Spit Ya Game, Talk ‘Yo Shit

There are many components to being a respected rapper. Flow is always important and having the right voice is key. Songwriting ability is something that not many MCs possess and being able to spit lyrics is a skill that escapes many. The problem is the best songwriters really don’t have the best one-liners (i.e. Scarface, Pac and Nas) while the game’s illest spitters (i.e. Canibus, Chino XL, Ras Kass) don’t necessarily make GREAT songs. See I was over some of ya’ll heads with that last post on Plies. So today we gonna go in the opposite direction. Go ahead ya’ll spit ‘yo game and talk ‘yo shit! What’s your favorite one-liners? Here are a few of mines. – Rob The Music Ed

Big Daddy Kane: “Put a quarter in ya ass ‘cause you played yourself” – The Symphony

“Pick a B.C. date ’cause you’re history” – Ain’t No Half Steppin’

Redman: “Your boom box better form a union, ’cause I leave ya circuits overworked” – Whateva Man

Ras Kass: “I Drink Listerine, brush my teeth with amphetamines/So I can sound fresh and say dope things in between” – Soul On Ice Remix

J-Ro: “You a nigga everybody dis ’cause you can’t bust this/You got a bad name like Dick Butkus” - The Next Level (Alkoholics)

Lord Finesse: “You can’t mess with the rap lord/That’s like sayin’ you can dunk when you can’t touch the backboard.” - Hip 2 Da Game

Jay-Z: “Nigga please like short sleeves I bare arms” – Brooklyn’s Finest

“It gets tedious, so I keep one eye open like CBS” – Can I Live

Sauce Money: “Niggas must be Chinese the way that they duck Sauce – [I can’t remember where this line was from, but it was one of the most amazing one-liners ever. Remember when Sauce said on “Pre-Game” “I killed the rap game with just one line…” this was it!]

Big L: “When it comes to gettin’ nookie I’m not a rookie/I got girls that make that chick Toni Braxton look like Whoopie” – Put It On

B.I.G.: “I grant you 3 wishes ’cause I be the genie/Niggas is assed out like fat bitches in bikinis” – Think Big

Common: I walk the night in rhyming armor, bomb a nigga like a winter coat/Have him on Death Row searchin for an Interscope” – Hungry

Cam’Ron: “I’m not in fear of any/I leave a nigga black and blue like a pair of Pennys” – 357

Jadakiss: “And ya’ll scared I can tell/That I’ma get Bucks like Milwaukee ‘cause like Sam I can sell (Cassell)” – Put Your Hands Up

Fabolous: “Must be the way I got the broads swarming/’Cause now even the old niggas is givin’ me grills like George Foreman” – Old Clue Freestyle

Canibus: “Every word I utter for hip-hop lovers/Will forever reflect like two mirrors facin’ each other”

Lloyd Banks: “I get tattoos as well lead marks/Fuckin’s like racin’ and I always get a head start” – (G-Unit) That’s What’s Up

“Beef, you’re a target/’Cause when we done with ya ass Aladdin won’t be the only one on the carpet” – (G-Unit) That’s What’s Up

Chino XL: “You’ll take an L in a cipher like the Lexus logo.” – (I forget which song this is from).

Joe Budden: “We pump diesel and I ain’t talkin’ bout jeans and sneakers” – Focus

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  • Rodjilius

    dam these some nasty ass punchlines right here

    • TheGrimReaper

      I like that Ras Kass one

      • Boogie The Don And Thats Whats Up

        LL Cool J: I’m so gotdamn nice wit mine, I’ll have sis, moms, and grandmoms naked in line/

    • smoke

      This is for the young punks…rick ross: “I fuck undercovers and fuck over undercovers”

      • King B

        rick ross is ass

        • elgotti

          Eazy-E (written by Ice Cube): Cruisin down the street in my six-four/Jockin the b!tches, slappin the hoes/Went to the park to get the scoop/Knuckle-heads out there cold shootin some hoops

          Ice Cube: F*ck tha police comin straight from the underground/Young nigga got it bad cuz I’m brown/And not the other color so police think/They have the authority to kill a minority!

          Biggie: To all the ladies in the place with style and grace/Allow me to lace these lyrical duches in your bushes…(and damn near anything else this man has to say!)

          (and this guy too!) Eminem: …I’ll spit on you/Start pissin’ then do the opposite on you/You weren’t listenin, I said I’ll cop a squat on you!/And start spillin my guts like chicken cordon bleu/Straight sh!t like Notorious Big did to that b!tch in that skit, on his last album/Pull my pants down and…
          Over reaction is my only reaction/Which only sets off a chain reaction/And puts 5 more zany actin maniacs in action – (D12) I’ll Sh!t On You

          50 Cent: Go shawty/It’s your birthday/We gon party like it’s yo birthday/We gon sip Bacardi like it’s your birthday/And you know we don’t give a f*ck it’s not your birthday!

          Snoop Dogg: With so much drama in the L-B-C/It’s kinda hard bein Snoop D-O-Double-G/But I, somehow, some way/Keep comin up with funky ass sh!t like every single day – Gin and Juice

          Prodigy: There’s a war goin on outside, no man is safe from/You could run but you can’t hide forever/From these, streets, that we done took/You walkin witcha head down scared to look/You shook, cause ain’t no such things as half-way crooks – Survival Of The Fittest

          ..and any early Lloyd Bank$ mixtapes!

          I can go on all day with Ras, Red & Meth, Jada, Xzibit, Tha Liks, LL, Fabo, Hova, Beans, Joell, Nas etc…

        • HELLO1212


          This is neither one-liners nor punchlines so why the fuck you writin it…

        • keshiawho

          I was thinking the same shit…and this ain’t even hot shit! “Cruisin down the street in my 6-4…To all the ladies in the place with style and grace…Go shawty it’s yo birthday…With so much drama in the LBC”? This dude gotta be displaying the meaning of sarcasm…he gotta be. LMFAO…he just gotta be!

    • moe

      Big Pun: “dead in the middle of little italy little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didnt do didily”



        • C-murd

          hahaha. yeah, i remember that

        • Rob The Music Ed

          I wasnt working at XXL then, but that was the issue that 50 Guest-edited so that was basically his call.
          A bad one if you ask me… but he also had beef with Joey.

    • moe

      Big Pun: “Dead in the middle of little Italy little did we know that we riddled some middle men who didn’t do diddily”

      • Mac Sleepy

        Thru da lights cameras and action, glamour glitters and gold / I unfold da scroll, plant seeds to stampede the globe / When I’m decsead, but in da beast to rise like yeast / To conquere peace leavin savages to roam on the streets / Live on da run, police payin me to give’em my gun / Trick my wisdom wit the system that imprisoned my son / Smoke da gold leaf and hold heat non scholantly / I’m grundgy, but things i do is real it never haunts me / While funny style ni66az rollin in piles / Boost the head profile on the bus to rikers isle / Holdin weed inside they pussy wit they minds on the pretty things in life / Props is da true thuggs wife / It’s like a cycle, ni66az come home some will go in / Do a bullet come back, and do the same shyt again / From da womb to the tomb, presume the unpredictable / Gun salute life rapidly, thats the ritual!

        Verbal Intercourse, on “Only Built For Cuban Links”

        I Haven’t heard a harder verse yet… But thats my opinion… 1Love


        • Optimus Prime

          Like he said above, Nas isn’t really a punchline rapper; you kinda need to hear the whole verse. But that is definitely one of my two favorite verses ever, along with AZ’s on Life’s A Bitch by, ironically, Nas.

          “I never kissed the ass of the masses, I’m the black molasses
          Thick and I lasted past these rat bastards”- Common, The Game

          My fave:
          My grind’s ’bout family, never been about fame
          From days I wasn’t “Abel/able”, there was always “Cain/caine”- Malice, Grindin’

        • leggz617


    • DevilintheFlesh

      Joe Budden

      “That Sig’s in the car/ you dissin moi?/ take the ratchet/ go home and just Chris Benoit”

      • HIP HOP


    • Deez Nutz

      Lil Wayne-”Better use that latex cause you don’t want to get that late text, you know that I think I’m late text”

      BIG’s Whole verse on Notorious Thugs…

      Notorius B.I.G.:
      “Armed and dangerous: ain’t too many can bang with us. Straight up weed, no
      angel dust. Label us notorious thug-ass niggas that love to bust. It’s strange
      to us, y’all niggas be scramblin’, gamblin’ up in restaurants with mandolins
      and violins. We just sittin’ here tryin’ to win, try not to sin, high off weed
      and lots of gin. So much smoke, need oxygen, steadily countin’ them Benjamins.
      Nigga, you’d should, too, if you knew what this game would do to you. Been in
      this shit since ninety-two. Look at all the bullshit I’ve been through:
      so-called beef with you-know-who, fucked a few female stars or two. Then a blue
      light, niggas move like Mike, shit, not to be fucked with. Muthafucka, better
      duck quick, ’cause me and my dogs love to buck shit. Fuck the luck, shit,
      strictly aim, no aspirations to quit the game. Spit your game, talk your shit,
      grab your gat, call your click, squeeze your clip, hit the right one. Pass that
      weed, I gotsta light one. All them niggas, I gotsta fight one. All them hoes, I
      gotsta like one. Our situation is a tight one. What you wanna do: fight or run?
      Seems to me that you’ll take B, Bone and B.I.G., nigga, die slowly. I’m a tell
      you like a nigga told me, cash rules everything ’round me. Shit, lyrically,
      niggas can’t see me. Fuck it. Buy the coke, cook the coke, cut it. Know the
      bitch, before you caught yourself lovin’ it. Nigga, roll the Benz, fuckin’ in
      it. Doesn’t it seem odd to you? B.I.G. come through with mobs and crews.
      Goodfellas down for the Mo Thug crew. Who’s the killa: me or you?”

      Jay-Z feat. BIG on I Love the Dough

      “Miracu-lous, pockets stay full
      Niggaz skip the bull cause we matadors”

      • Deez Nutz

        And I would be remiss is if I left off the one liners from Shawty Lo

        “Yea I’m like na na na
        I’m laughin’ at you niggas like ha ha ha”


        “Look at shawty lo he so icey
        Is he worth a mill well bitch I might be”

        (LMAO @ the current state of hip hop)

        Yo Willie D…tell em what it do…

        “You wack ass rappers watch your motherfuckin’ mouth
        Preachin’ that positive bullshit you can save
        Cause your positivity ain’t gettin’ motherfuckers paid
        It’s G.B. and Willie D reunited
        Sendin’ niggas back to the studio to get they shit tighter”

        • byggz

          “I’m cold on tha mic and keeps me a yella Dike” RIP Pimp C

        • Tha Ace

          there are tons i like i’ll just name a few i haven’t seen on here yet

          if you can’t do nothin other than flow life’s a bitch the mother from blow/ lets go, don’t make me put ya heart ya lap fuck ridin the beat nigga i parallel park on the track/ – jadakiss

          i’m simply the sickest, ask erik sermon my EP needs a fuckin MD when i’m finished/ – jr writer

          you ain’t a gangsta you just tell their stories like ving rhames – nino bless

          beatin niggas to death and dead niggas to life – canibus

          me and bush got a lot in common, we both lackin sense, love to go to war and stay lookin for weapons of mass destruction – royce da 5’9″

    • zeeshan


      SO TRU!!!

    • PREVE

      You try to get her drunk, she slipped you a Mickey
      Now you the next date-rape victim on +Ricky+

      Redman – Set Up Remix

    • EZ


    • http://www.xxlmag.com jackpot

      “You should have known, you was doom from the start/I’ll beat you more times in a minute than a healthy heart” -Canibus

      “I’ll pistol whip you on the ball court/show you mad handle” -Freddie Foxxx

    • http://www.Myspace.com/11psades11 Spades

      one of a kind I got devine chromosomes in me,
      My sperm will scramble the eggs in a womans ovaries,

      Eminem is still the best rapper ever

    • http://www.Myspace.com/11spades11 Spades

      one of a kind I got devine chromosomes in me ,
      My sperm will scramble the eggs in a womans ovaries

      Eminem is stilll the best rapper ever thought

  • http://casdasdsadsa yomomzfavorite


    • oh yeah

      Snoop: “give me the mic so i can bust like a bubble compton and long beach together now you know you in trouble”

    • bk

      B.I.G.- ” You’re mad at my style you’re admiring dont be mad UPS is hiring….you shoulda been a cop fuck hip hop with that weak style ya bound to get shot…not from houston but i rap-alot

    • wu

      method man: niggas is de-caff i stick em for the cream

    • moe

      Nas – ” You’re arms is too short to box with god”

      Nas – ” You couldn’t catch me in the street without a ton of refer thats like malcom x catching the jungle fever”

  • http://xxlmag.com B o double S215

    Jay-Z-”Impregnate tha world when i cum thru ya speakers!” Its like that Vol. 2

    • Pierzy

      Hell yeah – that’s one I forgot. Good call

    • Turd Ferguson

      Jay-Z “Whenever there’s a drought/get your umbrella’s out/cuz that’s when I brainstorm” – Public Service Announcement

      Jay-Z “The black cat with the nine lives/get up off me nigga/it’s bad luck to cross me” 7 minute freestyle

      Big-L “I’m so ahead of my time my parents haven’t met yet” also from the 7 minute freestyle

      • qissyluvsdollas

        they both murdered that freestyle

        rest in peace BIG L

  • Phenom

    Really… thats the old good punchline u can think of budden’s?

    • moe

      beanie sigel: “i might catch a homi off of spite very seldom do i do the right thing thats for spike”

      beanie sigel: “ya life is based on a popped condom and bad timing”

    • DevilintheFlesh

      Joe Budden:

      “I figured out why men try us/ cause we O.D. on rims and thin tires/ For that we lend bias (Len Bias B-Ball player who O.D’d )” last dayz freestyle

  • Jake Steed

    Canibus: then i’ll attack you wit words thats absurd/ and rip your fuckin skin off/ just to get on your nerves

    • it duz

      for the young punks..Rick Ross: “I fuck undercovers and fuck over undercovers”

  • MikeD

    Redman: “You remind me of school on a Sunday/No class.”

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    Shit nigga I got one for ya:

    “RZA shaved the track/niggaz caught razor bumps/-GZA “4th Chamber”

  • wadup

    i dont consider him a great rapper, but when kanye said “couldn’t afford a car so she named her daughter alexis (a lexus)” daaaamn

    • Flymasta




    • Peschola

      or how bout,” We couldn’t afford a ford escort or even a 4 track recorder!!!!” News Flash buddy he is a great rapper….

    • Dub Sac

      Speaking of Kanye:

      mayonaise colored Benz, I push miracle whips

  • Pierzy

    The Notorious B.I.G. – “Niggas is mad, I get more butt than ashtrays” (Flava In Ya Ear (Remix))

    Mase – “Doubt me now? Die a believer/Run and catch bullets like a wide receiver” (Stay Out My Way)

    Jadakiss – “I’ma deal with my enemies sooner/Cause I got ‘em looking for my solo album like Kennedy Jr.” (Go Head off Ruff Ryders vol. II)

    RZA – “…sold more copies than Kinko’s” (Reunited off Wu-Tang Forever)

    Beanie Sigel – “Imagine a nigga tryin’ to rock Mac/Only nigga did it was Jay and he did it when I signed the contract” (Beanie (Mack Bitch))

    The Notorious B.I.G. – “Warm nights I perform like Mike/Anyone, Tyson, Jordan, Jackson.” (Victory)

    Kurupt – “I’m that nigga like Daz/crooked as Scoliosis” (A Doggz Day Afternoon”)

    • Pierzy

      The Jada/Beanie battle had some sick shit:

      Beanie: “I’m bout to Sun Kiss (Sunkist) like a soda”

      Jada: “Mos Def, I’ll have a nigga bury your carcass/for a Kool G. and I’m not from Rawkus”

    • big rod

      also in dat FLAVA IN YA EAR REMIX
      “more guns than roses, foes is, shaking in their boots invisible bullies like the gooch.” and ” my style you are admiring don’t be mad ups is hiring, you shoulda been a cop fuck hip-hop with that freestyle u bound to get shot.”

  • http://xxlmag.com T $

    Nice post. That Sauce Money line was off a freestyle on DJ Clue mixtape “Show me the $” 1996! I know my history, check the resume!

  • Rion

    Papoose ” They call you Joe Crack cause your pants is young and they showin ur as* crack” lol

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    I also feel that this was pretty dope too:

    “Killing yall niggaz on that lyrical shit/mayonnaise-colored benz/I push miracle whips/-Kanye West “Last Call”

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    I also feel that this was dope too”

    “Killing yall niggaz on that lyrical shit/mayonnaise-colored benz/I push miracle whips/-KANYE WEST “Last Call”

  • http://crocker_man4@yahoo.com Crocker

    “I’ll murder you on camera, get Kelly’s lawyer and get a mole removed.” – Royce Da 5’9″ (I’m Me Freestyle)

    “You dissin’ moi, take the ratchet, go home, and just Chris Benoit.” – Joe Budden (Family Reunion)

    “Take your King’s ceptor and piss on his spector/ “How To Eat Emcee’s,” It’s My Hannibal Lecture.” – Crocker (Say My Name)

    • DevilintheFlesh

      My bad you listed that Chris Benoit shit 1st……one of the hardest lines ever

      • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!


  • smashirony

    “‘Cause niggaz styles are old like Mark 5 sneakers, lyrics are weak like clock radio speakers” (Liquid Swords)

    “Shit is copper, it ain’t worth the mic stands used by backup singers in Atlantic City bands” (Severe Punishment)

    RZA: “You fag, you couldn’t pull one drag off my blunt, you couldn’t punch your way out of a wet paper bag, with scissors in your hands, bitch, the RZA…” (It’s Yourz)

  • 239allday

    The girl is mine/ Life’s a bitch so the whole world is mine

    Jay-Z- Maybach music

    • 239allday

      my yung boys wildin for respect/Slit your throat, have you smilin with ur neck
      Say cheese

      Juelz santana- you aint got nuthin

    • Peschola

      I’m sorry homie, this is a horrible metaphor!!!! Especially since his initial reference to life being a bitch was on “money, cash, hoes” and it was tremendous!!!!
      “If lifes a bitch with mini skirts and big breasts, how can i not flirt with death”

      • 239allday

        Nah homie, that line is definitely better than the money, cash, hoes line was

      • Irish

        Nas came with the original lifes a bitch line in ’96
        “lifes a bitch, God forbid the bitch divorce me
        I be flooded with ice so hellfire can’t scortch me”
        but Cormega claims he wrote that.

  • the dynasty

    “I’m a monster, everyday is halloween” Lil Wayne “Upgrade You Freestyle”

    • Burnout

      WTF is that supposed to mean? Dumbass.

      • Yaw


        • 239allday

          That line wack as hell here’s a better Wayne line:

          I’m clean like a virgin in detergent

        • weezle

          weezy: “drag my name through the mud i come out clean they cast away stones i wont even blink a gun is not a math problem i wont even think”

  • da boss playa

    niggas talk so much shit about me in barber shops they forget their haircut. kanye

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    “It’s the T-H-E-O-D-O-R-E/send me to Iraq/I come back with dumb heat/-Ghostface Killah “Biscuits”

    • Dub Sac

      I can’t believe you’d pick that out of all of Ghost’s lyrics. How bout this from Criminology:

      I’ll be trapped by sounds, locked behind loops, throwin niggas off airplanes cause cash rules

  • http://robertoflackchronicles.com RL

    As much as Canibus sucks IMO at song writing, he had some ridiculous lines.

    “Creatin scripts so sick I gotta arm wrestle my pen to write it”

    The Rass line was classic too.

    Great post

    • Pierzy

      Bis had some of the best lines ever…

      “Punch in your chest so hard your shoulders will touch”

      “An emcee so ill, I got AIDS scared to catch me”

      “I grab mics and push niggas to the left/So fast that their hearts end up on the right side of their chests”

      “My motherfuckin’ brain is IBM-compatible”

      “Ambushin’ emcees/Jumpin’ out the trees like Vietnamese in fatigues covered in leaves”


  • the dynasty

    “Rap was flying high, then got suicidal
    Imitate Jim Jones end up like Corey Lidle”
    -Joe Budden “Broken Wing Freestyle”

  • http://xxlmag T $

    That Sauce Money line was from DJ Clue mixtape “Show Me The $” over all about the benjamins instrumental 1996.

    Honorable mentions

    Beanie Sigel freestyle- No survivors,they can’t find ya like Kennedy Jr, Ya kidding me Jr.

    Andre 3stacks- We done come a long way like Virginia.

    Jay-Z- As a youth explosivly…..Shooting guard like Kobe.

    • dodger

      you mean, “we done come a long way like them slilm ass cigarettes from virginia”

  • Young P

    They think I’m spellin Iverson when the beef all done, Cause I leave you with the I.V in the E.R son! – 40 Cal

    • UncleJangles

      that was a great line!!! 40!

      “call me slater in the streets get saved by the bail (bell) money….” – 40

      “killing y’all niggas with my lyrical forces/making niggas seabiscuits and i ain’t talkin bout horses…” – ME

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    “Trying to freeze time/that’s why I ice the face on my watch”-AZ “Time”

    “Call me atheist/Cause I don’t believe in you God’-Busta Rhymes “Full Moon”

    • Rob The Music Ed

      I forgot all about that Busta line… OMG that shit made me so hyped when i first heard it.

      What about when Jay said “Jigga. me and my operation/Run the New York night scene with one eye closed like Peter Geishen.” -Jaz O’s “Foundation”

  • og bobby j

    BIG L “Before I buck lead, make a lot of blood shed.
    Turn your trunks red, far from broke, got enough bread.
    Mad hoes, ask Beavis, I get nothing Butt-head”

    Fabolous “test me somebody i’m beggin ya,
    got the gatlant gun like jesse the body in predator”

    Papoose “brought 10 niggas with you that thought they’d never see you breathless, well that something 10 a see (tennesse) like memphis”

    • og bobby j

      Cassidy “my weed fluffy, got red hair like peggy bundy”

      Cassidy (Best verse in a long time)
      “My nigga beside me with triggers and niggas get bodied
      I lock a strip and chop a brick like I’m mr. miyagi
      But this ain’t karate, I been sick since I pissed in a potty
      I probably been proper since my papa put dick in my mommy
      I’m a cannon man
      Holdin the hamma man
      For the loot niggas shoot niggas like a camera man
      Snappin a picture, you get stuck like the back of a sticker
      I got bars like the factory manufacturing snickers
      And I do crimes for the bread like croutons
      With two nines I be layin clowns down like foutons
      With the bullets in the rocket, my pockets is full of cream
      I’m blowin steam keep the steel in my hands like wolverine
      Poppin the metal, you niggas is not on my level
      I’m locking the kettle man, I’m hot like the pot and the kettle
      On the mic I spaz, who get it hype as cass
      And my nigga busta, we some muthafuckin psychopaths”

      Crooked I “Growing up crooked had him a dream, to drive a maroon 5 call it adam levine”

  • Info by John Doe

    ANDRE 3000:
    when I hear those flows that ain’t hip-hop, you find that shit in the gift shop. -wailin’

    ANDRE 3000:
    Wettin ‘em up like splish, leavin ‘em in a splash of blood. -crumblin’ herb

    ANDRE 3000:
    I’d meet muslims, ganstas, bitches, rastas, and macoroni niggaz – imposters. -a life in the day of benjamin andre

    ANDRE 3000:
    sir andre with an ascent 3 triple 0 ben jammin (benjamin “last name”).

    ANDRE 3000:
    I started off starvin, now they got me out here Bret Farvin. -the art of story telling pt.4

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    Great idea, good lines, but hardly my faves. Off the top, here’s what I can think up from the same artists:

    “I know the watch bothering your vision, reach and I put a red dot on your head, like it’s apart of your religion” – “Banks Victory” Banks

    “If that’s your man warn him, cause I got enough bullets in here to hit every NBA patch on him” – “Warrior”

    “Like my necklace started relaxing, now that’s what the fuck I call a chain reaction” “Money Aint A Thing” Jay-Z

    “I’m so far ahead of my time, I’d bout to start a new life, look behind you, Hov gone pass you twice.” – “Hovi Baby” Jay-Z

    “Big L that nigga you expect, to catch wreck, on any castte deck, I’m so far ahead of my time… my parents haven’t met yet” 7 Min Freestyle, Big L

    “I move crack like Fat Joe’s legs” – Papoose

    “Let your man reach inside his flight jacket like he’s excited, I put his flight on the ground just like a pilot” Bam Bam, Papoose

    “If I don’t hurt the nigga that play with ym wealth, that’s like me on Entourage dog, I’m playing myself” – “Come On Baby” Saigon

    “I put red dots on a nigga head like Rodman” – West Side Story, The Game

    “Don’t like sittin the pen it stinks, but in brooklyn we sit in the pens like ink” – Papoose

    “That weed keep my mind out the gutter, so I stay high like the word we use to greet each other” – “A Threat and A Promise” Papoose

    More coming when I think of them throughout the day.

    • Seb

      That Banks line was one of the first lines I herd of him of the old g-unti mixtape brings back memorys, the was also “leave you with twelve shell in your mouth, ike a carton of eggs”

  • 242 representer

    … I’m Gone Grab Cheques, & Make my cash stretch longer than giraffe Necks!!!
    -Lloyd Banks (“Die one day” off Obie trice 1 cd)

  • jayhims

    …good shit! i remember all them joints

    oh yeah, 1st!!!!!

  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    “Trying to freeze time/That’s why I ice the face on my watch”-AZ “Time”

    “Call me atheist/Cause I don’t believe in you God”-Busta Rhymes “Full Moon”

  • venemez

    Cause there’s a monster will in me that always wants to kill MC’s
    Mic messaler, slamming like a wrestler
    Here to make a mess of a lyric smuggling embezzler
    No one is speacialer, My skill is intergalactical
    I get cynical at a fool then I send a crew back to school-eminem infinite

  • Peru

    Kanye: “Killin ya’ll niggas on this lyrical shit/Mayonaisse colored Benz I push miracle whips”


  • http://XXL TheGodJustice

    ‘Don’t you ever try to stop the uprising of a kingdom/I got enough bars to take away ya fuckin’ freedom”-Papoose

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    “i love you more than lava, more than a pot of luke-warm java”. – serengeti: thunder valley

    “signed to rawkus? i’d rather be mouth-fucked by nazi’s, unconscious” – el-p: fantastic damage

    “he couldn’t draw a crowd with a paint-brush and an easel”

    “thought kissing ass was in my blood-type, oh, negative!” – phonte/foreign exchange: connected

    phonte usually has like three quotables per song.

    nice drop.

  • TheGrimReaper

    They mad my car’s like an elephant, the trunk in the front
    Cam’Ron- Get Em Daddy (Remix)

    you draw, better be picasso, y’know the best
    Jay-Z- Friend or Foe

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    sorry, that tay verse is from “raw life”.

  • beefysaints

    this year the punch lines go to royce da 5’9″
    nigga was gettin lyrical
    on motown 25 elzhi had that grand theft auto line i thought that was ill there was various off the hook punch lines

    “Although, i took away ya breath an i ran i still left with a GRAND like THEFT AUTO”-Elzhi

    “Im higher then the jeans on Urkel”-Elzhi

    “I stay Sharper than a Viking Hats”-Elzhi


    “niggas fear what they don’t understand, hate what they can’t conquer, guess that’s just the nature of man” – nas

    “wisdom is vital, for the survival, of the streets deciple” – nas

    “you left out the g cuz the g ain’t in you” – dj quik

    “get in where you fit in fool” – too short

    • Pierzy

      What about Nas’ (arguably) best lines:

      “I never sleep/Cause sleep is the cousin of death”

      “Life is parallel to Hell but I must maintain”

      • DETROIT

        yea, nas has a million of them. people argue over who the goat is, but as far as hot lines, nobody has more than nas!

