NEGRO PLEASE PRESENTS: The Unofficial Official SDN Tournament Nomination Ceremony

[Editor's Note: "Blogger's Note" has been taken over by Ronaldinho until further notice.] 

A couple weeks ago, what started out as one of many water cooler Hennessy bottle conversations between myself and Carl “Jackpot/HD/Behind The Grind/Still Locked Up” Chery manifested itself into a controverisal entry.

The topic was “Smart Dumb Niggas” in the world of hip-hop.

I was asked to provide 5 examples. Calamity ensued. In the meantime I asked you, the XXL reader to ponder the question and give your own fives. This time around we’ll compile the results and decide which rapsters, moguls, weed-carriers, backup dancers, skrippers and Stans will make the cut for our tournament.

Once completed, the Negro Please staff will determine seeding. The rest is up to you.

Here are some of the more obvious nominees: 

Plies – Apparently not as much of a moron as his music would indicate.

Nas – Only intelligible in rhyme form.

David Banner – Always first to respond to the issues that matter to our community. Doesn’t always articulate his thoughts well.

Mos Def – As intelligent, creative and talented as he may be, dude still can’t shake the perils of niggerdom. (skripper baby mamas)

Trick Daddy [Dollars] - Far from articulate, but knows what he means and means what he knows. Has the illest snack closet a ghetto nigga could dream of.

Ghostface – Iced out his Calvin Coolidge. Credited with first recorded use of term in question.

Flavor Flav – Classically-trained musician. Cocaine-inspired buffoon.

KRS-One - Voice of BDP. The consummate MC. Thinks hip-hop rises and sets in his ass.

Karrine “Superhead” Steffans – Dumb enough to ho around. Smart enough to capitalize. Dumb enough to expect respect.

Lil’ Wayne – Apparent lyrical genius. Obviously pulls his shit out of thin heir… I mean, air.

2Pac – Brilliant lyricist, thespian and student of the arts. Allowed his finest role to catch up to him in a major way… Like 40 Water in his prime.

Previous suggestions/nominations of interest:

DMX, Prodigy, Diddy, 50 Cent

Your response will determine whether the tournament will have 16, 32 or 64 seeds like the NCAA Tournament. Slap your nominations right here in this thread and/or email me. [address provided below]

I’m kinda hoping we can convince Bol to be our Dick Vitale.

That’d be awesome, baby!

Questions? Comments? Requests?

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  • thizzin

    doesnt DMX just count as a DN or just a crack addict?

  • Lowedwn

    Lowedwn’s S.D.N Sweet 16

    1) NAs
    2) TDD
    3) David Banner
    4) Mos Def
    5) Ghostface
    6) Rza
    7) Kanye
    8) Lauryn Hill
    9) Keith Murray
    10) Prodigy
    11) Rass Kass
    12) Russell Simmons
    13) T.I.
    14) Cappadonna
    15) Xzibit
    16) Kurupt(remember he got some of the ill wa wa too, that alone places him on the list)

  • henry

    asher roth- just because
    suge knight
    video hoes
    sohh message boards
    chino xl-just cant get a damn flow

  • 239allday

    My Top 3

    1. Cannibus- Smart for getting into beef with LL and gaining a sizable following. Dumb for not capitalizing off of it with any notable albums after.

    2. Snoop Dogg- Smart for straying out of the Hip Hop genre with an unexpected single (sexual eruption). Dumb for the same shit(that country shit)

    3. Three 6 Mafia- Smart for winning an oscar (more luck, but whatever) and getting paid off that muhfuckah. Dumb for putting out a song called lollipop that was even worse than Wayne’s.

    • Bobo D

      I don’t really understand the Snoop nomination.
      I’ve found myself singing: ‘Girl my love gonna last
      just as long as my high.’and I don’t even listen to country. So I dis-credit that nomination.

  • “The Party Killa”

    Bun B (Smart nigga, but been on some bullshit since Dirty Money)

  • jojo

    - Cassidy

    - Guru of Gang Starr

    - Shyheim: he’s ghost’s cousin. It must run in the lineage.

    - Biz Markie: I don’t give a fuck what you think of him, but for his time, he had some clever stuff…see “vapours”

    - Pusha T

    - Lauryn Hill

    - Murda Mase aka Rev…Im the best mayne, I deeeed it (totally uncalled for, my bad Eli)

  • John Brown

    1. 2Pac
    2. Trick Daddy
    3. Nas
    4. David Banner
    5. Mos Def

    *** BTW, Ron no Kanye West?

  • Shawty J

    No particular order

    Nas – intelligent lyrics, self-contradictory interviews, nonsensical interviews in general
    Trick Daddy – Smart, but not very articulate
    Plies – see Trick Daddy ^
    Mos Def – Creative, intelligent bad personal choices
    David Banner – Intelligent, bold, often comes off the wrong way
    Lil Wayne – Excellent lyric wordplay, ignorant as hell (both probably side effects of weed and syrup)
    Superhead – Parlayed a career in boinking rappers for better parts into #1 bestseller success in an author, but she gets pissed when someone criticizes the past and the name that brought her fame. Also, she can’t stay away from violent niggas.
    T.I. – He’s Articulate, intellectual person. Got himself locked up on some ignorant shit.
    50 Cent – Used an excellent strategy to get himself rich and get his team popping. Idiotically recycled that same strategy and slowly began undoing his own success
    Diddy – Geniusly uses his artist to promote himself as a star even if he disassembles their career in the process (I see you G.Dep). Waste his celebrity status on a video blog consisting of him taking a piss, ranting about Hancock, and complaining about “bitchassness”.

