NEGRO PLEASE: Prodigy Fingers Jay-Z & Cam’ron in “Snitchin’ For Dummies”

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ron Mexico until further notice.]

You know it’s the middle of the SDN pennant race when the ghetto’s finest news source randomly decides to drop a gem on em like this one.

It’s kind of like a blood diamond.

Currently-incarcerated mid-90s dun rap icon Prodigy sets up a camera and decides to start mouthing off about snitching–via Jay-Z.

My apologies in advance for the sidebar, but who sets up a camera for the sake of talking while driving? Prodigy can’t fool a Harlem nigga. We’ve seen too many of those devices on the windshields of Lincoln Town Cars .

This nigga Prodigy is talking into a cabbie cam! I bet he got the yellow sticker on that shit too.


Maybe P’s working for an upscale car service as he’s driving a Porsche. He probably cleans up during ghetto prom season.

I’m no famous rapster, but I know that a Porsche as a status symbol is best served as an object of stuntery. You break out the Porsche when you’re on your way to look good somewhere. It’s not supposed to be your only mode of transportation. That makes you the asshole.

You don’t drive the Porsche to the supermarket and to the drug store. That’s when niggas know you stuntin with your last breath.

Don’t end up picking up Pampers in a Porsche, people.

Stuart Scott: *with enthusiastic quasi-ghetto swag* That’s alliteration, holmes!

I do agree that snitches are being promoted like it’s the new hotness. Snitchin’ just beat Miley Cyrus in a Hot List poll. Strangely enough, P hasn’t figured out why snitches benefit over stand-up guys in the movie business.

Snitches are 400% more likely to include juicy details that violate hood code and stir controversy to generate promotional buzz. This shouldn’t be so much of a surprise to P.

Despite the ignorant and underhanded setup, Prodigy again looks the ass for failing to acknowledge that Jiggaman directly denounces Frank Lucas’ snitching on the American Gangster LP.

The oversight foils Prodigy’s attempt at playing the “snitching by association” card. We don’t believe him. He needs more people.

Prodigy also fails to realize that he totally went Cam’ron/60 Minutes himself when using his terrorist example.

“They askin you to snitch on these terrorist niggas that’s only trynna do they job.”

Just as it’s not “snitching” to inform the police of the serial killer that might murder one of your dustbunnies babies, it’s not snitching to tell the authorities when you see someone wiring dynamite in Times Square. (Though I’m repulsed by the racial profiling encouraged by many proponents of the “See A Brown Person, Tell Someone” initiative.)

Only a DN of some kind goes after Cam’ron after going–Cam’ron. [Blogger's Note: Please respect my palindrome game.]

For one so concerned with snitch perception and “snitching by association” you’d think he’d have been more cautious about signing with a purported snitch and licking his balls on The Negro Channel.

He is dipping from SDN to DDN status. He might fall out of the Big Dance and into the NIT (Niggas In Transition).

This six-plus minutes of fuckery only fortifies my stance of never wanting a Prodigy tutorial on anything.

Jail Negro, please.

Prodigy stay losing. Sadly, making a video like this only exhibits the attention-seeking characteristics of a snitch filmmaker. A wise nigga would have buried this tape destroyed this mpeg.

Desperation is a stinky cologne. Stinkier than “Oh Boy.” It’s not a good look, dun.

Questions? Comments? Requests? Your shit attract millions like the moon attract the sea?

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  • ProdunkGirl

    I respect P. Pause. But After Jay-z Murder raped his ass in both stage and lyrical taunt. Your not really worthy.Proceed

    • Max Profit

      Prodigy is one of the best street/thug life rappers. But this nigga been dissed by Nas, Havoc, 50 & Jay-Z just to name a few.

      Since he caught that charge Prodigy been hatin’ on niggas wit money like McCain cryin’ about Obama

      • King B

        Don’t forget he got knocked the hell out by saigon too

        • ko

          saigon aint knock him out…he got in a weak sucker punch and then ran away

        • Macdatruest

          Saigon hit him then stayed up on stage after evrybody else ran out. Saigon ran out shortly after when they realized he was still on stage. So he knucked on P then stuck around. lol If you think I’m lyin I’ll post the link to the nine minute video, not the chopped up one wit Havoc album blinking in the corner. To make it even worse Havoc first thing he said was, “We dont got not problem wit Saigon, we all black people-black people make some noise” and nobody clapped. So he lost again hahahaha

        • Shade45

          OK, He stood on stage dickhead behind somebody against a wall!

        • Macdatruest

          Yeah, but I’m pretty sure he woulda stood in his lil ugly ass face, and P made no effort to get o him and showed no signs of anger. Why? He is a ho. A nigga can prolly smack you and get against a wall and you’ll walk away right? P got all them guns andwhat it get him? a gun charge nigga need to army hisself

      • John Brown

        He also got dissed by 2PAC….How can you forget that he got dissed by 2PAC…

    • dronkmunk

      Someone please explain when this video was made. I thought P was locked up?