        • Dub Sac

          And now I’m jettin to the building lobby, and it was full of children prolly, couldn’t see as high as I be.

          - NY State of Mind

  • B

    “I joke when i say i’m the best in the booth but a lot of truth is said in jest” eminem

    “try to ball like paul pierce i’ll benzino you up” budden

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Moses

    With all this talk about horribly rappers (Joe Buddens, Canibus, Cam’ Ron) you forgot about EMINEM!!!

    Slim Shady has some of the best punchlines ever.

  • DC

    Celph Titled=King of the Punchlines

    “In a year before your kid’s 10th birthday came/ You didn’t have to wait for candles on the cake to see the nine flame”

    “Your boyfriend said you were a marvelous fag/ and in drag thought you was God like the carpenter’s dad”

    • jmc

      a DC where’s that second punchline from?

  • hmmm….

    fore i put the ak to your face , kidnap your daughter, r. kelly, have my way with her face.
    - Cam’ron

  • S-DUBB.google.me

    S-dub – One liner’s

    “I ain’t trying to preach but I can Testify/that bullets don’t have wings but they sure do fly”.

    “Feast or famine and I ain’t full/you just a mad cow I’m a raging bull”

    “Kid spit liquid poision’s as Drano/act like a fruit and get hit in ya Mango”

    “All the real niggas either dead or jail/I got one foot in the grave other foot in the cell”
    (Bringing em’ Back)

    “Hurricans follow the path of Amestad when it came/Spirits of my ancestors in the wind and the rain”
    (Nas Twist)

    “My paper short but the guns is long/Collab or clash w/the boy I’m killin you & ya song.

    “When you speak like Malcom or Martin they do you wrong/and try to cover up ya story, till them stories is gone”.
    (Nas Twist)

    Just some food for thought. Enjoy…I need that co-sign Pierzy, Ron Mexico and Bol (Fat bastard). I’m respect by many, but known by none.

    S-dubb > Industry

    • Pierzy

      I got you, kid! Co-sign.

  • Cleveland

    Remind me of Paul McCartney and Mike fighting
    You know, The Girl Is Mine
    Life’s A Bitch, so The Whole World Is Mine(jay-z on maybach music)

  • Justice4all

    *I’ll remove your roof dummy let the sun shine in
    Thirty-eight waist, enough to put one nine in
    Really a thirty-six without the gun I’m thin

    Jay-Z (Come and get me-Volume 3)

  • http://xxlmag.com King

    I wearing nba jerseys home and away colors/
    im ashamed of this rap game like the mother of gay brothers


  • stp2

    “More sh$t out on the streets than evicted tenants.”– Ludacris, Made ya look (remix)

  • Justice4all

    I remove your roof dummy let the sun shine in
    Thirty-eight waist, enough to put one nine in
    Really a thirty-six without the gun I’m thin

    (Jay Z-In my lifetime Vol 3)

  • http://xxlmag.com I am new york

    How u up in the east and west and u aint heard about me/ thats like claiming u a boxer and aint heard of Ali


    • Black

      That’s a weak line brah, try again!!!

  • WhirldzOneder

    My favorite is Jay-z’s Threat off the black album, lyricism is crazy

    y’all niggaz is targets
    Y’all garages for bullets, please don’t make me park it
    in your upper level, valet a couple strays
    from the 38 special, nigga, God bless you

    We Rat Pack niggaz, let Sam tap dance on you
    Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you
    … I put the boy in the box like David Blaine
    Let the audience watch, it ain’t a thang

    and his grammy family freestyle was the best i’ve ever heard lyrically

    See martin see malcom/see biggie see pac, see success and it’s outcom

    everybody wanna be king, til shots ring
    then u dead on a balcony wit holes in ya dream

    seriously, youtube that freestyle


      TOP 25 ON MY IPOD…

  • Shawty J

    Jay-Z: I sell ice in winter, I sell fire in hell/I am a hustler baby I’ll sell water to a well – U Don’t Know

    We roll tight like the firm/ Produce Gs like sperm until legs spread like germs – “Can’t Knock The Hustle”

    Fabolous: One of the prettiest hoes, we laid in it/Blowin the kid faster than prepaid minutes – The Game’s “Jacking For Beats”

    And they say I shine Vegas bright/ Draw a crowd like a Vegas Fight – “Return of the Hustle”

    Twin sigs open up chest like a heart surgeon – Cassidy’s “Six Minutes”

    Cassidy: Cuz fuckin’ with me boy is a risk/ Like fuckin a bitch with no c-boy – “B-Boy Stance”

    Still choppin hoes up, throwing bricks up on the scale like cold cuts – Freestyle

    And I stay with my jewels on/ You wouldn’t see this much ice in a hail storm – Freestyle

    The Game: So we rock it/Rocket like Tracy McGrady send it to Houston in a gray Mercedes – Too Much

    I’m gangsta, like Deebo when he was Zeus/ Played Bisop you get the picture now who got the juice? – “Westside Story”

    Jadakiss: “That boy Kiss is a hell of a man/ I treat life like a cellphone, tryna get a hell of a plan – DMX “We’re Back”

    Lloyd Banks: You better pray to the lord that the raid don’t getcha/ Cuz the sawed off a microwave a nigga like Adolf Hitler/ Fuck pressure I enter the ring calm, as nice as them Japanese niggas in ping pong – Tony Yayo’s “I Know You Don’t Love Me”

    The hoes know I’m lazy as hell, that’s why I get the bitch to twist/ Dog, I stay around trees like Christmas gifts. – “What Goes Around”

    I know the watch is bothering you vision/Reach and I’ll put a dot on your head like it’s part of your religion – “Victory”

    • Black

      Jay-Z: I sell ice in winter, I sell fire in hell/I am a hustler baby I’ll sell water to a well – U Don’t Know
      That line was crazy

      • Rob The Music Ed

        what about “I get stoned everyday like jesus did” – Dreams off of BP2

        simple yet effective!

  • fireforreal

    Jay-z- She said she loved my necklace,started relaxin. Now that’s what the fuck I call a chain reaction. Money ain’t a thang

    Fabolous- Niggas try to bury ya,that’s why I travel with the semi like Eddie in coming to america. Keepin it gangsta remix.

  • ATL = All Trannies Live

    J-Ro: “You a nigga everybody dis ’cause you can’t bust this/You got a bad name like Dick Butkus” – The Next Level (Alkoholics)


    • ThaRealBoiWonder

      Co Sign…LOL

  • kingkofi

    Banks “I aint no peacemaker thats my jewellers job.”

  • Black

    “I got the weight of the world on my shoulders that’s why they call me Hova, I’m far from being God but I work gotdamn hard”
    -Lyrical Exercise

    “Hov’s A livin legend and I tell you why, Everybody wanna be Hov and Hov still alive”
    -Never Let You Down

  • Knox J

    Standin’ at ya casket/feelin sarcastic,like”Look at ‘em, still sleepin”

    Jay-Z SOMETHIN’ from Reasonable Doubt


      damn homie, don’t you know 22 Twos?

  • http://bigoneonline.wordpress.com bigone

    What? No Pun?

    I’m starting (more than starting, actually) to think that whatever intern writes this has shitty taste in music.

  • Marren

    “Wu-Tang Clan ain’t nothing to fuck wit/Boot Camp Click ain’t nothing to Wu-Tang” – Sean Price

  • so Southern

    “Roll My Blunts Thick Like I Like My Bitch, Licks my blunt and spit Like she do my Dick”

  • Black

    “Quick draw Mcgraw I went to art school don’t snooze, been handlin the game so long my thumb’s bruised”

    Lil Wayne

  • Will Lee

    Can’t believe nobody’s said this Jay-Z one..

    “Im about a dollar/What the fuck is *50 Cent*”

  • DC

    “It’s on nigga/ I’m a bury them/ Niggaz don’t want beef they vegetarian/ Scared of pussy you climbed out a caesarian/I push ya grown ass back in your mothers womb/You need nine more months/Your crews nine more punks/You rhyme on stuff and claim I didn’t sign y’all up/If I sign y’all I’m on dust” Nas on MC Burial torching 50

  • so Southern

    Killer Mike ^^^^^^^^^^^ Snapp’n and Trapping Stankonia album!

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    “You need ten times the enzymes to process one of my rhymes
    You got to rewind every one of my lines”

    -Canibus, Curriculum 101

  • DirtyBuzzard44

    Canibus – “I’ll write a rhyme that’ll melt the earth/Then ask you in the afterlife if you felt the verse”

  • A-BZ

    Loyd Banks: “I came up w/this in the sh*ter, nigga I handle bars like a bicycle”
    G-unit mix tape

    Inspecta Deck: Shacklin the masses w/drastic rap tactics, Graphic displays melt the steel like blacksmiths-Triumph
    (He Murdered that whole verse though)

    Eminiem:”U here it alot lyrics that shock, is it a miricle or am I just a product of pop fizzin up?”-The Eminiem Show (Name of song I forgot)

  • Rich-Porter

    “Shit goning to get uglier than the Master P sneaker” Lloyd Banks Victory

    The only time I wear dependants/is when I’m 70 years old/That’s when I can’t hold my shit within/so I shit on myself/cause I’m so sick and tired of shitting on everybody else
    Lil Wayne I’m me

    Men do what they want/boys do what they can/and It aint no secert/I’m a grown ass man
    Young Jeezy Sky is the limit

    My hoe’s hatian, trenny and croatian
    Ass clap louder than an Oprah ovation
    Fabolous I’m getting money

    A half of clip in ya hip, A make ya Elvis shake
    You’ll more then moan when ya bones and ya pelvis break
    Benny drop cost two hundred and twelve to take
    Red gut, White paint, Red velvet cape
    Fabolous I’m getting money

    The hood be
    Requesting my services, Oh don’t get nervous it’s
    Step yo game up time, These ain’t them same old rhymes
    Andre 3000 Da art of story telling 4

    • Pierzy

      That Jeezy line is garbage.

      • 239allday

        That jeezy line is an old saying. “Men do what hey want boyz do what they can”, three six mafia said that years before jeezy.

        • Pierzy

          I know…that saying is decades old. Thanks.

        • Black

          I got A Jeezy line for yoy

          “Snowman Bitch, I ride two seaters, It’s a cold world so I keep two heaters”

  • the kid truth

    -My sucess got these suckers salty/blowing steam like a cup of coffee/click-pow get these fuckers off me – Banks workout pt.2

    -we can let the teck pound your ego/ lock u in the closet with the west nile misquatle – Banks workout pt.1

    -the whole verse from – Lay u down

  • Shawty J

    Ludacris: “I’m your favorite rapper’s idol, I been had the title/ Call me hot sixteens with more verse than the bible” – Shareefa’s “I need a boss”

    “A kid who had a kid, mine’s made me a grown up/ You ever threaten mines I won’t heistate to put the chrome up/ My guns a be like gang signs – always getting thrown up”

    “So do a little dance while I make these ends/ You never stood half a chance like Siamese twins”

    “Just a victim of society, it’s Chris The Menace/ With more shit out on the street than evicted tenants” – Nas’ “Made You Look Remix”

    Phonte from Little Brother: I targeted you herbs on some teleprompter shit I got you watchin your words – “The Becoming”

    “Now everbody own your shit, but got their bones to pick like they was playing operations or something.” – “Fan Mail”

    “Live is how I hit em up/ J Leagues the second coming/cumming ya’ll still tryna get it up – “Best Kept Secret”

    Big Pooh from Little Brother: “The game ain’t built for the weak/ Hammurabi Code, we don’ turn the other cheek – “Can’t Stop Us”

    Pusha T: Felt like the game was a mystery/ I got my Sherlock on Holmes, now I’m like Merlin with his wizardry. – “Cheers”

    Lil Wayne “Big stacks, my pockets on creatine” – “Upgrade U freestyle”

    Khaled took me in like an orphan/I step inside the booth and just change like Clark Kent – “Brown Paper Bag”

    Kanye West: Take your diamonds and throw em up like you bulimic/ Yeah the beat’s cold but the flow is anemic – “Diamonds”

    Give me ten seconds, I’ll have a buzz bigger than insects in Texas – “Last Call”

    Treasure, what’s your pleasure?/ Life is a (bitch) depending how you dress her/ So if The Devil Wears Prada, Adam Eve where nada/ I’m in between but way more fresher – “Can’t Tell Me Nothin”

    I ain’t in the clan but I brought my hood with me – “We Major”

    Nas: Don’t say my car is topless, say the titties is out – “Made You look”

    T.I.: Got the trap hot enough to fry an egg in the shade – “Respect This Hustle”

    You steady talkin, a coffin is what you headed for/ You say you ain’t wanna die? Well what you pull a weapon for? – “Raw”

    I would add a few OutKast quotes but I’d end up posting entire verse. Heh. Besides I’ve posted enough.

    • Irish

      Luda came with some hot lines on that made you look remix
      “cris the menace, with more shit out on the streets than evicted tenants”
      everyone forgot fabolous when he spit “known to rap for my bucs, keep two nines on me like warren sapp from the bucs”
      classic shit

  • James87

    Lil Wayne(the best rapper alive)

    no homo and to hollygrove i will hold it down, like a circle of knifes i got the sharpest flow around.

    The game

    you cant carry the west nigga to soft,the game got it all in pocket like pool sharks.

  • major

    “and u know it cost a hundred to beat it, cuz i lost plenty fights but my gun is still undefeated”.

    Jadakiss off “I Dont Care”

  • the white bitch of the north

    Styles p- You would think I was born in a pot the way my blood boil/put your brain in the dirt and call it thug soil(song-kill that faggot)

  • JJ

    50 cent
    “my heart bleeds for you nigga, I can’t wait to get to you
    behind that twinkle in ya eyes, I can see the bitch in you”


  • Pierzy

    No Marshall Mathers post-Infinite??

    “Bought Lauryn Hill’s tape so her kids can starve”

    “Hey it’s me, Versace/Whoops, somebody shot me/And I was just checkin the mail/Get it?/Checkin the MALE?”

    • Chris S

      oh god don’t get me started…

      “they make it all up there i no such thing/like a female with good looks who cooks and cleans”-Business

      “will smith don’t gotta cuss in his raps to sell records/well i do…so fuck him and fuck you too.”

      highly combustable head/spazmatic strapped to a Craftsmatic Adjustable Bed”-Phone Tap Freestyle

      “let me outta this place, i’m out of place/i’m in outer space i just vanished without a trace”-Drug Ballad

      and my personal favorite:
      “this just in, Brittney just dissed Justin/she just fucked Ben, got tit-fucked, and dick sucked him”-Ain’t Nuttin But Music-D12

      eminem is just too good



  • NALAg

    “…Time is breath, breath is life, life is light, light is no less than capital C on the mic…” (btw, entire verse is unbelievable) – Spartibus

    Sean Price
    “Gotta dime bitch that live in Japan / black belt, suck dick, chop bricks with her hand” – Onion Head

    Notorious B.I.G.
    “She don’t know I’m cool as a fan, gat in hand, I don’t wanna blast her man…” – I Got A Story To Tell

    “I take 7 MCs, put ‘em in a line / And add 7 more brothas who think they can rhyme / Well, it’ll take 7 more before I go for mine / And that’s 21 MCs ate up at the same time” – My Melody (Since it’s release in ’87, a handful of lines off every cut on this record have been used to create hooks for others’ songs)

  • major

    Buckingham Palace by CANIBUS off Can-I-Bus

    The whole damn song

  • JR

    I got mad hoes ask Beavis I get nothing Butthead~Big L

  • james87

    Lil Wayne(best rapper alive)

    touch my madalliion you meet my bereta leave ya look like a burger with extra ketchup.

  • major

    nothing about my physical matrix is basic, i kick flavors beyond what your tongue is capable of tasting.

    Canibus…I forgot the song name

    We aint rich, but ill be glad to snatch ya, ill send cars to ya crib like im a cab dispatcher

    Lloyd banks victory freestyle

  • Khan

    Born leader ten millimeter/changing niggas future like schizophrenic palm reader
    -2pac “What ya gonna do”

    I turn to guns like Megatron
    -Lupe Fiasco

    Putting work in this to be tremendous/If I’m not the best I’m a damn striking resemblance.
    Big Daddy Kane Uncut

    I’ll rearrange your whole frame/ until my whole name grow out ya brain like Rogaine

    Life’s a bitch but God forbid the bitch divorce me

  • Rich-porter

    Outkas wit a K, yeah them niggaz are hard
    Harder than a nigga trying to impress God
    We’ll pull your’re whole deck, fuck pulling your card

    Now what that be for, you’re on that reefer and on that Tupac
    In front of them oooh wops, trying to show out, that’s the hoe route
    Talking loud talking bout that’s gangsta shit
    Andre 3000 Gangsta Shit

    My true niggaz will always be wit me
    The shifty kiss me, tell me they miss me, then try to dis me
    Big Pun You came up

    • Rich-Porter

      And I forgot about the Greatest of all Time

      Ya still tickle me, I used to be as strong as Ripple be
      til Lil’ Cease crippled me
      Now I play hard, like my girls nipples be

      Motherfuckers mad cause I blew, niggaz envious/ Too many niggaz on my dick, shit strenuous
      When my men bust, you just move wit such stamina/ Slugs missed ya, I ain’t mad at cha (we ain’t mad at cha)
      Blood rushin, concussions, ain’t nothin
      Catch cases, come out frontin, smokin somethin/ Sippin White Russians, bitch in the Benz bumpin/ I laced it wit the basic, six TV’s a system
      Knockin Mase shit, face it, we hard to hit
      Guard ya shit, ‘fore I stick you, for your re-up Wipe the pee up, mixed shots, woke your seed up Go in the ashtray, spark the weed up, LONG KISS

  • Shawn Blaze

    Can’t forget the greatest lyrical Intro/Outro ever….Jay-Z HOVA SONG
    Rappers with no relation:
    there’s “Seven Degrees of Seperation” and I’m Kevin Bacon. This is the murderer’s version
    Jigga the shit, even when he rhyme in third person. Hova the God, I should be rappin with turban

    And on the outro he put an open challenge to any rapper in the game

    Get your CD’s out, let’s go, song for song…I’m the illest nigga doin it til y’all prove me wrong

    • Rich-porter

      That’s real shit.
      Another one is
      I’m tryin to be calm but I’m gon’ get richer
      through any means, with that thing that Malcolm palmed in the picture
      Never read the Qu’ran or Islamic scriptures
      Only psalms I read was on the arms of my niggaz
      Intro The Dynasty Roc La Familia

  • Em???

    wheres em at?

  • ga’s finest

    like a bitch wit no ass/you aint got shit
    lil wayne “a milli”

  • henry

    pops knew exactly what he did when he made me/
    tried to get a nut and he got a nut and what- Jay-z

  • wtfisgoinon

    who keeps puttin up lame ass weezy elementary punchlines??

  • Bo$$ Hogg

    My rap career goes back further than yo’ father hairline
    It’s Ludacris – I pack more nuts than Delta Airlines”

    “You see y’all got it all wrong like women in tuxedos
    And comin up shorter than five Danny DeVitos
    I’m on a cool ranch, get laid more than Fritos
    With five strippers, four wives and three amigos”

    “I go scuba divin in Bays at Montego
    I find gold links and snatch ‘em like I’m Deebo”

    “Old asses like sharpeis, y’all all wrinkled
    And I stay with more BULLETS than yo’ Billboard singles”
    -Ludacris “Coming To America”

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Real gangbangers is what they is for life / Why them fake niggas switch they stripes / Yesterday you was a Blood but you flip tonight / You like that shit that killed Superman… Cos you a kriptonite (Salute The Dream)

    I put your baby daddy in a body bag / When I squeeze and let the wop clap / I bag dad (baghdad) like Iraq! (Psycho)

    My nigga beside me with triggers and niggas get bodied / I lock a strip and chop a brick like I’m Mr. Miyagi (Pyscho)

    Crooked I (All From HHW May 2nd):
    My .22 stayed open like the legs of 11 whores

    This is why im hot nigga, music is my saviour

    Both hands on the nine lika a quarter to ten!

    Joe Budden:
    I’m far from a ‘yes’ man, I’m a trend setter / It’s no games, just a Def Jam Vendetta (Dumb Out)

    When I proposed to the game I figured life was merry / 5 years later I’m feeling like Tyler Perry (All Of Me)

    No shame in my game, No pain no gain / And since I ain’t see a profit (prophet) I figured God would stop it (All of Me)

    Still times I feel like carrying the chrome / Or cheating the system like I’m Marion Jones (Roll Call)

    Trying to sing for the moment: can’t find the note / Put the game in a choke hold: can’t find his throat (Roll Call)

    So even though I Am Legend, I can say Will Smith’s the best rapper alive (Talk To Em)

    Cause your fans is like mine dawg, looking for Growth (One of the Ransom Diss’)

    I married hip hop, ignored what some was tellin’ me / I started hearin’ rumors of infidelity / I ain’t divorce ‘er / All the other dudes is so wack that I aint even feel a little jealousy (Broken Wings Freestyle)

    I don’t promote violence but when sparking the flame Blam / Arms start waving like the Carlton Banks dance (Family Reunion)

    All it takes a punch he ain’t brave he a punk / I’ll put his family in boxes, meet the Brady Bunch (Family Reunion) < Infact, just Joeys whole verse on Family Reunion!

    And just anything from Joe Budden… The Best Rapper Alive. Also stuff from Joell Ortiz (2nd Best Rapper Alive)… Couldn’t think of any of his of the top of my head!

    • that guy

      Damn. those were slick. props.

      • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

        Lol safe fam.

        Papoose one was my favourite… That Sauce Money line was good… but if one rap line was to kill the game… that Papoose one is it!

        • Irish

          The best shit Sauce Money ever spit had to be off ‘Resevior Dogs’ with Jay-Z, Beans and the Lox on the Hard Knock Life album
          “Ain’t nothin’ for me to bust a tre off,
          murdered the whole month of April just to take May off,
          run with more Germans than Adolf”;
          “Flow hot like a heatwave bitch,
          whips fatter than them shits they beat slaves with”
          Jadakiss off ‘Resevoir Dogs’
          “Gangsters don’t die they get chubby and move to Miami,
          shit is deep now dog but it gets deeper,
          fuck it the weathers hot and the price is much cheaper”;
          “A lot of cats still tryin’ to study my last bounce,
          tell you what get a beat tape and a half ounce,
          they got me where I can’t be without my large gat,
          teflon longsleeves and my hardhat,
          no matter if I’m openin’ up or headline,
          six months in the county or doin’ fed time”
          one of the most classic callabos I ever heard
          Beanie Sigel spit hard on a freestyle on the extra disc to that album
          “I set up the whole strip like monopoly,
          and dare one of y’all to land on my property,
          think you gettin’ some dough from my community chest,
          blao, blao two to your chest”;
          “Type to land on jail,
          can’t pay your bail,
          wanna borrow from the bank,
          what the fuck you think,
          I’m the wrong one to lie to,
          shit I’m the man who supply who supply who supply you,
          and ya’ll a bunch of talk money,
          I’m tryin’ to get it down for that mother fuckin’ boardwalk money”

  • http://www.myspace.com/friscorepresenter ant

    “See i dont get why this guy is a threat/ill make his life inept for a pie to the kneck/ride or die or do both nigga/ride to the death/or ill acappela the whole left side of his chest- joe budden

    That right side of his chest took me hella long tof figure out….thats what good punchlines is about..that rewind factor alotta yall named some good shit

    • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

      Thats real talk right there

  • Aem

    “Our lifestyles be close captioned
    addicted to fatal attractions
    Pictures of actions be played back
    in the midst of mashin’
    No fairy tales for this young black male
    Some see me stranded in this land of hell, jail, and crack sales
    Hustlin’ and heart be a nigga culture
    or the repercutions while bustin’ on backstabbin’ vultures
    Sellin’ my soul for material wishes, fast cars and bitches
    Wishin’ I live my life a legend, immortalized in pictures
    Why shed tears? Save your sympathy
    My childhood years were spent buryin’ my peers in the cemetary
    Here’s a message to the newborns, waitin’ to breathe
    If you believe then you can achieve
    Just look at me
    Against all odds, though life is hard we carry on
    Livin’ in the projects, broke with no lights on
    To all the seeds that follow me
    protect your essence
    Born with less, but you still precious
    Just smile for me now”
    Tupac on Scarface’s “Smile”

    • Rob The Music Editor

      I don’t know if there was any real crazy one liners in there… but real talk this is one of my FAVORITE VERSES OF ALL TIME! Good post.

      • Lefthand Slim

        em’s hardest….

        I’m harder than me tryin to park a dodge
        When I’m drunk as fuck right next to a humongous truck in a two car garage…hopping out with two broken legs tryin to walk it off…

        I would have to say that is pretty fuckin hard….

        • EReal

          “Slim Shady, hotter than a set of twin babies, in a mercedes benz with the windows up when the temp goes up to the mid 80s”

  • Lone Starr

    Dead in the middle of Little Italy/Little did we know that we riddled 2 middle men who didn’t do diddly-Pun

    You ain’t promised manana/in the rotten manzana/come on pana we be mob rhymers/feel the marijuana, snake bite anaconda/a man of honor wouldn’t wanna try to match my persona/sometimes rhymin I blow my own mind like Nirvana-Pun

    Ay yo I hold niggas ransom/ for money
    like Johhny Handsome/
    been sonning niggas so long
    I think I got a grandson-Pun

  • Bo$$ Hogg

    Lil Wayne I’m Me: “I know the game is crazy its more crazy than its ever been/ I’m married to that crazy bitch, call me Kevin Federlin.

  • J Killer

    Why do people show no love to Eminem? I don’t care bout that white or black shit because he will rip any rapper a part. He sold more records than most of these niggas and he came from the underground up. He finished Jay-Z on his own track(Renegade), kept up with B.I.G. in Dead Wrong, and last time I heard Benzino was like 4 years ago. Anyways, Pap should’ve been on there “War from fire to clouds just to juggle the price, i rolled 666 n beat the devil at dice.” That list don’t even have the best lines from the artist that are featured.

    • Pierzy

      I threw some Em shit up there!

