And just like that I decided that I won't be fucking with the Game's next album. Even if that shit is the banger that brings West coast rap back to the forefront. This is because Jayceon Taylor has opted to participate in the nigger trend of fucking up a funeral. There's a rising epidemic all across this country of niggers going to funerals to start shit (or continue shit, as it were) with other funeralgoers. It's a damn shame that a motherfucker can't be buried now with dignity or respect because some clowns look at that moment as their chance to shine.

Only niggers would see a motherfucker's last rites as their own Star Search opportunity. Are people that impoverished, or that misguided? What are the chances that the motherfucker they went to the funeral to lock up with won't bring his ass back the same fucking corner the following day? This is all motherfuckers know anyhoo. So instead of waiting the once customary 24 hours before resuming all squabbles, niggers have decided to perpetuate the massacre by endangering mourning relatives and innocent bystanders. I wish I could tell these dumb niggers to stop watching mafia depictions from Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the majority of dumb ass poverty stricken people that would find it okay to make a funeral an even more shitty event don't have internets connections. Getting into your MySpace account from a Sidekick phone notwithstanding. I mean that these people don't access the internets for information. I bet the Game does have an internets connection though, and I bet he or his weedcarriers check the web frequently to see what other people think of him. When they come to see this drop they will learn that I am not purchasing nor reviewing his latest album LAX.

The reason being that I won't support his bullshit antics any longer. People like the Game do dumb shit because they are talented artists with little or no self-discipline and more importantly self-editing skills. This is the same problem that Amy Winehouse has. Because of her supposed talent which is really just the ability to vocally impersonate a Black woman, she is allowed to literally O.D. in public with no repercussions. For the last several years the Game has been the same way in tahe he does incredibly dumb shit yet faces none of the consequences (no Cons 2 the Quence) that regular people would suffer.

But poor DMX doesn't hurt anyone, not even a dog, allegedly, and his ass gets arrested three times in one day. DMX was arrested in Miami at 9am one morning, posted bond, flew to Arizona and was arrested when the plane touched down at noon. While in the lockup he was extradited to New Mexico to serve a warrant for some other shit. If you ask me, DMX should fire his lawyers. They are obviously having him set up to increase their invoices to him. If DMX gets out of jail long enough to release another album I will buy that shit to help him defer some of his legal costs. The Game, not so much.

I'm not sure why Jayceon attended his cousin's funeral knowing that he was short on the funds he had promised to donate for the burial. It costs a small grip to put someone in the dirt in an honorable manner. Most people in the ghetto end up taking out loans to do this from the funeral homes. Don't even try to imagine the interest and fees that are attached to these loans. If Game was short on cash, and who isn't in this fucked the fuck up economy, he should have told his auntie or the grandmother that he was short. As usual in urban areas nowadays, the grandmothers are the people that pick up these expenses. Too bad they don't have any money left to inter themselves.

It would be difficult to convince granny that he didn't have any cash since his face is on a few magazine covers lately, but it is what it is. Since The Game doesn't have the good sense that GOD gave an empty red Solo cup I am going to boycott supporting his music until he can get his mind right and his agenda straightened out.


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