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“I reached out to a lot of rappers and I told them what I was gonna do for Sean Bell and a lot of em just… I got a gang of excuses. Turned pussy. Nobody wanted to stand up and be a man… Nobody wanna stand up for that except me. Shit is fucked up… People don’t understand man. *sobbing* That’s why I don’t wanna be a part of hip-hop no more. Cuz it just… *more sobbing* it just ain’t right… I belong in that old hip-hop.” –The Game, Music Choice interview

Sometimes the first nigga to respond is a charlatan. I mean, a Sharpton. Fuck it. A Shar-latan.

I can’t believe Doja is sitting in front of a camera crying because niggas didn’t holler back on a collab. Worse still is that The Game's telling people that no one him called back because they didn’t care about the Sean Bell tragedy?

Negro, please.

No one trusts The Game or takes him seriously because he is a class-A cockgoblin.

My guess is that niggas didn’t answer the phone because they knew bitch-ass, dick-riding-ass, ambulance-chasing Game was on the other end.

I’d be out playing tennis with Don Cornelius any time Game called my phone. Don’t blame the cause. Blame the rules. Bitch niggas are to be kept on quarantine time out when not in use.

Ugh. I’m surprised he didn’t namedrop the niggas that didn’t call chirp him back.

“911 Is a Joke (Cop Killa)?” Triple H[o] couldn’t even get his own title? He had to give Ice-T and Flavor Flav some HJs and ZJs on the way down? (If you don’t know what it is, you can’t afford it from Doja.) The man is serial.

Handling 2 poles at once? That’s going skiing. Now we can call you Winter X Game.

Then he put that fuckin disc-lame-er at the beginning tombout "I don’t mean to incite no violence, boss." Nigga, the whole song describes a police murder spree. Leave that shit out. Get straight to the fake-ass Dead Presidents.

This is why you don’t wana be part of hip-hop anymore? Because you’ve managed to turn everyone off to Game? I know it’s not the desired result of your collaboration, but if this is true, you never were hip-hop in the first. Be the fuck out.

Alright. That was cold. I’m sorry. Why must I tear a brother down? Let me help.

Let’s peruse the classifieds. We’ll check and see if there’s anything out there for a corny-ass rapper with a butterfly ball team logo on his face whose qualifications include pussy poppin on a handstand and being a card-carrying member of the ANDS. (American Name-Dropper Society.)

I avoid Game’s music, not because I think he’s a terrible MC, but because I can’t stand that with every line he’s either quoting, interpolating or deep-throating someone else’s shit. It’s sickening.

As far as this crying game goes, people were worried Chuck Taylor was manipulating a tragic situation to blow his name up the same way he uses other rappers’ cocks.

I don’t know a brother here in NY who wasn’t disturbed by the Sean Bell tragedy and subsequent outcome. I'm actually insulted at the notion that people who didn't write a rap song about the shit weren't equally affected. I was incensed on verdict day. I had thoughts of tossing a malatov through a courthouse window. I’m not even gonna lie.

Later that day, a wise older god pulled me aside and told me not to strike out of rage. I extend this principle to striking out of ignorance. We need to collab on how to evoke some change. You know... Put together a focused, cooperative effort to drive social change like they used to do back when diss records could only be found on vinyl.

Hint: Said wise nigga wasn’t The Game.

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P.S.: Who the fuck gets into a fight at a funeral anyway?

If you guessed "Nigga with a frisbee hitting shelves soon," you win!

I understand you hate your family. It happens. You came up in group homes and shit. Some of us have shitty families. I dig. But damn. You don’t throw the fisticuffs where people are paying respects to the dead. Not over some stupid shit like who’s picking up the tab.

Negroes, please. We got to do better.

I call "grandma" on this one. I don’t give a fuck who started it. Somebody need be whippin all y’all asses for fightin at a family funeral. Game & Co. should be feeling like the yawningest assholes in the empire of niggerdom.

P.P.S: I think Game and Hip-Hop are gonna have a change of heart. Once you love H.E.R. you can't shake it off.