The Game Is The Amy Winehouse Of This Rap Shit…

And just like that I decided that I won’t be fucking with the Game’s next album. Even if that shit is the banger that brings West coast rap back to the forefront. This is because Jayceon Taylor has opted to participate in the nigger trend of fucking up a funeral. There’s a rising epidemic all across this country of niggers going to funerals to start shit (or continue shit, as it were) with other funeralgoers. It’s a damn shame that a motherfucker can’t be buried now with dignity or respect because some clowns look at that moment as their chance to shine.

Only niggers would see a motherfucker’s last rites as their own Star Search opportunity. Are people that impoverished, or that misguided? What are the chances that the motherfucker they went to the funeral to lock up with won’t bring his ass back the same fucking corner the following day? This is all motherfuckers know anyhoo. So instead of waiting the once customary 24 hours before resuming all squabbles, niggers have decided to perpetuate the massacre by endangering mourning relatives and innocent bystanders. I wish I could tell these dumb niggers to stop watching mafia depictions from Hollywood.

Unfortunately, the majority of dumb ass poverty stricken people that would find it okay to make a funeral an even more shitty event don’t have internets connections. Getting into your MySpace account from a Sidekick phone notwithstanding. I mean that these people don’t access the internets for information. I bet the Game does have an internets connection though, and I bet he or his weedcarriers check the web frequently to see what other people think of him. When they come to see this drop they will learn that I am not purchasing nor reviewing his latest album LAX.

The reason being that I won’t support his bullshit antics any longer. People like the Game do dumb shit because they are talented artists with little or no self-discipline and more importantly self-editing skills. This is the same problem that Amy Winehouse has. Because of her supposed talent which is really just the ability to vocally impersonate a Black woman, she is allowed to literally O.D. in public with no repercussions. For the last several years the Game has been the same way in tahe he does incredibly dumb shit yet faces none of the consequences (no Cons 2 the Quence) that regular people would suffer.

But poor DMX doesn’t hurt anyone, not even a dog, allegedly, and his ass gets arrested three times in one day. DMX was arrested in Miami at 9am one morning, posted bond, flew to Arizona and was arrested when the plane touched down at noon. While in the lockup he was extradited to New Mexico to serve a warrant for some other shit. If you ask me, DMX should fire his lawyers. They are obviously having him set up to increase their invoices to him. If DMX gets out of jail long enough to release another album I will buy that shit to help him defer some of his legal costs. The Game, not so much.

I’m not sure why Jayceon attended his cousin’s funeral knowing that he was short on the funds he had promised to donate for the burial. It costs a small grip to put someone in the dirt in an honorable manner. Most people in the ghetto end up taking out loans to do this from the funeral homes. Don’t even try to imagine the interest and fees that are attached to these loans. If Game was short on cash, and who isn’t in this fucked the fuck up economy, he should have told his auntie or the grandmother that he was short. As usual in urban areas nowadays, the grandmothers are the people that pick up these expenses. Too bad they don’t have any money left to inter themselves.

It would be difficult to convince granny that he didn’t have any cash since his face is on a few magazine covers lately, but it is what it is. Since The Game doesn’t have the good sense that GOD gave an empty red Solo cup I am going to boycott supporting his music until he can get his mind right and his agenda straightened out.


BooGooDooBoom forwarded these links to clear up some of the Game controversy…

On what happened at the funeral…

On how The Game feels about Hip-Hop’s current state…

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  • geico lizard

    im glad this didnt happen in the south because the last few times i saw a funeral get turned out in the news it was somewhere down here. game needs to relax and hope he sells more than g-unit in his first week or his label may show him the door. after 300 bars came out i thought game was going to keep that momentum into alot of good music but i guess im still waiting.

  • ron mexico

    “Only niggers would see a motherfucker’s last rites as their own Star Search opportunity.”

    *stamps feet* *raises hands*

    hashimmannanayah shouldaboughtahonda!

  • Was U Saying Something

    Shame on Game for acting a fool at a funeral but none of us were there so who knows what really happened.

    Right now I have no interest in the album cause Dope Boys is a terrible track. Not feelin that shit at all. Lyrics are subpar for Game and the chorus tries too hard. But the tracklist, producers and guest artists on LAX still have me looking forward to giving it a listen.

    I find it hard to believe u were honestly going to purchase LAX to begin with.

  • Deez Nutz

    Tre Styles aka Game: I didn’t do nothing.

    Officer Coffey: You think you tough?

    [pulls gun on Game]
    Officer Coffey: Scared now, ain’t you? I like that. That’s why I took this job. I hate little motherfuckers like you. Little niggers, you ain’t shit! I could blow your head off with this Smith & Wesson and you couldn’t do shit. Think you tough? What set you from? Look like one of them Crenshaw mafia motherfuckers. Nah, nah…You one of them fake azz gangsta rappers…whats that a butterfly tattoo you tried to cover up nigger?