  • Bo$$ Hogg

    Big Daddy Kane: With wings on your tongue ya couldn’t say nothin’ fly

  • 239allday

    If he lolly-gagging, word to mama, I’ll body bag em/Leave his frame riddled with holes, looking like Gotti had em

    Trife da god- Yapp city

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    “i have more presence than a class of schizophrenics” – j-treds

  • Lone Starr

    I don’t got that bad of a mouth do I?/Fuck, shit, ass bitch, cunt, shoobity doo wop/skippity bee bop and Christopher Reeves/Sonny Bono, skis, horses and hittin some trees-Eminem

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    It’s weird that there’s hardly any Pun, Eminem, Nas, or Buddens. But then again Pun, Nas, and Em all have more crazy rhyme set ups and verse styles than actual punchlines. Half these joints don’t even feature the word “like” in them, but none the less:


    “Flawless victory, you niggaz can’t do shit to me, Physically, lyrically, hypothetically, realistically, I’m the epitome of catchin’ wreck, catch you when you cash your check” – Beware

    “Hah, you ain’t got no wins in my casa,
    Que te pasa, you ain’t even in my clasa” – John Blaze

    “I’ll appear in your dreams, like Freddie do, no kidding you, Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you,” – John Blaze

    “Shove my foot so far up your ass the sweat from my knees will wench your thirst” – Watch Those

    “A man of honour wouldn’t wanna try to match my persona, Sometimes rhymin I blow my own mind like Nirvana” – Dream Shatter

    “I don’t promote violence but when sparking the flame Blam, Arms start waving like the Carlton Banks dance” – Family Reunion

    “I know a bird named Amy like to tea bag, set you up nice for a loosie and a weed bag, alcholic cute face but her weave bad, she went to the Winehouse straight from the rehab” – Get No Younger

    “I had this buggaboo bitch always wanted me to romance her, always popping up I called her George Castanza” – Get It Poppin

    “Get shot up, in the hot tub, till the bubbles pop up” – What’s The Difference

    “And if it’s not a rapper that I make it as, Ima be a fucking rapist in a jason mask!” Criminal

    “Texas Chainsaw, left his brains all,
    dangling from his neck, while his head barely hangs on, blood, guts, guns, cuts, knives, lives, wives, nuns, sluts” – Kill You

    Dam, even I can’t think of something from Nas. Hmm….

    • 239allday

      Damn nigga you brought me back, I forgot about all that pun shit. I see what you sayin about the simles and metaphors too.

    • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

      Hey i post enough Buddens up there! ^

      Lol anyways… just saying we all know Budden got the tightest punchlines on this post.

  • Bo$$ Hogg

    Muthafucka, I’m A Monster In This Game, Similar To The Lachness
    My Rhymes Is Nappy Rooted, Sum Verces Gotta Process
    The Truth In This Booth, Ain’t No Doubt When I’m Rappin’
    If I Say It, I’ve Eather Done It, Or It’s ‘Bout To Happen
    When I Pull Up In The Louis Truck On 26′s, People Dumb Out
    If Lifes A Crack Game, I’m Rollin’ 7′s On The Come Out
    These Rapper’s Think I’m Ig-nent, Love Sayin’ My Name
    Cuz Maintainin My Fish Tank, And They House, Cost The Same
    Ask Me, I’d Say I Made It, And It Sure Wasn’t Luck
    Cuz Hustler’s Relate To Me, And Some Are Younger Than Buck
    You See I’m Married To My Music, But We Got A Prenupt
    So If That Bitch Don’t Act Right, I’m Still Gettin My Cut
    My Deals Never Get Screwed, My Contracts Practice Abstinence
    I’m Masterin This Program, Hazin’ These Undergraduates
    So, Pimpin’ Be Easy, Quit Catchin’ Feelings
    Cuz You Worth A Couple Hundred Grand, And I’m Worth Millions
    Nobodys Thinkin’ About You, Plus Your Beats Ain’t Legit
    So Please Stay Off The T.I.P. Of My Dick!!

    • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

      So Please Stay Off The T.I.P. Of My Dick!!

      ^ T.I got sold out on that Young Buck song… T.I.s verse wern’t all that and his Ludacris line wasn’t half as good as that either!

      • Black

        This is one of the sold verses ever!!

        • Black

          I meant coldest verses ever

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Also i forgot Ludacris:

    I stroke so good like Tiger Woods, then I… RAWR! like a Tiger would!(Get Buck In Here)

    My livelyhood is not Hollywood / I’m still Southside Atlanta thats a lively hood! (Get Buck In Here)

    Pumpin’ out albums like Reverend Run is pumping out children, here’s another one / So catch me on more 24′s than Kiefer Sutherland (Ultimate Satisfaction)

    Cause paychecks are comin up shorter than February (Mouths To Feed)

    Other girls I give ‘em a shoulder colder than Chicago / But in ya center I heat it up in the Mourning like Alonzo (Woozy)

  • halfNice

    “Whoever come closest, you’ve been warned/
    But niggaz don’t get the picture till the weapons is drawn”
    – Jay-Z on R Kelly’s Fiesta remix.

  • Black

    “D is for what I serve no I don’t be on the curve My hoe’s ain’t no junkies either”
    -Hollywood Divorce

    Andre 3000

  • EM


    I get too blunted off of funny home grown
    Cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono(Role Model)

    You thought I was ill and now I’m even more so
    Shit I got full blown AIDS and a sore throat
    (Cum On Everybody)

    I’m buzzin, Dirty Dozen, naughty rotten rhymer
    Cursin at you players worse than Marty Schottenheimer
    (I Just Dont Give A Fuck)


    Any punch line from Dream Shatterer by Big Pun> Any punchline in this whole post.

  • The Messiah

    Before I start, I gotta say this new blog is the shit.
    Now Im not sure this is a true “punchline” or just a hot line.

    “Im from the hot South; aint neva no snow out back/ Im in a hot house; always got that snow out back/ And my benz look so outback/ I got that Caddilac truck wit the blowout back/ And in my crib you can… blow out front, you can blow out back/ tell your bitch she can get it, cuz I blow out backs!” -Weezy (2002) Sqad tapes pt4.

  • rico500

    Let me add the rest of that Nas verse:
    “Life’s a bitch but god forbide the bitch divorce me/be so flooded with ice/hellfire never scorch me”

  • Black

    “Dear Mr. Toilet I’m the shit, got these haters pissed”
    -Money on My Mind

    Lil Wayne

  • The Invisible Glass

    145 and I’m outta ya weight class//Wanna survive? Better scramble like eggs and break fast -T.I. “Stand Up”

    I’ll be damn if I co-sign an old snitch//That’s been gangbanging since Jaws was a goldfish -Lloyd Banks “Ain’t No Click”

    I drop jewels, wear jewels, hope to never run it//Wit more kicks than a baby in a mother’s stomach -Nas “Halftime”

    I been through that, got shot at shoot back//Gotta keep the peace like a buddist//I aint a New Jack, nobody gon’ Wesley Snipe me. -Jay-Z “Change Clothes”

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Lol… people don’t quote Eminem cause they don’t have the time! He’s just TOO good! LOL!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ro

    I’m iller than takin a hammer and beatin your knees
    and walkin through South Central L.A., bleedin in jeans
    (Am I a Blood or a Crip?) Wakin up the next day in breathin machines
    Flashin back to being shot and repeatin the scenes
    on how you just got smoked, and if you do live
    You’ll be too scared to tell it, like a Biggie and ‘Pac joke
    eminem-get u mad

  • Ital

    “We savages/ grab the microphone from amatuers / cause like women who have abortions I haven’t it / I rip U / My metaphor contents will split U/ Into little, pounded to crystals so I can sniff U” – Canibus

    “I stay on the grind / My hustle real heavy / and even for dat cake I fuck lil debbie” – Redman

    “My man came all the way from Compton to see me put you to shame/ And he knew who I was cause Game recognize Game” – JIN

  • Black

    “145 and I’m outta your weight class, wanna survive better scramble like eggs and break fast”
    -Stand UP


    • 239allday

      the best line in the stand up song was Lil Wayne’s shit:

      I’m feelin good and spiritual healin hoods/ Whippin shit up out my kitchen , I’m pitchen it, it’s really good/ Smokin, drinkin, I’m like a fish and I’ll prolly shit on ur bitch/ Prolly piss on her lips and she’ll prolly give you a kiss

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ro

    My attitude is worse than NWA’s was
    I’ll battle you over stupid shit and diss people
    who ain’t have shit to do with it, like Cool J does (My tattoo!)
    Eminem-”Get U Mad”

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ro

    My attitude is worse than NWA’s was
    I’ll battle you over stupid shit and diss people
    who ain’t have shit to do with it, like Cool J does (My tattoo!)
    Eminem-Get U Mad

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    I don’t like when niggas be posting entire verses since the point is to post punch LINES!!!! But fuck it, I got a verse that’s punchline after punchlines (as in, it uses “like” in every other line)

    A family last forever that shit is timeless, while friends just last for a moment, just like silence

    When it rains it pours, niggas can’t stay out of Rikers, they go back and forth like windshed wipers

    A real lawyer analyze the case before he fight it, he keep the judge in his backpocket, just like a license

    Legal aides is the trifist, they call them LEGAL AIDS(aides) because they sentence niggas to death, just like the virus

    You run into everybody when you up in them diners, when it comes to the luger I maneuver like the heimlich

    You keep talking about your jury like it’s priceless, you only paid a grand for your jury, like an indictment

    Let your man reach inside his flight jacket like he’s excited, ima put his flight on the ground just like a pilot

    AND THAT’S ALL OFF ONE VERSE. Papoose, “Bam Bam”


    Ima bout to take all the hottest lines everybody posted here and tie that whole shit together with a post on my blog. After the post, it’s a after post.

  • TGin

    Jayz: 2 guns/right over left/ that’s how I cross examine– People’s Court

  • gamma

    If life’s a bitch it just aint R kelly and ush fucking the same girl.
    T shirt filthy nigga/eye’s look like a guilty nigga beard look like he a philly nigga.
    i dont feel niggas songs/so while yall at awards im loadin up on ratches thats the TIP im on.
    It’s like siting with a blind man and trying to discribe yellow.
    Hats on tilt like the snickers aint droped out the vinding machine.
    Brace yourself like over bite.
    verse two on sunshine.
    Watch on my next CD/they gonna be shooting up the store like it’s PS3.
    just a little something.

  • KtjR

    “My arsenal’s enough to send hells angels to heaven” – Travis McCoy Arms Race Remix

    “My filthy mouth it wont fight cavities or beat plaq/so i shot the tooth fairy and took my old teeth back” – Ludacris Hip-Hop Quotables

    “there seems no one left to bully/bush is pussy/why the fuck you think his name is bush/puss is bushy” – Eminem Got It Twisted Freestyle

    “now days girls and boys wanna lick me/her put her tongue on me him put his gun on me/i wont let um get me i stay straped/incase i gotta stick her and he try to stick me/so im packing my magnums/incase i gotta blast one” Field Mob Pistol Grip

  • Broadway

    “all i see when you n****s throw up ya sign is upside down p****/ F*** wit P i’ll leave you upside down p****/ head to the grown. feet in the air/ peace out, wherever i see you im leavin you there”
    Styles P- That N**** Jigga freestyle

  • Larry Brite

    ‘Chi-a-nardo Dicaprio, been known 2 smack a hoe, I’m from that Indian Tribe called : Neva-love-a-hoe’


    ‘fools open they mouth untill dey get streached out – curb serve that same mouth, and watch your style get stressed out’


    ‘Proceeding to enscript the code
    that makes your brain overload and implode
    Too much imagination got you facing defeat
    Quit rhyming cause to wasting the beat’


    ‘Major more soul than James’ “Escapism”
    De La Soul is here to stay like

    De La Soul

    ‘Yo, it’s one universal law but two sides to every story
    Three strikes and you be in for life, manditory
    Four MC’s murdered in the last four years
    I ain’t tryin to be the fifth one, the millenium is here’


    ‘I seriously doubt it,
    my chain cost a quart a mill imagine what I spend gun shoppin
    Get bullets by the thousands they say that we whylin’

    The P

    ‘When I go out, I’ma go out shootin
    I don’t mean when I die, I mean when I go out to the club, stupid
    I’m tryin to clear up my fuckin’ image,
    so I promised the fuckin critics
    I wouldn’t say “fuckin” for six minutes’


    ‘Don’t go to parties with metal detectors
    Sure it feels safe inside; but what about
    all those niggaz waitin outside with guns?

    They know you ain’t got one..’

    Chris Rock

  • M

    ” I feel disrepected, if everbodys f*ckin dimes, who got all these ugly b*tches pregnant”- Siagon- Come On Baby (remix)

  • Naughty NYS

    BIG PUN- “Dead in the middle of little Italy little did he know that we riddled to middle men who didnt do diddly” – Deep Cover ’98

  • Black

    Yo these are some sick lines, I love this post, there should be more like it!!!

    • Ital

      Word! And they say Hip Hop is Dead and Not an Art! F- EM!!!

  • http://xxlmag.com Cal


    “So just incase you don’t remember me i’ll run your mind around the block to jog your fuckin’ memory”

    “I’ll hit you so fast with a roundhouse you’ll think sonmebody pulled the ground out from underneath you”

    “Outsidaz baby and we suing the courts, coz we dope as fuck and only get 2 in the source!”

    • Seb

      Dude thats off off infinite…RESPECT!! there was also “you couldn’t make the crowd throw up there hands if they swallowed there fingers!”

      • real talk

        no you morron its off the slim shady LP. You thought you knew. huh?

        • Seb

          actually “real talk” the first line, the one I was talking about is originally off the song 313 feat. Eye-Kyu which is on infinite…..Its my favorite emienm verse he got:

          “You can be Run-D, you’ll never be the MC, I’ll stop the alphabet at S and got it down to a T”
          “Your ass forgot, so just in case you don’t remember me
          I’ll run your brain around the block to jog your fucking memory”
          “I showered the slang, simple as A,B,C’s
          Skip over the D’s and rock the microphone with ease”
          “I’m greeted with flocks, of fellow follower’s singers
          You couldn’t make the fans throw up their hands if they swallowed their
          “You could date a stick of dynamite and wouldn’t go out with a bang”

          You thought you knew. huh?

  • Seb

    Chamilionaire – “Im like the dot in front of the hand cause im ahead of my time”

  • REF718

    I know people remember this-

    “got a chick named superhead, she give superhead, jus moved in the building even gave the superhead, I cop big guns that spit super lead, so play superman end up super dead”

    Jada- *Blood Pressure*

    • E

      WOW. never heard that one but i’d say its the dopest shit in this whole post…any chumps dare to disagree?

  • ThaRealBoiWonder

    “True I got more fans than the average man but not enough loot to last me
    to the end of the week, I live by the beat like you live check to check
    If you don’t move yo’ foot then I don’t eat, so we like neck to neck” 3000- Elevators

    “I ain’t trippin nigga I play the corner like Ripken nigga, Wit the forty cal Ripken, nigga rip a nigga.” Weezy BM Jr

  • slick

    BIG L- if a bitch dont like me she must like women!!!

    The whole ebonics is a ill punch line!!!

  • Lone Starr

    I don’t got that bad of a mouth, do I?
    Fuck shit ass bitch cunt, shooby-de-doo-wop
    Skibbedy-be-bop, a-Christopher Reeves
    Sonny Bono, skis horses and hittin some trees

  • gamma

    The Game
    I got a cl so smooth they call me pete rock.
    Kill a nigga in my song and realy do it thats the true meaning of a ghost writer.
    lloyd banks
    Still on the stage with the hammer like galiga.
    My dick get more tounge than shoe laces.
    when bouncin back/im like ben wallce on the rebound.
    Il blow your brains out and feed it your seed like baby food.
    I clap like that old man that took nino life.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ro

    You on your fifteenth minute of fame and on the sixteenth
    Beginith the lame, and on seventeen, you lose everything
    The twenty-first is the worse, wishin’ you was eleven
    Poppin’ like you was seven with the feelin’ when you was seconds
    Reminiscin’ when you was just in
    Now you just then, no longer the trend they dressin’
    Now you wonderin’ where all the press went
    You no longer impress them
    Get arrested, paparazzi will press then [camera flash]
    Lupe Fiasco-Superstar Remix

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    BTW, if I hadn’t said it already: This is one of the craziest posts in a long time and exactly what XXL.com has been trying to do every since Dawton took over (Make blogs that get user interaction rather than posts that actually have opinions and such, peace to Noz!). Funnny thing is, the lines you posted was hot but not that crazy, once we put together all these joints in one it’ll be the crazist shit you ever heard in your life. In fact, I’m bout to make a site with nothing but rap punchlines in it.

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Glad you like it homie. Those lines were just some of my favs (way too many to list), but the point was to get everybody involved!

      When you start that site i want my royalties. LMAO!


    Joe Budden » 6 Minutes Of Death

    Hat low its not a weak link in my squad
    I’m LL In Too Deep, I’m thinkin I’m God
    As far as rappers I’m thinkin theyre frauds
    call ‘em all rubix cubes cause I really used to think they was hard
    For once trust me you don’t wanna start problems
    the pound will make you Eddie Curry wit a heart problem
    So if you on the block wit only a few grams man
    then you a bird nigga, Tucan Sam

  • NoR CaL

    “Y’alls playin football with basketball rules.” E-40 Loyalty & Betrayal

  • Vicious Seiger

    “Once Again it’s on n!gga, Sigel hard like corn liquor I’ll take you out this world like you was born n!gga – buck naked, covered in blood, gasping for air, clinging for dear life”
    - Beanie Sigel [It's On]

    “If Heaven had a Height, You’d Be that Tall”,
    - Common [The Light]

    “Boys play with toys while scholars play with dollars” – Sam Sneed [U Betta Recognize (Remix)]

    “You Thinking Blake Carrington I’m thinking more like Ming” – Jay-Z [4 Da Fam]

    “They got you stuck in the can, White Man got you fu@king your hand, Your wife on land fu@cking your man” – Beanie Sigel [What Ya Life Like]

    “Teachers Teach and do the world good, Kings just rule and most are really never understood”

    “When some clown jumps up to get beatdown, brokendown to his very last compound, see how it sounds, a little unrational – a lot of MC’s like to use the word dramatical”

    - KRS-One [My Philosophy]

    [There's More - I just can't list them all right now, these are just some that come to my mind]

  • NoR CaL

    “Y’all’s playin football with basketball rules.” E-40 Loyalty & Betrayal

  • http://www.xxlmag.com youngJ

    50 cent (in his real years) death gotta be easy cos life is hard it will phsically menatally n emotionally scarred! (many men)

  • seb

    Eminem – Open Mic (Infinite)
    You couldnt make the crowd throw up their hands if they swallowed their finger

  • J Killer

    JOE BUDDEN!! “Rappers flyin’ high, then got suicidal, Imitate Jim Jones, end up like Cory Lidle”

    • I-95

      Mysonne – ” It’s Mysonne lefty gun up in my right palm popping niggas in their sleep so they die calm kill or be killed thats the shit that I’m on desperado style shooting at em side arm

      • Irish

        “See I’m dope like heroin
        and my guns gotta scope so I zero in
        from here on in I fear no men
        and mother fuck shootin five here go ten
        know that if you gotta problem there’s no end
        you tough fight death and be a hero then”
        That verse had me checkin for Mysonne. He’s with the Bang Bang Gang now or whoever they are with Cuban Link and Lord Tariq. The group that’s dissin Fat Joe.
        There was a couple other mc’s on that track with Mysonne that spit crazy like
        “you broke with a playstation for a cd player”;
        “type to ask God you wanna battle
        I could care less send me to hell I like to travel”
        That shit takes me back. I haven’t heard it in a long time but I still remember some of the verses.

  • KFrizzle

    But I get you bracelets till ya wrist is throbbed, just kissed the nob now put your meat on my stick like a shish-ka-bob

    Cam’ron – Hey Lady…actually this whole track is a big punchline

  • mex

    “When jesus pieces can’t bring me piece ima need at least 1 of russells nieces” kanye Put On

    “Yall niggas on some dumb shit I got a bread truck get up off that crumb shit” pimp c(rip) knockin doors down

    “Don’t worry how my wrist got so freeze tell a girl like doritos that’s not cho cheese tell her friend like fritos im trying 2 lay” kanye lolipop remix

    Best shit wayne ever said ” safe sex is great sex better wear a latex cuz u don’t want that late text that I think im late text”

  • gas finest

    im like the moon/ how i shine and bring tha stars out

    t.i. swing ya rag

  • trey

    I accapella the whole left side of his chest(no beat)
    joe buddden family renioun

  • avon

    what about when nas said he got more kicks than a baby in a mothers stomach, lupe fiasco said cool as a pool in a blizzard with ice cubes in it papoose said i’ll hit you in your chin and make you chill thats what i call a chinchilla (the fur i dont know how its spelled but you know what the fuck im talkin bout)

  • Luke Freeze

    “Open up the church doors put the fear of Luke in the people, then I molest the father, sodomize ‘em with the steeple…”

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    ” you trying to battle me with sandles and capris on, c’mon dawg” – phonte: the yo-yo

    “i once got busy in a burger king bathroom” – humpty

  • Pierzy

    “…She said the taste of dollars was shitty/So I fed her fifties/About his whereabouts I wasn’t convinced/I kept feeding her money till her shit started to make sense (cents)” – Jay-Z (D’Evils)

  • gamma

    Im the best hands down like 6:30.
    You clay aken soft I put that red lite on you it’s like the playstation’s off.
    I got the juice like bishop had wit em/that just dont give a fucks in me like o dog had
    wit em.
    ghetto pop bottles/they should fire tyra and give me a show called the ghetto’s top models.
    Crooked I
    Im every artist shge ever signed in one rapper.
    If your not to proud to beg for your life I might spare ya.
    you get shitted on like somebody tiped over your portapody.
    im so sharp I hear how smell and taste look.
    Keep a fresh bald head like he just left chemo .

  • avon

    b.g. uptown got you catching up to god quicker we got a t-shirt waitin on your fuckin picture, b.g. 17 in the clip slide it in cock it back slide it out put me a extra 1 in thats 18 in the 9 im ready to discharge thats 18 in ya ass for tryin to play hard

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    “but all you savage cats know that i was strapped with gats while you were cuddlin a cabbage patch” dre (written by em)

  • Jerm

    seems no one listens to Chamillionaire…

    “i see that ur a busta, im bust u in ya lips, put some lipstick on my fist, throwin u a kiss” -Frontin

    “lookin right at the grim reaper like i dont need the support of ya, its the kid standin in the booth, here’s the coroner” -Show me what ya got freestyle

    “contain yaself, wouldnt care if u drank the jug or not, hop out the drop and run u ova like the juggernaut” – Raocity booth session

    “put ya money on it like i win it like i wanna take money that used to be urs and go spend it like i own, mad cuz u know that u gon on matter for the moment, if ur gangsta matter of fact, it dont matter til u show it” -Rapcity booth session

    “My Konvicts that entertain like Akon and TPain, i run a con that got an arm for thee pain, show u tha bat man, like boy was B Wayne, ya grill layin on the bloody part of a sheet stain” – Rapcity booth session

    “Stare at a flight of stairs, dont u ever think u on top of me” – Victory freestyle

    Ludacris: motherfucker im a monster in this game, i turn 20 into 50s, 50s to 100, a 100 to a bentley, a bentley to a building, a building to a scrapper, cant keep up wit tha news but i get that daily paper”

    • Black

      Luda had another one that started with that same line

      “Motherfucker I’m a Monster in this game similar to the lochness,my rhymes are nappy rooted some verses gotta process”

      that nigga is cold!!!

  • 210

    Fuck the police with a HIV carrier, no vaseline and a M16 -Banks- “Straight outta southside”

    Take them handcuffs off of ya bitch, we all beat already, she dun laid her head next to more balls then spaghetti -BANK$-

  • bdogg

    esham – man made money now money makes man livin the life of the streets short life spand

    esham – i dont bullshit no need to pull shit u pull some shit and youll be full of bullets and shit

    esham – i wanna pop piggity pop until they all fall my style gets ugly like that muthafucka biggie smalls

    esham – b a n g i n g true 313 king who is he p i m p i am him he is me

    esham – when i step in the place bitches look at me from head to toe ho ass niggas be like oh no

    esham – it must have been that nigga that i once sold a parakeet murdered my homie in his cherokee

    esham – u wanna know sumthin that makes me sick niggas be talkin bout stupid shit like who made rap up i dont give a fuck long as i get my cut

    baby d e t r o i t 313

  • iLLWiLL_510

    Big Pun “The Dream Shatterer”

    It makes rappers disappear, whipser in your ear
    Crystal clear, come here, let me kiss your tears
    Everything you fear is here, you ain’t got to search further
    The first murder’s the worst now I thirst further for reverse birth
    Every verse hurts, every curse word’s already more offending
    Than Eddie Murph’s worst
    I thirst for blood like a vampire, any man claimin’ his game’s tighter

  • The Messiah

    “Crack raised the murder rate in D.C. and Maryland/ We… invested in that, it’s like we got Meryl Lynched” -Kanye “Crack Music”

  • Da Kid In PA

    “If Faith have twins she’d probably have Tupac’s, get it 2 Pacs”

    To this day that was one of the hottest lines ever to me!!!

  • a-unit

    Love Me from the 8 mile soundtrack
    Obie,Em and 50 all killed, Em ecspecially

    ” I stick my dick in ya mouth and fuck what you sayin ” – Famous,won’t let you down remix texas takeover.

  • a-unit

    Love Me from the 8 mile soundtrack
    Obie,Em and 50 all killed it, Em ecspecially

    ” I stick my dick in ya mouth and fuck what you sayin ” – Famous,won’t let you down remix texas takeover.

  • Silly Willy

    “With Allah, my supernatural bodyguard
    Niggaz couldn’t touch me if they gave me a massage”, Canibus in Making a Name for Ourselves

    “You in the building but the buildings falling
    You wouldn’t be ballin’ if your name was Spalding”, Common in Southside

    “Disrespectin the game, no home trainin or manners
    I was doin this shit when you was shittin Pampers”

    “Know the shit I DON’T write be the illest shit that’s ever been recited
    in the game word to the hyphen in my NAME!”, Jay Z in The Watcher2

    “About his whereabouts I wasn’t convinced
    So I kept feeding her money ’til her shit started to make sense…..(cents???)”

    “Stop screaming, you know the demon said it’s best to die
    And even if Jehovah witness, bet he’ll never testify”
    Jay Z in D’Evils

    “Terrorize the jam like troops in Pakistan
    Swingin through your town like your neighborhood Spiderman”, Inspectah Deck in Protect Ya Neck

    “Now he’s singin’ sad songs with Elvis
    Three to the head, bout six cross the pelvis”
    Biggie in Whatchu Want

  • gamma


  • http://www.neo_da_kid@myspace.com Da Kid Neo

    “If Faith have twins she’s probably have Tupac’s, get it 2 pacs”

    I have a gang of favorites but this one by far was one of the best!!!

  • deMoney

    Know you work out, chest and your back all nice
    But the twelve gauge’ll have your six pack on ice, what? – jada

    In this case who’s the loser
    ran through enough coke for Castro to build schools in Cuba
    Teachin kids how to read and write and use the ruger – Styles

    Shit’s fly like MJ in his prime, “Off The Wall” wit mines
    I’m grabbin my balls when I rhyme – Dilla

    Why is that? ’cause smiling faces deceive
    You best believe, to MC’s I’m the deadliest disease
    My thoughts rip your throat and make it hard to breathe
    your whole camp’s under seige, and I’m Jason Vorhees – Kurupt

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “look at this dude, he need to stay in the shade/ain’t no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade”

    Eli Porter

    Nas, Ghostface, Gza, Rakim, Eminem, Andre 3000, ect. = G.O.A.T.’s of punchline

  • HBomb


    I’m so cool I drink 40oz’s of freon

  • To Simple


    “look at this dude, he need to stay in the shade/ain’t no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade”

    Eli Porter

    ‘he’s like Rosie O’Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower!’

    Eli rules

  • Combat Jack

    “If you don’t give me heaven, Ill raise hell ’til it’s Heaven”

    Jay-Z “Justify My Thug”

  • HBomb

    Props! To Simple 123

    “look at this dude, he need to stay in the shade/ain’t no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade”

    Eli Porter

    ‘he’s like Rosie O’Donnell at a bisexual bridal shower!’