  • Beeyo

    Papoose=Knows how to string together a large amount of words that rhyme with eachother, and still not say a motherfucking thing. Plus, if he was so smart, he would have figured out a way to get national attention by now. Plus, fucked up 1.5 mil.

    • Ron Mexico

      and tried to sneak a skeleton key into the bing.

      love it!

  • Chaka

    @Ron Mexico,
    Brother almost all our rappers are dumb in one way or the other[in some way one can say Biggie was dumb for going to L.A where he got shot].So whats the point doing an article for smart dumb niggas?Why not do something on the greatest Hip Hop diss record?Some of my nominees would be:

    ‘The bridge is over’(BDP)
    ‘No vaseline’(Ice Cube at NWA)
    ‘Real Compton G’(Eazy at Dr Dre and Deathrow)
    ‘Dollars&sense’ (Dj Quik at MC Eiht)
    ‘Hit em up’ (2Pac at Biggie and Bad Boys)
    ‘Ripper strikes back’(LL cool J at Canibus)
    ‘Ether’ (Nas at Jay-z)

    Peace an Hip Hop head in Africa wrote this.

    • Ron Mexico

      love and respect to the motherland. i appreciate you, my brother.

      “greatest hip-hop diss record” is probably going to end up on the staff blog at some point (if it already hasn’t).

      my job is “negro please.” we discuss ignorance at face value. it’s fun and it’s important to do from time to time.

      there are a lot of SDNs. plenty of eligible candidates given the criteria. the tournament is all about the elite SDN. the “negro please” all-stars and top prospects.

      in the end, there will be one.

  • yoprince

    lauryn hill

    lil jon – have you heard this nigga when he turns off the persona

  • KF UK

    Xzibit cuz he used to be all about “paparazzi” now the dude dances around to MTVs dance. Sell out motherfucker. and plus you heard the bullshit he talks.

    How can you go from “its a shame n***az in the rap game only for the money and fame”


    “hey im Xzibit im gna coon the hell around for you the good ol white folk at home”

    Smart Dumb or Just Straight Dumb?

    Ron clear that one up wud you?

  • Tony Grand$

    Yeah RonRon! I smell that Karrine “Superhead” Steffans nomination. We’ll just consider that one a favor from me. You owe me one pimpjuice! Of course I gotta stick with my other pistol, Earl “Dark Man X” Simmons, and hopefully if he doesn’t win, maybe yall can give that cat a consolation prize consisting of some therapy sessions with Dr. Phil, a year supply of Nicoderm CQ, and a deal with Koch Records. And lastly, gotta roll with the most confused MC in the hiphop encyclopedia. Kris Parker, the mighty KRS-one. One quote and I’m out…”I contradict myself on purpose.” Who the fuck says that kinda bullshit? That nigga crazy! My nominations for ur consideration Mr. Mexico. And, honorable mention to myself, _______ “Tony Grand$” _________. I’m smart enough to come up with some cool shit to type, dumb enough to give it away for free, and smart enough to know that game recognize game! Chuuuch!

  • geico lizard

    david banner has to be the duke university of this tourney because he threatened to fight jesse jacksons son now he is taking up for jesse jacksons castrating obama remark and using the n- word and at the end of the interview he tells people buying his album will help the economy, wtf?

  • EReal

    T.I. for sure needs on that list.
    Young Buck.
    Game for sure.

    can I give Pimp C a posthumous nomination?

  • L-Boogie

    DJ Khaled – Obvious
    Bangladesh – have you heard this dudes interviews in the wake of “a millie” taking over the universe?
    Method Man

  • Bobo D

    Ron, if you’re gonna do this I think we gonna need more categories.
    For example:

    SDN in sports:
    I nominate Shaq. Smart enough to: stay rich all this time (you know how people get a some money and be broke the next day). Dumb enough: every time he opens his mouth.

    Post SDN:
    2Pac: As above.
    Pimp-C: No disrespect but Pimp-C’s geography wasn’t up to scratch (i.e. the time he said Atlanta ain’t the south).

    Female SDN:
    If we’re gonna have equal society we might as well bing them into the equation.
    Foxy Brown: Crying for Jay-Z
    Lauryn Hill: No explanation needed.

    I think can give away gold, silver and bronze to SDN medals to the winners around the same time as the olympics.

    • Bobo D

      SDN’s in Film:
      The Wayans brothers: How can you go from “Don’t Be A Menace” & ‘White Girls’ to “Little Man’.
      Nas: There are so many rappers who can’t act, but Nas was wrong for taking a chance. I mean he couldn’t even die correctly in this movie I saw in passing a couple months ago…*Googles Nas*… ‘Ticker’. Don’t nobody ever watch that movie.