  • giantstepp

    I feel you in principal BXS, but for some reason I dont think where getting the whole truth. Im gonna wait this one out for a while. It aint adding up to me.


      Exactly! did the game give his version of what happened? also, you have to remember that the game was raised in foster homes growing up, so it’s safe to assume that his family is not like the family from the movie “soul food”. Every person i know that has grown up in the foster care systems has issues. furthermore, every broke nigga thinks a rich nigga owes him. Translation…1. he may not have even said he was gon pay for the funeral. 2. obviously these same family members ain’t do shit for him, or else he wouldn’t have been homeless as a kid. We don’t know this nigga, we just know what people say.

      so, you’re not gonna review his album because of this?

      would you review eminem? cuz he shits on his mom and raps about killing his bm.

      i’ve seen you dick ride 50, totally ignoring the negativity he puts in the atmosphere!

      way to judge the game bro, you’re on your way, maybe one day you too can be whitey.

      • Dickrider Hater

        How can your breethe when you got Jayceons dick so far down ur throat homie?

        Eaze off the nutts, dickrider.

  • Severe3000

    who wrote this? bill o’reilly?
    “Only niggers would see a motherfucker’s last rites as their own Star Search opportunity.”

    man white people act a fool at family functions and funerals just the same.
    the media only chooses to make it public when its a black celebrity. get off dat bullshiet, you white power clayton bigsby-ass nigga.

    • Justice4all

      I agree, we always find ourselves on the wrong side of the keyboard, so we get magnified x 10.

  • henry

    never been to a funerl

  • roxxalott

    co sign this post. i had a convo about this in 06 before his last album dropped

  • AZ40

    I kinda co sign Severe3000…white people do some crazy shit, they usually try and do it with tact(Unless they trailer trash) but this is over the fucking line…if he did it, I don’t wanna go around just trustin’ anonomous niggas who really only wanna try and get they 15 minutes of fame

  • whats CraCCin

    sounds like a good house nigger wrote this thank ya masta then kill urself i know its spelled yourself. .

    • DevilintheFlesh

      Then you would also know its spelled Crackin’.

  • daydeezy

    who wrote this shit, keep saying Ni&&er, if its a black dude he knows better and if its a white dude how he get his job

  • You have the right

    You have the right to purchase whatever Cd that you decide. Whille I am not a Game fan I think you should pause before passing judgement. Death and family has many dynamics to it and unless you are a family member who knows the truth of the matter I would not make a judgement on this situation.

    Actually it is sad that something this personal, sad and tragic has become news. Some things and topics you cats should really pass on and this is one of them.

  • chad bro chill

    im gonna buy his album cuz i like people who start fights in funerals i dont know what your bitching about

  • the truth

    And just like that I decided that I won’t be fucking with the Game’s next album. Even if that shit is the banger that brings West coast rap back to the forefront. This is because Jayceon Taylor has opted to participate in the nigger trend of fucking up a funeral. There’s a rising epidemic all across this country of niggers going to funerals to start shit (or continue shit, as it were) with other funeralgoers. It’s a damn shame that a motherfucker can’t be buried now with dignity or respect because some clowns look at that moment as their chance to shine.

    Funiest paragraph ever!! Now that was some funny ass shit!!

  • trendydiva1987

    its real crazy what game did …but what really disgust me is the way you use the word nigger …thats the problem with black people today we constantly degrade each other and bring each other down instead of giving words of encouragement to lift each other up ….you could have used a different term other than nigger to talk about him thats why white people still think its ok to use the term because we are still using the term to degrade ourselves…please find another term ….much love


    this is a stupid nigga xxl should fire this bitch evryone knows L.A.X. is going to be fire and it is going to sell more albums then t.o.s 50cent is the Amy Winehouse of this rap shit he the one the likes snorting drugs up his nose

  • playahaitian

    The music industry has been releasing garbage for some time now and I think T.O.S. was actually good…

    but if any of YA’LL could only buy 3 albums that have been released since Jan 1 2008 what 3 would you buy?

    • The Clean Up Man

      2 TOS copies, and that Murs album only good shit that dropped this year…

      oh yea, HNIC 2 was actually good

  • Real Talk


  • 239allday

    As much as I respect yor opinion Mr. sunday, I’m going to have to disagree. I’m in desperate need of good music and I am definitely copping Game’s album. I could give a fuck what the nigga did at a funeral for some nigga (God bless)I don’t know.