    Eli rules

  • JP

    Hit the Earth like a comet, invasion
    Nas is like the Afrocentric Asian, half-man, half-amazin – Nas (It ain’t hard to tell)

    If he joke like D-rade my heat like D-wade
    Shots to his face and make him sing like T-pain – Ya Boy (100 bars of Death)

    Cause quick jaws get a nigga smoked like menthols – Ya Boy (100 bars of Death)

    Here’s a jewel, love your enemies and hate your friends
    Enemies remain the same, friends always change
    - 50 cent (I’m a Hustla)

    I’ll show you how to do this dude
    I done turned more blocks than a rubage cube
    - Beanie Sigel (Bout That)…i dont think i spelled the cube thing right

    I put condoms on my raps so you can fuck with em – Crooked I on 1 of his weeklys

    I was Scarface, Jay was Monolo
    It hurt me I had to kill him and his whole squad for dolo – Nas (Last Real Nigga Alive)

    I’m taking rappers to a new plateu, through rap slow
    My rhyming is like a vitamin, held without a capsule – Nas (New York State of Mind)

    Bitches don’t say no to me, I’m like a wedding ring – The Game (Dope boys)

    It’s a cold world that’s why when they see us they yell freze – Joell Ortiz

    I know a whole bunch more it aint just coming to my head

  • Combat Jack

    “I dip, speak quicker than you ever seen
    adminster pain, next the minister’s screamin your name
    At your wake as I peak in, look in your casket
    feelin sarcastic, “Look at him, still sleepin”

    Jay-Z “22 Two’s”

  • Max

    Jay Z threat:

    We Rat Pack niggaz, let Sam tap dance on you
    Then, I Sinatra shot ya God damn you
    … I put the boy in the box like David Blaine
    Let the audience watch, it ain’t a thang
    Y’all wish I was frontin, I George Bush the button
    Front of all you in your car lift up your hood nigga run it
    Then lift up your whole hood like you got oil under it

  • My Effin’ Opinion

    “You need ten times the enzymes to process one of my rhymes
    You got to rewind every one of my lines”

    -Canibus, Mic Curriculum 101

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    “got a new drink, named it after chong’s daughter/ triple shot of yac (cognac) with a chaser of bong water” – MF DOOM

    i always loved this line. i didn’t understand it at all the first couple of times i heard it, then i remembered chong’s daughter’s name is rae dawn. the extra shit is that RADON is a poison. doom destroys.

  • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

    “what, what’s that you say, you say today is saturday? goodbye, i’m going out to play.” – peggy ann mckay

    • Pierzy

      Wow that’s sick (eye roll)

      • http://www.plasticsquirtguns.blogspot.com thoreauly77

        you have to step up your shel silverstein game pierzy.

        • Pierzy

          Damn…and my girl teaches elementary school kids too. My bad.

  • JS

    We brave in the heart, playin a part, amazingly smart/Razor sharp, futuristic raps, state of the art/Takin New York cats past the stars/First it was Nasty Nas/Now watch me turn a Apple into Macintosh

    - Big Pun “Brave in the Heart”

  • Ms. Haze

    Ludacris-”I own so many jerseys, im a throw-back mess/I hit the cleaners an tell em’ i want a full court press”—hip hop quotables(chick and beer album)

  • patkilpat

    Damn, I thought people gave up on punchlines (for the most part), I’m glad I never stopped spittin em.

    There are so many! So I’ll just say…
    Don’t for get about Xzibit, Royce 5’9″, Phonte (of Little Brother)

    “This is food for thought don’t let it go to waste, n*gga bite the bullet ’til you stuffin’ ya face”- Jay Z

    “I rage against machines to create audio slaves”- Me


  • gamma

    @ Jerm I got your back!
    Im so throwed twankys low actin like you aint never seen a panky glow/niggas say they wanna take my chain this aint friday and you aint debo.
    I hog money, I’ma ball hog while haters is warming the bench
    Fall in love with a gold-digger, for what?
    Nigga my guns my slut
    I finger the heat til’ the barell gets hot, and bust a nut.
    I might pull my cash out
    And make ya women pass out
    ’cause I get more green then a leprechaun in a grass house
    Hold Up..Just shut ya trap and listen to what the Chamill-Yun say
    I mo’ throwed then a football on Super Bowl sunday(SHIT!!!!)
    You know that feelin’ you get when you in love, what do ya call it?
    I don’t know but I only feel like that when I open my wallet.
    When it comes to ridin chrome, we some veteran pros
    matter fact I’m livin larger than David Letterman’s nose.
    you dont wanna get on some chamillionaire shit!

  • http://Stsavoy@yahoo.com. S-DUBB.google.me

    S-dub- One liners

    “Feast of famine and I ain’t full/you just a mad cow I’m a raging bull”

    “Hurricans follow the path of Amestad when it came/spirits of my ancestors in the wind and the rain”

    “The kid spit liquid, posionious as drano/act like a fruit and get hit in ya mango”

    “My paper short but the guns is long/don’t collab or clash with the boy, I’m killing you and ya song”

    “I ain’t here to preach but I can testify/ that bullets don’t have wings but they sure do fly”

    “If you speak like Malcom or Martin they do you wrong/then they cover up ya story, till them stories is gone”

    Food for thought. Your average jackers (biters) favorite rapper.


  • Rex Banner

    Joe Budden- “Im like bin ladin, im bout to change the whole view of new york”

    Jadakss- “and i come from the gulliest blocks, winter time drug game slow my niggaz pumpin skullies and socks”

    Lloyd Banks- “one nigga started, a couple niggaz followed and now they all cant eat lke the next top model”

    “going against me u need the eye of the tiger, heart of a lion and king kong’s nuts”

    Styles P- “riding around in circles with ya girl in the back it be the only time i be fucking around”

    Im not sure if i quoted them all right but those are some that i can thnk of right now

  • Ms. Hazel

    I own so many jerseys, im a throw-back mess
    I hit the cleaners an tell em’ i want a full court press–LUDA-HIPHOP QUOTABLES:CHICKEN AND BEER

  • Black

    “I can’t complain bout what the accident did to my left eye, cause look what the accident did to Left Eye. First Aaliyah now Romeo must die, I know I got Angels watching me from the other side”
    -Never Let You Down

    Kanye West

  • gamma


  • wole

    Lloyd Bank$: “I thought about clappin Joe but I aint gotta use the iron, he’s one big mac away from dyin”

  • http://xxlblocktalk.com DT the E.I.C.

    “…His whole shit caved in/my whole click cavemen/hardbody nigga, my whole shit pavement”
    -Ransom on Joe Budden’s “Family Reunion”

    • Rob The Music

      what about
      “And you ain’t gotta empty ya pockets when the Ks out/Everything you holdin’ is mines you my pay pal.” – Joey on Family Reunion

      that whole song MY GOD!

  • http://stsavoy@yahoo.com S-DUBB.google.me

    EM (Slim Shady)

    “Now you won’t have a problem to sell, Double XL ,Double XL/hell shit I’ll even by a couple myself”

    Now stop being a hater and publish my shit.
    I’m my favorite rapper so put my one liners up and let the people be the judge. I can’t stand you lil bloggen mutafuckers.

  • fireforreal

    He ain’t brave he a punk,I’ll put his family in boxes meet the brady bunch.

    Joe Budden Family reunion
    mood muzik 3

  • cashus clay

    I got soul(gasol) like a grizzly turned laker-WALE Lyrically Inclined

    I am like Obama to these silly muthafuckas yall niggas is clinton hillbilly muthafuckas_Fabolous A Millie Freestyle

  • gamma

    The only time I drop a dime is when Im leaving a bitch.
    You get sprayed thru your clothes like you put on colonge.
    you think I had a striper in here the way I go hard in the booth.
    The hand i write with need a oven glove my shit so hot.
    Say boy let me show you the fundamentals here son, like that rooster and the chicken hawk I teach you about a gun.
    Yall homemark niggas with that soft ass writin shit might as well be in cards.

  • DAMN

    Lloyd Banks – “These old niggas frivolous; you cant be serious
    they all on they periods;
    might as well make em bleed all over they tight clothing”

  • Blaktwan

    “Its eithier cause their boyfriend is a scrub like brillow/Or cuz banks is cooler than the other side of the pillow”-Lloyd Banks

    “I push the margin so far to the left that I ended up writin’ on my desk”-Lupe

    “I throw bread around just turn pigeons on”-Fabolous

    “Why put you in a verse when I can put you in a coroner van”-Jadakis

    “I was a fiend before I became a teen/ I melted microphones instead of cones of ice cream”-Rakim

    “Pull off blastin Pete Rock cuz the CL smooth”-Joe Budden

    “Coke transactions on the phone, call it blow jobs”-Weezy

    “I will kill you commit suicide and then kill you again”-Jay-Z

    “Its Cris the Menace, wit more shit out in the streets than evicted tennant”-Ludacris

    “Alien can blend right on in wit’ yo’ kin
    /look again ’cause I swear I spot one every now & then”-Andre 3000

  • music_king

    cassidy- u pissed off cuz ya dick small and everytime u fuck tha condom slip off.
    cassidy and freeway battle

  • REF718

    I know people remember this-

    “I got a chick named superhead, she give superhead, jus moved in the buildin even gave the superhead, I cop big guns that spit super led, so play superman end up super dead”

    Jada-Blood Pressure

  • JamPo

    Fi’ post……..

    “I’ve been to more wakes this past year/ than the muthafukkin Bengals lost last year”-Scarface.the Bengals sucked in 93/94….

  • patkilpat

    So, very, very many I feel dumb leaving some out.

    “killing fields need blood to graze the cash cows”- Mos Def

    “So extra so next to blow so fly get pest control”- J Dilla

    “Whole body bling like C3PO”- j Dilla

    “You can respect it or suck it, I’m in the booth chain swinging sounding like extra
    procussion”- J Dilla

    “I’m killing kids like cross fires and holy wars”- Me

    I’ll probably post up more I love punchliners!


  • HEX




  • dEBK ONE

    B.I.G ” Hugs from fake friends , make ends they hate you/ be broken girlz wont date you “

  • http://www.pimpinpens.blogspot.com enzoe

    you know the deal test me get hit directly this little nigga pack big heat like Joe Pesci.

  • x

    Who see’s what I’m watchin’? he ain’t poppin’, don’t deserve to drink water from the tub that I wash in. Wait, start again. It’s a privilege to breathe the same air that I farted in. They want no parts with him. – Joe Budden – Dumb Out

    I name my pistol Rosie O’ Donnel cuz it’ll eat you pussies. – Crooked-I – HHW 51

    Still gutter like Obama when the nigga was bowlin’ – Crooked-I – HHW 52

  • jalen

    Loaded Lux -

    Ya sound like Tenactin nigga ya tough actin

    Im theraflu i b knockin these niggas cold out

    I b n ya lobby lettin that thing sing i b Aaron Halls

    Liars should b put n the box for converses

    Dont talk 2 me n battles like u can afford a castle yea u a baller always walkin when u travel

    Who n here think he hot/see u remind of O’neal/ the probably think u Shaquille(should kill) but u aint got no shot

    he tried 2 exit out his windows he was better off shutted down his computer

    all ya biscuits got jelly n the middle

    ya whole crew will get 2 dippin like a tortita party

    Joe Budden

    i’ll acappela the whole left side of ya chest

    put ya family n boxes like the brady bunch

    if u wanna get fresh like a mentos mint/ then it will tempt those men/wit clips longer then lenos chin/it aint no type of guts n u/u terell owens the niggas that wear Eagles dont even wanna fuck wit u

    Big L – Catchin more bodies than abortion clinics

    Papoose – peel ya Wig(glue makers_ off like sum old dry glue

    the gun stays n my genes(jeans)like its family resemblance

    JR Writer – i gotta tech that’ll get a G 2 drop his flag like a ref on a penalty/im fresher than lemons squeezed

    no athletes foot but i still keep the powder n the sock

    Lloyd Banks – put chalk around ya head like a poolstick

  • inspectah crack

    “they say become a doctor but I don’t have the patience (patients)” Common

  • Chris

    I gets root deep like Cavity Creeps!- Keith Murray, Danger (1st album)

  • AsdA

    ‘i like chicken, you like lamb, mix them together and we can make a special donner kebab’ Jay Z

  • Stuey

    “Can’t tell whether male or female/I fucked up your frame well, the monogram can’t tell”
    - Rock Da Spot, Redman

  • http://www.incilin.blogspot.com Incilin

    “Compare me to cameras, I flash, shoot what I see, and steady developing” – Royce Da 5’9, 12 Min Freestyle (w/ Em)

  • D-lo

    Big-relax n take notes…while i take tokes of the marajuana smoke……….put u n a choke.gun smoke gun smoke

    Andre 3000-All heavenly Father, why do you even bother watchin over me
    Growin up a little G, my mama thought I’d grow to be
    A lawyer or a doctor but I felt like comin harder
    Packed a shank up in my socks when I started kindergarten
    This ain’t no secret garden, so you fly when niggaz flee
    If it is one of my own, I’m lettin the trigger be
    Cuz I got love for any nigga who got love for me
    And then I get a slap of dap when I’m slangin quarter keys
    Just tryin to make it, then of age, come through, take it
    I ain’t forgot about y’all women who be workin niggaz butt naked
    At Magic City, shakin titties just to pay the rent
    Lord, tryin to hustle must be somethin that was heaven sent
    But I ain’t got no sense, that’s what I got them thinkin
    I think about payback, strap myself and keep on dankin
    Cuz I be takin the rough side of the mountain
    If you cross my path, I’ll leave you drainin like a fountain
    Yes it’s been like that since way back, in 1975
    Been taught to hustle with muscle and even try to strive
    So little botty bwoy better say your prayers
    You better learn some street sense before somebody lay ya(claimin true southernplayalistic ’94)

  • The Messiah

    Weezy (Sqad tapes pt4. ’02)

    “You can catch me G’d up/ On the stage at the club tossin G’s up/ Or at the table wrappin keys up/ They tell me I can make it rappin ‘put them keys up!’”.

  • Black

    Both Eminem verses on Renegade!!!

  • The Messiah

    To anybody posting whole verses: You are making yourself look weak, If your rapper of choice cant kill it in 2-3 bars at the most, then your post is irrelevant.

    • Black

      What if the rapper’s whole verse is full of puchlines?

  • pointgodkg14

    kanye west- mayonaisse color benz, i push miracle whips

  • JD

    immortal technique – the bling bling era was cute but its about to be done/ leave you full o’ clips like the moon blockin the sun.

  • canibussmoke

    Big Daddy Kane

    I don’t dicriminate any girl I talk to. I take mellow yellow to a chocolate yohoo

  • http://www.xxlmag.com TJ

    Redman-”you remind me of school on a Sunday/no class”

  • Black

    Shhh Shhh
    Softly as if I played piano in the dark
    Found a way to channel my anger not to embark
    The worlds a stage and everybody got to play their part
    God works in mysterious ways so when he starts the job of speaking through us we be so sincere with this here
    No drugs or alcohol so I can get the signal clear as day
    Put my glock away I got a stronger weapon that never runs out of ammunition so I’m ready for war ok

    True I got more fans than the average man, but not enough loot to last me
    Till the end of the week I live by the beat like you live check to check
    If you don’t move your feet then I don’t eat so we like neck to neck
    Yes we don come a long way like them slim ass cigarettes
    From Virgina this ain’t gon stop so we just gon continue

    Andre 3000

  • http://myspace.com/thetruthandthelight Mo Betta

    Oh Jesus I can list these for days but Im bout to leave work so some quick ones

    None of these mc’s can see MO when he’s rappin’/ it’s nothing personal pu$$y, so quit OVARY-ACTIN/



    She’s the very ESSENCE of a JET black EBONY queen…

    Joe Budden:
    If you ever try to dis *mwahh*/ might as well go home pull the ratchett and just Chris Beniot/

    If I ever give a n!gg3r the finger it’ll be behind a trigger

    If Faith had twins she’d probably have 2PAC’S/2 PACS

    I had to take off the blazer, loosen up the tie/ step inside the booth Supermans alive/

    KOBE how my a$$ taste?
    …lol only joking

    But Im off work Ill holla I ll drop some serious one on ya’ll later!

  • http://HHJunky.com HIPHOPJUNKY

    CANIBUS—-2nd Round Knock Out
    Now watch me rip the tat from your arm
    Kick you in the groin, stick you for your Vanguard award
    In front of your mom your 1st, 2nd and 3rd born
    Make your wife get on the horn call Minister Farrakhan

    100′s Bars
    Murder a million MCs then autograph all of their coffins

    Redman—-Do what u feel
    I be the super-lyrical individual I be splittin through
    that Teflon material to knock Big Ben off of schedule
    Better move with a set of tools
    I be doin it to mics when I’m a, heterosexual

    Methodman—–Do what u feel
    U-A-P ain’t got no weapon, you lip professin
    Next in, line, parental discretion advised
    these explicit, street linguistics
    Better than yo’ momma biscuits, we bomb shellin
    I might know but ain’t tellin, too bad you missed it

  • lb

    i jump off stage and kick em in the fade/ I’m sharper them bytches on a helicopter blade!

    redman docs da name!!

    so there’s no conversation/ it’s pointless/ close range with the shotty/ you will be jointless!
    so please stay off the T.I.P of my d-ick!!!
    my favorite rapper( luda)

    bomb, tram, funkier than haitian under arms
    – redman

    i’m wise and civilize/ things i anaylze/ i can look in your eyes/ and see a stomach full of butterflies
    – me

  • shoota

    call me interior decorator, im stylin homes – j.r. writer king of the punchlines

    • jmc

      can u give me the title of the song?

  • tae

    i dnt care wat anybody says cassidy and lloyd banks have alot of classic punchlines listen to all three cassidys cds n lloyd banks first two

    Banks:Don’t confuse me with the suckers
    ‘Cause when I spit, You’ll hear more “Oh’s”
    Then a Skip-to my-Lou move at the Rucker

    Now I got money bags as big as a pumpkin get
    And pistol as long as the hand Shaq dunkin with
    I ain’t the type that’s desperate
    I’m modelin diamonds now, you can call me +Icin+ Beckford (ow!)

  • fla all day

    my sleep is interrupted by food on the stove // not gun shots we immune to those// cormega

  • Mr.Lee


  • FLO

    Ras Kass
    “When I die, bury me bucked naked face down in the grass, so I can fuck the world while y’all kiss my ass.”

  • Black

    One more and I’m done

    Beef is when I see you, Guarantee to be in ICU
    -What’s Beef


    It’s a wrap game over, Good night Ladies And Gentleman!!!!

  • http://xxl LB


  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=22741#comment-1013481 faga


  • http://studiobum.com BIG O

    The son of satan, they say my killins too blatant
    You hesitating, I’m in your mama’s crib waitin
    Duct tapin, your fam destiny lays in my hands, gat lays in my waist.

    Notorious B.I.G, “Victory” (Going at Nas)

    Lost chips on Lakers, gassed off Shaq
    Country house tennis courts and horseback”

    Notorious B.I.G, “I Love the Dough”

    My garage call it ceelo: 4′s, 5′s and 6′s
    honies by the mixes, if it aint broke, don’t fix it

    Notorious B.I.G, “Can’t Stop The Reign”

  • henry

    is this a record for comments

  • Newerakid

    if sum1 put this up I didnt see it

    oh my God is that a Black Card/I turned around and replied why yes but I prefer the term African American Express-Kanye Last Call

    P.S. He had like 5 of his hottest lines in 1 song

  • http://www.myspace.com/friscorepresenter ant

    Couldnt spit fire if yall found that flower….coward

  • Mr.Lee

    you mad at my car cause its like an elephant the trunk is in the front mr lee

  • Black

    OK I’m done for real this time

    “Nigga stick to the script, you wanna act out a movie I can give you a clip”


  • kd

    Fabolous: “Come off like Xibit/pop up at your cribbits/not to put a f#$ckin fish take in your civic/f#$ck gettin your ride pimped/you’ll get hog tied whimp/have you in the trunk curled up like fried shrimp”

  • fla all day

    grow like a fetus// wit no arms and legs to complete us// then we return like jesus when the whole world need us// “RZA ” so it’s gonna take more than your astrologist// To knowledge this// a physiologist couldn’t even figure out the exoticness// raps demolishin certified the way i style it// my wordplay blaze with the rays of ultraviolets// “AZ rather unique” basically anything by these two!!

  • Silverback Gorilla

    ” Read big books/ got big guns/ so yea I BLOW YA MIND in more ways than one…”

    Thats my own shit.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com brand new


  • http://www.myspace.com/djceo718 DJ CEO

    First off all before I put any lines up here, it is insulting to real emcees to have any Wayne line on here. Now….

    B.I.G – You should’ve been a cop/fuck hip-hop/with that freestyle you’re bound to get shot (Flava In Ya Ear rmx)

    B.I.G – The rings and things you sing about, bring em out/It’s hard to yell when the barr-els in your mouth/It’s more than I expected/Thought your jewels were rented/But they wasn’t so run it cousin/ I can chill the heat doesn’t. (Keep Ya Hands High)

    Jadakiss- Just cause you seen me in and outta ya house/Doesn’t mean she can have a baby outta her mouth. (Breathe Easy)

    Rakim – Age doesn’t count in the booth/When your flow stay submerged in the fountain of youth (Classic)

    Jay-Z – All I do is rap and sex/Imagine how I stroke/See how I was flowing on my last cassette? (Originator)

    Sauce Money – Street Scholars coining phrases for dollars (Bring It On)

    Nas – My Motto used to be fuck tomorrow/But the buck that bought the bottle could’ve struck the lotto (Life’s A Bitch)

    Canibus – I can run at top speed without bending my knees (freestyle) also I know this is about one lines but his whole verse on Beast From The East with Lost Boyz.

    Ice-T – I Got 99 Problem but a Bitch ain’t one. Might be one of the hardest lines ever.

    Twista – A muthafucka might be broke as shit/not collecting no dough or tips/but I’m spittin more game than a mouth full of poker chips/To get those hoes with the open lips and them provoking lips. (Do or Die)

    Canibus – If you #1 then I’m negative 2/Basically nigga that means I’m still better than you

  • 651 b

    There’s a lot you guys forgot, “I bless a nigga wit stitches the thin type/and a straight razor that’ll put pinstripes across your windpipe”= DMX from hard knock life tour freestyle. “Now who wanna test Tical,the testicals/ all up in yo’ muthafuckin mouth”= Method Man from Got my mind made up. While I’m watching these niggas watchin me closely/my shit is butter for the bread they wanna toast me=Jay-Z can I live. A-yo get a load of this guy you know the mr.hardy/the one who talks about gats but ain’t bustin nobody/he speaks that yang-yang so he could just maintain/I’ll blow him out the frame and his moms i’ll get gangbanged= Shyheim On and On. I got original flavor check out the jam/I killed Chico and now it’s just me the man=Jay-z from Can I get open. If you wore my chain for a month you’d be hunchbacked/I’m in a coup wit the roof where the trunk at=Cassidy 7 min freestyle. If you never stole a gate you could take a fence(take offense)=Eminem from a song off Infinite album. Momma ain’t raise no fool put me anywhere on god’s green earth/I’ll triple my worth=Jay-Z U don’t know. If you haven’t heard i’m michael,magic and bird all roled in 1/cuz none got more flows than young=Jay-Z hola hovito

  • Real Talk

    “Ex out you, blow ya chest out you, next album no need to know the rest bout you/ Why you in air killed hoverin their chillin, I’m in the Hilton in Paris, fuckin wit Paris Hilton.” – Royce 5’9 “Who Want It”

    “You lil niggas keep cool, cuz I eat dudes/ when I see you shrimp niggas, all I do is see* food” – Royce 5’9 “Done Talkin” (sea* food)

    “Blowin so much kryptonite, in the sky when I get high/ Superman ‘ll catch a contact and fall out the sky” – Kid Vishis “War”

    “Papa I did it to ‘em! I’m a bastard/ and I’m a do it again* like nigga backwards” – Lil Wayne “Shoot me Down” Carter 3 (*nigga backwards = aggin which pronounced is “again”).

  • yessir

    Big L

    “Ask Bevis, I get nothing Butheads”

    “Fuckin chicks is rule, if my girl think I’m loyal, that bitch is a fool”

  • thrillmatic

    “True in the game
    as long as blood is blue in my veins
    I pour a Heineken brew
    to my deceased crew in memory lane.”


    What iller than that???

    • Chris S

      to answer your question:
      “i dropped out of Cooly High/gassed up by a cokehead cutie pie”

  • kd

    Fabolous:”Come off like Xzibit/pop up at your cribbits/not to put a f#%ckin fish tank in your civic/f#%ck gettin your ride pimped/you’ll get hog tied whimp/have you in the trunck curled up like fried shrimp”


    Kanye-Don worry why my wrist got so freeze/ girl like doritos its not yo cheese/ call her girls lik fritos im tryin to lay

    kanye- the flow so cold chicken soup wont help

  • 210

    Banks-(These niggas aint hood)

    They want someone famous to pout with, thats why i walk around with the gun like it came with the outfit.

    Ya man gon make me throw this nigga towards a window, put his ass in the ass like a jordan symbol.

    You STARVIN nigga, the only who can cut me and get awway with it is my BARBER nigga, ill REVOLVE a nigga, take a shot to ya head, leave more room left in ya hat then a HARLEM nigga.

    DAMN..Punchline king…Yall got me going back to the good dayz im feeling this post.

    • Seb

      I know exactly how you feel…I remember one of the first lines was of the 8 mile freestyle…”We got more 45′s and 9′s than a deck of cards”

  • Simple like ABC, 123

    “look at this dude, he need to stay in the shade/ain’t no wonder why he came out, he already in the gay parade”

    Eli Porter

    G.O.A.T.’s of punchline:
    Nas, Ghostface, Gza, Rakim, Eminem, Andre 3000

  • tha ghost of tha block

    styles p- monday night football freestyle –
    now motherfucker heres a thug, my piss is fire, my spit is acid, my tears is blood

  • real talk

    let me give yall some of my punchlines.
    Waves hittin hard you can call my brush th sea doo

    only time you pop trunk is when you have a flat tire

    i dont mean to be rude but im the one you should fear cause my muthafuckin tv could pay ya rent for a year, and thats the 72 inch mutha fuckin plasma before i go broke i bet i donate plasma, im not gonna do like other mc boast how ill blast ya, if it gets to that point just hope you dont have asthma.”


    getbusyrecords is my myspace.

  • Black

    Ok I gotta stop for real but this shit is fun

    “Warm nights I perform like Mike, anyone Tyson Jordan Jackson, action pack guns ridiculous and I’m quick to bust if my ends you touch.”