  • Lowedwn

    Are y’all serious with some of these nominations???? Foxy, Birdman? 50 is just a D.A.N. along with Suge Knight and Game.

    Aye, but co-sign on that Lil Jon shit, he the opposite of Nas, on wax dumb as dirt, but the brotha can actually sound pretty damn educated in interviews(should we call the Plies effect now? and the opposite would be the NAs effect?)

    • EReal

      D.A.N.s dont make 100s of millions, thats why he’s a S.D.N.

      Smart enough to blow up and make mad cake, even says smart shit, but makes stupid moves for personal reasons.

  • that nigga

    1. Lil Kim: “Ridin on a Ninja Honda”?? wtf??
    2. DMX: A Gospel Album?? You need God nigga

    3. Black Rob: Platinum artist scalin’ hotels stealin from rooms?? Stupid motherfucker.

    4. Loon: For leavin Bad Boy?? Stupid nigga.
    5. Cam: “Holy moly/Roly poly”?? Fuck outta here.
    6. Jim Jones: “Nas is irrelevant”?? HAHAAHA
    7. Jay Z: “Im better than B.I.G”?? Not even close

    8. Rick Ross: Smart enough to become a C.O and have a real job, dumb enough to become a rapper and STILL not admit it, (hip hop hates pigs Rick). Dumbass

    9. Lil Wayne: Smart enough to ace online classes, but everything he says is stupid as hell and makes no sense. “Im a martian”?? No nigga, your on crack, coke, X, sizzurp, etc…

    10. Ghostface, Reakwon, Cappadonna, fuck it, the whole WU, love you niggas but y’all say some crazy outrageous shit that dont make no fuckin sense whatsoever.

    Honorable Mention: XXL, smart enough to have this section for comments but dumb ass put a SPAM PROTECTION and you lose your valued comments even tho 2+5 = 7 and It says you entered the wrong fuckin amount???? Some dumb motherfuckers I swear.

  • ZO

    Yo Im wit Bobo D! You’re gonna have to come with some more catagories! If you pick on the N-bombs its only right to pick on the Y-T’s as well. SDC (Smart Dumb Cracka’s).

    1. Amy Winehouse – Just pick one of the many issues this sad exscuse for a human being has…The girl can sing though.

  • John Brown


    Since the SDN tournament will be like a NCAA tournament. We need to divide the rappers into region. We will have the East, South, West, Mid-West. Now since the Mid-West doesnt have a lot of representatives we shall put Texas rappers in the Mid-West (just for this tournament). The question is do we have 16 rappers from each region to represent. I dont think so. So we can’t have a tournament of 64. I suggest maybe a tournament of 40. Each regions gets 10 representative. Ok so far I have this names (your job is to seed them).

    MID-WEST (With help from TEXAS)

    ***Ok now some of these rappers are just plain DUMB NIGGAS but they had to represent their region. Which will make it easier come elimination time. Also if you want to drop a rapper and add another rapper go ahead and do so. We need a strong field ok.Also I think that the EAST region is the strongest. So many SDB in that region.

    • John Brown

      I meant “So many SDN in that region.” Not SDB.

      Also is EMINEM disqualify cause of his skin color. If so we can put RHYMEFEST or LUPE.

      • Ron Mexico

        as always, you are 2 steps ahead.

        if we got enough for 64, which i am pretty sure we will have, the plan has been to have 4 regions. 32 would have been 2 conferences or something.

        and i don’t think eminem should be disqualified because of his skin color.

        in fact, i think he stands a chance to land very high seeding.

        • John Brown

          Ron, if its 64, 40, 32, 16 rappers it will still be 4 regions.

          64 Rappers = 16 rappers per region
          40 Rappers = 10 rappers per region
          32 Rappers = 8 rappers per region
          16 Rappers = 4 rappers per region

          The problem with doing 64 rappers is that yes we might have 16 rappers per region but we will have weak rappers. And that will make some outcome predictable. BTW, My final four is

          East: DMX
          South: Trick Daddy
          Mid-West: Kanye West
          West: 2Pac

          BTW, is BOL still gonna do Vitale?

  • Bobo D

    Damn, I forgot about ODB.
    Smart enough to collect welfare cheques while riding in a limo. He just found a way to get his taxes back.

  • KjB

    I co-sign with everyone Ron and John Brown named so far. It kinda breaks my hip hop heart a lil bit though. Any one of them that still fucks wit that Purple syrup even after Pimp C died from it is a different category. I’m glad someone finally mentioned Nelly on this list, but how can we leave out the weedtastical Erykah Badu or even (I know I’m venturing into Pop territory, but…) Fantasia, T-Pain, and Chris Brown?

  • oskamadison

    With all of the names mentioned, I can’t believe NOBODY mentioned the RZA. This dude must have read 1000 books and is obviously intelligent but the way it comes across sometimes is like…what the fuck did you just say????

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