    I think that you gon be riding dolo on this one because that L.A.X. is going to be a classic…TRUSS

  • macado

    The nigga shouldnt have been runnin up on Game talkin bout funeral expenses. I woulda probably been on one too. GO cop L.A.X. and stfu O’Reiley ass niggga

  • magnum


  • hellyeah

    real motherfucking talk…fuck that attention whore

  • King B

    This damn blogger is catching feelings over something HE DOESN’T EVER KNOW WHAT HAPPENED??????? damn muthafuckas get emotional quick either way I’m gettin the game’s new album fuck what this blogger says

  • EReal

    Damn, if he can even release LAX since he keeps gettin his wig pushed back.

    I dont really like the fact that you would let someones antics affect your taste in their music. It just makes you seem all the more like these Game ballsachs holders in the comments section.


    Sheesh, its like every time you mention Game, his dickriders bring up 50, its insane.

    I just dont think if someone whos music you actually ENJOY, I.E. Joell, BCC & Sean P, ect. Did some wild shit youd just give up on em. Like, aww I aint fuckin wit Ruck anymore, yeah right.

    Its this same mindset, of judging based on someones personality or “swag” or your hatred thereof that let Wayne sell a million albums (Even tho Baby bought like 400K of them bitches cause I dont know one person who purchased it). People arent even hearing the music.

    So, in summation, I cant ride wit u on this one BXS, I gotta keep it on the music level. If he makes good music, whatev, the kids been a total stooge up to this point anyway. Talkin about killin himself.

    P.S. He aint have the dough cause he has 5 pocket jeans on and everybody has their hands in one of em.

    List of People Jayceon Pays:
    Jimmy Iovine
    Jimmy Henchman

    Damn thats six already, dude doesnt even have enough pockets, lmao.

  • K.ola

    Game cant bring something back that dosent respect him!!!

    he gets love from a few… but he frowned upon by most….

    thats why wayne has the title… he went from being the most anticipated rapper to not even going plat on the last album… (if he went plat then curtis went 4 x plat)

    the gangsta’s dont respect him cause he start bangin after high school…. the hiphop heads used him up to battle 50 then called him lame after he said he didnt have a problem….

    te general buyer cant respect that bi polar shyt…

    cant know gang bangin cat respect him crying in a magazine about killin his self….

    he has gunit ex stans and mexicans and wiggas… who are steady coming to find out that this cat is a lyin ass clown ” i wrothe the lyric on GRODT”

    and your proud? if not for hunger/dre and em that shyt would be just like curtis

  • K.ola

    What up Ereal…

  • Deeznutz

    Just cause Nas put out his album, this guy musters up the courage to criticize a family dispute that you know nothing about. Nigger this and Nigger that, and your probably a white boy, trying to come up with some “cool” metaphors and slip Nigger in and get away with it by the graces of your keyboard. I started to notice in the media and the artists a lot of backlash and negtive comments coming towards Bloggers and the so called Blogosphere. Now I realize why, cuz now just any muthafucka can write some bullshit without any shred of credible knowledge of a situation. Its bad enough I have to suffer through CNN and MSNBC (I’m not going to mention Sly Fox), but now I have MC such and such trying to tell me Game is comparable to a skinny vampire gargoyle looking bitch that smokes crack. I only read 2 paragraphs of this shit and after the 5th nigger, I had to comment. Some of you bloggers are some Chuck Phillips type muthafukas, studied under Judith Miller type muthafuckas. Biggie wasn’t in Vegas, there was no WMD, and you can’t write worth a muthafucka. Word.

    Man damn, just pick a better topic next time and try harder. ha

  • Maddolies

    I Personally Thought The Shit Was Funny. Kinda Reminded Me Of My Aunties Funeral Where One Of Her Drugged Up Friends Fell In The Grave. Lmao!
    And Billy I Bet The Game and his weed carriers Havent Even Heard Of U So Dont Threat

  • master cheef

    the key to being a successful rap artist:
    do everything exactly the way Billy X. Sunday would do it.

  • nalin

    obama must be ashamed..

  • yaboy

    *awaits LAX*

  • pain94

    damn that is a fuckin stupid ass reason to boycott homies new shit!you dont know what really went down!

  • pain94

    yeah ya boy me to lax should be bangin

  • calimovement

    Billy boy…your broke ass dont know what its like to have everyone expecting you to be able to pay for everything. If you act like you got bills to cover everthing you end up like Hammer or Buck.

    You heard one side of the story and you want to boycott something…you cant be that stupid.

  • Billy X. Sunday

    I think some of you bitchmade dickriders get too emotional when someone tells you right from wrong.

    I was fucking with Game despite all the stunts he has pulled for press attention. The Game was good entertainment up to this point. Now that he has crossed the line of showing respect for the deceased I am no longer interested.

    How can a dude act like he has love for all of these rappers that have come before him and not have enough self respect or restraint to know when he is in a bad situation?