    Big Boi- Niggas who try to fuck with me get sprayed like raid. -Southern Playalistic

    Andre 3000- My heart pumps no kool aid…word is bond like super glue..funky like pooper scoop

  • sipherr

    Jim Jones
    “Ma vest n my Heater, breath full of REEFA and Yo Boi Stay Fly like he was dressing for easter” Get em daddy remix

    shh EVEN Hell Rell wack azz got one on the same track: Hell Rell
    “Walk around like I got a broom in my pants
    Na that’s a fuckin’ A-K, heavy tool in my pants, damn Man these cowards better stay in they lane And if they ain’t getting the picture, it ain’t in the frame”

  • Creala

    Nas- But I’m neva gon’ die, I neva heard of death, Energy could neva be destroyed
    Only the flesh, When you niggas try to murder me with bullets to my head, This is why you can’t kill me niggas, I’m already dead/ I clapped that Satan But thought I was dreaming
    I woke up masturbating in the bed with demons

    Eye For An Eye freestyle

  • Dee

    n o yea…

    Phonte-”Told niggs from tha get up, we go tha hard way/ N broadways tha only place u ever throw a set up”-Beautiful Morning

  • Creala

    Nas- But I’m neva gon’ die, I neva heard of death Energy could neva be destroyed
    Only the flesh, when you niggas try to murder me With bullets to my head
    This is why you can’t kill me niggas
    I’m already dead/ I clapped that Satan, But thought I was dreaming I woke up masturbating in the bed with demons


    “Your Rain on the top was short like leprachuans/As I crush so called Willies, thugs and Rapadons/Get in that ass,quick fast like Ramadaon/It’s the Rap Pheonomenon, Don dada/”

    -R.I.P BIG

  • LivLrg

    Kanye West
    “Now i could let this dream killas kill my self esteem or use my arrogance as a steam to power my dream” – College dropout

  • Black

    “When I was young I wanted to rhyme like Common Sence, but I sold over a mil and I ain’t been ryhming like Common since”


    I think I quoted that wrong but hip hop heads know what I’m talkin about

  • dee doublez

    …But on the contrary
    I pack the mack milli
    Squeezed off on em
    Left the parimedics breathing soft on em….
    What’s you name?

    Hov- Brooklyns Finest

  • get loose

    “You too light? I’ll shoot your freckles out/ You too dark? The infrared will show you what the tec about” The Cross, Nas

  • hill top

    lil boosie- you only show up once a year, ol’ mcrib ass nigga- movies

  • http://xxl.com Bay Bo$$



    Post my SHH
    “somtimes i’m in atlanta where dey make head bounce n u can come but after u give head bounce” -Lloyd Bank$ Beg for mercy

    “Ok i suggest u go home cuz i wont hessitate to let d chrome touch ya niga i’m neva scared like bone crusher”

  • NALAg

    Here’s some more great punch lines (btw, the word “like” doesn’t need to be used for it to warrant a punch line, geniuses).

    Big Pun
    “…even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-shit on you…” – John Blaze

    “Victim of a single-parent household, born in a mouse hole / mouse trap, niggas wanna know / how so, how Jay get up out that, here (yeah) / I snatched purses, I per-se-vered (yeah)” – Diamond Is Forever

    Keith Murray
    “you’re all in the mustard and can’t ketchup…” – Dip Dip Di

    Sean Price
    “I rock Mecca, Polo, Iceberg, FUBU, and Echo / I rock better solo, fight hurt, shoot you, and jet, yo” – Mad Mann

  • j

    This nine will leave your memory on the ground like a headstone.
    Royce da 5’9″

  • NALAg

    One more off the top…

    Talib Kweli
    “…so, yeah, I’m positive. I’m positive I’m the best / spit bullets that split your vest and deposit them in your chest…” – Good To You

  • The Game

    Yo man this is whack as fuck nigga! Banks is a fuck up, and yayo needs condoms fo 50 yo. DON’T FUCK WIT GAME!

  • Black

    He’s not a rapper but i figured I’d throw one out there

    “I keep a dollar worth of dimes, you know pimpin ain’t easy”
    -Bad Girl


    front all you want, but that is a slick line

  • http://www.xxlmag.com bg4mecy

    Lloyd Banks
    “Sit back n try ta to play yo role with d copies i’ll put more staples in ya azz than a telephone pole”
    -Beg for Mercy-

  • http://www.xxlmag.com/?p=22741 Zilla

    NO TIP????????????????????????

    im so fly no lie dont deny u felt/
    so insired by my style decide to try it yaself
    trap musik

    im well know in the hood like the dopeman phone number/
    roll anything i can put some 24′s under
    trap musik

    rap beef i ain’t gon’ participate in none of dat/
    i’m aimin’ at your fitted cap but u aint gone know none of that
    urban legend

    countless more bro

  • http://xxlmag.com KTL

    off d top Bank$…
    “Niggaa all I got is hot shit the kids call me Dr. Pepper And I don’t mean a soda The 16 top shot loader’ll bend ya ass up like yoga”

    L Banks.
    From Beg for Mercy

  • Penelope Rodriguez


    I came on here too late!

    But lemme say a lil’ something anyway:

    “Get off your high horse, or die off like an extinction/Boriquans are like Mohicans/ +The Last of the Po’Ricans+”–Big Pun

    I liked that line. It was witty!

  • chase

    We fly on the tongue/so if you feel froggy leap/ kermit/ betta not ribbit/ dont get murdered over your song before you ad lib it- Fabolous- you aint got nothin- carter III

  • Ital_green


  • anutha_level

    redman: “…i’m lifted like my back carry helicopter blades”

    “redman is MILK like two tits”

    “ayo…lyrical gats spittin out criminal tactics, non-believas can get the dick ‘n genitals backwards”

    tooooooo dope!

  • Chris S

    1. “don’t answer back this is hard shit to follow/and you can’t spit n**** so you obviously must swallow”-Acknowledge, Masta Ace

    2.”oh my god is that a Black Card?/i turned around and replied why yes but i perfer the term African American Express”-Last Call, Kanye West

    3.”pennies from heaven is the same as a semi from the second, and i reign supreme/turn your umbrellas upside down…now did you even catch the change in theme”-Failure, Lupe Fiasco

    4.”first of all i’m the soloist, the soul controller/Rakim gets stronget as i get older”-I Know You Got Soul, Eric B & Rakim

    5.“this just in, Brittney just dissed Justin/she just fucked Ben, got tit-fucked, and dick sucked him”-Ain’t Nuttin But Music, D12(Eminem)

    6.”it’s the capital S oh yes oh fresh N-double O-P/D-O-double G-Y-D-O-double G ya see”-Nuthin But a G Thang, Dr. Dre(Snoop Dogg)

    7.”and i’m brainless, which means i’m headless/like Ichabod Crane is, or fourplay-less sex is”-Dumb It Down, Lupe Fiasco

    8.”Be doin artists in like Cain did Abel/Now they money’s gettin stuck to the gum under the table”-Protect Ya Neck, Wu Tang Clan(GZA)

    9.”the bling bling era was cute but it’s about to be done/i’ll leave you full of clips (full eclipse) like the moon blockin the son”-Industrial Revolution, Immortal Technique

    10.”yeah i sampled your voice you were using it wrong/you made it a hot line, i made it a hot song”-Takeover, Jay-Z

    11.”dead in the middle of little italy little/did we know that we riddled to middlemen who didn’t do diddley”-Twinz (Deep Cover)-Big Pun

    additional Lupe lines that will astound you

    “i play fools like space bar on tools”
    “till i’m 6 feet under/or like 6 n***** in a flintstone car”
    “never met her before/but i think i like her like a metaphore/she’s hard to get
    “i know ‘em by heart like a brain on my chest”
    “god willing september is when i plan to fall/i mean drop like the temperature”
    “writer of the white powder picker of the fire flower/spit hoy fire like dylon on chappelle’s skit”

  • http://www.ronmexicocity.com Ron Mexico

    sauce was money with the one-liners

  • rocstar

    …jus me and my girlfrieenddd…
    i got a little 2 2 call her peggy sue,
    when im off to the club she fit right in my shoe,
    gota switch her to my waist,
    just incase
    a clown wana flip gota reach for my bitch,
    u wana act out a movie i can give u a clip,
    but no ad-libbin nigga stick to the script

    hov gona get cha i aint gona forget ur lil disrespect,
    oh no daddy gona spank u for that shit u said,
    its hard to do when u got nothin to lose
    everybody know im better u ina lose lose,
    cuz even when u win ultimately u lose
    real niggas is like why hov talkin to dude?
    he sellin the low 2′s, only time u went plat
    my chain was around ur neck thats an actual fact.

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Ya heard my melody read bout my life in the papers all my run ins with authorities felonious capers now ya wanna live my life whats the hassa NAS? niggas that dont rhyme right (ya seen too many movies)line em up against the wall close his eyes since you lie then die-GOODBYE.-Makaveli

  • rasmus

    sheek louch

    stay away from chicks that make your dicks spill/ cuz a chick will leave you hotter than a clip will

    killa cam

    real money/real gats/real cats/real girls/mtv ill show you the real world/ cats run up on you/ splatter your white eye thats only to make saturday night live (get it………saturday night live) lol

  • Tron Carter

    my shit is da truth
    i hop in da booth
    & start spittin like im missin a tooth

    Cassidy “Get em”

  • rasmus

    jada & styles

    Nigga we made/touch more niggas than AIDS/I buss my gun at the sun/ Just to sit in the shade (one song with lox and made men)

  • Hollywood Da Goat

    Lil Wayne(next rapper in line)
    -”And so what them niggas left me/ When it gets cold I turns into wayne Gretzky.” I’m Raw

    -”They say I couldn’t play football I was too small/ They say I couldn’t play basketball I wasn’t tall/ They say I couldn’t play baseball at all/ And now everyday off my life I ball.” Trilla

    Jay-Z(best raper alive)
    -”Lost 92 brinks had to fall back/Knocked a nigga off his feet but I crawl back.” Blueprint

    -”I got way of seeing life like i’m Stevie Wonder with beeds under the du rag/ Intuition is there even when my visions impaired.” Dynasty

  • reality5000

    yo i get on here the same time most days and i really wanna post my thoughts shawty,i got some shit to say but its feels pointless to me personally cos thre’s so many post’s its never gonna get saw feel me home boy,maybe we cud delete the stupid coments or come to some sort of conclusion cos i think if xxl staff be reading some of that bullshit and aint seeing my real talk then the whole idea is uncomprehendable and a waste of time peace…

  • dossmoney

    The girl is mine life’s a bitch so the whole world is mine

    Jay-z maybach music

  • reality5000

    p.s, on some real talk punch lines is a great idea for a discusion take it back to when the lyrics was all that mattered,rap aint supposed to be bout bullets and bar tenders its about the flyest shit coming out of our minds, i personally be liking eminem for that one line shit his first album was pretty much freestyle’s and short rhymes stuck back to back on a beat and we know he changed it up but somer his shit is incredible shawty.. off the top of my head eminem-”you cudnt make fans throw up they hands if they swallowed they fingers” did anyone mention rakim doing mathematics on the Eric B song…

  • dossmoney

    um going hard in tha paint like carmelo this is fa my niggaz sippin purple and that yellow girl shake ya jelly like jello she curvey like a chelo dat bithch broke me off before i even said hello

    Bun-b Three kings

  • jt

    teres a line on one of nas new joints how his lyrics go over peoples heads like bulimic chicks on seesaws



  • RPLI

    Keith Murray
    The Rhyme
    “turnin’ all you fly emcees back into maggots”

  • mizeryluvkompany




  • http://www.xxlmag.com young-money

    Mic check one two.. we recordin?
    I’m cancerous, so when I diss you wouldn’t wanna answer this
    If you responded back with a battle rap you wrote for Canibus
    I strangled you to death then I choked you again
    Then break your fuckin legs till your bones poke through your skin
    You beef wit me, I’ma even the score equally
    Take you on Jerry Springer, and beat yer ass legally
    I get you blunted off of funny home grown
    Cause when I smoke out I hit the trees harder than Sonny Bono
    (Ohh no!!) So if I said I never did drugs
    That would mean I lie AND get fucked more than the President does
    Hillary Clinton tried to slap me and call me a pervert
    I ripped her fuckin tonsils out and fed her sherbet (Bitch!)
    My nerves hurt, and lately I’m on edge
    Grabbed Vanilla Ice and ripped out his blonde dreads (Fuck you!)
    Every girl I ever went out wit is goin lez
    Follow me and do exactly what the song says:
    smoke weed, take pills, drop outta school, kill people and drink
    And jump behind the wheel like it was still legal
    I’m dumb enough to walk in a store and steal
    So I’m dumb enough to ask for a date with Lauryn Hill
    Some people only see that I’m white, ignorin skill
    Cause I stand out like a green hat with a orange bill
    But I don’t get pissed, y’all don’t even see through the mist
    How the fuck can I be white, I don’t even exist
    I get a clean shave, bathe, go to a rave
    Die from an overdose and dig myself up out of my grave
    My middle finger won’t go down, how do I wave?
    And this is how I’m supposed to teach kids how to behave?

  • Terrorricks

    Even when I die I’ma still be fly – Ras Kasiano

    Ordered the Kobe beef just so Shaq can HEATed up. – Kanye …not sure if thats how it went though

    Im not saying Im #1 .Ah oh I’m sorry I lied…Im # 1-2-3-4 & 5. -Blastmaster

    raps that make me crack up, you better call the one time and tell them send a back up – Tash

    • Chris S

      “we hit the spot to chill where the food get grilled/she ordered the Kobe beef like Shaquille O’Neal”-Back Like That Remix

      “they don’t wanna turn the speakers, they claim i ain’t deep enough/all that talkin i feed off of, keep it up/i’m relaxin, my feet is up/i’m leavin you haters like when shaq left the lakers just to heat it up”-Bittersweet Poetry(performance on Def Poetry on HBO)

      yeah so you kinda combined the two

  • GuapKid

    nas-live at the bbq

    i shoot slugs from my brain like a rifle…

    verbally i’m iller than a AIDs patient…

    when i was twelve i went to hell for snuffin’ Jesus…

  • http://www.myspace.com/dantefermi Dante Fermi

    IDK if it’s been said already, I didn’t read all the comments, but:

    “Revenge is the sweetest joy next to gettin’ pussy” -2Pac

  • Maddolies

    “Thinkin Back 2 When We First Learned 2 Use Rubbers, He Never Learned So In Turn Im Kidnappin His Babys Mother” – Jay-Z “D’Evils”

  • El

    I’ll bust off in her face,
    and right after this segment
    she’ll probably rub it in her pussy,
    try to get herself pregnant,
    I said it I meant it- Immortal Technique

  • Magarita

    what about “haters get mad cause i got me some bathing ape”

  • lb

    he clappin at you, you ducking, making you
    dance, you shouldve spent dem on some gunz
    instead of iceberg pants – sheek

    ima type of nigga dat of take 5 cakes
    turn em in 5 acres
    faster den 5 lakers -kiss

    fuk it the whole L.O.X album

  • The Messiah

    “What you eat dont make me shit” -Jay Heart of the City

  • e. flores

    can some one put Em’s lines from the 8 mile movie

  • JJ

    since no one has said this I’ll say it this whole verse was crazy.

    I dont understand the logic in my dreams
    But I understand I like the sounds of sirens
    Terrified screams from the streams
    Of strychnine
    Dumpin on any motherfucker tryin to trick mine
    Cause punk motherfuckers wanna violate
    Now they stiff and cold
    And they pupils won’t dilate
    I can hear his bones break
    He steps in the single door
    Got his ass whipped with 20 lashes
    Like that dude up in Singapore
    So I’m a pull a fuckin Jeffrey Dahmer
    Now he’s suicidal, just like Nirvana

    Ice Cube-Natural Born Killers

  • diggsy

    Seven: this rule is so underrated
    Keep your family and business completely seperated
    Money and blood don’t mix like two dicks and no bitch
    Find yourself in serious shit

    • Ru-So Records

      Number 3/ never trust nobody/ ya moms’ll set dat azz up/ properly gassed up/ hoody’d and masked up/ shhht, for that fast buck, she’ll be sittin’ in the bushes to light dat azz up!

  • diggsy

    Easy as A B C
    simple as 1 2 3
    Get down with UGK
    and it’ll b u n b (be you and b)

  • dizzoeh

    E.I.H.T now should I continue?/
    Yeah, you left out the G cause the G aint in you/ – Dj Quik (Dollaz n Sense)

  • Clever

    Jay-z 22 Two’s Verse I

    ” I don’t follow any guidelines cause too many niggaz ride mine,
    so I change styles every two rhymes.”

  • miles archer

    I got a bunch of em…

    cash rules/ the root of all evil/
    shooting amigos/ for loot and pedico/ polluting our people- Big Pun(Boomerang)

    In the ski mask or the pantyhose/making cameos/in liqour store cameras with the twin calicoes- Big Pun (i can’t remember which song)

    I ran thru every bitch in my path/I was fucking chicks in the ass/when I was 6′n a half- Big L freestyle

    Smoke pounds of choke/got lawyers watching lawyers so I won’t go broke- Biggie(young G’s)

    If I front you base and you spend my gravy/ and I reach for my papes and you pretend you crazy/ I’ll put 10 in ya avi(rex) and pretend you paid me/ leave you stuffed in a dumpster like Brenda’s baby- Cassidy(freeway battle)

    Feet hanging out the window,jock my shoe game/
    cause all my kicks fly, like Lui Kang-
    Lil Wayne(Dey Know remix)

    Thinking back when we first learned to use rubbers/ he never learned so in turn I’m kidnapping his baby’s mother -Jay Z(D’evils)

    Nowadays I need the green in a flash just like the next man/
    Fuck a yard, god, let me see a hundred grand/
    could use a gun, son, but fuck being a wanted man/ but if I hit rock bottom then I’ma be the Son of Sam- Nas(represent)

    Jadakiss(ain’t hard to tell freestyle)
    Put it out, let the streets talk, no promo/
    a real man shouldn’t have to say No Homo…

    In the yard you got hit by the eye/ by Papi with the old boxcutter that you hid off the thigh…

    Stocky but the 5th is brolic/ and the porsche cayenne jeep’s the color of hypnotiq…

    Mom’s hit me with qoutes from the bible/
    I catch ‘em, go outside and hope for survival…

    I’m bringing another wrath/ smoke purple big pillows, roll sumthin up then sleep on the other half…

    made you look/the remix with me up on/
    I copped ya shit, now I break weed up on it-
    jadakiss(made you look remix)

    Don’t make me hit you with the Cali bro/
    I reigning with the record of a street legend and you ain’t in my Alley Mo/
    My niggas buggin of that tan grass and hash/
    and cut a nigga shit quicker than Grandmaster Flash/
    Ya shit ain’t gon never pop like 10 gold chains/ that’s why ya bitch is blowing on me like nintendo games-
    Lloyd Banks(knowledge god freestyle)

    came in the club with a free pass/I ain’t even know they made a rollie for ya cheap ass/ making me laugh/ you was in jail wearing kneepads- JuJu from beatnuts(watch out now)

    For years I been doing the same shit/just, drinking liqour doin bids/extorting crack heads/ and sticking up the stickup kids-
    prodigy(give up the goods)

    I don’t give a fuck if ya pregnant/ gimme the baby rings and the #1 mom pendant-
    Biggie(gimme the loot)

    Jay-Z(Can I Live)
    The youth I used to be, soon to see a million/
    no more big willie, my game is grown, prefer ya call me william…

    I’d rather die enormous than live dorment/
    That’s how we on it/Live at the main event, I bet a trip to Maui on it…

    The NXS rental/ don’t be fooled my game is mental/ we both outta town dog, what you trying to get into/ Viva, Las Vegas/ See ya, later at the crap table/ meet me by the one that starts a G up/ this way no fraud willies present gambling they re-up/ and we can have a pleasant time sipping margaritas

    One day we’ll all be a buncha old timers/ with
    alzcheimers/ looking at our labels roster wondering how the fuck they forgot us/ after we done recorded dozens of albums/ and made em hundreds of thousands of dollars they still dropped us- Canibus(hell)

    Mos Def(mathmatics)
    Nearly half of americas largest cities are one quarter black/ that’s why they gave Ricky Ross all the crack…

    Crack mother’s, crack babies and aids patients/ young bloods can’t spell but they could rock you in playstation

    I drop bombs like one armed wide recievers-
    Pharoah Monch(forget which song)

    Killers born naturally like Micky and Mallory/
    not knowing the ways to get you capped like a NBA salary- Talib Kweli(respiration)

    Even Jesus was stoned/ before recieving the throne/ I send a rest in piece to Nina Simone-
    Talib Kweli(Get By remix)

    You wasn’t saying you was a thug before ‘Pac came/ 10 years a ago you had a High Top trying to be like Kane/ then Snoop released and it became a G thang/ Claiming sets, your city ain’t got gangs- Common(off Like Water For Chocolate)

    I started eating cat/ when I was 10, before then/ I was getting big dog like Glenn Robinson- Common(sum shit I wrote)

    How you gonna ever ask stop Cam candy/ I’ma sell to anybody in ya damn family/ Ya Unlce Tom, Ya Aunt Tammy/ Ya Grandmammy/ Ya right-hand man Randy/ Understand me-
    Cam’ron(that’s me)

    The Mac-10 flex/wipe cats like windex/Index
    finger be sore bustin these fly scripts-
    Raekwon(Daytona 500)

    Kiss the pyramid/ experiment with higher explosives/ I lick shots at Jesus, Slap box with Joseph- Ghostface(Daytona 500)

    I part backs like a spine/ gut you like a blunt and reconstruct ya design/I know you wanna diss me, but I can read ya mind/
    Cause you weak in the knees/ like SWV/ trying to get a title like Wu Killa Bee-
    Cappadonna(winter warz)

    Double Dime/sometimes/Ice cream you got me falling out like a cripple, I love you like I love my dick size- Cappadonna (Ice cream)

  • sconthesleeve

    “im smokin mcs, pass the niggarettes” mortal technique

  • NC 6oy

    Hottest line period…

    To defeat me you gonna need a track produced by God featuring Jesus and Jay-z- TIP

  • sconthesleeve

    “im smoking mcs, pass the niggarettes”-mortal technique

  • Clever

    Notorious B.I.G Off 112 verse

    Escada, Don Dada, player, stay splurgin
    Game so tight they call it virgin.


    says it all,

  • blunts

    life is a bitch depending on how your dress her

  • Clever

    Somebody should write a book ” call it the Hottest Punchlines Of all Time” VoL.1

  • Donald

    Cali K- ” I stand tall, look at em slippin on banana peels, got em sucking on their teeth like they’re wearing candy grills”- Kid So Cocky

    “They can’t make a move and they’re hatin it, cause I keep an eye on the competition like the new england patriots”- Cali All Day

    “All eyes on Cali, as soon as I step in,
    Kid so ahead every body must have slept in”-Hot 101

  • NiggaTousch

    Live from the five hundred and 4,
    It’s Mr.Crazy flow jumpin like a bungee no rope.

    And you can smell what I Smoke and yep i sip that lean,
    Hit me with that combination and make my eyes bleed.(tear drops)

    I hit a track like an energy pack,
    The instruments are crying out “where the sympathy at”.

    —Wayne Rap city freestyle 4-10-07

  • Ru-So Records

    Memphis Bleek: Mami be like, “Bleek, we can’t, breathe in it”/

    Redman: 1. I drop like I shoulda invented the raincoat/ 2 …’Cause the Brick’s got it’s own World Order/

    LL Cool J: Signing hungry-over-Beasts, that’s why I always eat/

    Busta Rhymes: We float over water like Noah’s Ark/

    Holocaust: I graduated from the academy of insanity/

    Method Man: Let me pull ya brain outcha *ss with a hanger/

    Jay-Z: This ain’t your average ordinary jargon, weak rap n*ggaz be talkin’/

    Boogie The Don: This is me in the essence, accept it or reject it/

    Nas: I opened up, Shakespeare’s tomb, stole his remains, grinded his bones, and smoked it, and got in the game/

    Craig Mack: I’m crazy like that glue/

    Will Smith: This a simple case of a anti-brake pumper/ X’D <– lol

    Rakim: Straight off the top, I knew I’d be forced to rock/

    Jadakiss: You’re in no position to challenge my expertise/

    AZ: Livin’ holy, but currency seem to control me/

    Lil Wayne: And when I was five my favorite movie was “The Gremlins”, ain’t got shit to do with this, but I just thought that I should mention/

    Lloyd Banks: Bring the beef to your front door like Dominos/

    Big Boi: Sir Lucsious Left Foot: Son of Chico Dusty/

    Cam’ron: Don’t ever mess around with The Don’s cheddar/

    Canibus: Twice as arrogant as KRS is/

    RZA: Diamond crystal rings sharp like icicles/

    Capone: Only cowards deal with lust and envy, greed and hate/

    Styles P: When a crook get a book with a happy endin’?/

    Pusha T: Trust I know them 20′s real well/

  • B Knife

    “the story of ur life is fuckin vivica but ur baby momma left u cuz u couldnt get it up”-The Game (Play The Game)

  • Boogie The Don And Thats Whats Up

    Ma$e: And I chill the way you met me/ wit a jetski/ attached to a S.E./ smoke my Nestle/ no mad rap, ask cat, where my check be/ problem wit ya’ll, I say it directly/

  • http://www.xxlmag.com Decoy

    “simon says,shoot a nigga in his thigh and legs/and tell em’ catch up like mayonnaise.”

    -Lil Wayne
    (“Cannon” from Dedication 2)

    • that guy

      that shit is corny as fuck

  • eroker

    “If you girlfriend said she knows me then i probably got at her” jro or eswift of the liks

  • aj

    we rally for peace but the chrome keep squeezin/ please dont make me the reason your dome piece bleedin/ you racin my bullets aint the tortoise and the hare/ leave you so stiff i sniff rigormortis in the air.

    crooked I- lollipop freestyle

  • dizzoeh


  • ITO

    You take some BIG and some Pac, you mix’em up in a pot/
    Then you sprinkle some Big L on top, what the fuck do you got?//
    You got the realist and illest killas tied up in a knot/
    The juggernauts of this rap shit, like it or not// – EMINEM

  • Ace

    Cassidy: I’ll stand on your chimney like Santa Claus/Pop you and watch you Die like Ana Ross (Diana Ross)

    Jay-Z: Being broke is childish and I’m quite grown

    Xzibit: Xzibit use his dick like a Visa/I run it through and money come out

    The A.C.E. (Me): If you packin’ pistols… spray on/ He’s lyin this Soul Survivor is a con (Akon)

  • j

    if you admire someone you should go head and tell em people neva get the flowers while they can still smell em – kanye west big brother

    crack raised the murder rate in D.C. and maryland we invested in that its like we got merill lynched – kanye west big brother

    but the ones bringin us cake be the snakes like the new jack city wedding scene no time for mistakes im tryin to get it like medellin
    (pablo escobar drug cartel)- nas n.i.g.g.e.r

    how could you falter when you the rock of gibralter i had step of the boat so i could walk on water
    im not a buisness man ima buisness man let me handle my buisness damn – jay z diamonds are forever remix

  • http://www.mixedcupid.com Luusaaaa

    It is said that he always visits
    the free interracial dating site
    ‘ mixedcupid.com’ where blacks and whites can find true love easily

  • lb

    playin niggaz like keyboards/
    riding through my hood/
    you need a detour/
    my niggaz cool/
    but dey attitudes like a seasaw/
    bytches like da way i fuk em/
    hoping it can be more/
    like imma wife em up/
    after my crew then fuk the cheap whore!!

  • markeith

    the realest

    “girl you so fine i suck on ya daddys dick”-Biggie

    i cant belive that nigga said that

  • YUkno

    “they say sleep is the cousin of death so my eyes wide open cuz a dream is kind to your last breath” Game

    “quick jaws get a nigga smoked like menthols” Ya Boy

    “god flow i spit bibles nigga” Lil Wayne

  • 313dawg

    Ras got so many!! The King of the punch line in my opinion

    The Most beautifulest shit I make-up like foundation!! Now who you Facin!!

    Ras bless the mike faster than Ramadan at Mach 3!!!

    I keep my game face on like a goalie!!

    Still got some non believers…so I’mma drop the bomb like a one armed wide reciever!!

