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Hold that left hook, Brisco. Yung Berg seems to be taking the touchdown in himself.

Yep, Grossman’s calling his own number. Hang back, my nigga.

“I’m kinda racist… I don’t really like dark butts too much… It’s rare that I do dark butts. Like really rare… It’s like, no darker than me. No darker than me. I love the pool test…. If you can be like ‘Yo, baby. I met you in the club. Let’s go back to my house. Jump in the pool exactly like you are.’–And you don’t come looking better wet than you were before you got in the pool then that’s not a good look.” -Yung Berg, Lip Service podcast

I hate to go back-to-back on a coontastic nigga like this, but Ronnie can’t let this shit here ride.

This shit right here, nigga. Right here, this shit?

I thought we got past this shit in School Daze. I’m amazed that this degree of coonery comes from a rapper who has made no bones about his target audience being women who like “urban” music.

Question of the Day: If Yung Berg fully alienates all the “dark butts,” who exactly is going to buy his frisbees?

“The pool test” sounds like the fucked up yupster rap star version of the paper bag test.

What are dark women now, poodles? They don’t look as good wet? Obviously this nigga hasn’t been by the African spot to pick up that one DVD, Black Wet Booty Vol—Wait. Nevermind. I mean… Berg’s doing his damnedest to propagate the devaluation and degradation of our melanin-enhanced sistren.

So what’s this post-club pool party actually look like?

Yung Berg: I’m sorry. I gotta give it to you straight… If you can’t come out of that pool miraculously looking like a white bitch for me… It’s a no-go, Dark Butt.

Shaniqua: *nods head* Okay. *splashes down to bottom of pool and quickly resurfaces*

YB: *inspecting Shaniqua’s hair, skin and gums* Nope. Sorry. Still a dark butt.

The car service number is on the counter. There are some Terra Chips on the kitchen table. The front door slam-locks.

I find it quite ironic that a pit bull-lookin nigga like Yung Berg even plays around in a pool after the whole Mike Vick situation. I’d have thought swimming pools to be icons of oppression within the pit bull terrier community.

This nigga obviously lacks in scruple across the board.

Shaniqua gets to sit alone in a dark kitchen staring confusedly at a bag of Terra chips (looking for the Utz logo) while a fairer-skinned chick with pumped up lips, padded ass, fake titties and cheaper doorknockers than hers pulls into the driveway.

Make no mistake. Peola’s got Berg holding his red rocket on some Jack Spade shit.

Obviously Berg’s rationale behind the pool test is pure bullshit. He might as well run the witch test. We’ll dunk her. If she floats, she’s a dark butt. Kill her. If she sinks, “Oopsie. We were wrong about Dark Butt.” Besides, some of these white girls might leave a titty or an asscheek in the pool if they surface themselves too quickly.

Berg won’t care. He’ll just bat his eyelashes [they stay in place] and sing “Whitey Can I?” until he’s granted permission to beat.

I know EVERYONE has a sexual preference, but damn. At least I didn’t have to call dude a racist.

Fuck this coon-ditioned nigga and his bitchassness. More dark butts for me.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Need to know where to get that good Yaki that’ll hold in a pool?

For anyone wondering, Yung Berg is DEFINITELY the top vote-getter in Negro [Please] League All-Star voting.

Ugh. I need to take another shower and listen to “Brown Skin Lady.”

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  • yoprince

    lol, fuck berg, he deserved this one.

    • Deez Nutz

      I don’t even need to read the rest…I was satisfied after reading “coontastic nigga like this” LMAO…

      Ron Mexico>Bol & Yung Berg

      HAA!!! Coontastis nigga (i jacking that shyt…you better put a copyright symbol next to that shyt)

      • Ron Mexico

        like yung berg, you have my permission to use that shit.


  • yoprince

    lol, fuck berg, he deserved this one..

  • PH

    The music industry has been releasing garbage for some time now and I think T.O.S. was actually good…I can’t mess with berg
    but if any of YA’LL could only buy 3 albums that have been released since Jan1 2008 what 3 would you buy?

