga
    Shootouts – Nas
    Shook Ones pt 2 – Mobb Deep
    Apostles Warning – Mobb Deep
    Who You Wit – Jay Z
    Are You That Somebody – Alliyah ft. Timbaland

  • Grizzla

    David Garibaldi – Tower of Power, song “Ebony Jam” a dope beat which is fat enough by itself with pure 70′s analog tones and swet snare ghost notes and all, then you hear the syncopated hi-hat which takes it to the next level. I think it’s the loop for De La Sou’s “A rollerskating jam named Saturday” as well. Get down

  • Wow

    Wow, there’s a lotty of shitty beats being listed. Just cuz you love the song (as in, you love the lyrics), doesn’t mean it has a great beat. Seriously, I would not listen to half these instrumentals.

  • Thomas

    Rebirth of Slick- Digable Planets
    T.R.O.Y.- Pete Rock & CL Smooth
    No Future- 9th Wonder & Buckshot
    The Rain Falls Down- 9th Wonder & Buckshot
    Odd Toddlers- Tyler the Creator
    The People- Common
    Feel Good Inc.- The Gorillaz
    Daydreamin- Lupe Fiasco & Pharell
    Award Tour- A Tribe Called Quest
    Ice Cream- Raekwon
    Royal Flush- Big Boi & Andre 3000
    Empire State of Mind- Jay-Z & Alicia Keys
    Diamond in the Back- Ludacris

  • Mooseknuckle

    10. Whayback – artifacts
    9. Who got the props – Black moon
    8. Rather Unique – AZ
    7.Electric relaxation – Tribe called quest
    6.Mass Appeal – Gangstarr
    5. You never new – hieroglyphics
    4. For my people – Large Pro
    3.San Fransisco Knights – People under the stairs
    2. In the House – Pete Rock & CL
    1.Cream – Wu Tang
    1.Bucktown – Smif-N-Wessun
    1.Keep it movin – J Dilla + Q tip
    1. 93 til infinity – souls of mischief
    1.Memory Lane – Nas
    1. Chief Rocka – Lords of the underground
    1. Lawtown – scientifk
    1.Kick a dope verse – the cenobites
    1.Wrong side of the tracks – Artifacts
    1.Mc’s act like they don’t know – KRS One

  • BestRap

    This Guy is a fucking KING!
    Dope selections Son

  • TheTalentedMrBIgG

    First off all, I would take off 3-7. Those are just atrocious picks. No Dilla? 93 til infinity should make every top 10 list.