    I got connections..so much dough in my pockets I give my girl a yeast infection!!

    I’m big headed like babys with down syndrome!!

    All these and many more from the same damn song!!

    You Concieted Bastard- Rasassanation!!

  • HEAT

    That Sauce Money line is from a dj Clue freestyle.

    Fabolous. Keepin it Gangsta remix
    That’s whyy I travel with “a semi” like Eddie in “Coming to America”….

    asemi was Arsenio Hall’s character…

  • Mar keith


    then watch me crank dat robo cop-soulja boy

  • keejee

    Inspectah Deck- “I bomb atomically, Socrates’ philosophies
    and hypotheses can’t define how I be droppin these” (Wu Tang Clan -Triumph)

  • SJSB


  • RisingSon

    “I Stack my paper and throw off my cents (sense)/ This is top floor better look out below/ Pennies from heaven is the same as the semi from the second/ and I reign (rain) supreme/ Turn your umbrella’s upside down,
    did you even “catch the change” in theme?”

    -Lupe Fiasco

    “You all are faggots/ “takin it backwards”"
    “Hovi Baby”

    • RisingSon

      “Spit witty, Babu hit me/ The way my “crew cuts” it looks like Britney”

      -Evidence (from Dilated Peoples)
      “The Release Party”

  • Kvd

    “I light the bone I’m a peaceful brother
    Eat ‘em so much the girls call me seafood lover”
    -The Flyest, Nas

  • peeteyboy714

    “for whom the bells toll vinny paz i call hell home put the ratchet to the side of your face like a cell phone”
    -vinny p.

    “i make the most gangsta nigga hit the concrete and start snitchin’ pointin fingers like they on wall street”

    army of the pharaos- the torture papers-henry the 8th

  • Vic Vega

    Fuck you losers, while y’all fake jacks I make maneuvers
    Like Hitler, stickin up Jews with german reugers – Method Man

  • jojo

    “Six oohie, jewels drippin, big toolie/
    I ball for real, y’all niggaz is Sam Bouie/
    And with the third pick,I made the earth sick/
    M.J., him Jay, fade away perfect” – Jay-Z, blueprint, HOLA HOVITO

    “Turn your tux red, I’m far from broke, got enough bread/And mad hoes, ask Beavis I get nuttin Butt-head” – Big L, big picture, 98 FREESTYLE

    The entire “kick in the door” joint by BIG

  • http://xxlblog 24onelove

    “don’t make trip/make me flip/be so bloodshed you’ll think I’m crip” Sticky Fingaz- Strange fruit

    “I’m movin’ past you/even when I use da bathroom/wipin’ my ass wit’ paper straight out da book of matthew” Big Pun- Shut Em’ Down remix

  • jojo

    just forgot, heres another one…

    “Im hard, Jehovah said im barred from the pearly gates/**** him, I didnt wanna go to heaven anyways” – BIG

    AND PUNS VERSE FROM JOHN BLAZE!!! TOO MUCH HEAT, dude killed jada and nas on that one

  • 1

    I got a way(weight) with words like alphabet soup on a triple beam.

    Starting from scratch like when DJs battle, You want beef, I’ll throw a cheesecake at you
    -Tame One

    Welcome to Hell, Im the Gatekeeper, only way you get off the hook is you can pull yourself of my meat clever
    -Camu Tao

    If my lyrics drive you crazy, then my fists can be your psychiatrist

  • smm

    Lil Wayne:
    Blind eyes can look at me and see the truth
    *Wonder* if *Stevie* do
    But i’ma *leave it* to god not *beaver* neither you
    cuz i’ma murder [Y], kill [O] and even [U]
    Man i got *summer* hatin on me cuz im hotter than the sun
    Got *spring* hatin on me cuz i aint neva sprung
    *Winter* hatin on me cuz im colder than yall
    And i will never, i will never, i will never *fall*
    Im bein hated by the seasons
    so fuck yall who hatin for no reason!!!
    —-Mr. Carter (Tha Carter 3)

  • honestasicanb

    Being friends with niggas for to long bores me/So I switch partners like dikes at an orgy –

    22′s dem rarely fit/so I ruff ride like Jadakiss

    If we don’t get you in the streets/ We’ll get you in the club like a wrist band – Koopa

    I’m like god cause yall can’t touch me or see/but you know there and you know that yall need me

    My sixteens be so real/You can feel em in your viens like Romello pops from Sugar Hill

    Niggas that’s narrow/I just smack with the barrell/Give it to em at the light/Like Kain’s cousin Harold

    I know a chick name superhead/ She give super head/Just moved in the building even gave the super head – (Made a bitch famous for fifteen minutes name another line that did that, slow people might not get that last line)

    Kiss only do shit we nigga I know/That’s outside niggas can’t fuck up my flow

    Jadakiss – just too many to go through

  • honestasicanbe

    Kiss only do shit with niggas I know/ That’s why outside niggas can’t fuck my flow

  • rasmus

    dear mr toilet i’m the shit (dick suckin wayne)

    when you think of me you think of a problem who what when/and how you gonna solve em automatic of revolve him/ it the ki double s and most beem are infa red but mine is flouresent

    same song
    you nuttin but a play boy turned bunny


    i even give daps to niggas i blast at

  • rasmus

    fuck it MORE KISS

    in the streets i flash the canon (cannon) like kodak………….get it

  • rasmus

    kiss (same song sorry)

    in the streets i flash the canon (cannon) like kodak and I spray threes so say CHESSE!


  • $MoneyManJ$

    Lloyd Banks- I’m hungry like South Africans with flies stuck 2 they face
    Workout Plan

  • Erik B.

    Big Pun – “John Blaze”
    I’m Terror Squad beta kappa everybody’s favorite rapper
    Grand imperial college material insane criminal
    The same nigga who known to blow out your brain mineral
    I reign subliminal inside your visual
    Try to supply your physical with my spiritual side of this lyrical
    I’ll appear in your dreams, like Freddie do, no kidding you
    Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you

    Big Pun- “Drop it Heavy”
    I’m lockin your wealth with the master keys, freeze
    Don’t try to breeze, or I’ma squeeze and blast the back of your knees
    Just pass the cheese, please don’t test the toaster
    My tech’ll roast ya body faster than Ferrari’s Testarossa

    Big Pun- “Firestarter”
    Who wants to test the real scandalous
    I’m at the Sands in Los Angeles
    Plannin’ hits with an anonymous philanthropist
    Spanish kids, close to God, like evangelists
    Choppin’ niggas up and makin’ sandwiches….

    Big Pun – “Off the Books”
    Big Pun, Pun the name that makes the kids run
    Like spelling murder reverse it deliver redrum
    Come one, come all, if you wanna brawl
    I’m the mighty Thor clotheslining motherfuckers like Steven Segal

    Big Pun – “Drop it Heavy”
    I’m head-annointin niggas like the Holy Gospel
    I’m the only vato loco to smoke you with fire-blowin nostrils

    Big Pun – “Drop it Heavy”
    Yo, my squad is honored like Elijah Muhammad
    But I’m God-retarded, ain’t no righteousness in this heart of violence

  • The Zimbabwean Connection

    Gucci Mane gets overlooked something serious.

    Gucci, Gucci, Gucci … Yeah Thats Me
    Hood Rich Or Cocky, I Just Might Be

    then there’s also

    Hood rich so i never had a bank account

    • Black

      (with a blank stare)
      Nigga you can’t be serious!!!!! :-0

  • KML

    “I say, people be wondering who the best is
    Look at that boy I just battled, and then go ask him where his chest is
    I smash fools, cause I’m jurassic
    They gon have to bury your body and your ass in two separate caskets”
    K-Rino – Street Corner Flows

    “You say you make hits, H.I.T.S., let’s see
    put the S in front of the H, that’s what it sounds like to me”
    K-Rino – don’t remember ttle, Blast On Um probably.

    “And do I crush MC’s – are you kiddin me?
    If rappers were grapes, I’d have a whole wine distillery”
    Big Daddy Kane – Lyrical Gymnastics

    “So run for your lives, Kane with the pen
    is like Freddy with the glove full of knives
    Who wanna test these skills, come see how it feels
    I pull you one verse, if that don’t kill I got refills ”
    Big Daddy Kane – Lyrical Gymnastics

    “I heard your album and although it’s far from brilliant, I’ma give you a 10 out of a possible MILION!”
    K-Rino – Blast On Um

    ‘Find me ’round the aisle in frozen food
    Because I am so cool, cool, cool, cool’
    Redman – don’t remeber the title

    “This ain’t no birthday party fool, my 16′s are never sweet”
    K-Rino – Line for Line – MASTER!

  • http://www.xxlmag.com ro

    We can sell mo fuckin’ yell get the scale
    No other bullet duck or get shoved
    Inside this game they better buck us
    Cuz the clucker’s they love us
    Make them class dick suckers
    Check they jelly like smoker’s
    I hit like nun-chuckers

    Bun B-”Murder”

    u really gotta hear the whole thing shit a classic bun killed this whole song

  • Jr.

    Hollywood ain’t no motherfuccin Hollygrove/they can find yo ass Monday in ya Friday clothes!!!! -Wayne “Zoo”

    classic if ya ask me

  • JamPo

    “Instead of going into overkill/ pay yo fukkin beeper bill”-Big Boi

    “Rock crack sho paid good in the city set/ had a lil gal for every letter in the alphabet/ Anna and Brenda/ Carla and Dee/ and whole bunch of fiends that suck my dick for free”-Chad Butler

    “paragraph indent/ I make a tense sense/ niggas on that Gil Scott dope, hint-hint”-3 Stacks

    Say, look here man I’m a rapper
    Hold up, let me take that back
    I make rap music, but that don’t mean all a nigga do is rap
    But that don’t matter I’ve been labeled, stigmatized, stereotyped
    There’s an entertainment disease worse than cancer, a venereal type
    I spit imperial-type game like Digga from the Sqaud
    But they act like they can’t separate a real nigga from the fraud
    Rule number one: never send a boy to fuck a grown ass lady
    And respect the game ’cause the game is known to be gone fast baby
    Now It’s a long pass maybe you should try diving for it
    Fools act like they striving for it hit Total Request Live and blow it
    Knowing ain’t a giving and nothing is
    See all this candy-coated and bluffing is detrimental to our beautiful black southern kids
    Enough of this man, let’s get this here straight like creases
    It’s a never-ending cycle and motion that never ceases
    thru the presses and releases
    and for the love of Jesus
    It’s breaks the soul, now we forever left to pick up the pieces
    - Bun B

    “What if I learn to work your beat
    And fuck with you in the ways that you fuck with me
    And underline all y’all downfalls for ya
    Catch you fuckin’ up and bring the pound down on ya
    Infect your neighbborhood with this drug called hate
    Issue out your income and control yo faith
    Provide you motherfuckers with tv for you can see this shit that look cool
    And price it outta range to keep your ass outta school
    You don’t work, you don’t eat, you don’t eat you don’t sleep
    And then I got your ass up on these motherfuckin’ streets
    Poising your own kind turning you from Jesus
    Get you out your faith and hit your ass with diseases
    And now you can’t reproduce there goes your children
    Don’t worry about you dying slow I’m a get to killin’
    And shatter your motherfuckin’ dreams from the jump
    And hold you in the penitentiary like a punk
    where you can’t do shit unless a motherfucker tell ya
    You ain’t a motherfuckin’ man nigga yousa failure
    You wonder why I hate cha and I paint this picture?
    Cause the government is fucked up and I ain’t that nigga
    So you can point the fingers at the motherfuckin’ press
    Cause they be feeding me with all the shit that I address
    It ain’t my motherfuckin’ fault niggas ain’t learnin’
    We in too deep and ain’t no returnin”-FaceMob

  • test

    i cant believe nobody said this:

    “a milli, a milli, a milli, a milli!”


    “li li li lick me like a lollipop”

    simple gems.

  • Tumer

    Banks, Jada Jay and Fab the punchline KINGS

  • Seebo

    Go ahead try to do me harm soldier, you’ll be in a black bag like grass off a lawnmower. Bank$

    So when you say Banks in your verse then you betta be talking about Tyra. Bank$

    Styles and Sheek Loonch went double plastic Yayo Buck and Banks is puttin out classics. Yaya

  • Waydy

    The gunshot rang when I lose nigga, and ooh nigga,I’ma show you not to ever play a true nigga.
    -The Great Tupac Shakur.

  • jdizzel3000

    Em,ya mothers a crack head/and kim is a known slut/so whats hailey gone be when she grows up? – JA RULE

    Nigga im doper than a bobby brown piss test – Mac Dre

    • jdizzel3000

      Do i mean it like a slave master, nigga?/N.o I.m G.angsta G.otta E.at R.appers – Nas-Daq Dow-Jones

  • JDizzel3000

    Do i mean it like a slave master, nigga?/
    N.o I.m G.angsta G.otta E.at R.appers// – NAS

    that shit is crazy..

  • Waydy

    Five fo fo’s ready, five masks, five mercedes,
    attack’em like Freddy,then we toastin over spaghetti,

    Nas(Favour For Favour)

  • Waydy

    You a fan,a phony,a fake,a pussy,a stan,
    I’ll still whip yo ass, you 36 in a karate class? you tae-bo ho.


  • Jr.

    hollywood aint no motherfuccin’ hollygrove/they can find a nigga monday in his friday clothes -lil wayne “zoo”

  • http://verizon SW. Philly

    Get a country nigga gun bustin/like dey saw 2pac wit two glocks still thuggin.Fuckin wit a dog like like me/ I’ll call ya name out while u pussy niggas call I.D. (when I blaze). U step like ya wifey gotta baby on the way/ the way I flex son you think I was made outta clay. -Redman

  • Killa

    while she dance for me that thong song is on long time
    lovin me wipe me down it’s laundry best of the best you honor me
    honestly im better then you better than your crew
    when im in the mood i spit in your food
    i used to work at burgerking bitch i thought you knew
    please dont sue you won’t get a cent from me it’s true
    i do what i please i’m a cracker with cheese
    and all you mothafuckas look like a bunch snacks to me

    Killa of The Begginning Of mixtape

    i feel myself so much i think im gay

  • http://verizon SW Philly

    Drivin whips back to plantation/ u wont undastand my lines/ it takes too much patience. My words so real/ u could watch what I’m sayin’/ My thoughts they been scary like u came in and caught God prayin.-Bronze Nazareth.

  • azztec

    Andre 3000
    “hardest opening line eva”

    Outkast wit K, Yeah dem niggas are hard, Harder than nigga tryna impress GOD!

    -Gangsta Shit (Stankonia)

  • Steffen

    He is a cool man. we all love him. there are so many fans of him. and they set up the groups related to stars. you can even check out his sexy and beautiful photos, videos and blogs on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot singles to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating.

  • ????????

    i teach niggaz sign language that ain’t deaf son/click clack u heard that that mean run

  • punchlines r wack

    i teach niggaz sign language that ain’t deaf son/click clack u heard that that mean run

  • http://N/A Seebo

    Nice Post

  • BoltfromThaBlue

    im so nice i can take a few bars off….(la di da didi da…) you hear that?/ i wasnt rapping nothing/ i was wrapping something/ now that was stuntin

    Shoot wake up straght up and dead the funeral
    (stop the beat a second, you dead already how im gone dead the funeral? oh my god! bring the beat back)

    Ayo back in the days we were slaves whips and chains/ its tradition so now cop whips and chains

    she in love like the 14th of february/play her like april 1st right before i slide off/it could be march second sounds like july 4th/halloween or memorial day/actually your memorial will be one year from today

    Killa the Don!

  • noise

    now if xxlmag had their wit’s about them… they would have someone tally these votes for every 500 posts. That way:

    we can really see who has punchlines so sick / they made AIDS look like the common cold / don’t welcome me into this fold / i got used suzuki sidekick punchlines / i guess that’s why they never really sold.

    i’m an alien with a computer so do yaself a favor & meet me on myspace.

    It don’t make sense, goin’ to heaven wit the goodie-goodies
    Dressed in white, I like black Tims and black hoodies – b.i.g.

    I reach my peak, I can’t speak,
    call my nigga Chic, tell him that my will is weak.
    I’m sick of niggas lyin’, I’m sick of bitches hawkin’,
    matter of fact, I’m sick of talkin’.
    (hey yo big…hey yo big)

    sorry yall, i know that was more than a punchline but that cat b.i.g. is giving food for thought like when a cafteria worker “thinks” about sucking off a psychologist!

    Your White Tee Will To Me Looks Like A Nightgown
    Make Ya Mama Proud Take That Thing Two Sizes Down
    Then You Look Like The Man That You Are Or Wat You Could Be

    unless i’m buggin’ i don’t think there is one female emcee on this entire post?

    don’t worry if i write rhymes / i write checks… -diddy. im sure he didn’t write it but DAMN.

    well this was my first post EVER online and it will be my last. xxlmag thanks for this…. and the next time someone has the testicular fortitude to say hip hop is dead / do me a favor treat your head like an number 2 pencil / fill it full of lead that way / were all sure that YOUR dead.

    - noise

  • konvegas

    to the top with as many bullets as the gun hold, that are waiting to come the magazine like poster’s that unfold. lupe fiasco

  • BoltfromthaBlue

    i’d slapbox with jesus lick shots at joseph

    Barreta shots splatter your goose/scatter your feathers

    - Ghost deini

  • BigMarc

    Prolly think I won’t murder you the way I smile but I’ma take alotta shots, A.I. style- Jadakiss- I’m not you [The Clipse]

    Run with more Germans than Adolf, you light crews/Now I concentrate on your camp, like Jews- Sauce Money-Reservoir Dogs [Jay-z]

    And I ain’t worried about people biting “Minstrel Show” they still teething on “The Listening” – Phonte- Hiding Place [Little Brother]

  • The Clean Up Man

    Vakill: “I tattoed F-U-N on my dick as in Fuck U Niggas, while i poke FUN at your bitch”

    Yayo, of TOS:”I Steve Nash these hoes, pass ‘em all day”

    Banks: “The only way i get blue balls is if a bitch have blue lipstick”

    “Im in a bitch mouth every morning, like toothpaste”

    TI: “To play me, ur gonna have to be on a track featuring Jesus and jay z”

    Nas “you scared of pussy, climbed out of a ceaserian”

    bah, there is like a ton of sick banks punches, but cant remember atm

  • FameCitty

    -we da villians, fuck ya feelin’s, while ya’ll playa hate we in the upper millions-

  • kdeezy

    I got a 44 and a k, like 8 stacks… (lil wayne)

  • SMZO

    BIG from Niggaz Bleed

    Through all the excitement their range got towed they double parked by a hydrant

  • http://www.bosiuattorneys.com t money

    take twenty-seven mc’s put em in a line and they out of alignment
    my assignment said she said retirement hiding behind 8 Mile and The Chronic
    get rich but dies rhyming
    this is high science
    now add 23 more from queens to b’more
    i’m over they heads like a bulimic on a seesaw
    now thats 50 porch monkeys ate up at the same time.

    Nas on queens get money. Now fif thats knowledge bitch. Fuck window ahopper

  • bily-o

    Nigga you aint gotta explain shit
    i been robin mother fuckers since the slave shit
    -B.I.G, gimme the loot

    how much of bigies rhymes is gon come out ya fat lips
    nas -ether

    the Big L freestyle is 1 big punchline

  • Ray Loot

    Jay Z: “Im in the driver’s seat, a nigga used to sit in the back, Mugsey Bogues style, now a nigga bigger than Shaq”.-This was a freestyle that he did on the Stretch & Bobito show b4 he even had a album.

  • b

    i jus skip thru and i know alotta thats been missed but this one sticks out
    i wanted a album so rugged nobody would touch it spend a million a track and went over my budget, now how in the fuck i supposed to get outa debt i cant rap no more,i just murdered the alphabet
    eminem i for get the song

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    Had to mention these Lil’ Wayne ones… and let me get this clear… I actually hate Wayne… but I don’t deny hot lines.

    Lil Wayne from Barry Bonds:
    Yeah I’m so bright not shady / My teeth and my ice so white like Shady

    I’m so fucking Good like I’m sleeping with Meagan!

    Kanye West:
    I’m like the fly Malcolm X: Buy any jeans necessary! (Good Morning)

    Scared of the future while I hop in the DeLorean (Good Morning)

    I’m high up on the line you can get behind me / But my head so big you cant sit behind me! (Barry Bonds)

  • http://1290wmcs.com “The Party Killa”

    Sauce money line is from…..Resouivor dogs Jay-Z Hard Knock Life

    • Rob The Music Ed

      Nah that “duck Sauce” line definately wasn’t from “Resouvior Dogs” … even though his verse off of that was ill too.

      “I fuck to win, ya’ll niggas couming to lose”





  • Alston

    Noyd on Burn from MOBB DEEP

    Niggas dont think shit stink – till shit fit the fan/ so I don’t slip – Ima shit with my gun in my hand/

    not the best but i havent seen it mentioned.

  • Dubl

    Ya’ll trippin..I Don’t See How U Forgot The Illest One Liner Ever…

    I ain’t a killer but don’t push me/Revenge is like the sweetest joy next to gettin pussy

    Ohh yeah…that joe budden verse that was on the step ya game up…was when 50 was the guest editor…get ya facts rite people…

  • Hova

    I’m trying to beat life ’cause I can’t cheat death
    Treat shame with shamelessness
    And stainless at anuses
    You know the game this is?
    Move coke like Pepsi
    Don’t matter what the brand name is- Jay-Z (Pray)

    You’re now in a game where only time can tell
    Survive the droughts, I wish you well – hold up
    Survive the droughts? I wish you well?
    How sick am I? I wish you health
    I wish you wheels, I wish you wealth
    I wish you insight so you could see for yourself- Jay-Z (American Dreamin)

    So what if you flip a couple words
    I could triple that in birds
    open your mind you see the circus in the sky
    I’m Ringling brothers Barnum and Bailey with the pies
    No matter how you slice it I’m your motherfucking guy- Jay-Z Blue Magic



  • Colron

    Welcome to the game niggas. Some of y’all dropped some gems, I’m about to Mobb Deep this bitch.

    Jay-Z – Queen Bitch Pt 2[Lil Kim] –
    “Stay tuned, Its Jay everday, No days off. No jewels dripping and I took the shades off.”
    “You wanna rump with me? Slump you uncomfortably, put your back where your stomach should be.”
    “I’m dangerous when tempted. Best left alone. Best believe the gun got Turette’s Syndrome. Beretta sound like “B-R-E-T-T” when its thrown. Your headed for a cold place youngin, dress warm.”

    Lloyd Banks – I Know You Dont Love Me[Tony Yayo]-
    “I got the mind of genius, the rag white jag, backhand like Venus, his jab like Zab.”
    “I’m makin her knees knock in the lab
    Let off, and send her to the weed spot in the cab”
    “And I don’t hate all music, I just hate y’alls
    And I hear you when you whisper, got the ear of Ray Charles”
    “I’m ahead of my class fucker
    And I only serve a bitch once so they treat my dick like the Last Supper”

    Eminem – Rap Game[8 mile Soundtrack] –
    “Shit just don’t change to this day
    I’m this way, still tell that utslay itchsbay
    Ucksay my ickday, ‘scuse my igpay, atinlay
    But uckfay a igpay ”

    “Flip the coin bitch, come get destroyed,
    An mc’s worst dream, I make them tense, they hate me, See me and shake like a chainlink fence”

  • http://YAHOO JOE



  • FNF-Up!

    All Lupe:

    ‘Champ is Here’
    -I mastered the shake like Aqua Teen Hunger Force
    -Back to the flow/floor like chrunchin’ (Chrunches = exercise)
    -They itchin to come out the magazine like the posters that unfold
    -Twice the emcee like MC squared

    ‘Mean & Vicious’
    -This aint the delivery baby this is just lamaze/ The ice cream and pickles, the tickles and the massage
    -The whole first and second verses

    ‘Where Do I Go’
    - I wanted the watch, so I turned to rocks like Medusa

    ‘I Gotcha’
    - Turn the Eau de Lupe to PePe LePue spray/ Flagrantly frangrant and they can’t escape it/ My perfume persue them everywhere that they went
    - I warn ya’ll corn balls, I hush puppies
    - My mind movin faster than that hog in the hedges
    - Welcome all of ya’ll to my dark recesses/ This is where I keep the bars like bathtub edges
    - I be on my green like Irish Spring

    ‘American Terrorist’
    - Now the poor Ku Klux man see that we all brothers/ Not cuz things the same, but cuz we lack the same color/ And that’s green, and that’s mean/ He can’t burn his cross cuz he can’t afford the gasoline

    ‘Black Out’
    - Suicide watch, I’m just killing time
    - What you mean mane? Like the dictionary, like the definition, like you never listen/ Not the ‘ition’ ending, but the ‘def’ part, break it ‘in’ half like the intermission
    - You’ll see then what I mean then, what I meant there, that’s an impair/ Now you learnin it, keep rehearsin it, til it permanent like pimp hair (permenent = perm in it)

    ‘Dumb It Down’
    - I feel I’m flyin by’em cuz my mind’s on cloud nine and in a mine at the same time/ Pimp see the wings on the Underground King whose also Klingon to infinity and beyond
    - They say we need proof like a vestless chest
    - Lu the ruler around these seas/Westside beside’em, Westside Poseidon, chest high and rising/ Almost touching the knees of the stewardess and the pilot

    ‘Theme Music To Drive By’
    - No honor amongst fellows/ It’s harder than sitting with a blind man and tryna describe yellow

    ‘Pen & The Needles’
    - Make you feel it like you mispronouced fillet

    - Let me put the streets down like steam rollers
    - Please don’t enter scope/interscope, it’s gon be a whole lotta IV’n/Iovine and resparatin if I lean out his window with Irene
    - Brace yourself like overbite
    - Mr. Chill gave me the green light, like Yoda knife

    I’ll probably add some more later, there’s million’s more, I’m just tired of doing this right now.

  • moneymatt



  • S.P

    “damn Ye it’d be stupid to diss you,
    even your superficial raps are super official”
    Kanye West- “Gone”

  • murderer

    lil wayne:Eyes stay tight like pussy at night
    Baby don’t get me wrong I can do that pussy right, from dr carter

    I graduated from hungry
    And made it to greedy
    My flow is like pasta
    Take it and eat it,from gossip

    busta rhymes:money fuckin retarded call it down syndrome money from la la


    Those two Kane lines are so classic and never forgotten lol.