  • Vicious Seiger

    Sorry, Berg but I like ass any way I can get. There are too many fine women on this earth to start descrimating. Personally, I gravitate to Brazilian Brown Girls who are small up top and have serious ass but I’ve see pale girls with red hair turn my head as fast as a dark, Mocha Chocolate sista. Fine is fine worldwide. No matter where you go or who you are with, you can always meet some woman who will redefine what you call fine and make you say Damnnnnnn like Smokey in Friday. This kid has opinions and he’s entitled to them but for someone just starting out in the public eye – he needs someone to tell him when to shut the f’ up because he isn’t winning over any women with shallow ass comments like this. I guess he’ll learn when his album comes out, by the way What day was that – Neverary 32nd on Koch Records.

    • Dub Sac

      Fine is fine worldwide.

      Amen, brother! Preach it! That shit should be someone’s album title. Whatever your type is, there will always be that exception that makes you freeze.

  • 239allday

    Negr- nah…Nigra Please

    That is definitely the wackest shit I’ve heard all year(50 Cent is hip hop a close second). I’m a light skinned nigga myself and of course we all love the red bone chicks, but aint nothin like a chocolate bitch to make a nigga feel like a mandingo warrior.

    Damn…nigger nigger nigger hatred!

  • smog

    inspecting Shaniqua’s hair, skin and gums Nope. Sorry. Still a dark butt.

    -that shit was so funny

    would be funnier if you wrote

    puts optimus prime chain to face to inspect shaniqua

  • laShawn

    ima have to say FUK BERG. ima go wit jackpot on this, more dark butts for me

  • Deez Nutz

    Not Shaniqua..aint that 50 baby mama…This shyt is hilarious…coonditioned nigga, terra chips on the way out…

    R.I.P. Scarl “Jackoff” Busted Cherry

    (Ron you need to lobby to get your name up there…Snackpot Cherry getting your props)

  • chad bro chill

    yea why are you still writing under that other dudes name

    and after that entire quote not once did yung berg say it had to be women that statement is either severly missing a no homo or is much more fucked up than we originally thought

  • Maddolies

    lol yung bitchboy just keeps losing. I Still Hope Brisco Fuks Dis Lil Ignorant Nigga Up Tho

  • geico lizard

    hey Ron he also was complaining about juelz santana stealing his girlfriend so he is the last person who needs to discriminate by skin tone he needs to take what he can get. as long as you dont test for any mind altering drugs then yung berg and cynthia mckinney will be the top two vote getters going into the negro please all star game. yung berg is the a rod of this negro please league.

    • Ron Mexico

      i was debating whether to liken berg to a-rod or yao ming (votegettin).

  • Detroit P

    And who are these scumbags he meets that respond to “Hey baby jump in the pool for my approval”…what kinda shit is that..I really Hope Brisco finds him and knocks his lisp out

    • Ron Mexico

      straight up birds, p…

      apparently berg has to resort to the occasional “dark butt” to even be able to reference the predicament.

  • geico lizard

    damn jesse jackson just topped yung berg by saying he wants to cut Obamas nuts out so i guess jesse jackson is now back in the negro please league after we all thought he retired so i guess he is the brett favre of this league because he cant leave the game alone he thinks it needs him

  • iGotOnMyBackpack79

    he just represents most of the dumb, young ass niggas running around nowadays. how r u gonna hate on your own people? niggers like that need to be stoned

  • Shawty J

    Still not as bad as what Polow Da Don said, but sill Berg is an idiot. All he does is drop songs for women, why go out there and say something that may potential turn them off.

  • Benicio Del Thoro

    This shit is too much for me mexico. Is it me or does this dude deserve the homo suspicion tag?

    Jay-Z was right. Hip-Hop needs a board of advisors. Like what you say in the media and what you say on you records should go under scrutiny. Not even on some censorship tip, but on some not puttin your foot in your mouth tip.

    This has to be one of the top ten worst things I’ve ever heard a major celeb say. And this ace boom coon hasn’t even dropped an album yet.

    I’m a yellow nig too, but who really gives a fuck about dark butts or light? That’s some shit gay men would sit around and talk about I would imagine.

  • paychexx

    i guess he likes dark nuts instead.