      /Has not watched it yet.

    • Max-Jerome

      Looks Like This Guy Gets More Press Inside Of Jail Opposite Out.

      Shouts To P For “Keeping His Name Out There”

      However, “We Don’t Believe You, You Need More People”.

    • yo

      prodigy is better than lil wayne you fucking homo niggas

  • 239allday

    I already commented on this very subject and I don’t want to be an asshole and regurgitate my words from another post. But I have no problem being an asshole with posting a comment with nothing to say.

    • 619


  • DevilintheFlesh

    I think its funny that we are seeing/hearing more of Prodigy while he is locked up than we did in the past 7-8 years.

    • Pierzy

      It’s that G-Unit thirst for attention at all times…

  • John Brown


    So if we take out Prodigy from the East region who takes his spot? Jimmy Jones? Juelz Santana? 50 Cent? Lloyd Banks? RedMan? Method Man?

  • Ghost Deini

    Some company paid P to have the cam installed. It’s like some phone video bloggin thing. He has announced it in his other 5 million video’s like that.

  • Hey

    Say what you will about P, but HNIC2 is one of the dopest albums to come out in a long time.

  • ri067953

    Yo, maybe P installed that camara for the next time 5-0 finds a .22 in his ride. He can catch it all on tape!

  • Bang

    The camera is for cops!

  • yomomma

    your entire blog is fuckery. What the fuck is sdn, ddn? Who the fuck uses that shit besides 13 year old white girls?

  • Dubl

    as much as i dont care for P, he is correct…i understand the point he is trying to make…SNITCHING is at an all time high…what yall need to do is stop dick riding dudes because of how great u think they are…yeah jigga killed mobb deep on takeover…but he got killed on renegade…and u still call him the best rapper ever…thats why the game is garbage now…this fool jigga has been biting ryhmes of friends(biggie) and enemies(pac)…im not saying jay-z is garbage, that would b a lie…but he is celebrating a snitch…he never mentions frank lucas on any cd or mixtape or cameo…but then all of sudden when a movie comes out he’s fuckin frank lucas…right!!!…where im from thats dick riding…ill leave u on this note…since the god mc is the best ever why hasnt he responded to buddens…he called him out(talk to em,off mm3, and other songs)…i guess hova muss b def…ohh no i take that back…he dissed stevenson,a person who doesnt even rap, for his boy lebron…can u he say scared off someone doin his ass like EMINEM did…unless its niggas from the south such as jeezy, the C.O. himself bill the biggest boss u seen this far(bill is a short name for william,if u didnt know)ohh yeah not too mention the most overrated rapper Lil Wayne…

    P.s. i know yall goin to try to bash my comments bout jay-z…but its true…and yeah whats wayne’s favorite line…give up…”it’s the remix baby”

    dont talk too much shit…hahaha

    • JW

      you do know renegade wasn’t a diss track right…eminem didn’t diss jay-z, he just had a better verse.

      Joe Budden mad because his albums getting pushed back and shelved…but that was happening waaay before jay-z became president and why would jay-z respond to his ass anyway….in the next four years he’ll be a billionare why should he be worrying about joe budden?


    “Like Luda’s my dude I ain’t trying to diss. Like Frank Lucas WAS cool but I ain’t trying to snitch.” You an MC P. Listen first before you spit that lame bull. You sound like someone who doesn’t listen to lyrics.

  • Pierzy

    I can hardly believe that Prodigy from 1994 is the same Prodigy from 2008. I never would’ve thought the guy from “The Infamous,” “Hell On Earth” and even “Murda Muzik” would start bitching on youtube videos. First of all, I think anybody in the hood would be okay with ‘snitchin’ on a ‘terrorist nigga’…especially one from NYC. Plus, P might not be snitchin on Jay-Z but he is whining about him like a little girl. You lost, P, get over it. Compare “The Takeover” and anything from The Blueprint with “Burn” and anything from “Infamy” and you’ll see what happened. He’s like Karl Malone bitching about Michael Jordan years after getting stomped by him…

  • giantstepp

    “…outlaw til they body me Havoc I gotta have it steady blasting at Prodigy mobb six feet deep…”

    Prodigy is an idiot

  • thizzin

    “He is dipping from SDN to DDN status. He might fall out of the Big Dance and into the NIT (Niggas In Transition).”


  • rickrude

    dont this nigga got sicacell or something. fuck around and have a seGure or a heart attck. u better back the fuck up b4 u get smacked the fuck up. R.I.P 2PAC

    • Eman

      WHATTTTTT THE FUCK is A SEGURE? You mean seizure yeah P fucked up on this dumb ass video but the old Mobb deep lps were classics. Ill bump those shits way before I bump any song XXl previewed this whole summer I mean it 2.

  • AZ40

    people forget that snitching applies to people actually committing crimes!!! Like if 3 niggas rob a bank and one gets caught he can’t tell on the other two people to get a lighter sentence…It’s a code for criminals by criminals and shouldn’t apply to regular people.