    Ras Kas was sick
    Canibus line with the mirrors is sick too

  • S.P

    just remembered another Kanye line off the lollipop remix

    “Don’t worry why my wrist got so freeze/ tell her girl like doritos that is nacho(not yo)cheese/ tells her friends like fritos I’m tying to lay/ I can only have one and I ain’t trying to wait”

  • D-Block

    lmao at u faggots quoting lil wayne lines.

    heres a real hip hop quote:

    “firin iron at the first sign of defiance, my mind is in perfect alliance with science and in perfect compliance with the minds of eqyptions plus the mayans.

    crooked i- the mother fuckin w


    Get a country nigga gun bustin/like dey saw 2pac wit 2 glocks still thuggin/fuckin wit a dogg like me/I call ya name out while u pussy niggas call I.D/when I blaze/u step like ya wifey got a baby on the way/the way I flex son u think I was made outta clay.-Redman

  • Tha Philosopher

    Scoob Lover-Show and Prove..his whole verse is fire long with BDKs

    My Gun is like a hoe it be takin madd niggaz to bed


    I’m drivin’ whips back to the plantation/ u wont undastand my lines it take too much patience. My words so real u could watch what I’m sayin’, my thoughts they been scary like u came in and caught God prayin.- Bronze Nazareth

  • Bobby Gringo13

    “Cause I’m cooler than a polar bear’s toenails”….Big Boi

  • cheeze

    “If i had a dime for every rhymer that bust guns/I’d have a cool mill for my sons in trust funds” MF DOOM

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Guess who’s bizzack its ya boy facemob started with a 8ball gotta get dis cake dog/give niggas a break nah/u know how the game go/the fuck u think i slang fo/go against the grain no/I’m out here on grind mode wrapped up in a paper chase i wanna fuck a fine hoe and candy paint the 88.-Uncle Face

  • http://xxlmag.com Kane Corleone

    Gave up sports to slang keys,but blamed it on my knees.Mack-10

  • Slim Kapone

    Half them joints were wack! Half were icycles (on point).But how the fukk you 4get to put any Rakim, especially about puttin 7 emcees in a line, add 7 who think they can rhyme, it’ll take 7 mo b4 i go 4 mine, now that’s 21 emcees ate up at the same time. But I got better lines than all them ……. when I’m sleepin. 4real, I be spittin lyrics but when I wake up, I 4get what I was saying. Tonite, I’m going to sleep wit a recorder,lmao! P.S. Can I give a shout out to XXL Magazine and tell The Source drown slow?

  • dre”Hot 16″Peoples

    I’m not a bussiness man/
    I’m a bissneess,Man-Diamonds Remix

    How could you faulter/
    When your the rock of Gibralter/
    I had to get to get off the boat/
    So I could walk on water/-Diamonds remix

    This ain’t a tall order/
    this is nothing to me/
    difficult takes a day/
    impossible takes a week/-diamonds remix

    Andre 3000
    I went hard/
    like madusa staring at me/-green light(john legend)

  • NiggaTousch

    “shouldn’t have came if she on the pad,
    don’t waste my gas call a cab”


  • Phily

    I’ll reach and put a dote on your face like if it was part of ur religion… Lloyd banks

  • Ace Boogie

    You know Jada aint never been considered a snitch/

    Only time I drop a dime is whenIm leaving a bitch


  • Ace Boogie

    im bout my cream like a smore
    u old rappers better stay on tour
    u like 44, i got a 44
    im 24, i could merk u and come home when im 44

  • iNfAmOuS

    “…you would’a thought i gave’em half n half, cuz i put a hole (whole) in’em”- Papoose

    “They say Peter paid Paul, but if he holdin some skrilla, i’ll wait til Peter pay Paul and rob both of them niggas”- Papoose

    “Freestylin they writin things down. i’m like Jadakiss w bail money, i really free Styles.”- Papoose

    “…all ma niggas’ll spray, except women, so the reason ya livin, cuz ya niggas is gay”- Jadakiss

    “Don’t eva try to put ya hands on Pap. I’ll pop a cap in ya hand n leave you handicapped”- Papoose
    ^^^ALL FROM 2 GLOCKS (Pap, Jada, Styles)

    “This is a true fact. Since when has it become cool to get shot and not shoot back?”-Jadakiss

    “Reason everybody was fresh: grams was like $17 or less, ma nigga. Pits is lockin. Bitches flockin. Way more beatdowns then pistols poppin. This right here is an official doctrine, from a smart, young nigga with options”- Jadakiss
    ^^^Games People Play

    “In Brooklyn, we don’t give a fuck about no rubberband stacks. We’ll rob you for your money and give you your rubberbands back!”- Papoose
    ^^^I Put in Work

    “Keep calm or wind up in the trunk. I’ll make you pussies bleed, like it’s that time of the month.”- Cassidy

    “I ain’t afraid of police. They don’t search for me. I ain’t a drug dealer. Drug dealers work for me.”- Cassidy
    ^^^Get Retarded Freestyle

    “Call me ‘e’ cuz i equal MC squared”- Ynot
    ^^^Chapter 13 (Rich Man vs Poor Man)

    “Fuck gettin ya ride pimped. You’ll get hog-tied, wimp…have you in the trunk, curled up like fried shrimp”- Fabolous
    ^^^Gangster Walk

    That 2 Glocks song is fuckin sick!

  • blazameni

    Can’t believe y’all left Fabolus out, these 2 lines are from breathe
    “In the presence of the man
    Your future looks better than ya past if you present with the man”
    “And I’m gettin better year by year
    Like they say wine do
    Cops couldn’t smell me if you brought the canines through”

  • konvegas

    face of with fam i agree you a fool, cuz all my dogs nice like obedient school . me 2008

  • Jerm

    and whers the DMX?

    “Im the only nigga that can put niggas to sleep, in their sleep” (forgot the song)

    “Wit tha 4 pounds, i but more rounds than a circle” (forgot it too)

    “Listen yo ass is about to be missin, u know who gon find u? some old man fishin” – Party Up

    “Yo grandmas wishin yo souls at rest, but its hard to digest wit the size of the whole in yo chest” – Party Up

    Some more Chamillionaire: “the pistol is gettin old, the caliburs like 40/ u dont want it wit me shawty/ Star Trek wit the gat/ ill beam ya up Scotty!/ Defy gravity wen i make ya levitate, or hit ya in the face wit the tip of the metal plate”

    “Man, im out wit ya chick damn, u waitin at home gettin stood up like a kickstand”

    one of my fave Cham lines…”Ima be the king crab at the top of the barrel/ while u swing from the shoe strings on my nike apparel”

    Listen to Chamillionaire’s Victory Freestyle as well.

    One more line…”POOR/ that word aint no excuse/ u know wat it mean to me/ it means u Passin Over Opportunities Repeatedly”

  • Ja Rule said it, duno if he wrote it

    I know y’all probably hate on Ja Rule but this is probably the line that sparked the beef that screwed up his career and eventually the downfall of the Source

    “Em, you claim your mother’s a crackhead and Kim is a known slut
    So what’s Hailie gonna be when she grows up?”

  • schaps49

    Niggaz dont get the picture till the weapons get drawn Jay-Z

  • nellz


    “So it might be a rover, right?
    But every time I drop a ‘r’ get off the streets It’s ‘ove, ight’?” (Failure)

    “now we hold the coming like contracepts” (Just Might Be Okay)

    Emperors in the mirror, you’re playing with a pair/Nigga I is we.Twice the MC like mc-squared (Champ is Here freestlye)

    “All me. No ghost. no 16 bit like sega genesis” (Go-Go Gadget Flow)

    “He loved the hungry ones was only scared of the FEDs” – Gotta Eat

    “Theres an arms race like im running on my hands. A dance marathon on my napalms and..” (Arms Race Remix)

    “as i lean back like limbo in 64′s like Nintendo, clean, don’t intervene chumps, y’all far from the hood like limousine trunks”

    “you got the game messed up, gotta press reset man” (McFly)

    “Its impossible for poor people to get rich and stay mellow,thats like talkin’ to a blind guy describin’ the color yellow”

    thats all i could think of for now.

    • Chris S

      oooooh…forgot about the limousine line. here’s some more for you
      “i push ki like dragon ball z”
      “all that gas can’t help you but solar might/so just call on son/drop an s pick up an o (you know!) put it all on one/and brace yourself like overbite”
      “fresh cool young lu/tryin ta cash his microphone check 2-1-2″

      he has so many brain teasers it is hard to keep track

  • http://xxl.com Dakid

    Beanie Sigel:
    “Never alarmed always armed in position/When Sige get to trippin n****’s set’s get to dippin”. – “What They Gon Say To Me” (You Must Get That?)

    Big L:
    “Far from broke, got enoungh bread/and mad hoes ask beavis i get nothing but head(Beavis & ButtHead)”. – “98 Freestyle”

    Big Pun:
    “I’ll appear in your dreams like freddy but no kiddin you/even if i stutter i would still sh..shh..shit on you” – “John Blaze”

    “Like this Herb, don’t mean to disturb/never been to sesame street but i flip a big bird and i know stealers and they not from Pittsburgh” – “357″

    Clipse (Pusha T):
    Lil n***a flow but his metaphor’s…boring/Don’t make turn daddy’s lil girl to ophorn/Dat would mean i have to kill Baby like abortion” – “Re-Up Intro” (Lil Wayne Diss)

    “She ask, why do men have to stray?/He said i’m bad not as bad as Eric Bonnet” – “Faithful” (Halle Berry Big Up)

    What u can do is check your distribution/My songs bump in houston like Scarface produced’em” – “Victory” (Written By Biggie)

    Dr Dre:
    “This is the millenum of Aftermath/And ain’t gon be nothin after dat/So give me one more platinum plaque and f**k rap you can have it back”. – “Forgot About Dre”

    “Since i’m in a position to talk to these kids and they listen/I ain’t no politician” – “Renergade”

    “I get my funny style thing on/Hundred thou bling on/Money Ya-Ming long” – “Streets On Lock”

    “So i move keys you can call me the piano man” – “What We Do”

    “I been sinnin since u was playing with Barbie and Kennin” – “Ain’t No N***a”

    “Gangsters don’t die they get chubby and move to miami” – “Reservoir Dogs”

    Sauce Money:
    “Don’t think sauce the shit/So many n****’s on my nuts i thought i lost my dick” – “Reservoir Dogs” (No Homo!!!)

    Sauce Money:
    “I fuck to win/Ya’ll n****’s coming to lose” -
    “Reservoir Dogs”

    Sauce Money:
    “For You Phil Jackson n****’s on that bull s**t” – “Reservoir Dogs” (I was a big Chicago fan, man….that line got me)

    “For 96, the only mc with a flu/Yeah i rhyme sick” – “Brooklyn Finest”

    Lil Wayne:
    “They are not see me they are like stevie/I am barring a ton like levy” – “Upgrade

    “I call your bluff like you had a phone number” – “4,3,2,1″

    “Zero to sixty/I’m already doing a hundred when i’m blunted and i give it to anybody that want it” – “4,3,2,1″

    Young Jeezy:(Yes…Jeezy)
    “I just left Jamaica/I’m talking Ochie Rius(Rios)/sippin margetita’s on the beach wit my adidas” – “Corporate Thuggin”

    50 Cent:
    Do not fuck wit the kid/I get biz wit the sig and come where u live, ya dig” – “I Get Money”

    Sorry people but i could not think of about 1000′s of cool hip hop lines.
    People who i missed:
    Notorious B.I.G.
    Big Daddy Kane
    Method Man
    Ras Kass
    Chino XL
    Styles P
    Sheek Louch
    T.I. (Yes…..T.I.)
    Omillio Sparks
    Snoop Dogg (Early Snoop)
    Slick Rick
    Lil Kim
    Andre 3000
    Big Boi
    Busta Rhymes
    The Game
    Joell Ortiz
    Lupe Fiasco
    LL Cool J
    Kool G Rap
    Ice Cube
    Lloyd Banks
    C.L. Smooth
    Sadat X
    Grand Puba
    Tha Dogg Pound
    Many,Many,Many more………Enjoy the ones that i laced

  • Celekt Choice

    “She say she wanna be an actress
    So I pointed to these nuts and then I yelled ACTION!”-Snoop Dogg

    that lord fineese verse was pretty hott

  • J Bug

    These are a couple of my favorites by Lil Wayne:

    Me and my clique is gettin’ red like Russia/
    I shit these rappers out and sometimes I forget to flush ya’/
    Grandaddy purp or bubble kush crush ya’/
    Explode in a bitch mouth like a gusha. (Walk it out. Drought 3)

    Yeah, and imma throw some D’s on that bitch/
    Lookin’ like I got a diamond disease on my wrist/
    Fresh, bunch of little G’s on my kicks/
    I’m a dog you’re all a bunch of fleas on my dick. (Swizzy. Drought 3)

    Worst line ever from anybody:

    I got more rhymes than the cat in the hat.

    Fuck that line! It sucks ass! No one ever use it again!

  • Boogie The Don And Thats Whats Up

    Laced and Macy’s don’t have it/ a hatred addict/ I need faces mad wit frowns when I’m around or I’m wasting fabric/

    …And I’m laughing/ my plaques from album sales/ ya’ll is ringtone platinum/ but 99 cents adds up/ I don’t hate ‘em…

    -Nasir Jones

  • http://www.blackbox-ent.com jknow

    Too many posts to read but as far as I read only 1 person gave props to Mef (method man) he is in my mind the punchline king…By the way some of you don’t have a clue what a one liner or punchline is…

    Mef – get the third finger out your earhole like fuck what you heard.

    and millions more – that’s was just the one on my mind at the time.

    Crooked I is a beast, too.

    Illogic – the type of obeisity that leaves stretch marks on stages.

  • jknow

    kool g rap – tooooo many to even think of one off the top of my head…

    dj quick – …e-i-h-t now shall I continue/ yeah u left out the G cause the G aint in you

  • NM23

    Your pops shoulda wore a rubber guess he didnt now the world gotta suffer- TI, 99 problems freestyle

  • NM23

    Your pops shoulda wore a rubber guess he didnt now the world gotta suffer- TI, 99 problems freestyle..

  • Ru-So Records

    Big Daddy Kane (1998):

    Long time putting work in this, to be tremendous/ if I’m not the best then I’m a damn striking resemblance/

    Jay-Z (2001):

    And if I ain’t better than BIG, I’m the closest one/

    Boogie The Don (2008):

    If I’m not the freshest I’m in striking distance/

  • Ru-So Records

    My raps are badder than mornin breath/

    Big L

    …crazy quick to smack a groupie/ I’m known to mack a hoochie/ do I got stacks of lucci?, absolutely/

    Big L

    …pockets heavy, slang more ‘cane than Eddie/

    Big L


    Type gangsta, axe my ex and she’ll tell ya/
    Made her walk home in the rain afta I snatched my umbrella/Had a bitch named Ruth, Had to drop that chick/ No more Ruth so, Now I’m Really Ruthless…

    (Sonny Black—”Blackhand”)

  • mike kelso

    “i go hard in the lane like a diesal/you can call me shaq for the way i shit on people/
    (mike kelso) from T3(3THE-HARDWAY)
    HEAR MORE myspace.com/fab5ent

  • Bleed Black

    Lil Wayne: I’m Me

    Unfuckinbelieveable, lil waynes the president, fuk em, fuk em,fuk em, even if they celibate.

    I know the game like im reffing it

  • http://www.hiphopthugz.com big bricks

    lil Wayne

    When she’s butt naked… she’ll be dressed to kill_ Pussy Money Weed.

    I’ll be all over the bread like sesame seeds_ Weatherman.

  • Mr. Jewlzz

    “So mandatory my elevations/my lyrics like orientations/so u can be more familiar wit the nigga u facin/we must be patient/nothin betta than communication/known to damage and highly flammable like gas stations”- 2Pac, Got my mind made up (All eyes on Me)

    “Talkin to me/ beggin me to just take u around/17 like Brandy u just wanna b down” 2 Pac, Me and my Girlfriend

    “Like frozen Chitlins/that’s some cold shit” Crooked I

    “On some faggot Bullshit/call him Dennis Rodman” Lil Wayne (even though I ain’t his biggest fan)

    “Niggaz elope like Ski slopes/and fall like avalanches” Andre 3000, Spaghetti junction

    “drawers,/droppin down like niggaz in them drivebyes” Hooti Hoo

  • Waydy

    I’ll use ur fucken genes, and clone you to
    a bitch, so you can pull down my pants
    and lick my golden dick, faggot.

    Money and blood dont mix, like two dicks
    and no bitch, find yourself in serious shit.
    -Notorious BIG

    You the opposite of smart feses,
    get it? dumb shit.
    -Masta Ace

    Put your hands in the air, like you got the heat to your back,and shake your body like a baby born addicted to crack.
    -Immortal Technique

    I’m a hustler, I know how to grind,
    step on grapes, put it in water and tell you its wine.
    -Curtis”50 cent” Jackson

    You cant freestyle, you screwed of the top like bottle caps.

    Lets face it your never gonna make it,
    like children walking through Antarctica
    butt naked.
    -Immortal Technique

    I aint a killer but dont push me,
    revenge is like the sweetest joy next to getting pussy.
    -Tupac Amaru Shakur

    Motherfuckers made me out of self righteous hatred now you got yourself a virus stuck in the matrix.
    -Immortal Technique

    Immortal techniques “No mercy”
    theres is too much punchlines in that song.
    the whole song is shocking.

    Undebateably reinstated to leave you decapitated.

    I was playing with guns, when your momma had your punk ass playing tennis.
    -50 cent

    I jerk off inside books, giving life to words,
    leaving concepts stuck together,you probably never heard,I love when people think I’m psychologicaly disturbed,then it means I overloaded their neurological nerves.
    -Immortal Technique

    Remember that I’ll bring an end to your pretender,agenda, and render contenderss, dismembered, bend the fabric of time and put your soul in a blender.
    -Immortal Technique
    This guy has sick lyrics,,,

    I make paper underground and I’m soon to blow,
    moving tapes like Biggie’s ghost at Bad Boy studios.
    -Immortal Technique
    I can go on the whole week…with this shit..

  • Jo$e

    “you G-unit’s ninja turtles cuz your leader is a rat”

    by Rockstar in
    “Poison Bananas”

    The Game Ft. M.O.B, Rockstar

    You Know What It Is Vol.3

  • Eli Porter

    KANYE – last call
    *mayonaisse-colored benz, i push miracle whips

    JAY-Z – u dont know
    *i sell ice in the winter, i sell fire in hell
    i am a hustler baby, i sell water to a well

    JAY-Z – american dreamin
    *survivin droughts, i wish you well

    COMMON – why remix
    *why a whip and a chain a black american dream?

    LATARIAN MILTON – youtube video
    *it’s fun to do bad things

    • Black

      OMG, that Common line is sick

  • paychexx

    blowin on that la la got me sittin in that car-mellow(holysmokes)

    if faith had twins she prolly have 2pac (b.i.g.)

    in the 96 the only mc with flu yea i ryhme sick( jay-z)

    blow ya brains out so you can share ya thoughts(jadakiss)

    imma move numbers as soon i touch the screen like an iphone(crooked i)

    they doin numbers like suduku(jay-z one of the sickest i heard)

    it young crook bitch/im like emblem on the phantom when it on, imma pop up on some hood shit( crooked i)

    give it to you straight like vodka with no chasers, even if it hurts like pockets with no paper( crooked i)

    you might want to fall back like august or late september whatever you call it( lil wayne)

  • paychexx

    was it my whip appeal or my babyface(pusha t)

  • MadridDakar

    “There’s only one beer left
    Rappers screaming all in our ears like we’re deaf
    Tempt me
    Do a number on the label
    Eat up all their MC’s and drink ‘em under the table like It’s on me
    Put it on my tab kid”

    M.F. Doom – One Beer


    “Type gangsta, axe my ex and she’ll tell ya/made her walk home in the rain afta i snatched my umbrella/Had a bitch named Ruth, had to drop that chick/No more Ruth so, Now I’m Really Ruthless…”

    (Sonny Black—Blackhand)

  • http://hiphoponmymind.blogspot.com DJ Daddy Mack


    • Black

      Leave your brain on the dash, call it Rosewood

  • lakeshow24

    People been sleepin on Eminem here are some real quotes by him:

    Nine millimeter, heater stashed, in two-seaters with meat cleavers
    I don’t blame you, i wouldn’t let hailie listen to me neither
    Em- My dads gone crazy

    I guess words are a
    mothafucka they can be great
    Or they can degrade, or even worse they can teach hate
    Em- Sing for the moment

    Cause I don’t really think that the fact that I’m Slim matters
    A plaque of platinum status is whack if I’m not the baddest.
    Em- Till I collapse

    I walked to the newsstand
    to buy this cheap-ass little magazine with a food stamp
    Skipped to the last page, flipped right fast
    and what do I see? A picture of my big white ass
    Okay, let me give you motherfuckers some help:
    uhh, here – DOUBLE XL, DOUBLE XL
    Now your magazine shouldn’t have so much trouble to sell
    Ahh fuck it, I’ll even buy a couple myself
    Em- Marshall Mathers

    My head hit’s the pillow, a weeping willow, I can’t sleep, a pain so deep it bellows
    But these cellos help just to keep me mellow, hand’s on my head, touched knees to elbow
    I’m hunched over, emotion just flows over, these cold shoulders are both frozen, you don’t know me
    Em- No Apologies

    I’m tired of faking knots with a stack of ones
    Having a lack of funds and resorting back to guns
    Em- If I had

  • Teditor

    This Eminem verse blew my mind and got me into hip-hop. I know we’re talking punchlines but this whole song is like a punch line beatdown.

    off the scary movies/nothin to do 12″ with Royce 5’9 in 97? 98?

    Eminem’s Verse on “Scary Movies”

    The one man on the planet that’ll
    drive off of the Grand Canyon
    Hop out of a Grand Am and land in it handstandin
    Any man plannin to battle will get snatched out of his clothes
    so fast it’ll look like an invisible man standin
    I’m headed for Hell, I’d rather be dead or in jail
    Bill Clinton, hit this, and you better inhale
    Cause any MC that chooses to go against me
    is gettin takin advantage of like Monica
    Lewinksy (Leave me alone!)
    Came home in a frenzy, pushin a ten speed
    Screamin to Aunt Peg (AUNT PEG!!!!)
    with three spokes stickin out of my pant leg
    Fuck a headache, give me a migraine
    Damnit I like pain (AHH!)
    and you should be anywhere that A MIC AIN’T
    You rap knowin you wack
    You act up and I’m throwin you down a flight of steps
    then I’m throwin you back up em
    If they don’t like the track, fuck em
    The rap struck em harder then gettin hit by a Mack truck
    and then backed up on
    And any half-assed known rapper to trespass
    better be ready for the second
    Celebrity Deathmatch (Ding! Ding!)
    So tell the medic to bring the medication
    and quickly (Hurry up man!)
    I’m sicker than a Tupac dedication to Biggie
    I’m free-fallin feet first out of a damn tree
    to stampede your chest till you can’t breathe
    And when I’m down to my last breath
    I’ma climb the Empire State Building and get to the last step
    and still have half left

  • Ghost I-S

    Man ya’ll posted some hot lines, here’s some of my favs.

    “Unpredictable results like experimental psychology/ I stomp the streets with emcee’s beneath my feet in colonies”


    “So obviously I’m not gonna be here to play games/ Walked the top of the world and leave the arctic circle in flames”


    “Attempts to extinguish me don’t even bother me none/ Like retarded kids throwing ice cubes at the sun”

    All from Immortal Technique’s “The Prophecy”

    i dunno if yall posted this already,

    “I’m known geographically and intergalactically/ That’s why I got extraterrestrials that wanna battle me” -Canibus- 100 Bars

    “They call me Mr. Please-believe-it, believe it please/ I put the pump in ya mouth, and help you breath with ease” -Fabolous from Clipse’s “Comedy Central”

    “I sell ice in the winter, I sell fire in hell
    I am a hustler baby, I’ll sell water to a well” -Jay-z from “U Don’t Know”

    ok that’s all i got, apologies for repeats

  • killyourself

    8 am
    open my eyes
    kick my bitch tell her open the blinds
    then i’m
    over the stove at nine
    i’m cookin breakfast for the block
    and i let her cook mine

  • http://www.xxlmag.com the stones

    “Get ya mind Right or get it on ya Left sleeve” HOVA

    “Tha watch face so blue like its holdin its breath”

    “YOU draw u betta be picasso u know the best cuz if this is not so uh………god bless”

    “im like a brain in a voice box i speak my mind”

  • http://www.niketalk.com dluck8689

    Never read the Coran or Islamic scriptures,
    the only Psalms I read was on the arms of my Niggas….Jay-z The Dynasty

  • bruce leroy

    canibus (how we roll)
    i rip you my metaphor content will split you/ into little powder like crystal so i can sniff you….

    the only nine you got is a five dollar bill and four ones….

    redman- if you gon be a monkey be a gorilla!

    rakim- ill put a dick in ya ear and fuck what you heard

  • killagorilla

    the snub is Darth Vader/it’ll absent your voice/I’ll be present at your funeral absent remorse-Killer Mike

  • http://www.myspace.com/mc585 MC

    Any one remembers that line of that second clue…when he had Lox, Cam, Fab and some other niggaz

    when cam said that ill sht bout them whips and chains….LOl…..take ur back that was illl


    Get off my dick and tell ya bitch to come here! -Ice Cube


    Get off my dick and tell ya bitch to come here! – Ice Cube

  • DaRock

    So thats all for you, I’m whiping out your whole team
    I’ll splatter your dreams with lyrics to shatter your schemes
    The badder you seem, the more lies you tell
    The more lies you sell, then by surprise you fell
    Into my deathtrap, right into my clutches
    Stupid, you know the God must bless every single mic he touches

    GANGSTARR Full clip!

  • hpno

    My dimes make the fiends go to sleep, so they call ‘em Bedrocks
    Niggaz is like photographers, all they take is headshots Jadakiss verse from N.I.G.G.A., 2pac loyal 2 the game, dat shit was ill.

  • B Knife

    “We hit the trees like we vietnamese people”-Eminem

  • bolu

    Big L- Ask beavis i get nothin’ but head.

  • northern california bay area

    yo this is my shit so none of you punk bitches better jack this shit

    …plus im gun crazy/i’ll put ya organs on tha outside of your body like runs-baby…

  • northern california bay area

    yo this is my shit so none of you punk bitches better jack this shit

    …plus im gun crazy/i’ll put ya organs on tha outside of your body like runs-baby…

  • northern california bay area

    yo this is my shit so none of you punk bitches better jack this shit

    …plus im gun crazy/i’ll put ya organs on tha outside of your body like runs-baby….

  • northern california bay area

    yo this is my shit so none of you punk bitches better jack thsi shit

    …plus im gun crazy/i’ll put ya organs on tha outside of your body like runs-baby….

    yeah yall know that dope as fuck…

  • northern california bay area

    yo this is my shit so none of you punk bitches better jack this shit

    …plus im gun crazy/i’ll put ya organs on tha outside of your body like runs-baby……

    • honestasicanb

      Northen California Bay Area…

      Lame, wack, you pretty good at coming up with lines that fit this please type me a few more.

  • http://dividedsoulsent.com B LUV

    ” My Bankroll Got the Cops Coming in Plain Clothes”…..Nas off of Fast Life w/ Kool G. Rap.

    How’s dat for a one liner………do your homework some more on the Nasty one!

  • paychexx

    go thru more trees than sonny bono(redman)

  • Edvin Taftesund


    See I got ‘em like ten times
    Spend money got it like ten times
    Flip that got it like ten times
    Got money like ten mo’ times

    Really? Wow, that’s interesting, Baby, tell me more.

  • Ace Boogie

    whole first verse from lupe’s niggas get greazy joint……serious

  • northern california bay area

    you know thats a dope ass line…

  • kind_g

    weezy f.. (and people think that i am a kid still, kuz the lil nigga still ride on big wheels) or (in the trunk i got that base and i aint speakin about no speakers) i ka keep goin but im not

  • JE

    pro-black, i dont take cotton outta asprin bottles

    nas, why you hate the game

  • hova

    “i come back like jordan wearing the four-five” – Jay Z

    “i knock down your door like jehovah witness and bring niggas in your crib like your older sisters” – cassidy

    “i do more than rap for my bucks, i keep two 9′s on me like warren sapp from the bucks” – fabolous

    “i know the watch is bothering your vision, but reach and i’ll put a dot on your head like its part of your religion” – lloyd banks

    “i walk with the shells and i ain’t got no adidas on” – cassidy

    “i’m still in the hood like a transmission” – jr writer

  • http://www.myspace.com/hisnameiskariuki jimscreechie

    …and u can ice grill like cass’ afraid/and get slapped on ya face like aftershave – cassidy

  • ito

    I was just listenin to em dissin canibus in Can I Bitch.. its crazy how he can murder shit and still be hilarious..