  • Jai Mone’t

    As a dark booty (what the FUCK is that shit?!) and someone who isnt’ a fan of Yung Berg anyway, I had to laugh at this. I love ignorant people, especially ignorant Black people. Thank you Mr. Mexico for illuminating how fucking RETARDED Yung Berg is (I’m still trippin off the name but… oh well.)

  • EReal

    Didnt this lil NegroPlease Allstar get aired out by his girl for havin the Herp?

    Yung Berg

    more like Yung Herp.

    If he was smart he’d just buy a “Dark Butt Detector”, Its kinda like “Gaydar”. But what is his rationale behind making them get in the pool? Is that going to make them more lightskinned? Yung Herp got it fucked up and he’s definitley the Kobe of this Negro Please ish.

  • Penelope Rodriguez

    Dark Butts, homie?

    Dark Butts?!?!?! Ain’t nothin’ wrong with being dark-skinned. Shit, I’m milk-chocolate complexioned myself. I love my skin tone! No dumb nigga like that lil’ fuck Yung Berg’s gonna tell me that I’m ugly. Fuck outta here!

    Besides, what female would plunge themselves into a pool after meeting a dude after one night? Either Yung Berg messes with hoes, or he’s simply talking out of his ass!

    Someone needs to sit Yung Berg down somewhere and explain to him that he needs to watch what he says, ’cause he looks dumb when he speaks.

    I just have to laugh at dude.

  • kirk

    He did use the words “dark butts” regardless of his opinion or preference for women I’m not mad at his preference he likes lighter or fairer skin women with straight hair so what who doesn’t but to disrespect darker women especially when young berg’s fanbase is exclusively female he cuts his fans by I say 15% because most men don’t exactly care to listen to sexy lady or sexy can i and most women don’t care about how their favorite artist acts or what he says unless he cheats on his wife. More women don’t fuck with Brad Pitt now the R.Kelly(WTF) that’s some buulshit. Young Berg called Black women Dark butts please tell me that he didn’t create the term otherwise I will declare war on behalf of my own integrity and my respect for women everywhere. I mean I’ll disrespect the hell out of one woman at a time but to disrespect a good 30-40% of women on the earth directly in such a ignorant way is. . . I don’t even know a word for it. . . Deplorable sounds good.

  • ty from linden blvd

    coon-ditioned??yeah i’ll be reading ya blogs for now on son….coon-ditioned…hope y adon’t mind if i use that.sounds like some paul mooney shit.

  • master cheef

    me, myself, i like asian chicks. my girlffriend is chinese and that bitch is bad. some dudes got the yellow fever. well, i got the motherfucking plague, son.

    • BIGNAT

      i agree with you if you got plague i got bird flu hahhaa. i could never marry one but when i get my hands on one. the last one being thai oh man. i try to wear that pussy out so that shit won’t be good no more.

  • c b w

    This munchkinland runaway is slowly loosing his mind. He has reached the “this nigga again?!!” status. His “dark butts” is right up there with Michael Jackson’s “alleged” word for Black people…”Splaboos”. Wow.

    I guess hanging out with Ray J must have the same effect on him like when Tevin Campbell hooked up with Prince.

    This shit is outta hand.

  • Manny78d

    I married a white woman, but being married I know that I did not “select” a mate based on color it just is what it is. Life deals you cards and shit. When I was out there though, I was cool with crushin a girl just so long as she had some meat on her bones and wasnt fake. ( Of course she cant be horsefaced but that applies to all races ) Berg is real real suspect, on a bunch of levels. I have a feeling that this dude has always been corny trying to fit in. Now he thinks this is what his audience wants to hear.

    This dude should be shot, or be in a car-wreck, or something life threatening so he is forced to reevaluate is outlook on life.


    i think we taking this wrong i think he is talking about. when a chicks butt is darker than the rest of her body. i don’t know sounds like some dumb shit to me. i don’t even really know who this clown is except when my friend sent me a pic of his decepticon chain. you can’t lie and say that joint is not hot

  • Pingback: Oh Lawd, Yung Berg | Miss Jia: She ain’t for everybody…

  • unico

    I don’t care if he has “preferences”. But he certainly doesn’t need to be insulting about it.

    Why do people who are picky with who they find attractive, have to be cruel to the people they are not attracted to? It’s not necessary.

  • chinese gender chart

    i love this site..