The Man On The Moon > Martian Rappers…

What the fuck do it do XXL mag fam?!?

I hope you motherfuckers are in a pool or somewhere the A.C. is cranked up to 11. Shit outside is more humid than the devil’s drawls. I hate that shit has been hot even at night.

I am so fucked the fuck up now that I lost my Blackberry. I missed the invite to the Kid Cudi mixtape release party. First off, the shit was for free and Kid Cudi was performing. Plain Pat and 88 Keys were on the decks. Belvedere premium vodka was being poured for free all night. Hotdamn! I could see myself stealing a bottle or two from that function, or maybe getting so pissy that I earled on the subway ride home. Good times.

Just when I think that the music industry is burned out one of these events pops off. I can’t believe that two have happened in the same week. NaS album release party was fucking bananas. I can only imagine how crazy the Kid Cudi shit was with everyone going in on free Belvy. That vodka will sneak up on your ass so lovely that you won’t even know your name. These parties harken back to the good ol’ days when Diddy had all the booze makers falling over each other to be the sponsor for his events. Back then it wasn’t uncommon for you to leave the party with a bottle of something. Shit, Diddy left one of his parties with a champagne bottle just to smack Steve Stoute upside his head.

stoute True story is that the bottle never stood a chance against Stoute’s massive cranium.

So the good news is that NaS is still the shit and rap music is back on top again. Up to this point this has been a great year for rap music overall. The Roots album was tremendous, the Wale mixtape about nothing has been my shit, Jean Grae’s ‘Jeanius’ was an unexpected banger, NaS mixtape and his album prove that he is the last real nigger inside of mainstream rap and my homey Kid Cudi comes through with a mixtape so that I can get my hipster rap right (no Cool Kids N The Hall). I won’t be wearing any skinny jeans or kaffiehs, but I might rock a 10XDeep tee shirt since they come in size 3X.

Go here and download the Kid Cudi mixtape – ‘A Kid Named Cudi

’50 Ways To Make A Record’ is my shit. Kid Cudi’s mixtape is that summer shit that you spin while you drive around in your cabriolet Karmann Ghia bagging up bitches that are half Black, half white and half Filipino. You should also have on a crispy pair of all white 3′s, if you really want to do it to death.

The man on the moon is the future of rap music and he is mos def >>>> than any Martian rappers.


Hipster rap convention in NYC Central Park Summerstage – Sunday 7/20/2008
Kid Cudi

skinny jeans, crazy print extra schmedium tee shirts and white sunglasses mandatory attire

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  • tobasko

    I remember the first thing I thought when I saw Steve Stoute “damn that niggas head is huge”

  • Queens Boy

    2nd bitches!!!! lol i know it doesn’t matter but i always wanted to say that! anyways, damn that kid cudi joint was hot!

    still lmao@ True story is that the bottle never stood a chance against Stoute’s massive cranium.


    i think 10Xdeep does make shit in 3x but not all of there styles only certain shirts

  • EReal

    You need help, BXS.

    Goto a fuckin 12 step, cause your shit fell off.

  • Tony Grand$

    Hilariousness. Lmfao! Steve stoute prolly in his office chair cussin @ his computer monitor “why don’t these niggers leave me alone already!” Hahaha! How high do U get nigga, damn? Check game playboy, no homo fa sho doe, but u a mufuckin fool nigga! U and that Mexico usherin in a whole new movement @ xxl. My wife lookin at a nigga rollin, and said “who u txtin that got u laffin so hard”, thinkin a nigga talkin to a bird or sumn. Man, fuck a beeyotch, my nigga got ya boy crackn up! Thnx for the laugh dog! Tell dat nigga ron mex whatitdo! I know he right there smokin on that shit too! “Half black, half white, half filipino…” U stupid dude.

    L.A., L.A., big city of dreams! Skeert, skeert!