    “It’s JD, this motherfucker won’t die neither
    Dre starts sprayin’ him with cans of ether “

  • vonnievonn65

    hear the break down
    spider loc is a joke
    nigga sound like chunk off the goonies
    ya life is a movie
    you aint a factor you a actor fifty gave you a script
    went from runnin with the bloods to a g-unit crip
    whats a g-unit crip? not a gang in LA
    bang on records but nigga won’t bang in LA
    why the fuck you wake me up … nigga im tired
    you a busta.. so ima light yo ass on Fire
    nigga want my spot so he runnin with buck
    keep tryna play The Game, and u ‘gon get fucked
    i heard diss after diss, lil nigga you suck
    like yo baby mama, in the third row of my truck
    naw-vail ill whoop your ass in your own hood
    you so hard why didnt u put out that song about Suge
    trapped in the closet, R. Kelly ass nigga
    get swiss cheesed up, ol’ deli ass nigga
    t.boz in belly ass nigga
    better ask around, i been the truth since Makaveli passed nigga
    and i aint wanna have to do this shit
    id rather be at home listeing to the Cam’ron diss
    Dr. Dre said it best ‘a bitch is a bitch’
    you a myspace gangsta nigga suck my dick
    your flow is budweiser, mines is crystale
    put the faggot on ice he gon be there for a while
    now watch me put my chest out like 10 og’s
    i wore this G-unot shirt to show m.o.p
    im gutter mutha fucka,
    tell you fuck you to Fifty face, and wont st-st-stutter muthafucka
    and now that i put the kids to bed
    i tell you a story about a spider caught in his web
    marvel williams, a well known crip
    not cause he put in work, cause his brother a snitch
    he belong in g-unit, ima tell you the truth
    fifty, this nigga brother tell more than you
    so ima break it down like an ounce of glue
    i met this nigga spider at Alliyah video shoot
    true, true, he had on no blue
    dmx start laughin he said ‘this nigga think he better than you’
    so i kicked a freestyle, and in the meanwhile
    this nigga soakin up game tryna copy my style
    gave him a hundred bars, all he did was smile
    and DMX named me the fuckin problem child
    now back to the future, you got a problem now
    snoopin around my hood, get fucked doggy style
    i pull ya faggot ass out them g-unit sneakers
    and let ya soul burn in hell on the anniversery to ‘ether’
    you g-unit crip, used to be a piru
    your name marvel, all you need now is a spiderman suit
    black wallstreet bitch you cant fuck wit my crew
    my flow blind baby, ima make you do what it do
    lets take a ride Nigga ima make room in the coupe
    put the shovel in the truck, throw you in there too
    bitch in the passenger side, say she hear somebody screamin
    turn the music up.. baby thats comin from the speakers
    she said i aint trippin i hear somebody screamin
    i had to throw her off so i start singin

    I know you dont love me
    you aint the same when 50 Cent’s in town
    I know you dont love me
    you always talkin’ bout how Ma$e get down
    I know you don’t love me
    you scream and holla when Spider Loc’s around
    got me fucked up wit them g-unit crips
    tryna run game on me you punk bitch

    get yo ass in the trunk
    prodigy know that i aint a punk
    keep these rap niggaz in check like a pair of dunks
    who can flip like i do?
    spit like NaS too?
    rock a yankee fitted, still throw up piru?
    rock a dodger fitted in the middle of the bronx
    i shine in any hood like paul wall fronts
    nigga my flow foolish sit back while i do this
    watch me manuever threw cedar block, and end up in hoover
    i spit like a ruger
    you spit crap like a rookie dice shooter
    snake eyes to the loser
    nigga im grand pooba
    gave em somethin’ grand nubian
    created g-unot, fifty tried to sue me and
    say he kick me out the group nigga i left
    spider, you want my spot nigga? clean up my mess
    dirty ass nigga, fifty give him a check
    and if you sign, nigga put ya contract on the internet
    i been bangin for 10 years, muhtha fucka i been a vet
    for 500 dollas he’ll claim any set
    give him a 1000 dollars hell tat it on his hand… damn
    thats worse than me lyin sayin olivia was a man
    ya XXL cover look like makin of the band
    you mad, cause i got my own shoe
    and my nigga take shots for the game like NJ do
    some say its bullshit till i pull quick
    till i empty a full clip
    get on the horn, meet me in the bullpit
    tony yayo you old ass coward
    you 36 and u spit your hottest verse on my album
    now.. i aint sayin that you dope nigga..
    but you better than spider loc Nigga…
    fifty saw the oppourtunity and thought he could use him
    i know he dont be listein to that wack ass music
    you got the west on your back? you a lyin bastard
    you the reason niggaz push mute when they play madden
    what the hell made you think you could fuck wit the game
    when yo claim to fame was Yukmouth’s chain
    take my advice and lay low
    heard you and your uncle Yayo
    got ran the fuck outta san diego
    i’ll give you 5 shots when the 38 blow
    leave a whole in your chest.. the size of a bagel
    we can do it when you say so
    wait till the lakers on the road, shoot it out at the staples
    open your chest, show the world what you made of
    my dick hard i cant wait till the day come
    when i can put the infared on him
    let billboard rest, dont speak on my dead homie
    all you new west coast niggaz chill
    the city is mine, Eazy left it to me in his will
    LilBitch Mothafucka Ima Pop You Ass

  • RedTheDread

    Wow How could ya’ll leave out

    “Go against Jigga and ya ass is dense/ I’m about a dollar what the fuck is 50 cents?” Jay-Z Its Hot

    “Im a beast, Im a dog, Im a muthafuckin problem/ You say you goon but whats a goon to a goblin?”
    Lil Wayne A milli

    “You and your homies whack/ You probably had to much of that corny yack/ So watch where you goin and know where you at/ Cause me and goons dont know you like that” Lil Wayne Aint Sayin Nothin Remix

    “They call me a choke artist/ Not cause I dont battle/ Cause Im liable to grab you by the throat and choke the shit out you”
    RedTheDread 7/3/08 Freestyle

  • bosshogg00

    i got some

  • Sidewalks Of NY

    ” Dont even talk about guns / the nine you’ve got / is a five dollar bill and four ones. ”

    – Canibus

    “Yo, I’m a nuclear warhead / Right now you’re provoking my detonation / Never test me without proper authorization / My lack of patience has cause me to get mad / And explode right in front of your face like a airbag.”

    – Canibus

    ” I circumnavigate the globe with a one-liner like, latitude / Put my rhymes in mixed fortune cookies to leave Confucious confused/ The day a nigga serve Ras is when faggots start straight bashing. ”

    – Ras Kass

  • yallneedtoseethiss

    Said we was garbage, so fuck college
    Street knowledge amazin to scholars when we coin phrases for dollars-Sauce Money (‘Bring it on’,Reasonable Doubt)

  • http://myspace.com/thornalakayayo southeast savage


  • JR

    Jesus h. christ, how many times I gotta pay the price?
    You scared to death Ill make you twice as afraid of life
    I bring sight to the game for every night you complained
    You couldnt see the light – I was bright in your brain
    Ignitin the flame, keepin your third lid
    Speak and observe with the mind
    What are blind sleep til they worth shit
    Im earth wind and fire, the first one to fire
    Reppin t. squad since birth til I retire
    I wire your jaw, wire the walls with plastique explosives
    And riot the halls at the malls where all the crackers ? live
    Keep flappin yo gibs and ima come back with those kids
    From the back of the bridge
    I think two and touch means tackle the bitch
    I rap for the chips, but Im truly assassin
    Four hundred pounds, six feet tall, brutally handsome
    Thats the pro – got beef with pun, you gots to go
    Mafia style – tear you a new ass-a-hole
    Flash your dough, but you too cool for the captain
    Cause I dont give a fuck if I was quadruply platinum
    And to the 50 cent rapper, very funny, get your nut off
    Cause in real life, you dont know
    Ill blow your motherfuckin head off (ooh yeah)

  • ito

    nigga cassidy…

    “I roll wit thugs that go to your home and eat you, and keep guns thats dirty like homeless people”

    “you might as well call it quits from now on, only way we gon fall is if the ground gone”

  • BiGnIc

    ” I sell ice in da winter/ I sell fire in hell/ Im a hustler baby i sell water to a well”

    “Thats him im usually what they whisper bout/ Either what chick he wit or his chip amount/ but i been doin this since chips was out”

  • Gift’d

    Black Maybach, white seas, black piping
    Remind me of Paul McCartney and Mike fighting
    You know, The Girl Is Mine
    Life’s A Bitch, so The Whole World Is Mine
    Jay-z MayBach Music

  • gkid12345

    Every Biggy line. Notorious B.I.G G.O.A.T 4 life

  • 4one2

    “Shut your mouth up, before I buck lead
    And make a lot of blood shed, turn your tucks red
    im far from broke, I got enough bread
    and mad hoes ask beavis,I get nuthin butt head”

    BIG L..RIP

    “check it out
    im too cocky to stop me you gotta kill me
    and when im gone you can still feel me
    on the real b
    this shit is eternal i rock the heavens well
    even if they wont let me in heaven, i raise hell til its heaven, recognize the black cat with the 9 lives
    get up off me its bad luck to cross me”


  • oskamadison

    “Hittin’ all forbidden kittens strapped with my mitten/Your whole clique can suck my dick while I’m shittin’…”
    -Young Zee, “Tabs and Mushrooms”

    “…Bloaw!!Now it’s all over/Niggaz seein’ pink hearts, yellow moons, orange stars and green clovers…”
    -GZA, Wu-Tang’s “9th Chamber”

    “I caught smaller cases tryin’ to get capital

    -Hov, “NYMP”

    “…I walk around with an ankle holster and high waters”
    -Joe Budden, freestyle

    “Meet the black Boy Goerge, dusted on my honeymoon…”
    -Ghostface, “Stroke of Death”
    (I know that’s not really a punchline but it’s so bugged I had to include it.)

  • Big Nick Digga

    surrender last day of november, make bond first day of december–willie d, trigga happy nigga

  • Samuel L

    Never said I’m First to put the Burgh up on the map/ I’m more like Mike Tomlin here to bring the Burgh Back. (Wiz Khalifa)

    (Pittsburgh rapper under Warner Brothers)
    (Mike Tomlin is the coach of the Steelers)

  • guest

    who’s the best
    I’m coming to take your place
    I wont spit on your track/
    Ima spit in your face/
    and I dont care about your rap records/
    if you sell records/
    if you’re a gangsta/
    show me your jail records/
    and it might not mean shit anyway/
    niggaz get locked up and be a bitch anyway.

    uncle murda – street shit

    bit long but yeah I like that one

  • YoungL08

    I guess it would be pointless in quotin Wayne….
    but Kanye said,
    “I’m tryna right my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs helped me write this song.”
    “I’m tryna write my wrongs but its funny them same wrongs helped me right this song.”
    I thought that was nice….

  • rec

    Jay-Z – “My father knew exaclty what he did when he had me/Tried to get a nut and he got a nut and what!?”

    BIG – “You’re mad cause my style you’re admiring/Don’t be mad UPS is hiring.”

  • Tator

    “Major Payne like Damon Wayans, Low Down Dirty (Shame) even like his brother Keenan…

    B.I.G. One More Chance (remix)

    • Tator

      “couldn’t score if they had point game, they lame/Speak my name I make em dash like Dame”

      B.I.G. “I Love the Dough” ft. Jay-Z

  • WarsawDaIcon

    “Niggas get fly, let em defy gravity
    Fo-five rapidly lift your chest cavity”

    Jay-z Jigga My Nigga

    Shit is just so sick!

  • paychexx

    leave niggas m.i.a. and i aint talkin bout where the heat play at (loso)

    cuz imma move numbers as soon as i touch the screen like an iphone (crooked i)

    like my memory on ya spine, think back (crooked i)

    im dress to kill, if i look into the mirror it sucide (crooked i)

    fuck riding the beat i pararell park the track(jadakiss)

  • dabears23

    black maybach, white seas, black piping
    remind me of paul mCcartney and mike fighting
    you know, the girl is mine
    life’s a bitch, so the whole world is mine
    -maybach music,jay-z

    look, if i shoot you,i’m brainless
    but if you shoot me, then you’re famous
    -streets is watching,jay-z

    the bruce wayne of the game, have no fear
    when you need me throw you roc sign in the air
    -kingdom come,jay-z

  • yo

    They try to jack it/ Change my will(wheel)
    I can wait for triple A / I remain I chill

    -Lupe Fiasco

  • xmeni21

    “I Be chillin man and she flip on some old shit/women hold a grudge like piss on a road trip” Chevy p Field Mob

  • 2k8

    Because A Night In A Prison Cell Is Living Hell/
    Chillin In The Building Where The Devils Children Dwell

    Black The Ripper – My Minds Battle


    ANDRE 3000:
    his whole verse off that song the whole best part(i started off starving/ now they got me out here bret farving/ trying to see if i still got it got it.it’s just like a bike think about it bout it) -the art of story telling pt.4

    biggie: whole verse first verse off of victory best part (in the commisin you ask for permission to hit them/ they don’t like me hit him while wifey is with him)

    pac: i love boning slow with the lights low/ black puerto rican even white ho’s

    mf doom: his whole verse on potholderz best parts (mcee’s is crabs in the barrel past the old bay/ hot as hell and theres a cold day in it/ working on a way we could roll away timid/ some say the price of holding heat is to high/ you either be in the coffin or you be the new guy/ the one who be to fly to eat shoo pie/ never to busy when it comes down to you and i/ alot of niggas wish to die/ they need to hold there horses it’s bigger fish to fry/ your on the list if not take number spot/ 10and a half timbs made to kick your bomboclot/ i could have a had a v8 f 150 quad cab but i pee straight/ money comes to those like that two bit hussie that one night tried to rush me/ dwight pass the dutchy/ so i could clam down so they don’t get it twisted/ take it from the fire side and won’t get blistered/ got it/ oh what happened it’s not lit/ these metal fingers be holding hot shit

    kool g rap off the realest with mobb deep off murda muzik hos whole verse best part(bullets ain’t racial kid/ they only hate you/ my nine will seem like a time machine beseige you/ jacking you more than ripper/ my fifth a organ shifter/ the human organisim lifter you will be hearing organs if leaving orphans if ya/ let these fours hit ya where the lord split ya/) this one is most likely wrong that shit is hard to put down he fit so much in each bar

    100 thousand dollars on the table and tells ya mans/ take what you want- jadakiss

    big pun whole song is good best part( for the right price/ even christ could get a fast life/

    fat joe terror era (niggas try to change the regime i won’t have that/ step in the club in manhattan and feel like sad dam/ hussen the flow is cocaine/

    common chi city (the game need a makeover/ my mans retired i’m a takeover/ tell these half time niggas brace over/ i’m raw hustlers get your baking soda

    jay-z -when i first came out i wanted to rap like common sense/ then i did 5 million i have not been rapping like common since

  • Nu-Citi

    To play me, Hey He
    Gon’ need a track from God featurin’ Jesus and Jay-Z

    TI “I’m Serious”

  • IMAC


    • Ace Boogie

      Hell naw …..roflmfao

  • Jerz!

    “I set it off with my own rhyme,
    Cause I’m as ill as a convict who kills for phone time”

    ^good god

    Nas, half time

  • ripsweetjames

    there’s blood all over the toaster
    i’m in dem s dots
    that’s blood all over my hovas


    Yall doubtin who when I spit the whole lead
    They be callin code red like Mountain Dew

    Fore I count to 2 you can get cha back blown
    Cause ya gimmicks out of minutes like a track phone

    Comin out wit a blade and get Wesley Sniped

    I’m on ya ass like white on rice im

    Ayo money is the root of evil I thought
    But when I’m broke is when I usually have the evilest thoughts
    That’s when the arms come out like sleeves when it’s short

    You’ve got mail nah nigga you got shells
    And my mac you can’t use for iChat

    I flow sickly ridin bumpin old biggie
    Roll wit me or lose wait Nicole Richie

    And you ain’t gotta empty ya pockets when the K’s out
    Whatever you holdin is mine you my Paypal

    Ride or die or do both nigga ride to the death

    I can send a clip cartridge at a nemesis target
    And catch a R.O.R. on some Jena 6 charges

    They callin em kings when they so so hot
    Somethings wrong wit that picture must be photoshopped
    I don’t promote violence but when sparking the flame Blam
    Arms start waving like the Carlton Banks dance
    -Joe Budden

    but this is the alltime best punchline

    I am the shit yall just poo stains!
    -Lil Wayne

  • BigRob

    Im tired of you niggas with your maybe beef,
    we gon be here forever, you temporary, like baby teeth

  • Callan

    “In rhymebouts you’ll dial 9 just to get a line out”
    Twice inna Lifetime (final track on Black Star)

  • http://prozo.com ProZo


    i dont speak
    i float in the air wrapped in a sheet

    im not a real person
    im a ghost trapped in beat

    [ bad meets evil "the slim shady lp"]

  • SouthCakC23

    Andre 3000

    “I came into this world, high as a bird,from second hand cocaine powder/I know it sounds absurd, i never tooted it, but it’s in my veins”


    “Now, my oral illustrtion be like clitoral stimulation to the female gender/ain’t nothin better so let me know when it’s wet enough to enter.”


  • http://jefferwhite@yahoo.com Jeffer

    Seems he is a hooker. I’ve seen his profile on the wealthy dating club R I C H L O V I N G.C O M for hot singles to hook up for Hot Love and Sexy Dating. He seems to be hooking up with nice girls there. I’ve been there for day, it seems the girls are not hard to hook up.

  • starkz

    i dont feel niggas songs/
    so while ya’ll at the awards im loading up on ratchets thats the T.I.P. im on

  • Detroit Dave

    Even yo niggas know your CD’s garbage, yeah they shootin but they missin, sprayin up the wall like graffiti artists! Lloyd Banks

    Put this on your CD-Rom W-W-W. CANIBUS. COM

    Strets disciple my raps are trifle/ I shoot slugs out my brain just like a rifle/ stampeed the stage, I leave the microphone split/ Play Mr. Tuffy while Im on some pretty tone shit/ Verbal assasin my architect pleases/ when I was 12 I went to hell for snuffin Jesus! NAS

  • Jhon da Analyst

    “I like my sugar brown like Hugh Grant, Fuck D’Angelo”- Chino XL

  • Jhon da Analyst

    “When it comes to beef he don’t wanna do nothin’ but cook”. – Jadakiss

  • LB

    “hip hop got in my jeans, now that true religion

    – luda

  • MsKatt

    Niggas that you running round getting ass with
    Aint gon help you do nothing but carry your casket (Jadakiss— the lox (fuck you.. that whole song is fire

    Prolly think I won’t murder you the way I smile
    But I’ma take alotta shots, A.I style (Jadakiss)—Clipse (I’m not you)

    And even if jehovah witness, bet he’ll never testify, (Jay-Z D’evils)

    I’m from the place where the chruch is the flakiest
    And niggas is praying to god so long that they Atheist (Jay-Z Where I’m from)

    At your wake as I peak in, look in your casket
    Feelin sarcastic, look at him, still sleepin (Jay-Z 22 Two’s)

    I part backs like a spine
    Cut you like a blunt and reconstruct your design (Cappadonna)

    Now, when I fuck you, the shit echos ’cause you pussy is so hollow
    Turn your fat ass sideways
    Your stressmarks are like the US highways (RZA Domestic Violence)

    Even if I stuttered I would still sh-sh-sh-shit on you (Big Pun) Fat Joe— John Blaze


    “i’m more than a player, i’m more like a pimp, i luv black pussy but i sure won’t simp” – quik

  • icon (trillbert arenas)

    Fuck the state pen, fuck hoes at Penn State

  • http://xxlmag.com you

    lil wayne- Its the New Orleans Nightmare
    Money so old its growin white hair

  • Eman

    One of the most underated punchline rappers.

    [Chino XL]
    That lyric tarantula, Chino about to make this example of
    Wit one verse, shittin on a whole label roster sampler
    My first name:Chino, my last name:Went There
    Leavin rappers curled up and dyed like Immature’s hair
    Wit lyrical warfare, when I spray shit
    My style like AIDS, half a y’all got it just none of y’all is sayin shit
    I hate and spit at devils that want to posses Chi
    Jesus came in the vocal booth, like “Nigga, you the next me!”
    So test me, battle and you will become a dead man
    And there’s a lot of fake Chino’s like Craig Mack’s a fake Redman
    But I’m above the surface of this rap circus
    Writin more incredible verses on accident than you can on purpose
    You a worthless waste of flesh, like fat asses on a nun
    I’m God’s bastard son, that blasts and thinks bloodbaths are fun
    I hate you wit a passion, make white chicks faint like I’m Hanson
    Historically know for bringin down the house like I’m Samson
    My damn tongue bursts, in the the first verse there’s a bad curse that hurts
    I’m leavin wack church passengers inside of a fast hearse
    Escapin the wrath of Jerse
    It’s a sad earth when my pen dirts
    Axe murderer type of massacre occurs if we match words
    I’m past blurs, I smack herbs
    Gritty-green eyes like Badu
    Leavin minds fucked up like Maxwell’s hair-do
    And I’ma be the sickest till I’m dead
    The type to rent Halloween 4 eight times just to laugh at LL’s head
    My new album is Flo-Jo’s heart, watch it blow up
    You ain’t just wack, you’re what wack wants to be when it grows up

  • traebizzo

    Biggie-Fuck a tussle, shoot your daughter in the calf muscle-reasonable doubt album

    Nas-You wanna ball till you fall i can help you wit that. Nastradamus

    Jay-z( so -many to choose from) you get an r&b chick and she fit the bill/ She saw the necklace/started relaxin/now thats what the fuck i call a chain reaction.

    Styles p- i sell records/plus i got a jail record/the nigga that’l gotcha/styles-p ya favorite rappers favorite rapper. Ruff riders Volume 1

  • http://xxlmag.com james87

    Lil Wayne(best rapper alive)

    get on my level, you cant get on my level you will need a space shutle or a ladder thats forever

  • http://xxlmag.com james87

    Lil Wayne(best rapper alive)

    it the mister new orleans nightmare, money so old its growing white hair

  • EReal

    “Male Groupies, they make me sick, you aint gettin in the after party less you chick” / “bitch you aint gettin in tha hotel unless we grip, and you gotta look fine plus suck a mean dick” – Prodigy

    “We dont call it the massacre tour for nothin, we send good girls home pussy sore from fuckin” / “catch her in the mornin in sombody white T, this the kinda bitch that you call wifey” – Havoc

    “I’ll give her the nine, and I dont mean a mili or the number” – Bank$

    “Then again if you slanged some crack, youd make alot more money than you do from rap” – Eminem @ Zino

    “pac assasination def jam grabbed him, told em reinact em, youll go platinum” – Obie @ Ja

    “Ever since 50 gave you your first watch, wrote you your first verse, bought you your first drop, we aint really need ya, homie ya know imma see ya, dont ever bite the hand that feeds ya, ya bitch nigga” – Buck @ Game (I know its not a one liner, but its ironic)

    “Lets talk about you puttin your own son out there to try to eat off him cause you missed the boat / You’re never gonna blow bitch, you’re just too old” – Eminem @ Zino

    “Kelis said her milkshake brings the boys to the yard / then Nas went and tattooed the bitch on his arm” – 50 @ Nas

    “I bomb atomicly, Socraties philosophies and Hypothesis cant define why I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically performed armed robberies” – Gza Genuis


    “I bomb atomicly, Socraties philosophies and Hypothesis cant define why I be droppin these mockeries, lyrically performed armed robberies”

    best verse EVER, but it was DECK not GZA!

    • EReal

      My bad, my bad.

      • EReal

        I almost like this one better, ALMOST,

        “Battle scarred shogun, explosion when my pen hits, tremendous, ultra violet shine blind phorensics”

  • anutha_level

    can’t believe nobody posted this one yet…

    “i’ll take 7 emcess, put em in a line…and add 7 more brothas who think they can rhyme…well it’ll take 7 more before i go for mine…now that’s 21 emcees ate up at the same time!”


  • kopa

    this shit ain’t gon’ never pop like ten gold chains that’s why your bitch blowin on me like nitendo games.

    lloyd banks aka punchline messiah

  • Waydy

    I’m the illest lyricist in america,
    emcees cant see me coz I’m to quick for the
    human retina to register,
    I roll up on your crew quicker than long sleeves,
    at a speed that would confuse Keane Reeves


  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    “I said stop snappin’ bitch, you a New Yorker!” – Joe Budden, Addiction Freestyle. Came out like yesterday… its FULL of MAD punchlines… check it out.

  • Jhon da Analyst

    Ras Kass – Sonset
    L-L-A APOSTROPHE Y L-L-A KCUF for all you backwards ass niggas.

  • http://www.xxlmag.com james87

    Lil Wayne(best rapper Alive)

    yall aint fuckin with me, you niggas under achieve like the light part of my feet.

    its just like shackin dice betta hope you rolla winner, cuz if your rat your just a cobra’s(snake) dinner.

    your not a gorrilla your a dead monkey, cuz i gotta bannana clip in these red monkeys(jeans). Im Raw(should have been on the carter 3)

  • http://www.xxlmag.com james87

    50 cent(new york legend)

    fuck around il put your brains on the new york times, then go home turn to the sport section and read ya mind.

    The Game

    so put the 100′s in my bag or im a put the eagle to your helmet and the 5th to your chest like a donnavan mcnabb.

    wanna wild il pull the lamas out and i dont care if you holdn your daughter in front of your mama’s house

  • EReal

    “All I is is all I am, all you is, who gives a damn?” – Sean P.

  • EReal

    “That aintcha girl know the difference bwoy, cause pussy kills more niggas than the liquor store” – Bank$

  • EReal

    “Television caters to pop, not violent hits, the unit aint fall off, its all politics” – Bank$

  • Hold Tight The UK Garage And Grime… UK I Rep Thats Me When I Rhyme!

    I picked up a Q / Every 5 minutes, got 2 shots / Never get caught with the white in the pocket / Get rid of the 8ball in couple shots / I cut the 8 ball by eye / Cos in maths, I wern’t a fool / Big guys understand what I shot but little guys think I’m talking about pool!

    JME! Big London MC!

  • JCT

    “Im young im fly im black im rich i let my nut sag i drag my dick ya dig” Juelz Santana Rewind

  • Anonymous

    “Who’d a thought a nigga out a shotgun house
    Would ever drive a car with a angel that bow
    I’m the shit cause I come from the bowels
    The guts of the city, ain’t a nigga fuckin’ with me” Killer Mike- God in the Building.

  • http://bulkrss.info/ Karey Luzinski

    Is definitely blogengine better than wordpress in some way? Must be because it is increasingly popluar lately.

  • http://delatestnews.info/bookmarks/ Wendell Tesch

    This is actually one of the far better articles or blog posts regarding those who We have read on the following matter of late. Fantastic perform.


    Fabolous: “Soon as you get a lil crumb they try to bury ya thats why I travel with a semi like Eddie in coming to america.” Jay Z: “Niggaz wake up on my dick eat some breakfast first.”