  • Today I Was Arrested By Rick Ross!

    The hilariou thinf is that as soon as I saw the video I KNEW that you were gonna tear him a new one for the ignorant shit he was tryna kick. I woulda bet my life on it.

    • Today I Was Arrested By Rick Ross!

      Hilarious thing*

  • Maddolies

    Da Nigga P Need 2 Get Off The Reefer Coz Its Fuckin His Brains Up.

  • Yayza

    I already posted a few comments about this when the original video was posted, but I just wanna give props to Ron Mexico for speaking on this shit, and shedding some light every time some ignorant fuck says something and thinks we’re all just gonna lap that shit up. This is 2008, we ain’t falling for that anymore. You gotta be intelligent, or nobody is gonna care what comes out of your mouth.

  • John Brown

    “I put PRODIGY in his place place on tha Summer Jam Screen.” – JAY-Z (Put On Remix)

    Does he (PRODIGY) really wanna keep going at Jay-Z. You would think that he learned his lesson once and for all.

    ***What happened to the Spam Protection math, its gone. Where am I suppose to go now to catch up on my basic math. XXL you bring it back NOW. I said NOW.***

  • Greedy

    that shit was funny as hell all u guy fooling

  • IceCream

    At least The Infamous is still a classic……………

  • MC


  • Bike Jones

    I think that P made a strong point about how snitching is the shit nowaday (too most people)…..But to Real Niggas like myself don’t fuck with snitches….I also think that he fucked up on his whole point that he was tryna make when he said that Cam was on some other shit because I feel just like Cam…..If I know that a killer is living next door i’m not gonna snitch on them….. Im let them do them as long as they not fucking with mines…… P tried to shit on J, but all he really did is prove to the world that he gotta lil’ snitch in him……

  • Q i glad 2 notice dat xxl remove dat phony numerical spam protection.

  • Tony Grand$

    I heard Prodigy and Jim Jones doin a remake of that show “Jake and the Fatman” called “Convict and the Homeless Guy” premiering on the DDN network!

  • Tony Grand$ not funny…at all.

    Half of you people dont even know what your talking about. Including the guy who posted this post.

    “It’s a code for criminals by criminals and shouldn’t apply to regular people.”

    Your right. It doesnt apply to regular people…but If you do it, you WILL be killed.

    • Tony Grand$

      Wow. Not only did u use my name as your own, but you’re the only person that paid that much attention to such a silly comment. You must be my baby moms. Poor thing. I forgot how easy its to offend sixteen year old white girls.

  • Scores-Man

    I heart Snitching!!

  • EReal

    Still talkin about the same old shit. Wow, Jay said he had money stacks bigger than P, wow. Like when 95? Ghey.
    HipHop is stupid.

    What happened to rhyme structure, lyricsm and content?

    The fucking internet happened. Now all these rappers are thinking people actually give a shit what they think. We dont, we really dont give a shit, please just put out hot music or just STFU already! Sheesus. (No Remy)

  • Macdatruest

    I dont think prodigy know what the fuck is real in his life anymore. Them niggas was talkin about stickin niggas who think shit is sweet, but then they sold they nuts start callin theyself Hollywood Havoc and V.I.P. lol these niggas been beat up by Keith Murray, beat up and stripped by Tru Life and dissed and almost beat up by Pac and the Outlaws and this was all in their prime. Infamy was doo doo fest muzik and H.N.I.C. wasnt a real album. Return of the Mac was weird and Nas called that nigga Sir Lancelot on Stillmatic. Basically Mobb Deep is known for getting picked on. I think they are really more like Havoc, little quiet dudes, but Prodigy feel like he could go any day so he say whayever about anybody. Knocking him the fuck out won’t even help, he’ll like it. I feel sorry for dude’s mother

    • that nigga

      Now thats some real, but funny shit for you.


    why do niggas hate on P? we want rappers to speak on real shit right? I agree, he has a lil trouble explaining some of his thoughts in a way that a non street nigga would understand, but on the real, at least dude stands for something!

    so let me translate for you guys:

    1. black america has been glorifying snitches lately…like 80% of them niggas on bet’s “american gangster” are rats! yet g’d up niggas sit there and watch that shit!
    2. every hood nigga knows some killers, that’s true! But as long as the killings fall within the boundaries of everyday hood shit (such as killing a nigga over bread), niggas mind their own business.
    3. Jigga denounced frank lucas for snitching in like one song, BUT he wanted to make the soundtrack to that niggas life! he wanted to make the official soundtrack, but they wouldn’t let him. Why was he that interested in a snitch, rather than making a sound track bout a stand up nigga! THAT’S ALL P IS SAYING,



  • henry

    what palindrome game?

  • mc

    i am going to start a start snitching campagin


    I gotta lot of respect for Prodigy, but what the fuck is he talkin shit for. Nigga be quiet, what the fuck did Cam do to yo ass. And Jay-Z has probably forgot all about that shit yall had in the past.