    Maybe he isn’t that smart after all?

    In any case, if this was a promotional stunt, or simply an act of hubris and ego gone mad I will not be co-signing his projects until he puts his mind in the proper place.

    Those of you that say you care for nothing more than music to fill your ears are why Hip-Hop sucks balls. You have been taught no standards for how to live your lives.

    I’m certainly no advocating sainthood because there are times when street business MUST be addressed. But if you decide to bring other people into street business situations you are really bitchmade. What do any of the mourners at a funeral care about this bullshit. Let a man be buried in peace.

    If The Game was on some grown man shit he could have simply gone to the undertaker to visit the remains of his homey cousin and kept his respects on a private grown man level. Instead he chose to place himself in a volatile emotional situation.

    Tempers and emotions erupted and the focus of the funeral was forgotten. For that behavior I will pass on LAX.

  • Chi City

    That niggas family is fukked the fukked up… “Money creates Monsters”

  • stockholm

    just last week our something xxl had a post say’n he was the kobe bryant of this rap-shit, WADDA FUG?

  • Prada Sport

    Grown man talk Billy! There is a time and a place for everything. Rappers love throwing around the word ‘respect’ but how many of them actually know what it means, or show it?


    “Kill you…
    Shoot the funeral up,
    And Harlem Shake at your wake.”

    I think, regardless of the O-Doggery going on in Game’s life, L.A.X. is going to be pretty good. I’m not buying it either, but who says I was spending my money anyway?

  • Joseph Randolph

    Conscience, Carefree Hippie/Hip-Hop
    “The Cool Kid” ~ Joseph Randolph ~

  • kirk

    Game? I’ve never backed game financially or in any other way glad your on the bandwagon he is not a lyricist he’s a name dropper all he does in his rhymes is say “I’m willie lynch 2008 to the game” which is a line that if he actually said would be doper than the lines he actually says. plus when it comes to out here on the west he is a hoodhopper who goes from blood to crip to blood and that is prolly why he hate his family cause they no he don’t show no respect to where he actually come from so he jut take the legacy of N.W.A. and bring that down to about as far as he can. His whole career wasn’t a final boost to the west but a final killing of the west he used it to make himself big instead of just being him. He is corny the shit he say he don’t do the shit he say don’t no one do some shit he say is just totally imaginary and he doesn’t make gangsta rap he’s not a gangsta or a gangsta rapper and I’m tired of him capitalizing off of the love that the westcoast continues to give him because he’s basically all we got if you don’t live on your computer. War.

  • stobo646

    Ya niggas take this internet rap ŠHÎ₮ too serious what game eat DN〒 make u ŠHÎ₮.


    “This is the same problem that Amy Winehouse has. Because of her supposed talent which is really just the ability to vocally impersonate a Black woman, she is allowed to literally O.D. in public with no repercussions.” tham thats some crazy shit and i never was one to buy into sounding a certain way marks what race you are. about dmx i think his lawyers are the fucking best all the shit he got caught with. all those times arrested and how much time has he been in jail. the thing about game his is a fucking clown and this is his personal life on display. this is not a game antic this is his life we are getting to look into. i am sure he didn’t want no one to know that he was fighting at a funeral. everyone knows you fight before the funeral then go in and pay your respects. then afterwards you get pissy drunk

  • Smooth Operateur

    Game really looks lost. I think he’s been like that since the beginning.

    He quickly became a star without being bred by the underground first, and I guess that’s what fucks him up. I dont know what he’s doing between his albums and tours, but he should really do some spiritual search and grow as a human being.

    I guess you’ve got to get real strong to succeed in the music industry, especially in the rap game today. From some of his interviews, to his disses, to his way of managing himself, he just seems lost.

    I remember seeing him in his hotel in France when he came a year and a half ago, and he just seemed lost, with all those managers, record company people around him… He did not seem to shine out of them, but rather being controled by them… I was impressed with the strange feeling that was going around him, as it happens to many artists in the industry, you know, when it’s like everybody is trying to keep a part of the artist for them…

  • grp03

    who gives a fuck honestly. i mean, kanye west is the biggest deuche bag out of all of them, and ill be dammed if he isn’t one of the best rappers out right now. he killed wayne on the last 2 tracks they were on together. and i love game’s music, even if he is an asshole. i don’t care if this dude is sucking off guys dicks, if he makes good music ill buy it. your not buying this guy to be your friend, your buying his music for its quality. i love watching kobe bryant play too, even if he is one of the most disrespectful people in the NBA. everyones gotta judge people nowadays. i bet you yourself BIlly X have done some pretty fucked up shit at one point in your life and would prefer people still read your column even though you might be some low life.

    but i digress. if omar little isn’t down with shooting cats at funerals, then im not either.