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A couple weeks ago, what started out as one of many water cooler Hennessy bottle conversations between myself and Carl "Jackpot/HD/Behind The Grind/Still Locked Up" Chery manifested itself into a controverisal entry.

The topic was "Smart Dumb Niggas" in the world of hip-hop.

I was asked to provide 5 examples. Calamity ensued. In the meantime I asked you, the XXL reader to ponder the question and give your own fives. This time around we'll compile the results and decide which rapsters, moguls, weed-carriers, backup dancers, skrippers and Stans will make the cut for our tournament.

Once completed, the Negro Please staff will determine seeding. The rest is up to you.

Here are some of the more obvious nominees: 

Plies - Apparently not as much of a moron as his music would indicate.

Nas - Only intelligible in rhyme form.

David Banner - Always first to respond to the issues that matter to our community. Doesn't always articulate his thoughts well.

Mos Def - As intelligent, creative and talented as he may be, dude still can't shake the perils of niggerdom. (skripper baby mamas)

Trick Daddy [Dollars] - Far from articulate, but knows what he means and means what he knows. Has the illest snack closet a ghetto nigga could dream of.

Ghostface - Iced out his Calvin Coolidge. Credited with first recorded use of term in question.

Flavor Flav - Classically-trained musician. Cocaine-inspired buffoon.

KRS-One - Voice of BDP. The consummate MC. Thinks hip-hop rises and sets in his ass.

Karrine "Superhead" Steffans - Dumb enough to ho around. Smart enough to capitalize. Dumb enough to expect respect.

Lil' Wayne - Apparent lyrical genius. Obviously pulls his shit out of thin heir... I mean, air.

2Pac - Brilliant lyricist, thespian and student of the arts. Allowed his finest role to catch up to him in a major way... Like 40 Water in his prime.

Previous suggestions/nominations of interest:

DMX, Prodigy, Diddy, 50 Cent

Your response will determine whether the tournament will have 16, 32 or 64 seeds like the NCAA Tournament. Slap your nominations right here in this thread and/or email me. [address provided below]

I'm kinda hoping we can convince Bol to be our Dick Vitale.

That'd be awesome, baby!

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